353-The deprived creation star

 After exiting the thirty-second vertical hole that Yggers was in, I was standing on top of a watchtower built in the archaeological city of Etiltheve, looking out over the city.


 A thought transmission (leaks) echoes from Misha.

"I'm at the lowest level of the pit.

"Maybe this is the oldest known site in Virgina.

 Sasha says.

'Did you find Eyal?'

"You have a mural, but...

 If you shift your vision to Misha's magic eye, the area around you is a temple made of old magic stones.
 There is a mural painting of the night sky in front of me, but it's just a painting without magic power.

 It must have been after the Emerald Aerial was already taken out.

''The First Princess said that she saw a lot of soldiers enter here, so I wonder if the aerial here was dug out first?''

 Sasha uttered that as she thought about it.

''Hmm. The aerial of the royal palace mural was also taken out. At least, this means that two of them have already fallen into someone's hands.''

'Hmm. If you didn't want Anos to know, you'd have destroyed it by now, wouldn't you?

"I don't know yet.

 It was Cerise who didn't want me to get my memories back.
 But I don't think he'd be satisfied with simply destroying the erias.

 It's not like he's fallen into the hands of Ceris either.
 I'm sure you'll be able to find a way to use it to negotiate with me, if you're a grimoire king.

I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to find a way to make it work. If you have it, it's most likely to be the brave Kasim or the Demon King Bomilus.''

'I'm sure Ray will be able to handle Kasim, so do you think we should find Bomillas?

Just as in the past, as projected by the Sousei Era, he has a main body as well as an alter ego. I'm sure you'll be able to find it in a safe place. With zero magic power.''

 No matter how much we try to destroy the entity, as long as we don't find the main body, we won't be able to do anything about it.

He's got to be in this city somewhere.

Hmm. But it's hard to find them if they have their magic out.

 Sasha snorted, then spun on her heel.

'For now, there's no point in staying here, so let's go. Let's figure out a way to find the main body of Bomilus.

 Sasha was about to leave the oldest ruins when she suddenly stopped.
 Misha was still staring at the mural.

'What's wrong, Misha?'

That's something.

 Misha walked over to the mural and put her face close to it.
 She stared at the wall and the painting with her demon eyes.

'Behind this.'

'Really? I don't feel any magic at all, though?

 Even though Sasha twisted her head, she turned her magic eye to the wall just like Misha.
 You can't see the magic power for sure.

It's a good idea to have a good time. I'm sure you'll be able to find out more about it. It's not just a matter of time before you'll be able to get a good deal more money. I'm not going to be hiding in an overtly suspicious place.

 Misha turned around and quickly held out her hands.
 Nodding her head, Sasha took her hand.

 They joined the magic circle in a half-circle with each other and then drew another magic circle on top of it.

 At the same time, the girls said.

 With the light, their bodies came together and changed into a silver-haired girl, Aisha.

''Let's go!''
Clear Ice.

 Sasha and Misha say.

 The Magic Eye of Creation floats in Aisha's eyes, turning the vast temple into ice in a flash.
 Not only the murals, but also the ceiling, walls, pillars, ground, underground and even the stones buried there turned into cold ice.

 They are completely transparent and you can see clearly into the interior.

 In the direction of the mural, in a position sunk well below, there was one object that hadn't turned to ice.
 It was a lit candle.

''Is that...?''
The body of the grimoire king.

 Like the ones he had seen in the past, those candles were old-fashioned.
 It was also the same in shape and decoration.

 Aisha glanced in that direction and turned some of the ice into water.


 At the sound of Misha's voice, water overflows from the mural, and the candles flow with the current of water.
 The candles show no signs of extinguishing, even though they are immersed in the water.

 Eventually, Aisha holds the candle in her hand as it jumps out of the mural.

What do you want to do?

"Two thousand years ago, the Knights of the Illusion found out where the main body was located and almost destroyed it before it could prove itself. I don't think they will make the same mistake.

Oh well if you ask me, I guess that's the way it goes.

 Sasha muttered, as if she'd just realized something.

So, if I destroy it, what will happen?

"Unless the grimoire king is an idiot.

"Turning into ice crystals?

 That candle is a mechanism that awakens the root of the body by transferring the flame of the alter ego.

 <If the Eye of Annihilation transforms the candle into something completely different, sealing off its source, it will be unable to do anything.
 It's useless to take countermeasures against being destroyed.

"Hmm. I'll take care of it. Let's do it.

 Aisha nodded persistently and pointed her magic eye at the candle in her hand.

''If possible, this should be over...''
"Ice crystals.

 The candle didn't resist and easily turned into an ice crystal.


 Misha's voice echoes.

 The root source that was in the candle has disappeared.
 The moment it turned into an ice crystal, it was transferred somewhere else.

'I see. So you've established a transfer point in the event of even the slightest abnormality in the body?''

 Whether you destroy it, seal it with a ward, or change its shape with the as it is now, the result will be the same.

''But I saw it for a moment...''
Over there.

 Aisha turns around and points to it.
 If you check the map in your mind, you will find the 41st vertical hole there.

 This is where Missa and Ray entered after the brave Kashim.

'I'll head over.'

 Returning my vision to normal, I stared at the forty-one vertical hole from the top of the watchtower.
 There are no obstacles. It's a straight line from here.

 I put all my strength into the foothold and kicked both feet.
 The top of the watchtower was caved in and my body went into the vertical hole like a comet.

'You guys look for another candle that is the same. If we crush all of his transition locations, there will be no escape.

I got it.
"I saw it once, so it's easy to find.

 Let's assume that the grimoire king's candle is a place where he can transfer.
 In other words, if something happens to the candle that the main body is in, the fire will be transferred to another candle.

 That would be in his territory in all likelihood.

 If you've created a device that allows the root source to transfer just before it perishes, there's a risk in placing it in an unknown location.

 In the past, Celis had said that the Mage King had never left Midhays because he was worried about leaving the candle in the main body.

 It was unlikely that his timid and cautious nature would change that much.

 And that candle itself has almost no magic power.
 It is likely that they are using the magical power that flows from the ruins of this Ettiltehave to create a magic formula to transfer from one candle to another.

 I moved my vision to Misa's magical eye while descending quickly through the vertical hole.


There's nowhere to run, Qasim.

 Two men were confronting each other.
 One was Ray and the other was Kasim.

 The area must have been a temple - a temple much like the other vertical hole.
 Something may have rampaged there, or the ruins have been destroyed to pieces and hardly preserved in their original form.

 Kasim was cornered by Ray and Misa and had nowhere to run.

'Let's settle this,'

 Looking straight at Kasim, Ray says.

''Back then, I was weaker than you. That's why you couldn't accept that I was worthy of being a brave man fighting the demon king, either. Maybe that seemed like a falsehood. Maybe it felt unreasonable.

 Ray turns his strong gaze to Kasim and assures him unequivocally.

'But not now,'

...what's the difference?

''I'm stronger than you. The Spirit God Human Sword was looking at my future, not the present. Let me prove that.

 Looking back at Ray's face, Kasim said.

'It's an interesting thing to say. There are two of you and I am one. Moreover, that woman has the power of a demon king, albeit a pseudo one. Does that prove that you are stronger than me?

 Kasim gave him a look that said he was nauseated.

''Such vile tactics, piled on top of each other, are you and your brave men!

I'm not going to hurt you, ma'am.

 Misa smiles.

'I just have to see it through.'

 She separated from them with her .

"I'm going to beat you. "I'm not just going to beat you," she said. I'm going to break your sword and your heart. It's gotta be one-on-one.

 Ray called up the Spirit Godman Sword and stabbed it into the ground.
 Next, he held his hand over his own chest.

 Six faintly glowing spheres were taken out, and they floated near the Spirit Godman Sword.
 Of the seven roots, he separated six of them from his body.

''I don't use Evans Mana. I only have one root source. I'm a demon race, but you became a dragonborn too. The conditions should be the same.

All right.

 Finally he stopped running away and Kasim let his guarded gaze fly.

'If you are serious, then come. Your inexperienced sword will not touch me.

I don't know.

 With a smile in his hand, Ray walks over to Kasim.
 The distance between the two of them closes, and with only a few steps left, they are in between swords - just before.

 The ground cracks and red lotus flames rise up like a fountain.
 It's not just a matter of time before you are able to get your hands on a new one.

'The despicable heroes have been rewarded for their despicable trap. If it weren't for the blessing of the Spiritual God and Human Sword, you would be dead, this is an adjustment to you!

 Quickly trying to set up a chase, Kasim drew his sword and kicked the ground.

 Ray opened the storage magic circle to draw his unique sword.
 But that crimson flame, as if it had a will, burned out the storage magician's technique.

 Rey's gaze turned stern and looked into the abyss of that red lotus flame.

 It was the Magic King Bomilus.
 His magic power was stronger than the altered body.

''Hee hee hee! You thought it was one-on-one, so how could you be so careless, brave canon? You will not be free in my body. I will perish as it is with the sword of my people, burning in the flames of the Red Lotus, but I will perish as it is with the sword of my people....

 The rising red lotus flames were pierced and grabbed by the black hand of the black and ripped away from Rey.

 Mass didn't move.

 I flew in vigorously from afar and snatched the Magus King's flaming body.

I'm just looking for this one. I'm going to take it. I'm sure you'll be able to find it.

 Kasim takes one look at me as I move away and gives me an abhorrent look.

''.........You're a great brave man, canon!

 Kasim's sword thrust straight out towards the unarmed Ray, but in the next moment, however, it was spinning around and flying in the air.


 The unique sword that was pulled out in a moment's time was snapped away and thrust at Kasim's throat with a snap after it was struck away.

'Do you admit defeat?'

 Every other beat, Kasim croaks.

''Yeah, okay I don't think I'm going to win against you.

 Kasim grasped the unique sword carelessly.
 The holy cloth appeared there and wrapped around Sig Shester's sword barrel.

'-You wouldn't say that, would you? It's an invitation. 'You have the competence to go easy on me.'

 <With the Cloth Binding Warding Seal (Je Nelou), he tied up Sig Shesta, and Kasim kicked Ray as he did.

 Reis let go of Sigchezta and dodged Qasim's leg, which came at him with great force, by lowering himself.

'Don't let go of the sword so easily.

 <Pulling the Fuse-Binding Warding Seal (Je Neroou), Kasim reaches out to Sig Shester.

 It must have been a plan to take away the weapon.
 However, the sacred cloth fell apart and flew in the air.

 It had already been cut by Sig Shesta.


 Grabbing the unique sword that had just fallen, Ray slashed through Kasim's body.


 Backing away and not chasing after Kasim, who had taken his distance, Ray just said.

'Are you still holding back?'

 At Ray's words, Kasim's eyebrows twitched with a twitch.

'Don't keep asking me out, it's time you got serious. If you think I'm the same as I was, there's no next time.