91-Two holy swords

 Directly hit by the black lightning, the Laos were blown away from the square and finally stopped when they hit a building.

 They were blackened and prostrated on the ground, and at this point it was difficult for them to even continue fighting.
 But in the next moment, their bodies are surrounded by a dazzling light.

 It's a recovery spell.

"Hmm. I thought that those four people were maintaining the Four Genera of Woundedness (De Igeria), but it looks like it's different.

 <The Four Genera Warding Seal (De Igeria) reduces the power of the demon race and increases the power of humans. Recovery magic is probably one of its effects. If you are inside this ward, as long as you don't die, you can instantly heal your wounds as many times as you want.

 Warding magic must constantly send magic power to the magic formula to maintain the warding. If those four people were using the , the warding would have been broken with a single blow from the .

''Is it the other students who are constructing the wards?''

 Misha asks me.

'Looks like it,'


 When Misha said that, the Ice Demon Castle was completed in the square.

 Countless ice crystals were painted on the ground, and they spread out into the underwater city as if they were roads. Ice trees, flowers, and buildings grew out of the icy roads, forming a castle town.

 Misha places her fingertips on the Demon King's Castle and gazes into the demon's eyes.
 <The ice castle and the city made of Ibis is a boundary, so to speak. Misha's magical eye reaches all areas of the castle and city.

 <She intends to find the sorcerer who is building the dejeria and neutralize him.

''I can't find them.

 You're quite the magician to escape Misha's evil eye, aren't you?

But I understand.

 She says in a matter-of-fact tone.

'Of all the students in the Jelga Canon, only one has been able to hide from me.

 Hmm. As expected of Misha. He must have had the number and faces of the students of Jelga Canon in mind. In other words, it's no doubt that that one person who can't be found is the one who makes the <4 genus ward seal (de Igeria)>.

Who is it?


 I see.
 Well, he's enough of a guy to see the root cause directly.

 Is it any wonder that he's wielding the Four Genera Warding Seal (De Igeria), which deploys four types of attribute magic at the same time, all by himself?

''Leave it to me.

That's a tough one.

 They may be lower in rank than Ledriano and his friends, but they're not necessarily lower in ability.
 I'm a misfit, after all.

I'll try.

 Misha holds up the ring in her left hand and pours magic power into the icy castle town.
 <They are going to compete for the best magical wards in the Four Noble Wards and the Demon King's Castle, a place where they are not seen by each other.

 I can't wait to see what they come up with.

I'd be dead if it wasn't for the Four Noblemen of the Four Noblemen.

 Away from the plaza, Lao, who had turned into a black moustache a moment ago, stands up as if nothing had happened.

It's a bit unfair of him, that he's a demon race and his warding magic doesn't work.......

 Heine, who was also blown away in the distance, raises herself up.

It's not a matter of how many times you've been beaten, no matter how strong you are. I'm sure you'll be able to get out of it as many times as you want until he runs out of steam.

I'm sorry.

 A girl descends from the sky and stands in front of Lao.
 Now that Misha has completed the Demon King's Castle, the effects of the on the demon race have been almost canceled out.

''Small fry like you, I don't need to bother with Anos.

 Sasha grabbed the hem of her skirt and bowed gracefully.

''The eldest daughter of the Necron family and one of the Seven Demon Imperial Elders, the direct lineage of Aivis Necron, Sasha Necron, the Witch of Doom. Remember. Now, I'm going to knock you into the abyss of despair.

 Lao holds his fist in the air as if he were on the verge of battle.

'Ha! It's the good stuff. Hey, Heinlein. A member of the chaos generation just showed up. I'm going to have a little fun with you, just go ahead and meet up with Ledriano.

 Lao sends out a leaks.

"Yes, but you have to get your ass over there. Otherwise, we're going to kill that thing by ourselves.

I don't think that's possible.

 Heine's gaze turned grim.
 Until just a few moments ago, there was no one in front of him.

 There is no sign of magic.
 But even so, the white-haired demon tribe was there, as if it had moved in an instant.

You can't beat him. It's not just you guys. I don't think anyone else can beat him.''

 Carrying a fresh smile, Ray drew his Unique Sword Sig Shasta.

''Heh, you're in black clothes and a seven-pointed star, big brother.''

 Heine's lips lifted in amusement.

'I know, one of the generation of chaos. You're Ray Grandsdry, the Sword Sage of the Kneading Demon, right? I hear you're pretty good with a sword.

Not so much, but more so than you.

 Heine's smile froze, as if he was clinched.

'Well, then,'

 Heine wielded the Great Sacred Ground Sword Zele.
 Sacred magic gathered on the dark green blade.

''Prevent this zealot!

 Heine swung the holy sword down with all his might.
 A moment later, Ray's hand gleamed and a flash of light flashed.


 While holding Zele, Heine's right arm was severed and flying in the air.
 Heine wouldn't even be able to grasp the moment he was cut off.

''With an arm like that, your sword is crying out. It's such a good sword.''

You..........you're just one of the guys in charge, you're so annoying.......!

 <Under the effect of the Four Genus Warding Seal (De Igeria), Heine's right arm immediately regenerated.
 He drew three magic circles at his feet.

''I know, Swordsman of Training Demon, your weakness is. I heard you're not good at magic. Besides, your class, by the looks of it, you're a mage (Cavalier), right? It might improve your physical abilities and that means you can move faster than I can, but it also means you won't be able to use magic you're not good at even more, right?


 Ray says with a fresh smile.

'What are you smiling about? I'm pissed off. Is he stupid? Don't know? I mean, you have no way to prevent our warding magic!

 Water gushes out from under Heine's feet. It's holy water.
 From there he absorbs magical power.

"Earthquake Wards (Agoras)!

 Thud, gaga gaga gaga, the ground trembles unnaturally within a radius of about thirty meters from Heine.
 It's a warding spell that binds the demon race's feet and robs them of their power due to an earthquake.

'See, you can't move, brother. No matter how good your sword skills are, that's not enough.

 In the midst of a violent earthquake, Heine walks leisurely and picks up the Great Sacred Ground Sword Zele.

''Let me show you another good one.

 Saying that, Heine raised his left hand.
 The holy light gathered there, and the sword of magic power materialized.

Come. My other holy sword. My other holy sword, the Great Sacred Sword Zeleo.

 Heine held the Great Sacred Ground Sword Zele in his right hand and the Great Sacred Ground Sword Zeleo in his left hand.

''Let me tell you something. You can use Zereo to slice through the scars made by Zereo, and the scars will become holy marks. After that, your recovery spell won't work anymore. All the people who have been cut are crying out for help. Hahahahaha.

 He lets out a distorted laugh.

'I can't heal you if you tell me that. Because I don't know how to heal a holy scar.''

 Heine randomly walked up to Ray's side and held his twin swords.

You can tell me. It's a good thing that you're able to use this holy sword the best. If you don't, you'll be in a lot of trouble, brother.

 As he licked, he looked at Ray.

'Was that you, Heine?'

Yeah, but?

I knew your sword was crying.

 The one-sided sword Sig Shesta shimmered.
 Heine's left arm was slashed off and Zereo was stabbed into the ground.


 Heine jumped back in surprise.
 Her left arm immediately regenerated.


 Ray stepped out.
 He said coolly.

'What's wrong?'

How is it possible to move inside the Agorath...? I don't even have much anti-magic on me...!

I thought that the reason you can move freely within the Seismic Field (Agorath) is because you possess holy magic. That's why I decided to use my holy magic too.

 Heine's expression distorts.

''This magic sword, the Unique Sword, changes as it wishes. So, I thought I'd try it out and unleash my holy magic power. I'm glad it worked.

 The holy light overflows from the Ichii Sword.
 Rei, who had turned into a sword body, was benefited by it, and even though he was a demon race, he was unaffected by the .

''Oh, right. Hmm. But you can't beat me with a fake holy sword like that.

Okay, let's use the real thing.

 Ray grabbed the Great Sacred Earth Sword Zereo that was stuck in the ground.
 At that moment, Heine laughed.

'Hahahaha! What are you doing, mister? But if a demon uses the holy sword, it'll erode your body and you'll be in big trouble. Didn't you see the third year student who was just trying to use holy water? You won't get away with this.

 Heine's right arm had been slashed off by the Great Sacred Earth Sword Zereo in Ray's hand.

''Ughhhh, ah, ah, ah...!

 He screamed and retreated, holding his slashed arm.

''Why..........? How could it be? It can't be!

 Ray follows Heine as he retreats.

"Come back, my holy sword. To its rightful owner!

 Heine said, extending his regenerated arm.
 But nothing happened.

 His expression was tinted with despair.


This holy sword seems to have taken a liking to me.

Why haven't you come back? Zereoch! Hey, man, you hear me?

 But the Holy Sword would not respond to Heine.
 It was the Holy Sword's choice as to which one was worthy of ownership.

''Lies........lies, lies, lies.......this must be a lie! It's........it's a holy sword.......? It's not just a holy sword.......the Great Sacred Earth Sword can't be used by any heroes other than me, even in Jelga canon....... It wasn't allowed for the demon race to use it!

 Heine swings down on Zeleo.
 A sword strike of magical power attacked Ray, but he slashed through it with Zeleo without a care in the world.


'You don't seem to understand it very well. Would you like me to show you how to use the holy sword?

 Ray stabs the Great Sacred Earth Sword Zereo into the ground.


 A flash of zereo stabbed into the ground.
 In an instant, a vast area of earth rose up as if it had been hollowed out.

 The entire ground is turned over, and Heine's body flies through the air.

 As if with a will, earth, sand, stone and trees attacked Heine.
 All of them were given magical power by the Great Sacred Earth Sword, and he could barely seem to block them with his anti-magic and magical barrier.

 Heine rolled his eyes in astonishment.
 Ray had sheathed the Unique Sword and was holding the Great Sacred Ground Sword Zele that fell to the ground instead.

'If you slice through Zeleo's wound with Zeleo, you can create a stigmata that the recovery magic won't work, I think.

Why? It can't be... This isn't possible! How many years of training do you think I had to do before I could control two holy swords at once? There's no way a demon race could--!

 Within a breath, the two swords gleamed.


 Saint marks had formed on both of Heine's arms as he was cut down.

 Heine deploys a magic circle around the stigmata and tries to cut off the stigmata with his arm.
 However, the Stigmata are not confined to the mouth of the wound, and are gradually expanding their range.

"....Why? That's ridiculous! Zereo and Zere don't have this kind of power...? What did you do with my holy sword?

''Originally, this holy sword had this much power. You just didn't know how to use it.

Shut up! d*mn it this can't be happening and I'm not going to let it happen I'm a demon. There's no way I'm going to lose to something!

 Heine puts all his magic power into it and uses .
 Ray, who sheathed his Ichii Sword, must have decided that he should be affected.

 However, the moment he thrust the two holy swords into the ground, the Agoras stopped so easily.

''This is the proper way to use it.''

 Gudari, Heine's body was skewered by forty-four blades.


 A high-pitched scream echoed around the area.

 The sword blades of Zele and Zeleo, which had been stabbed into the ground, had multiplied into forty-four blades in the ground, stretching out and coming out of the ground again.

 All of those wounded mouths had turned into holy scars.
 As long as the recovery magic didn't work, that wound would not heal even under the influence of the .

....and it won't go away... why did I have to do this... !

 Heine just screams as she can't seem to bear the pain too much.

''Oh, geez. You! I'll give up! So, get well soon! This is just a rivalry test, and you think you're allowed to do this?

 Heine gave a refreshing smile at the irreverent manner in which he spoke.

'Unfortunately, I'm not very good with magic. If you surrendered, I won't get in your way, so why don't you heal yourself?

".........stupid.......I can't do it.......!  ........!

'Does it hurt that much? It doesn't seem like much of a wound, though. I'm sure there's more hellish suffering in the world.

"........Where is that thing?

 Ray chuckles.

'Come on. I just kind of thought so.'

 He turns on his heel. Heine said to his back as he left.

"Hey, hey, wait........where are you going? Help me! Help, help me!!!!

 Heine's screams echoed in the underwater city in the distance for all intents and purposes.