90-The barrier of 1888

 Ledriano and his team head for the dried up lake.

'Hey ... you guys ...'

 Diego, who still can't hide his surprise, barely squeezes out his voice.

'It's okay, Dr. Diego. I'll use the thing.'

 Ledriano says.

'Wait. I won't let you do that.

You couldn't stand to be ridiculed like that.

 Lao snaps his fingers.

'Watch me there. I'm going to crap on that guy.

 Heine jumped down, followed by Ledriano and Laos. All of the Gelugacanons in their scarlet uniforms landed at the bottom of the lake.

'Wait a minute. I didn't give you permission to do that! You think you can just start an intercollegiate examination?

Now, the inter-university examinations will begin with the heroic academy class 'Jelga Canon' versus the Demon King academy's first-year class, Anos Squad.

 Instead of Diego, Menou sent a signal to start the battle via thought transmission (leaks).

"Please fight fairly and honorably so that the honor and pride of your ancestors are not stained.

Dr. Menou, I would appreciate it if you would refrain from behaving like that.

'What? You said earlier that you yourself would be testing against Gergakanon after your junior year. Or maybe you're just afraid of losing, so you don't want to?

'That's not what I meant, and now that the lake's boundaries are gone, it's possible that some damage could be done to Gailladite.

 In the middle of Diego's line, I deployed a massive anti-magic and magical barrier to cover the dried up lake.

'I made you safer than you were before,'

 That's right, I'll send you a thought communication (leaks).

''I think our students are at a disadvantage in fighting while deploying anti-magic, but even after giving them this much of a handicap, will they still run away?

 Abominably, Diego glares at Menou.

'Do what you want.'

 Diego said as if he was going to spit, and this time he sent a thought transmission (leaks) to Jergakanon.

"Hey, Ledriano, you know what we're here for, don't you? You know what you want, don't you? If you're going to do it, don't choose your means. You must win. Make him dumb and dumb again. All right!

Yes, sir.

 <The communication between you and the leaks is cut off.


 I roll out the magic circle again.

'You know, I told you to leave some for me,'

 Sasha blurts out next to me.

'That's something I wish I could say to those guys.

 The same scale of the Jail Flame Annihilation Cannon (Geo-Glaze) as before was released.
 A huge, jet-black sun was shot out and poured down on the underwater city, nearly burning it to the ground.


 Suddenly, four giant magic circles appeared in the north, south, east and west of the underwater city.
 Each one was made of water, fire, earth and wind.

 The four magic circles became anti-magic, synergistically amplifying the effects of each magic circle.
 <The 《Geo-Glaze》 is dampened and stifled before its power.

 With a bang, the sound of the collision of the black sun and the wards rang out, and in the aftermath, a storm blew up.

 Instantly, a figure leapt and a light raced through the air.
 The jet-black sun split in two. Illuminated by the shining light, it swiftly disappears.

 <The figure that sliced through the Gio-Glaze slashed through the hellfire annihilation cannon lands on the ground.

 The one who was caught by the Demon Eyes in the distance was a girl.
 Her purple hair is pulled back and she carries a shining holy sword of light in her hand.

''Hm. Even though the power of the Gio-Glaze was attenuated by the power of the ward to dampen the power of the Gio-Glaze, you still managed to slice through it so easily.

 Come to think of it, I haven't met the first rank in the heroic academy's pecking order yet.
 If they were in order, they'd be in Jelga Canon, but is that girl the one?

Sounds pretty interesting.

So what do we do now? Do you want to use a more powerful to blow it up?

 Sasha stares at me intently.

You can do that, but if you make it any more powerful, you won't be able to add much to it. It could blow up the source of the problem as well as the source of the problem.

 It's not a war.
 We can't afford to go that far with inter-school exams.

Let's get in.

 He stepped out loosely and walked towards the underwater city.

''You don't want to build the Demon King's Castle?''

 Misha says.

''From what I've seen, the wards stretched across the underwater city are powerful because of their narrow scope. It's probably because the power to seal the demons is increased by deploying multiple wards of four different attributes. As long as I have my , it shouldn't be able to come out of there so much.

 Building the Demon King's Castle and waiting for it to be built will only lead to a stalemate, and we won't get anywhere.

But it's not a good idea to fight inside that building, is it? You'll probably end up like the Liebest Squad.

I think if we incapacitate the sorcerer, the wards will disappear.

 Ray said, with a fresh smile on his face.

'Maybe they're the sorcerers who say they're reincarnations of canon,'

But there will be a surgeon inside, so we'll have to fight inside that ward anyway, right?

 Misa says with a serious look on her face.
 The girls of the Fun Union nod.

''Building a Demon King's Castle in the center of an underwater city?''

 Misha suggests.

'The terrain effects of the Demon King's Castle will offset the effects of the warding of the underwater city.

 If we build a Demon King's Castle that spans the entire underwater city, we could offset the effects of the wards, although it would depend on the sorcerer. Depending on the magic power, we could also bring the situation to our advantage.

''But isn't it going to take a long time to build a Demon King's Castle that specializes in terrain effects like that? And you're going to be using magic in the wards.

 Curtly Misha nodded.

'Create in three minutes.'

Then that's what I'll do. I'll guard Misha and the castle for three minutes. The others will stay outside the wards. When the Demon King's Castle is built, Sasha, Ray, go inside and take out the wielding wizards. Missa and the others, take care of the rest of the miscellaneous fish.

Yes, sir.


 Ray and Sasha say.

''Oh, we can't embarrass Anos-sama, and we have to make sure the timing is right...''

 Ellen from Fun Union clenches her fists with a serious look on her face.

''It's okay-. You don't need to be so nervous, you can see at a glance that the Demon King's Castle has been built.''

 When Mass said that.

No, I mean, the timing of the pep talk.

 Hmm. I thought the Fan Union would be a bit intimidated by the suddenness of Ray and the others, but they are in their usual form.

 They're pretty determined.

"Sing your hearts out when you get the chance. "Sing as much as you can when you get the chance, and break the enemy's heart in your own way.

Yes sir!

 Eren and the others nodded, as if suddenly motivated.

'Then let's go ahead.'

 As I reach for Misha, her fingertips touch me.
 With my far-sighted magic eye, I looked at the center of the underwater city that was our destination.

 <Using the  The landscape became white for a moment, and we arrived at the square.

 This would be perfect for building the Demon King's Castle.
 You can feel the influence of the warding, but that's not a problem.

"The Creative Architecture (Ibis)

 Misha held her left hand as if she were praying.
 A number of ice crystals seemed to appear from the on her ring finger, and they began to build a magic circle and sparkle.

''The Ice Castle and the City.''

 Ice crystals spread across the square.
 The ice demon castle was formed as the frozen ground stretched to the heavens.

 However, it is still incomplete.
 The magic of the Creation Architecture (Ibis) did not stop and the ice crystals continued to increase in number, covering the ground of the underwater city.

"Wow. <I'm sure you'll be able to use such a large scale magic under the influence of the De Igeria.

 It was Heine who appeared in the square.

''But it looks like it's still a work in progress.

 Then comes Ledriano.

"You think we're going to let you wreck our position?

 Lao reveals himself.


 And finally, the one who silently stood in front of me was the girl who was carrying the holy sword of light.

I'm sure it's not a bad idea to have a good idea of what to do. Shall I ask your name?

 I say it, but the girl doesn't respond.

Excuse me. I'll answer for her since she can't speak, so I'll answer for her. The first rank in the Brave Academy pecking order. Belonging to the selective class 'Jelga Canon', the reincarnation of the fourth root of the heroic canon, the Knight of the Holy Wind's reincarnation, Zesia Canon Ijeshika'

 First in the pecking order. So this is the fourth reincarnation.
 So when Eleonor said four, he was talking about excluding the teacher.

 Hmm, very unusual.
 You can't see into the abyss that is the source of this.

"You have a very nice holy sword. How do you say your name is?

"This is the Holy Sword of Light, Enhale. In the face of the sword that rejects all demons and turns them into nothingness, it will cut down the demon king's castle that is being built.

 I wanted to see if it's canon, but I guess I'll have to do something about that holy sword first. It's the light that casts a shadow over my evil eye.

'Hey, Redriano. Enough chitchat!

 Heine held up his hand. A magic circle emerged there.

''Let's get it over with before the Demon King's Castle is built.

 Ledriano, Lao, and Zecia deploy a magic circle as well.

 Magicians of earth, water, fire, and wind flew from all directions towards the Demon King's Castle that Misha was building.

''Hm. Aren't you going to put me away?

 Deploying anti-magic and blocking the <4 genus ward chain (de Ijade)>.
 That's the moment. The magic circle was shattered and magical chains were tied to my hands and feet.

 These chains have the attributes of earth, water, fire and wind, respectively.

''Hmm. It seems that the also has the effect of holy spell magic.

 It is a holy curse used by the brave men.
 <The curse is used to cause disadvantageous events inside the de Igeria.

 For example, the curse is triggered by preventing magic with counter-magic, and you are chained together like this.

'That's the end of being strong, brother. <''Your brother's strength and magic power are less than one-tenth of what they were when he was linked to the Four Genera Warding Chain (Dejade).''

 Heine raises his hand above his head.

'Come, my holy sword. The Great Sacred Sword Zere.

 A light gathers in the palm of his hand and a holy sword with a dark green glow appears.

''Hmmm, maybe I should beg for my life. He asked for help.

Hmm. A plea. Good, you just have to put your head down.

 I'm going to look down on Heine, even though his limbs are chained to the dejade.

"You know what?

 Heine's expression twisted in displeasure.

'I don't like jokes like that, you know!

 Heine kicks the ground and comes closer and closer.
 I swing the Great Sacred Ground Sword Zere at the top of the range and swing it down as hard as I can.

 The holy magic slash hits me directly, and grains of light fly off as they spread around.

''Hmmm, hahahahaha. What do you think? How does it feel to be beaten to death without even performing your best? Nah, you can't hear me anymore.

It's a very good sword. Even the dejade, which seals out demons, is easy to cut with the holy sword.

 Using the slash of the holy sword, he broke the magical chains.


 The grains of light that covered the area completely disappear, allowing them to see me.
 They are just stunned that I'm unharmed.

If you've captured the enemy, you might want to find some more ways to attack.

"...shut up! Then we'll just have to cut them down! Ledriano, Lao, Xecia!

I know, sir.

 Once again, the four of them each deployed a magic circle of earth, water, fire, and wind and ejected it into the Demon King's Castle.

''Here, use your anti-magic to prevent it. You can't let the Demon King's Castle get hit, right?

'Hmm. Right.

 I deploy my anti-magic and block its magic circle.

''See, then, next time I'll use an even stronger magic slash than now..........''

 Heine is speechless.
 My limbs are not chained. The <4 genus ward chain (de Ijade), which is activated by preventing it with anti-magic, did not activate.

Did you really think I'd listen to the same attack twice?

 Stepping out.
 Heine stepped back as if afraid and fighting.

''Oh no... our magic... the magic that we have painstakingly forged day in and day out in order to defeat the demon race can be broken so easily. --

 Heine looks theatrical and falls to his knees gingerly, slamming his fists on the ground.

'--what did you expect me to say?

 Hmm. There's nothing more embarrassing than being seen through, isn't there?

 He looked up and with a mocking expression, he unfolded a magic circle on the earth.
 The remaining three people also drew a magic circle on the earth in the same way.

 The earth is moving, the soil is rising, and it's covering the whole of my surroundings.

It's not that we believe the same magic works over and over again. The same attack doesn't work twice, that's quite a magical eye and analytical ability, but I'll tell you how many warding spells we Jelga canon have.

 The cage of earth completely surrounded me.

One hundred and eighty-eight, sir.

'Hahaha! One hundred and eighty-seven more times you won't be able to stand it, no matter how many times you do it.

 Lao said in a triumphant voice.
 At that moment, black lightning flooded out of the earth's cage.


 With a bang, a jet-black thunderstorm spreads around the cage of the earth.

''Everyone avoid--''

 The moment Ledriano raised his voice, the four of them were surrounded by black lightning, tearing apart the anti-magic.


.........This stupid, big, stupid magic is.......


 Swallowed by the Origin Magic , Heine, Ledriano, Lao, and Zesia went ballistic.

''You seem to be mistaken,''

 The cage of the earth was weathered by black lightning and vanished without a shadow or form.

'Just because the same attack doesn't work twice doesn't mean it will always work the first time you see it.