93-Love magic

 <When the Demon Black Thunder Emperor (Jirasd) swallowed me up and turned me into black ashes, I call out.

"How long are you going to pretend to be dead? Since you're showing an opening without even using anti-magic, why don't you go ahead and get on with it?

 Then the black ashes were enveloped in a dazzling light.
 As the ashes were blown away, Ledriano stood up.

'Good grief, that's very astute of you. I thought about taking you by surprise, but you saw through it, didn't you? Apparently, I'll have to fight you fair and square and in earnest.

 Ledriano ran his hand over his glasses and took them off.
 Instantly, his magic power swelled up.

''Let me tell you, the first and second place in the heroic academy's pecking order is different from the third and lower. If you don't seal your power with a magic tool like this, you'll even destroy yourself by the too big magic power.

 Ledriano draws a magic circle in front of him.
 A huge magical power concentrated there, right after that. I felt a killing spirit behind me.

 A holy sword of light is swung down.
 I was catching the barrel of the sword aimed at my brain with my right hand.

''You want to blind me from releasing my power and the other one takes me by surprise? That's pretty graceful and fair, isn't it?

 Grabbing the sword barrel of the Enhale, I slam Zesia to the ground as hard as I can.


 Doggone it, the ground cracks and a large hole is created, but Zesia does not let go of the sword.
 She knows that if the holy sword is taken away from her, she has no chance of winning.

''Hmm. That's pretty sturdy.

 Again, he raised his right hand and slammed it into the ground with great vigor, but all that was left was the ground with a hole in it, and Zesia looked unharmed.

''It's useless. The Holy Sword's blessing and her anti-magic, her double-layered defensive wards are not something that can be broken so easily!

 Ledriano held his hand on the ground.
 Then a small puddle formed there.

'Protect and heal me. The Holy Sea Protector's Sword, Bayramente.

 A puddle of water floated up into the air with a breeze, transforming itself into the shape of a sword.
 The blue holy sword, reminiscent of the ocean, settled in Ledriano's hand.

 I lightly unleashed the Demon Black Thunder Emperor (Jirasd) on it.

''Holy Sea Patronage Boundary (Beast Rate)!

 Ledriano wears a magical ward all over his body.
 <The Demon Black Thunder Emperor (Jirasd) struck him, but he held his ground with his holy sword as a shield.

''Holy sea guardian barrier (Lega Indrea)!

 Ledriano applies a magical barrier to the warding.

 Furthermore, the holy curse that blocks the demon is superimposed on the magic barrier.

Protect the Holy Sea Protector. "Defend your life from the ancient times, Bayramente. Thy power, thy will, I pray thee, show me!

 Unleashing the full power of the holy sword, Ledriano amplifies the power of the layered magic barrier by several dozen times.


 Shaking off Beiramente, he flicks off the jet-black thunderbolt that clings to him.
 With a thud, the surrounding buildings were smashed by the .

''Did you think it would end with a single magic shot? We don't want you to lick a human being.

 Immediately, Ledriano kicks the ground.
 He readied his beilamente and came at me.

'I may have thought I've blocked Zecia's enhancers, but on the contrary, your right hand is blocked!

"Hmm. That's quite a magical barrier. Then you'll do just fine.

 I raised my right hand while grabbing the tip of Enhale's sword.
 The next moment, Ledriano's eyes widened.


 As I batter away Ledriano's bayramente, I slam the entire body of Zecia in my grip on the en-hale into its blade.

'Come on. Which magical barrier is sturdier, the first in the pecking order or the second in the pecking order?

 Thud, gahhhh, Ledriano and Zecia collided with each other and they were blown a few meters away.

''Hmm. I see. So the first place in the pecking order is the harder one.

 At the moment of the collision, Zesia let go of the hilt of the Enhale.
 It was probably because Ledriano couldn't just let it go if the power of the Holy Sword of Light was hit as it was.

 But with this, I can finally find the source of Zecia's root.

 Just as I turn my magic eye on her, the dazzling light once again covers the source of her roots.
 The holy sword of light, Enhale, was in Zesia's hand. 


 The en-hale I was holding turned into light and swooped away.

 Did Zesia summon me?
 No, no.

 Now, sure enough, the en-hale has increased to two.
 After that, the one I had disappeared.

"...Zecia, I'll use that one. He underestimates that we are inferior to him. We are not serious, and now is the time to win. We'll take care of it.

 Zesia nodded her head in a persistent way.
 Then the two of them deployed a holy magic circle at their feet.

 It's a terribly nostalgic magic formula.
 I'm sure the brave men of two thousand years ago would use it whenever they fought me.

"Sanctuary, huh?

 It's a great magic that can unite people's hearts and transform their hopes and wishes into magical power.

''Hang in there, Jelgakanon!

 Voices echoed in the underwater city.
 So many voices.

"Azation's hope! A symbol of world peace!

"Don't let the stranger win.

As always, show me the best way to win.

 What could be heard is the cheering of the residents of Gailladite, as if they could feel the state of the opposing test.

''........As expected of a reincarnated person, I guess....... It seems you know this magic as well. However, although you may be familiar with the past, you have underestimated humans too much. There's one thing that's critically different between two thousand years ago and now.

 The light that flooded from the entire city gathered on Zecia and Ledriano.
 Just as the brave men of two thousand years ago did, the two of them wore on their bodies.

Two thousand years ago, the population of Gailladite was about one hundred thousand people, and the number of victims of the war kept increasing. Now that peace has been restored and the city has continued to expand beyond the lake, its population has increased a hundredfold to ten million!

 <Gathering the light of the sanctuary (Ask) onto the holy sword, Zesia and Ledriano glare at me from both sides.

"As long as we have the support of the people, we, Jelga canon, will never lose! I will show you. And then you'll realize it. Unlike the demons who are only strong and powerful, humans have a heart. This love was spread even further two thousand years ago when our ancestor, the brave canon, brought peace to the world.

 The world has become more peaceful and the population of people has increased.
 So you want to say that people's thoughts and love have increased that much.

'Two thousand years ago, the demon race and humans may have been evenly matched, but this peace has made a decisive difference for both you and me. The brave men who once defeated the tyrannical demon king are now a hundred times stronger. Never again will you be able to compete with humans. In this peaceful world, the demon race will never stand a chance.

 Hmm. I am the one who brought you that peace.
 But I won't listen to him.

"This is the love that won us all 2,000 years ago and still does today!

 Two thousand years ago, I would have dealt with the Gailladite humans first, and then done it in a rivalry test.

 It's them. It's quite possible that they will accuse us of messing with the residents who are just cheering them on.

 In the first place.
 If you don't break their pride, it's boring.

"Love, love, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

 Huffing, Ledriano snickers at my line.

'Don't you get it yet? Therefore, you have lost. The fact that a demon race with a long lifespan was forced to reincarnate is the proof that humanity's love has won. If your mind has become dull from reincarnation, let me remind you of that again.

 The two heroes kicked the ground at the same time.
 The holy sea protection sword Bayramente thrusts from the left, and the holy sword of light, Enhale, is slashed down into a kesa-kake from the right.

 In response to them, I wrapped my hands in the holy light and received them head on.

''Wha........what.......? Is this.........?

 Redriano's expression became grim and distorted.
 I used the magic of the Sanctuary (Ask).

What's the matter with you? Did you think the demon race didn't have love?

 Ledriano expressed surprise, but he quickly regained his composure and snickered.

'Foolish things are done. No matter how much magic you are able to use, the demon race has no heart, no love. You have only ugly desires for others, jealousy, rage and laziness. That is proven by history, and we will never call it love.

 How could you be so convinced by the education of the Brave Academy?

''Then you won't be able to master the true power of the . To begin with, there are ten million people here. The support of the Demon King's Academy, which has less than a hundred people, is overwhelmingly superior in both quality and quantity.

Ten million. What about it? Eight is enough for this one.

 <I talk to them on the leaks.

"Mhysa. How are you doing?

Yes, sir. We've entered the underwater city and are searching for Jelga canon!

You can stay there for a while.

Yes. Okay.

Ellen, can you hear me?

Yes, Master Anos.




Hey, I'm here!

"Nono. Shea. Himka. Casa. Shelia.

 Each time I call their names, the girls respond loudly.

'One thing, we're going to have a cheering match.

 The Fan Union listens to my words with an open mind.

They say there are ten million people over there, but it's insignificant. It's hard to believe that your love for me is less than that of ten million people.

 <On the other side of the thought transmission (leaks), things are quiet.
 But a strong determination comes through the weak magic shift.

"Sing. "Sing. Give me your love.

 That was the moment I said that.

 The "Sanctuary" I was wearing rose up like a raging tornado and became a pillar of light to connect heaven and earth...