350-Brave disqualification

 It was a dimly lit room.

 With a click, the door of the room opened and a light shone in.

 The person who entered was a short ash-blonde man, a brave man, Qasim.
 He looks around the room.

 It appears to be an armory.
 There are various magic tools, swords, spears and bows on the floor.

 Among them was a holy sword.

''No problem. Each of you can collect your own weapons.''

 As Kasim uttered this, the armory was filled with men of the heroic council.

 They must have already broken another prison. Among them was Lloyd Egeliez, who was the president of the Brave Council.

 Except for Emilia and Laos, it seems that all of the heroic council is there.
 They collect the weapons and magic tools that were taken from them when they were bound.

'Come, my holy sword.

 The Great Sacred Earth Sword Zeleo and the Great Sacred Earth Sword Zeleo flew away and ended up in Heine's hands.
 He looked at the Holy Flame Cutlass Galluford, which was propped up right beside him.

 Heine casually retrieved it and stowed it in the magic circle.

''Ledriano. Did you find the Beiramente?

 As Heine walked up to Ledriano, he was staring straight at the back of the armory.
 A falcon was perched atop a lamp on the wall.

 When Heine turned to Redriano, he nodded his head in a curt manner.

'You might want to get rid of that one, just in case.

 Kasim comes over and draws the sword at his waist.

'Don't worry.'

 Ledriano scooped up his glasses with his index finger.
 Then the falcon took off and stopped on Ledriano's arm.

'It's my errand boy,'


 Kasim moved to the back of the armory and slashed the wall with his sword as it was.
 With a kick of his foot, the hollowed out wall falls outward.

 The sky is visible and the wall falls.

'Hurry. We'll be noticed soon enough.

 Kasim urges me to let the brave council escape first.
 First of all, the chairman, Lloyd, jumps up in
 The last ones left are Kasim, Ledoriano and Heine.

''Now, you too,''

 Heine was first, and as Ledriano flew out, Kasim followed with after a slight delay.

  magic, they had put the wall back together.

 As soon as they left the site of the magic fortress, they landed and ran without using magic to be inconspicuous.
 After advancing through the ruined city of Etiltheve for a while, they stopped in an unpopular square.

'Everyone needs to hear this.'

 Facing the council of valor, Kasim spoke out proudly.

'As half the people here have witnessed, Emilia Ludwell, dean of the Academy of Valor, was a traitor who drew a bow to Azation.

 The expressions on the faces of those in the brave council became grim.
 Only Heine and Ledriano asked it calmly.

''I'm not saying that all demons are evil, but she is a demon race that was housed in the Dean of the Brave Academy through the arrangement of the tyrannical demon king of Dillheid, Anos Voldigod.

 Reasonably, Qasim continued his explanation, leading him to a conclusion.

''It should be obvious that that betrayal was directed by the Demon King.

 The area is buzzing.
 If that's the case, it's a venerable situation. 

 As if to stop the situation, Lloyd, the president of the valiant council, said.

''........But I can't believe that that Emilia Dean would do such a thing. She continued to work hard every day to dust herself off for Azation. She has a great reputation in the academy and is well-liked by the students. Isn't there a mistake?

I understand your confusion. I understand your confusion, because people who are good at betraying others are good at making them trust you. These demons are skilled in this art. However, this is not the case for all demons right now. Unfortunately, Dean Emilia seems to be different...

 Heartbreakingly, Kasim said.

'Everything will be clearer once we meet the Demon King. Perhaps he is also in touch with the Magus King. He won't even be able to return to Gailladite if he doesn't defeat the Mage King.

 Resolutely, he appeals to the brave council.

'Brave men of our time! Please help me. I'll take revenge on the demons from 2,000 years ago who can't keep up with the changing times. You are the brave one, Qasim. For that to happen, we need your help now.

 The members of the brave council looked confused.
 Lloyd said.

'I thank you for helping us, but I can't believe everything you say. 'I know it's impolite,'

 Lloyd draws the magicians of the
 It states that he will not lie, and will side with the council of heroes until he returns to Gailladite. If he breaks it, he will be bound by magic to himself.

''Of course, it's a natural suspicion.''

 Without hesitation, Qasim signed it.

'Everything I have just said is true. I hereby swear that I will be a brave man and fight in the name of justice. Until the end of my life, Kasim the Brave will remain on the side of justice.

 If the words he just said were a lie, Kasim should be bound by magic for violating the .

 Seeing that no power was working on him, the people in the heroic council were relieved.
 On the other hand, they had a complicated expression on their faces.

 It must be because they are thinking of Emilia.

''How about it?''

 Lloyd made a pretense of hesitation.
 Then Ledriano approached him and gave him an earful.

''It's hard to believe, but I have to believe it. At any rate, let's do something about that wizard king and work together to get out of here.

Thank you. But I have to make sure of something before I do.

 Kasim drew the magic circle of the Zekt.

"In here is a traitor who has joined forces with the Witch King.

 The brave council members were even more buzzed.

''No way........''

''The only demon race is Dean Emilia, and even that could be a mistake of some kind, but who else is likely to conspire with the Demon King...''

'All of us in the Brave Council have stood for Azation. What good would it do us to betray them here?

 They look at each other with a look of disbelief.
 There was the slightest seed of doubt planted in their eyes.

'If you're not there, that's fine. But just in case. In order to reassure each other, please sign this contract (zekt). As long as you're not a traitor, no harm will come to you.

 Qasim's Zekt is written in such a way that if the person who signed it is a traitor, he or she should confess what he or she is going to do at the request of whom.

That's the first thing. You said your name is Ledriano. You sign it first.

 Ledriano glares at the
 He must be suspicious. Emilia's actions in the prison are approximately unbelievable to him.

 It is imaginable that Emilia, who was trying to rescue Ledriano and others, met Kasim on the way and made a 'contract (zekt)' with him to trust each other.

 Then it is natural to suspect that there is something in the "contract zekt".

 It's a good idea to be able to have a good time with them.

 But no matter how much he stared at it with his magical eye, he couldn't find any problem with Kasim's "contract" (Zekt).

''What's the matter? Is there any reason you can't sign it?

 Kasim looked at Ledriano with suspicion.
 The brave council members around him turned their suspicious eyes on him.

'It can't be.'

 Redriano was about to open his mouth when Heine said first.

''I just don't like the idea of him showing up out of the blue and dividing me up just because I'm a brave man from two thousand years ago.

It wasn't polite. But I just want to get this over with. Would you mind signing it first?

Okay. Will you sign this with me?

 Kasim gives him a quizzical look.

'I've already proven myself to be an ally, haven't I?

Well, why not? Just in case. Just in case. You're a 2,000-year-old hero. I thought maybe he could cast a spell to fool our evil eye.

 Heine said as if to put a sickle on.

'If that's what you mean, fine.'

 Heine said to Kasim, who answered immediately.

'Then it's at the same time. 'Se-no,'

 The two of them simultaneously signed that  The men of the brave council gasped.

 And then - Heine said.

The first thing that comes to mind is the fact that your instincts are so keen that you can't do anything about it. It's true that I'm a pawn of the Demon King. He wanted to round up the Yuu Council in order to control the humans.

 Heine pulls the two holy swords out of the magic circle.
 It's as if she is being controlled by an invisible magic.

''Wha........how.......! I didn't know that the students of the Brave Academy were pawns of the Demon King...

 Lloyd shows a look of surprise.

 The fact that it didn't affect Kasim, who signed at the same time, made it even more believable that Heine was an agent of the Demon King.

 Kasim stands in front of him, as if protecting Lloyd.

'Stand back. I'll take care of this one.''

Qasim the Brave. What's wrong with you? You're avenging the tyrannical demon king, and you're going to die.

 The moment Heine took a step forward, blood suddenly poured out of his entire body.
 With a gulp, Heine fell to his knees and fell to the spot.

 Kasim did not draw his sword.
 On the contrary, he looked at the figure as if he was puzzled.


 Heine said.
 The Holy Sea Protection Sword Bayramente was thrust against Kasim's neck.

'I guess it's clear now who the traitor is,'

 Ledriano says.

''........Are you also an agent of the Demon King?''

'Don't you get it yet? Heine's fall was the effect of my Zecht.

 Kasim makes a startled expression.

''I was staring at your
 Ledriano draws a magic circle and shows the contents of the Zekt to Qasim and the men of the Council of Heroes.

It's not me. It's not me," he said, "but the grimoire king has set a trap for my zecto. To make me look like a traitor.

 Resolutely, Kasim said.

'Both are possible. Therefore, I will detain you just in case. If you are indeed a brave man, then you will obey me, won't you?'

Yes, sir.

'Take him into custody. The brave canon will be here soon.

 Instantly, there was a gagging sound of sword and sword clashing.
 The Holy Sea Protection Sword Bayramente flew in the air.

 Kasim drew his sword in a blindingly quick move and dispelled Ledriano's holy sword.

'If I had been tricked, I would not have died.

 Kasim's sword went straight through Ledriano's chest.


 Blood flowed and holy scars floated in the air, but regardless, Ledriano grabbed Kasim's arm.

'Run! Quickly!

 Following Ledriano's voice, the men of the heroic council immediately rushed out.

'Pretending to be brave is what I'm good at. To sacrifice yourself and play justice to help people.'

 Pushing the sword in even deeper, Kasim gulped and gouged out Ledriano's chest.


 A large holy scar floated over the wound, and intense pain washed over him.
 Still, Ledriano did not let go of his hand to let his companion go.

'Do you know what you call that fanciful act?

 Shaking off his hand and drawing his sword, Qasim cut Ledriano to pieces.
 Blood spurted out of his entire body and a great many holy scars floated in the air.

''Death in vain.

 Exhausted, Ledriano fell to the ground.

'Your courage will not be rewarded, for it is full of deception. Because it is full of deception.

 Qasim drew a magic circle of thirty gates with the tip of his sword.
 A sacred fireball appeared from there.

 <The Great High Holy Flame (Syfyo).
 The holy flame, which was incomparable to that of Laos, aimed at the rushing heroic council members from behind.

 With a thud, the square exploded, and in the blink of an eye, it turned into a sea of fire.

You couldn't protect it. You failed to defend yourselves as well as the heroes.

I'm sorry.

 Kasim looked in the direction of the voice.

 <When it seemed that the Great High Holy Flame (Saiphio) had vanished in the blink of an eye, a black aurora was covering and protecting the men of the Yuge Council. None of them were dead.

 Two men and a woman had appeared.
 Ray and Mass in true form.

"If you can't admit it, they're still brave, Qasim. Much braver than you.

 Ray said as he walked towards his former brothers and sons.

'It was their courage and bond that saw through your schemes and protected everyone here.