351-I didn't choose

 Ray's gaze pierces Kasim.
 As if to brush it off, he glares at the falcon circling in the sky.

'Was that falcon yours?'

 Kasim had said that he would defeat the Magic King. Regardless of whether that was true or not, if he was going to act like that, after rescuing the entire heroic council, the next step would be to recover the weapons that had been taken from them.

 Anticipating this, Rei went ahead and let the falcon sneak into the armory.
 The reason why he didn't ambush it himself is because he couldn't set things up in the magic fortress, which is right in the middle of enemy territory.

 As per Ray's intentions, the Yuukkai was able to escape from the fortress safely.
 I'm sure you'll be able to find out the location of the messenger falcon and catch up with it.

''You, why are you trying to humiliate the heroes so much?''

 Ray asked Qasim with a serious look on his face.

'Disgraced? You say the craziest things.

 Without losing his genuine expression, Kasim spoke back.

'You are the one who knows better. The glory of vanity, the hero without substance. An idol created by man, that is the hero. I will only expose its truth.

It may have been made up in part, but it was to protect and encourage people. But it was to protect and encourage people. Two thousand years ago, the people who were suffering from the invasion of the demon tribe needed the fairy tale of a brave man, even if it was a lie.

 Ray refuted Kasim's words outright.

'We needed a hero who would one day bring peace to the people, you know.

'A lie is a lie. It's not the right way.

It might have saved some lives.

What good would it do to save a life if it was done the wrong way?

 Kasim kicked it off and continued with more words.

'I should have died. It is the way of a man to die with the truth in his heart rather than to be saved by a lie. It is shameful for a human being to live on a lie.

 Ray looks at Kasim with eyes that are a mixture of anger and sadness.

'Life is not so light,' he says, 'and it's not so wrong to want to help people by any means necessary. Is it really so wrong to want to help people by any means, no matter what you have to do?

If you live like that and don't feel guilty, you're not human. If you live a life of indulgence, you're a domestic animal. We human beings must be strong and tough, and above all, we must do right.

 Cutting off the words for a moment, Ray said again.

''Would you have said the same thing if you had been chosen by the Spirit God Human Sword?''

You have been misled.

 Resolutely, Kasim returned the words.

''It's not that the Spirit Godman Sword didn't choose me. It's that I didn't choose the Spirit Godman Sword.''

 Kasim said, proudly and unapologetically showing his justice.

'Because both the brave men and the Spirit God Man Sword are wrong.

What is wrong with you?

'As I just uttered. A big, nauseating evil wrapped in vanity. I will avenge the brave man and the Spirit God Man Sword who corrupted people into a lie. Not a brave man, but only in the justice of the name of Qasim.

 Ray turned his attention to the fallen Heine and Ledriano.

'Even if the brave man is wrong, there is no justice in what you are trying to do. 'You deceive, twist and hurt people's minds, is that enough? You claim to be righteous and righteous, but you are lying about the same thing.

'I'm only adjusting. The brave have distorted the world. I am only making the beautified name of the brave the original one. If a brave man directs a life covered in lies, he puts a death there that is equally covered in lies.

What's the harm in hurting innocent people?

 Ray said with a stronger word, and continued to ask the question.

'Is it something you have to do, even if it hurts someone else? What does it matter?

''There are sins. The sins committed by the Spirit Godman Sword and you.

 'Plainly,' said Qasim, 'the cause and effect of our ancestors have rewarded our descendants.

'The cause and effect of your ancestors have rewarded your descendants. This is the result of your outrage. You are merely restoring something that has gone mad. They are not worthy of worship, brave men. There is nothing more pathetic to behold than to aspire to and revere a false hero.

 With a big, serious face and an unwavering tone, he exclaims in high spirits.

'Canon. You may think you are blaming others, but this is a crime committed by you. They, the brave men of our time, have prostrated themselves here. It would be easier if you were to blame me. But if you are truly a brave man, you must not turn away from it.

 'Justice is mine,' says Qasim, as if to say.

'And that doesn't matter? That's a convenient line spouted by someone who wants to erase their own sins, canon.

 Sadly, Ray looked at Kasim.

'....Kasim. The battle is over. Being chosen by the Spirit God Human Sword has no meaning now. Even if you weren't chosen, you were certainly a brave man who saved many lives. So, no more.

Don't make me say it again.

 With a sharp tone, Kasim releases his words.

''I did not choose the Spirit God Man Sword! I saw that holy sword was full of falsehoods, and I saw that it was full of falsehoods!

 Qasim raised his hand, and people appeared around him, clutching fire arrows.
 They are not soldiers. I'm not a soldier, but a resident of an unrelated city from the weakness of their magical power and their clothing.

 <I'm sure they are controlled by the contractual compulsion (Roar Xect).

"I'm going to expose you, Canon. You're lying. Your false selection of the sword.

 All at once, fire arrows were fired at Ray.
 The residents drew their swords and launched a suicide attack at Ray.

''Are you trying to say that hurting an unrelated person is a disqualification for being a hero?

 Mass said and blocked the fire arrows with a magical barrier.

 The jet-black chains tied up the dozens of people who had attacked the suicide attack and wrapped around the rest of the people who had fired the fire arrows, binding them unharmed in the blink of an eye.

 However, in that split second, Kasim made a move to escape.

 He had disappeared from their sight.

'It was a quick escape,'

 Mass draws a magic circle on Heine and Ledriano, then erases the holy marks and heals their wounds with
''Heine, Mr. Ledriano,''

 Emilia changed her blood color and ran up here.
 Behind her were those from the heroic council and the students of the Demon King Academy.

''Don't worry.''

 Emilia was relieved and then asked Ray in a sharp tone.

'What happened to the brave Qasim?'

He got away. But I'm still catching up.

 Misa huffed and pointed to the sky.

'I've got a messenger chasing after you,'

We'll go our separate ways from here. We'll go after Qasim. Emilia, you'll take Emperor Shapps.

I understand.

 Ledriano and Heine's wounds were completely healed and they woke up.
 They looked at Emilia and the others, stunned.

 They grabbed the hand that Ray held out to them and they got up.

'Mr. Ledriano, Mr. Heine. Please move with Lao-kun to a place as safe as possible and protect the people of the heroic council. You'll hear more details from Mr. Lao. I, along with the Demon King's Academy, will hold Emperor Shaps.

I understand.

 Ledriano replied.
 Heine pulled out the Holy Flame Cutlass Galluford from the magic circle and presented it to Lao.

''See, I picked it up for you.


 When Emilia turned around, the students of the Demon King's Academy, who had been spying on the situation from afar, gathered together.
 Corona, the First Princess, is also with them.

''Corona-sama, can you take us to the royal palace? Take the shortest distance possible. We'll take care of any soldiers on the way. It may be dangerous, but...

Don't worry. I'm sure I'll convince my father...

 Emilia nodded.
 She wouldn't expect it to work, either.

 Of course, it's better to be able to convince her.

'Let's go.'

 Following Corona's lead, the girls headed in the direction of the royal palace.

"Ray-kun, Misa. I'm sure you guys have nothing to worry about, but please don't take it easy.

 Ray smiled and nodded.


I think you should be more careful, Doctor. People aren't the only enemies we have to contend with.

 Emilia responded with a serious expression.

'Yes, I know,'

 Ray and Misa used  There is no doubt that they will be conspicuous, but if they chase after it at leisure, they will be able to escape.

 The two of them flew after Kasim, who was monitoring them with his messenger.

''Where do you think he's going?''

You've just walked into the shaft of the ruined city. It's the 41st.

 Ray said, even as he headed there.

'It's probably a trap,'

Of course.

 It's not hard to imagine that he's hiding something in that vertical hole.

"Misa. I need to ask you a favor, okay?

'I won't touch it. I'll just see to it that you can settle the matter. Let that foolish man, twisted by jealousy, come to terms with reality.

 Ray smiled sadly.
 Ahead of them, going through the sky at high speed, they saw the vertical hole in the ruins.

 They plunged into it and looked down.

'Whenever I think of Qasim, I think of him,'

 Ray speaks quietly.

''I wondered what would have happened to me if it had been Kasim who was chosen to be the Spirit Godman Sword.

Oh, do you ever think about that?

 They huddle together and hold hands as they fall down the vertical hole, which gets thinner the further down they go.

'I'm curious. 'I'm curious what has changed him. I'm trying to understand. Maybe I, too, just got lucky.

''Two thousand years ago, what would have happened if Lei hadn't been chosen for the Spirit God Man Sword? That's an easy one to answer.

 Rolling his eyes in surprise, Ray looked into her face.
 Huffing, Misa smiled and said, as if it was obvious.

'Yet you fought the Demon King and fell in love with me.