352-Growth of the Demon King Academy

 Inside the Royal Palace of Etiltsheve.

 At the time when Ray and Misa were following Kasim and advancing through the vertical hole, the students of the Demon King's Academy under Emilia were following the First Princess Corona's guide and were smoothly advancing to the room where Emperor Shapps was located.

''It's strange....''

 Emilia mutters quizzically as she moves her feet forward.
 She busily shifts her gaze as if she is alerting all around her.

''Uh ... what's going on?''

 It was Naya, the girl with the little dragon Tomogui on her shoulder, who asked this.

''The same was true of the entrance, but there are no guards at all. It's unusual for it to be this quiet for any amount of time.

 Naya lets the slightly frightened look on her face disappear.

''........Does that mean there's a trap......?''

'Probably so. They may be waiting for you somewhere....

 A bend eventually appeared in the single pathway.
 Emilia and the others paused and cautiously turned that corner, wary.

 That's when it happened.

 There was a clang, and a huge iron cage descended from the ceiling.
 It would be used to lock Emilia and the others in.

'Destroy that thing! <Gresde!

 Under Emilia's direction, the students all unleash a magical bombardment into the sky at once.

 With an emphasis on rapid firing rather than power, if you concentrate on the
 <The stray bullets from the created holes in the ceiling.
 It was a large water jar.

''It's on you, demon race!

 Out of nowhere, a human voice sounded.

 A large amount of water was pouring down from a water jar with a hole in it.
 It wasn't just any water either. It's holy water, the weakness of the demon race.

''Please evacuate!''

 Emilia gave a quick command.
 But the holy water wasn't just coming from above, it was pouring down from the front of the passageway, and from behind, with great force.

 A raft of human soldiers floated on top of that stream of water, and a large number of human soldiers rushed in.

''Foolish demons who bow to Emperor Shapps! This is your grave!

They'll make you regret that you underestimated us and went through the motions.

 Using the magic power of holy water, the humans confine the students of the Demon King's Academy in a magic circle of water, fire, earth and wind.

''It's the De Igeria! We demons are less than half as powerful as they are in this ward! Please break the wind magic circle first while withstanding the enemy's attack!

I won't let you! I won't let you!

 The human soldiers radiated all at once.
 Although their power was weak, they were a barrage of bullets like a torrential rain.

 Emilia stood in front of the front and put up anti-magic.
 One after another, the sacred flames landed, and the violent impact shook her.

While I'm holding on, the magicians of the four genus ward seal--what...?




 More than one hundred people have been swallowed up, and the place is already a hellscape of screaming and shouting from the trees.

''........No! Our anti-magic is almost impervious to it! Tut, it's too strong!

What the hell was that? Fool, we're in the dejeria! Their magic must be less than half of what it is...!

''I thought the people who came to your rescue were students from the Demon King's Academy? We have information that there is no demon race from two thousand years ago. How could a mere student have this much power...?

 One after another, human soldiers were being burned helplessly.
 It was a one-sided violation that was like twisting a baby's hand.

'.........well, the Demon King Academy is a monster.......? What kind of education do I need to give them?

What? We're the monsters? Don't be silly.

 Ramon wrapped his hands in the Burning Flame Black and said.

There are a lot of genuine monsters in the first two groups. We're the underdogs among them. You're simply too weak!

 Black flames wipe out the soldiers.
 With a scream, they flounder in place.

''Preeminent Emilia! These guys look like stalling minnows! Let's get on with it, before the one we really want comes around. Give the order!

Uh ... Mr. Ramon's ... twin brother, right?

Why? It's Ramon, Ramon. Just because you went to the Academy for the Brave doesn't mean you're going to forget it. Besides, I don't have a twin brother.

 Emilia looks seriously at Ramon's face.
 He is trying to say that he was this strong.

I don't know what to do. Or do you have an idea?

No..... All of you must give priority to destroying the magicians, and those who can, destroy the enemy!

 Then, the Fun Union students plunged in with spears in their hands.

''Everyone, Ikuyoo!

The only thing I'm good at is thrusting, and I've done it for you!

I'm going to make you rise.

""Just kidding Bevsudos!"

 With a movement that was unlike any other time, these women pierced the soldiers, who had swords in their hands.



Gosh, gosh...!

 Battered and clattered, the soldiers are reamed down.

 By the other students, the magicians of the were all destroyed in the blink of an eye and they were freed from their warding.

 In less than a minute, the students of the Demon King's College used the magic of the Restraining Magic Chain (Guigel) to bind all the enemy soldiers so that they could not move.

 It was truly an overwhelming victory.
 And yet, no one was caught off guard.

 I'm not sure if it's a good idea, but it's not.

Don't let your guard down. "Be on your guard. There's no way this is going to end so easily........!

'....Yeah. The last time I was there, the sky was falling, it was raining rocks, it was a mess...

I mean, we all thought the world was going to end with this purple lightning. It wasn't anything like this. What's next...? 

 They have passed through the line of demise and are getting close to the face of a warrior at one end.
 You can do an above average score for this battle.

''And anyway, I'm glad it wasn't a big deal at all.

 Naya says with a relieved look on her face.

''........no big deal.......no?''

 Emilia looked at Naya, who was the most inferior student, and was quizzical.

''Oh, I'm sorry. Ki, I should brace myself, shouldn't I? That's right. It's a much more dangerous real-life battle than the Great Demon Lord's Training Course.

 Saying that, Naya looks around.

''The Great Demon Lord's Training........''

 While looking at the situation, Emilia muttered to herself.


It's nothing. Let's hurry up.

 Once again, the girls begin to make their way down the passage.

 There is no sign of any new moves appearing soon, whether they have deployed almost their entire force for this trap, or whether they are setting up another trap elsewhere.

 Eventually, a large double-opened door was seen in the middle of the passage.

'Corona-sama, what is this place?'

It leads to the ruins at the end of the palace. It leads to the ruins at the far end of the palace, because all the buildings in Etilhebe were built in the same way as the ruins. It's a different place than the one where the emperor is.

Oh, I see. Well, I guess it doesn't really matter, then.

 Emilia said and tried to move on.

'Oh, Miss Emilia, please wait,'

 Ellen raised her voice as if she had noticed something.

''........What's wrong?''

 Emilia asks, just a little bit awkwardly.

 That's probably true, too.
 She once hurt and even tried to kill the girls of Fun Union.

 She may be worried about it, however, it's not something to talk about here in enemy territory right now.
 Emilia was staring at Eren's face, while trying to manage to keep her composure.

''I think there's a mural in the ruins at the back here that shows the Founding Star Erial. Anosh-kun said in the .

 Eren, on the other hand, treats Emilia in a tone of having forgotten everything about the past.

It's the memories of the demon king, right..... Let's retrieve them.

 Emilia puts her hand to the double-opening door.
 With a creak, and an old-fashioned sound, it opens.

 At the back was a vast courtyard with a view of the sky.
 There were stairs and pillars that looked like old ruins.

'Let's go,'

 With Emilia in the lead, the students of the Demon King Academy cautiously walked through the ruins.
 Although they have their demon eyes around them, there was no particular sign of people or traps.

''A foul smell, isn't it a foul smell?''

 At the sound of her voice, Emilia rolled her eyes and looked back at Naya.

''No, no, no! It's this one.

 Naya drew a magic circle and took out a single wand from it.

 It had a skull on its hand, but it crunched and shook its chin and made a noise.

''It smells nasty, isn't it nasty?''

 Emilia looks at it with a steely gaze.


"It's a 'Staff of Knowledge' given to me by the Cutthroat King. It contains his wisdom and knowledge, and when you ask him, he teaches you things. Even if you don't ask, he just starts talking on his own like he does now.

...do you start talking on your own?

 Emilia was about to say that it was a magic tool that made no sense.

'It's a bit like Dr. Cutthroat King. You sound just like him, too.

"Doesn't it smell bad?

But when they start talking on their own, it usually means something.

 Saying that, Naya put her magic power into her staff and spoke to him.

'What's the foul smell, wand-sensei?'

"Kaka, the dragon! You've got a dragon. A big one.

A dragon?

 Naya craned her neck and looked at Tomogui, a small dragon perched on her shoulder.
 Then Tomogui made a small, kruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck.

 She gasped.

'Mi, everyone stop!'

 When Naya said in a loud voice, the students of the Demon King Academy stopped.

''What's wrong, Naya-chan?''

 Nono asks.

'Because beyond that, maybe there's a dragon in the ground.

 Then someone tapped Ramon on the shoulder without hesitation.

'You're on, Ramon.'

'Huh! Why me?

 The other student also tapped Ramon on the shoulder.

'Go ahead. You're good at it.

 All of the students' eyes pierced Ramon, and he reluctantly ran forward, one of them reluctantly.

'If I die, you're going to revive me right away! You have three seconds or less!

 As Ramon ran while daring to sound his footsteps, the ground cracked open with a thud, and a huge dragon appeared from it.

 It was a different dragon with blue scales and skin.


 Ramon dived on the verge and barely ducked the rush of the different dragons from the ground.

''My predecessor, the Dragon Binding Warding Seal (De Gerias)!

I know, sir!

 Immediately, Emilia drew a magic circle and stretched out a string of magic as if to bind the blue strange dragon.


 While moaning, the different dragons are entangled in the .

 However, that blue different dragon was no ordinary.
 The threads of the that were entwined with the dragon immediately froze as they touched the dragon.

 Once all the threads were frozen, no sound would be emitted and the power of the warding would weaken.
 If that happens, it's only a matter of time before they are torn apart.

''It won't last long........ It would be good if we could just recover the Senesis Aerial alone...''

It's okay. You can eat that one, Tomot.

 When the small dragon Tomogui makes a single sound with a cooing sound, a strange sound resounds with a zazzle.

 With the ability he gained when he ate the divine dragon, which is a sound dragon, Tomogui shrinks the body of the different dragon in a flash.
 In the blink of an eye, that huge body became as big as the palm of one's hand.


 In spite of Emilia's doubts, Tomogui snacked on the different dragons.
 A puff of blue cold air leaked out of its mouth, which was satisfied.

''Ah, this boy. If it's a dragon, it will generally eat anything. If it's that big, it seems to be just the right amount.''

 Naya explained to Emilia, who was stunned.

''I see.........''

 While a look of confusion appeared on her face, Emilia pulled herself together and moved on.
 At the top of the long staircase, a huge mural was painted on the wall at the end.

 It was a painting of the night sky.

 Ellen said, and Jessica agreed.

''Yeah. There seems to be a residue of magic in there, but...'

 Although the magic of Militia is faintly visible, what is there is just a picture.
 The magically created night sky, the scattered wards of stars, and the founding star Elial are not there.

 It was after someone had already taken them away.