349-The name the ghost got

 Two thousand years ago--

 Midhayes Castle, Throne Room.

 Two demons are facing each other.
 They are the Mage King Bomiras and Cerys Voldigord.

 The battle is already in full swing, or perhaps the room, with its powerful anti-magic and magical barriers, but it has been destroyed in tatters and burned in red flames.

 A thud is heard, and then a pillar seared by the flames falls down.
 As if to split the space between the two of them, the pillar slammed to the floor, scattering debris all around.

 Celis kicks the ground after a moment of blocked vision.

 In the blink of an eye, he approached the Magic King and thrust out the Universal Lightning Sword Gaudgemon.
 It's a good idea to have a good time with them.

 The cloak of the black world, which is connected to the other world, swallowed Gaudgemon.
 Reflexively, Celis let go of the magic sword.

''I've got it!

 The Magic King Bomilas retreated heavily as a firebrand.

 From the three-dimensional magic circle of the constructed around it, a heat ray concentrates on the flaming body of Bomillas.

 Bomillas, who has turned into a shining crimson sun, charges at Celis in a straight line.

 It's his invitation.
 Celis plunged her right hand into the spherical magic circle and clenched her fist tightly.

 The magic circle is compressed in the palm of your hand, and the condensed purple electricity scatters lightning lightning around you with a bee.
 The drawn magic circle was ten.

 The purple lightning runs from all of them.
 The magicians were joined together to form a huge magic circle.

''Ashburst Purple Annihilation Thunderfire Electric Field (Lavia Gaveriizd).''

 The magical circle of purple light is shot out.

 The magic covers the Gio Glaze and the Aviastan Ziara, the brilliant flames of the Burning Death Annihilation Brilliant Flame created by Bomillas.

 The world is dyed purple.
 With an overwhelming light that could dazzle even the evil eye, a violent thunderclap rang out.

 The flame of fire was being cruelly torn apart and slaughtered by the lightning of its destruction.
 The castle was shaking violently.

 Eventually, the thunderclap ceased and all that was left was a black ashlar.

 Celis reached for the that had fallen to the floor and pulled up the Ten Thousand Thunder Swords from inside the other world.

''You showed me an opening!

 The voice of the Demon King, which should have just now been reduced to ashes, echoes.


 The body of Bomilus had already perished once.
 With that as a trigger, the root source was transcribed into a new altered body of flame.

'Let's go together, Commander (Isis).

 Within the flaming body, the Magic King, who swallowed Celis, drew a certain magic circle.
 <''Root Source Light Annihilation Explosion (Gavuel).

 It is a self-destructive magic that explodes the magic power of the root source and slaughters the enemy.

"Even if I am destroyed, I can still come back again and again.

 Bomilas smiled triumphantly.
 Cerys said matter-of-factly.

'First (Jeff),'

 There was a flash of light.


 A long extended demonic spear pierced the source of the bombilus.

 The one who appeared was the first (Jeff) of the Knights of the Phantom Name.
 As he shrinks the magic spear, the body of Bomilas is drawn in accordance with it.

It is a good thing that you've taken the place of a subordinate. It's so annoying........

I've taken care of all your alter egos.

 At Ceris's words, Bomiras's fiery face paled.
 He checked his own alter ego, but there was nothing at the end of the magic line, however.

 Bomilas had hidden all of his alter-egos, other than the one he normally kept active, in his own territory, Midhays.

 If one alter ego perished, it would transcribe the root source to another alter ego and make it active.
 From the edge, the Demon King would have felt like an immortal.

 The stock of that alter body had been destroyed by the Knights of Illusionary Names, every last one of them.

''Did you think that I would succumb to that?

I found the body.

 Ichiban (Jeff) drew a magic circle and took out an old-fashioned candle from it.
 It was lit by a red fire.

 That candle is the main body of Bomillas.

 He let the main body sleep in the candle, hiding his figure and concealing his magical power.
 Although it is powerless while it is asleep, its lack of magical power makes it difficult to find.

 That's how he kept the main body hidden in a safe place and made his own root source transcribed altered body active on the surface.


'A mage king who has never left Midhays. Pacifism sounds good, but it's only because I was worried about leaving a helpless body behind.

 The main body is hidden somewhere in Mid-Hays territory, Celis guessed.
 It's not a place where someone could reach it by accident, either.

 If you poke around, the hiding place is naturally limited.

"You bloodthirsty ghosts are aware of my secret...

 There is one altered body left of Bomilus.
 The main body is asleep, and it would not be contrived to destroy it before it wakes up.

'Spit it out before it perishes.'

 Ceris walks loosely and stands in front of the altered body of Bomilas.

'Where did you send him?'

...who's he?

 Wordlessly, Celis stared at Bomilas.
 The Magic King was pressured by the killing spirit.

''You know him well. You know the one from the settlement of Zeiron.''

I don't know what you're talking about but you must be mistaken, Unu, I think you're mistaken.

 Celis drew the magicians of the Covenant (Zekt).

"Speak, and I will not destroy the body alone in this place.

 After being silent as if pondering, the Demon King opens his mouth.

''........It's best not to touch that one.

Spit out your place or perish. Choose.

 Celis confronts him with a choice, as if he won't listen to her.

''...........................The Demon King of Tyranny. Did you say Anos?''

 Suddenly, Bomilas gave his name.

'The nameless ghost of Unu, who merely walks around destroying, is the young man with his hands tied.

 Ceris just stared at Bomilas.

"We've arrived at last. He is of the Voldigord bloodline, isn't he?

 Cerys did not answer.
 Bomiras continued.

'Unexpectedly, I have been hiding this power from you. "I have concealed from you the power of a ruler who can unite the demons. A ruler who can unite the demons and not let me know that he exists until he grows up.

 In a tight spot, Bomilas says, "What are you planning to do?

'What are you planning to do? With the Demon King's power, he could make Dirhade a better place than it is now, with all those ruffians walking around. Isn't that desirable? There is no point in having ghosts if there is no place for them to fight.

 Celis didn't listen and only turned her cold gaze on the Demon King.

"If that demon king is of the Voldigord bloodline. I've been told that if you don't do anything about it, you'll end up a ghost just like the rest of us. Does destroying me mean you want to nip this peace in the bud while it lasts?

Singing till you're done.

 Running a purple lightning bolt through the Ten Thousand Thunder Swords, Ceris thrusts it at Bomilas.


 As if he had given up, Bomilas sighed.
 Then, he signed the Contract (Zekt).

"He's in Goaner territory, in the Thundercloud Volcano.

Go ahead, Jeff.

 Bomilas peeked out a grim expression.

 <Only Celis was the one who made the , indeed, if it was the best (Jeff), he could destroy the Magic King.

 But first (Jeff) didn't swing his spear immediately, as if he hesitated.

''What are you doing? Get on with it, first.

 Ichiban (Jeff) turned his bitter face to the Demon King, looked down, and then said.

''........There is no need to destroy it, is there?


''Maybe the Demon King is right and a new era by the Demon King is coming. If the era of the demon race's warfare is over, why do you need to destroy it?

 Celis glares at the best (Jeff).

'If that's all you're trying to say, think about it after you've destroyed it.

"...Master. Are you saying that you do not want a new era?

Do it.

 'Baboon,' laughs Bomilas.

'No use, no use. 'It's no use, Jeff. There are those who never change. Some people think this time is great. Who hates peace and rejoices in its destruction. For it is in the blood of the Voldigord.

 Bomiras reached out his flaming hand to the candle in the main body and grabbed it.

'You don't have to do your duty to this man. 'Nope, first (Jeff). 'No, the Dark Lord Yggess.'

 The fact that he was called the Dark Lord upsets Ichiban (Jeff) for a moment.
 He looked at his mentor.

'Unu, you wanted to change the times, so you set out to live differently than the ghosts, didn't you? Well, then, hurry up and part company. This man is just a crazy ghost, no matter how far he goes.

 The flaming body of Bomilus burned into that candle.
 The fire blazed fiercely, and the enormous amount of magical power that poured out of it became a spark of fire that rose up.

It's time for you to go. The era of Unu is about to end.........!

 A ten thousand lightning swords pierced the altered body of Bomilas, which tried to escape, and Celis destroyed it with purple electricity.
 As far as the altered body is concerned, it's outside the scope of the Contract (Zekt).


 A flash.
 Severing the candle and reducing it to ashes with a purple light, the main body of Bomillas dies out.

"....My....you will remember...

 With Shi-Den clinging to him, and his and was reincarnated.

 It was settled.
 However, it was supposed to be destroyed, but first (Jeff) did not.

 When Celis turned her gaze to Ichiban (Jeff), he looked away awkwardly.

 As it was, they stood there in silence.
 How long they had been doing so, eventually, as if giving up, Ichiban (Jeff) opens his mouth.

''Well it's true ... what Bomilas said ...''

 He confessed that he himself was the Dark Lord Yggeth.

'I knew,'

 Ichiban (Jeff) turned a surprised look on his face.
 Coldly, Celis continues to speak.

'You fool who cannot be a ghost. I told you to perish for my sake, but you are no longer of any use to me.

 Ceris stowed the Universal Lightning Sword in her magic circle and turned on her heel.

'At best, you will live with your new name.

 He left and only the best (Jeff) was left behind.