94-Anos's Supporting Song Chorus No.3 "Zetsu Demon King"

What do you think it means to be alive?

 Ellen asked that question, and the Fan Union replied.

''Yes, that's Anos-sama!''

What do you think life is all about?

 The Fan Union answered the question again.

''Yes, that's Anos-sama!''

So what do you think it is, Master Anos?

 To the last question, Fan Union answered.

''Yes, it's zero and infinite. It's every single concept in this world!

 Eren shouted.

That Anos-sama told us to sing. That Anos! They're waiting for us to sing! Ten million people, or a hundred million, we can't lose! If this song doesn't reach us today, we don't deserve to be alive!

"'Anos-sama! Lord Anos! Anos-sama!

Guys. Let's go! Anos-sama's Cheering Song Chorus No. 3 "Zetsu Demon King"!

 The place fell silent with a sharpened concentration.
 In the next moment, an overflow of thoughts poured out with the song.

''I can't be serious...''

"The Great Demon King.


 <As if judged by the light of the "Sanctuary (Ask)", Ledrano and Zecia, who were supposed to be attacking it, were blown up in reverse.

 It's not just a matter of time before you can get your hands on a new one.

''Oh, no, it's me, just a whim...''

 The wards that Ledriano wore were cracked easily.

''.........What........! What did you say? <How come my warding, which even the Jilasd Emperor was able to prevent, is now in the mindless demon tribe's sanctuary?

 I can hear the Fun Union song so far.

 As expected of a demon tribe.
 The volume of the voice is so tremendous that it echoes through the underwater city, and there has never been a singer like this, even two thousand years ago.

"O-ma-eni-ni-ni-ni, it's just a matter of being gentle...

 As if in response to that song, their thoughts turned into magical power and the momentum of the increased.

"This can't be.......demons don't have hearts, they don't have love....

You've got the wrong...

 Even Zesia's holy sword of light, Enhale, is pushed by my and can't cut through it.

This is 10 million people, the true power of the , I will teach you.......!

 Ledriano tried to draw on the power of the , but the thoughts in the song grew faster than that.

 Yes, the chorus of the song is about to begin.

''You've got to know who you are... I'm the one who rules...''


It's a comfort to me

This is not...! 

Don't stare at me...


 A tornado of raging light engulfs the wards that Ledriano wears, tearing them to pieces.

You can find a lot of people who have a lot of questions to ask, such as: "...We are the reincarnation of the heroic canon, we are the reincarnation of the heroic canon, we carry the expectations of the people for the future of Gaillardite with us! I can't let this........this stupid song get to me.......!

 I see.
 Well, I guess it was worth a shot.

"Stupid song," eh? You are not the reincarnation of canon after all. I doubt you are one of the seven roots.

 Ledriano bit his back teeth just barely.

'I won't take that kind of provocation.

It's not a provocation. It was a fact. That man was more sensitive to the heart than anyone else. I'm not going to be able to say that I'm not a good judge of character, but I'm skilled in the subtleties of perceiving the true intentions that lie deep within. That's why he was able to use the magic of the Usk more than any other brave man of the past.

''How can you call yourself a reincarnation of canon with a situation where you can't see the pure thoughts of those girls?

''How can a demon race have pure thoughts? You are monsters without a heart, demons that only torment humans!

You're crazy. Then why did you decide to have an exchange with us?

 Ledriano gave him a grim look, but did not answer the question.

'What do you want?'

"...this time it's our turn. <Let us remind you of the true power of the Sanctuary, and the thoughts of humans........!

 Ledriano and Zecia together drew a single magic circle in front of them.
 The holy light condensed there gathered.

 <The holy magic collected in the Sanctuary (Ask) is turned into a shell and shot out at once with the strongest light attribute magic of the brave.

Theo Trias, which is much stronger than two thousand years ago and contains the thoughts of ten million people, no matter how much you are a demon from the mythical age, it's not something you can withstand, right?

As I said before.

 I draw a magic circle in front of me.
 There, the holy magic gathered, as did Ledriano and the others.

''Eight is enough for this one.

 In a moment, the magic power gathered in the magic circle in front of me swelled enormously.

 That magic power is even greater than the last time.

I'm not going to be able to get my hands on any of them. It's not like the number of people has increased, so how could my feelings change so rapidly...?

Don't you get it?

 <I say as I aim the Sanctuary Cutthroat Cannon (Theo Trias) at Ledriano.

"The second one is about to begin.

I can't take it seriously..." "Ugh!

"The Great Demon King~~~

 Instantly, Ledrano and Zecia shot out magic power from the magic circle at once.
 I guess they are determined to decide before our preparations are in order.

"Sanctuary Cutthroat Cannon (Theo Trias)!

 A huge light cannonball attacked me.
 I fired the Sanctuary Cutthroat Cannon as well, as if to intercept it.

 Light and light collide, and the world turns white.
 <Theo Trias are fighting each other, and I'm the one who's being pushed slightly.

''..... After all, there is no way that the demon race can defeat humans at heart. They don't know true love. They don't know true hope. Zesia, I'll decide at once as it is. Let's remind them that the thoughts of humans are hundreds of times stronger than the demon race!

 I'm not sure if more people's thoughts have been gathered, but the momentum of the Sanctuary Cutthroat Cannon that Ledriano and Zecia unleash increases many times more.
 I'm not going to be the only one who has a problem with that.

This is the end!

 Ledriano added his magic power to the top of the list as a last gasp.

 It was then.

 The song, resounded--.

I'll do it on a whim.

 Slightly, my back.

"I'm just going to gently stroke her.

 Furthermore, Theo Trias pushes their light bullets and increases the momentum.

"Have you misunderstood me?

 They pushed the back to the point where they were evenly matched.

''Oh! I'm hoping to get closer, I'm hoping to get closer, I'm hoping to get closer, I'm hoping to get closer.

 Furthermore, my Theo Trias pushes back the Sanctuary Cutthroat Cannon that Ledriano and the others unleashed and approaches them.

"They're doomed to play and be discarded... 

The only thing that can be defeated is that there is no way that we humans love each other.

 Redriano said as if to rouse himself, but my
''Poor, unaware, lazy thing!


"Don't be sad.

Don't lick our thoughts, human beings..........................

 Ledriano and Zecia are swallowed by the light of the .

 The moment - a huge explosion.
 It was as if the love of the Maru fan union had exploded in a huge explosion of brilliance.

 Ledriano and Zecia were helplessly swallowed and blown away by it.

 They dared to scatter before the love of the Fan Union.
 Eventually, the flood of light subsided and he prostrated himself on the ground and turned his gaze to me with his slightly moving body.


 Redriano muttered, stunned.
 He still didn't seem to understand why he was defeated.

''The key to both the Sanctuary (Ask) and the Sanctuary Cutthroat Artillery (Theo Trias) is to unite the thoughts of the people. Two thousand years ago, the people of Gailladite were united to defeat the tyrannical demon king and had great faith in the heroic canon. They believed that he would definitely save the world, and that was their strongest and most sincere belief.

 The humans were in danger of death. On the contrary, it's an unprecedented situation in which humanity will become extinct.
 Because they were able to believe in the brave canon even in that situation, their thoughts became one, strong and noble, and turned into an enormous magical power.

''Do you understand? The expectations of you are nothing compared to the heavy expectations that Kanon was carrying at the time. You are not one of them, no matter how many people there are. In this peaceful world, there is no such thing as a student's hope for you. On the contrary, we have not even been able to unite our thoughts.

 Then the true power of the Usk is not available.
 It's nothing compared to the eight people who were willing to risk their lives for the sake of the union.

It's not that human love is inferior to that of the demons. But this is the kind of love they have for you.

 Unable to acknowledge the reality that confronted him, but unable to refute it, Ledriano hung there.
 <The dejeria healed his wounds, but he would not get up again.

 No matter how much his body could heal, it could not heal his battered mind.
 He has realized that the love he believed in to this day is nothing more than an illusion.

 Now there was only one thing left to do.


 I heard something.

 Did you hear something?
 No, no.

 It's not Ledoriano's or Zecia's voice.
 It's not even the voice of Fan Union.

 <It's not the voice of the fan union.

 This voice that seeps directly into the heart, into the source, is from the Ask.


 No one has spoken.

 --Kill the demon!

 The magic of the Usk that I exercised in the Sanctuary was speaking out--

 Somewhere, a long time ago, a long time ago, I heard a familiar voice.