92-Fire ruler

 Sasha and Laos were facing each other in the traffic of the underwater city away from the plaza.

''This doomsday witch, according to rumors, she has a magical eye that can destroy anything.

 Lao says, with holy fire in both fists.

'Hmm. You know. What's wrong with that?'

 Sasha smiles.

The first thing you need to do is to get your hands on a new pair of shoes. I'm not going to be able to say that it's a good idea. I'm not going to be able to get to the bottom of it.

Yeah. I know you're good at fire magic, but can you vaporize a lake?

 Lao clicks his tongue and looks abhorrent.

'You can't even bring yourself to compete with Anos. So? So you thought I could win and you wanted to compare strength? I know my vessel.

Demons can't be very provocative, can they?

Hey. I'll tell you one thing.

 Smiling, Sasha said.

'You're just temperamental to a degree,'

Shut up!

 From Lao's fist, a was emitted.
 Sasha lightly waved her hand and easily flicked it away with her anti-magic.

I'm not going to be able to say anything about it. You're not doing it. The next time I'll use half your power!

 Lao overlaps both fists together and deploys a magic circle there.

 The holy flame split into eight pieces and struck Sasha from all sides.
 However, she saw the kryptonite and hit the common root of the eight flames with her anti-magic.

 The source of the magic was cut off, and the , which was close to Sasha's doorstep, was easily extinguished.

''Hurry up and come as fast as you can. You're not strong enough to be a big deal, you'll die before you can muster up the strength, silly.

 Lao bites his back teeth just barely.

'....How did you know...?

You're not even strong enough?

You've got to be kidding me! I'll kill you, you son of a b*tc*! I asked how you knew I was going to use the Great High Holy Flame to create a ward?

 Sasha's eyes narrowed.

'That's really silly of you to ask the enemy that.


You're talking about the Holy Eight Flame Wards, right?

 Lao's complexion changes.

"...how the hell do you know? I never showed you that.

 'Huh,' sighed Sasha.

'Use your head a little. All the old magic was taught to me by Anos. I had a hard time learning to prevent it, but it's nice and easy when you're with me.

Pull it out!

 He said as he spat, and Laos kicked the ground.
 He continued to charge at Sasha in a straight line.

'Then, yo, how about this!

 Laos wears a full-body suit of flame armor. <It's the magic of the Holy Flame Armor (Destore). It pretends to be a defensive spell, but by laying out the opponent as it is, it creates a warding that seals out the demons. The captured demons will have most of their power blocked.

 However, Sasha didn't retreat, but went forward in the opposite direction.

''Ha! That's not a summer bug that's flying around in a fire!

 Lao spread his arms wide and grabbed onto Sasha.

''Demon Flame (Gresde).

 Black flames appeared in the palm of Sasha's hand and turned into a blade, piercing Lao's pigeontail.


I told you I've learned everything I know, you idiot. <To ward off the Sacred Flame Armor, you need to use the flames it contains to shield your opponent. I guess I can get through to him if I'm wrong. If I know, it's just a gaping hole.

 Unable to resist, he jumped backwards.


 Putting his anti-magic with all his might, Lao shakes off the .
 He immediately tries to counterattack back to Sasha and makes a flabbergasted expression.

"Is this what I'm looking for?

 In Sasha's hand was the school emblem of the Brave Academy.
 He had taken it away from her when he had approached her earlier.

''The holy water comes from this lake, I at least know that it won't disappear completely even if you evaporate it. If you're going to use it, you should just use it as soon as possible, but that's what happens when you're skimping on the luxury of time.''

f*ck! Then let's show them we're serious, as you wish!

 Lao draws a magic circle of holy fire in front of him.
 As the flames rose violently from its center, the shadow of a sword could be seen inside.

''Show me justice, Galuford!

 At the same time as Lao's words, the flames that had risen were sucked into the holy sword.
 The sword was there, gleaming in scarlet.

''What do you think? It is the hottest and most fiery of the eighteen holy swords. It is said to have even given birth to the sun, what is the magic power of the Holy Flame Cutthroat Sword Galluford?


 Sasha says.

''No matter how great the magic is, it's useless if the user ruins it.

'Ha! What's that? Are you scared?

 Sasha sighs and sighs.

'Can't you see that I'm telling you that you're an idiot and that you're a treasure?

 Sasha fires the Magical Flame.

It's not working!

 When the Holy Flame Cutlass Galluford seemed to be covered in flames, he drowned it out in an instant.

The only thing that matters is that you don't have to do anything. To fight, all we have to do is to shoot them up!

 <Wearing the Sacred Flame Armor (Destore) and wielding the Galluford, Lao charged forward furiously.


 Lao swings down his holy sword. Sasha jumped back with her
 A wall of flames was created to block Sasha's escape.

''We got it back!''

 Lao was holding the school emblem of the Academy of Heroes.

''If you bothered to take this guy away, that means you don't want him to use the magic wards, right?

 Lao said as Sasha pursed her lips into a tight line.

'Ha, you're a figurehead. What do you think? How does it feel to be seen through by someone who has made a fool of you?

 Lao grabbed the school insignia and put his magic power into it.
 Holy water erupted from his feet and countless balls of water floated in the air.

''Seal it up, Garulford.

 Balls of water made of holy water and covered with Galluford's holy flame.
 They drifted around Sasha and created a magic circle.

 It turned into a powerful magical ward that blocked the power of the demon race.

''What do you think? <How do you like the Vadisected Flame Walls? Do you still have your magic? Can you move? You can't do that, can you?

 Laos points the cutting edge of the galuford at Sasha.

''I'm going to smash your cocky mouth with a flourish so you can't smash it again!

 He kicks the ground. The next second, he spits blood from his mouth and breaks his knee on the spot.
 Garulford slumps to the ground with a thud.


Did you think that once they took it from you, you'd get it back in one piece?

 Laos looked at his own school insignia.
 If he looked deeper into the abyss with his magic eye, he would see that the wavelength of his magic power had changed.

''I fused that school insignia with the
 Laos is trying to get to his feet, to try and get his body up.
 But it looks as if his body is not strong enough.

'As you know,

You're a fool. Necron's secret arts only pass on the basics, even to other demons. Did you think that's all you, a human, knew?

 Lao crawls on the ground and reaches for Garulford.

'Hmm. I wonder if he's still trying?'

I'm sure you've heard that the holy water is contaminated with poison, but it doesn't mean it's lost its effect. The proof is that the Holy Fiery Vadisiacal Field has been activated. You can't get away with this. I'm sure the reincarnated person has no idea how to break it either. That means you don't know how to break it.

 A holy light clings to Lao's body.
 It's a recovery spell.

And so, as long as we're inside the dejeria, we can revive ourselves as many times as we want. You're doing your best, but you don't stand a chance anyway.

 <The damage caused by the and the recovery caused by the , the recovery slightly won out, or perhaps Lao's hand reached the hilt of the holy sword.

 He used the holy sword as his staff and slowly raised himself up.

''As a matter of fact, if you can't move, there's no point in knowing how to break it, right?

I'm sorry. It's enough that I can see the evil eye.

 A magic circle floats in Sasha's magic eye.
 When she took a glance at it, at that moment, both the flames that rose up and the warding of the water ball covered in holy flames shattered and disappeared like broken glass.

''I wonder if she doesn't know the origin of the Doomsday Witch?''

This can't be true... <I've never heard of the magical eye of doom being able to break magic...

I told you. You're an idiot. There are a lot of things in this world that you don't know.

 When Sasha took a glance at Lao with her demon eyes, he instantly spat out blood.


This close up, you could destroy the magic of the dejeria.

 <The magical eye of doom is the ultimate anti-magic.
 If you can master the power of the magical eye that resists even the time stopping magic of Ego La Lavias, there's no way you can counteract the effects of the dejeria that works on Laos.

 Naturally, the antidote magic would not work as long as she was looking at it.

I'm sure you'll be able to find a way to make your own way to the top.

Who says so? Have you forgotten what your countrymen did to Liebest?

 As long as Sasha turns her magic eye on it, Lao will not recover, but will be weakened by every moment.

"........I didn't do it.......that was Heine's bastard.......

'I'm disgusted. You should at least think about where you belong and fight.

I don't know........gah, gah.......

 Lao spits blood and cowers in place.

'Then I'll tell you your sins. You remember. What You Said in the Magical Library

 Sasha turned her cold gaze on him and said angrily and matter-of-factly, "You thought you could just talk to my Demon King for free?

''Did you think you could talk sloppily to my Demon King and get away with it for free?

"...f*ck you...and that's it...

 <Pouring his magic power into the Devil's Eye of Doom, Sasha smiles coldly.

''I deserve to die.

 <The effect of the Four Genera Warding Seal (De Igeria) is increasingly attenuated, and black spots begin to appear all over Lao's body. <''It's being affected by the Poisonous Curse Contamination (Dienu).

Next time I see you...


 Huffing, Sasha laughs.

'You are silly to no end. Do you still think there's a next time? If that poison goes all over your body, you'll never be able to use magic again.

"....na........... ...

It can't be helped. As your principal says, accidents like that happen sometimes in competitive exams. We fought each other fair and square, so there's no hard feelings.

 With despair strapped to his face, Lao spills out the words with no effort.

''Well.........wait.......... ...

 Sasha turned her to him and smiled.

Yes, I'll wait and see. I will watch you thrash about in there and never look away. You will slowly weaken and weaken until the poison is all over your body.