95-Sparkle of life

"....the demon tribe is going to be killed... .........?

 Eren said, stunned.

''Kill the tyrannical demon king................'' ...?

 Jessica muttered, as if buoyed by the heat.


 I can hear the girls of the Fan Union muttering deliriously through .

 Hmm. It looks a little bad.
 Do I need to be careful?

No, no, no. Don't think like that. I'm sure that voice is an enemy attack. It's a brainwashing spell...!

Oh, I see... what should I do?

It'll be fine. Think of Anos-sama and stay strong. I'm going to overwrite this stinking old man's voice with Anos-sama!

Uh-huh, Master Anos.

'Anos-sama, you were looking great today too...'

Don't ask me for your love and I won't wash my ears for the rest of my life!

...ahhhhh, I can't do it...!

Pull yourself together, Eren. You didn't tell me to get your head out of the sand for Master Anos!

''Yes but Anos-sama's voice is so precious that I'm going crazy just remembering it...''

What about ... the enemy's attack?

'What? I'm totally fine.

That's Anos-sama....

'Yes, Master Anos, it's amazing...'

 Hmm. That's an unexpectedly high level of mental power.
 But I don't think you should do this anymore.

 I broke the spell in the Sanctuary.


 Misha calls me.

'Was that?'

Do you hear that?

 She nodded her head.

 <''We're connected by the magic of the Demon King's Army (Guys).
 It's no wonder they could hear it.

''A mass of hate.

 It certainly sounded appropriate to describe it as such.

"Did you feel anything else?

I know what it feels like.

 Misha said quietly.


 Hmm. I see.
 As I recall, Heine said he could hear the voice of the brave canon.

 That might be this.
 It seems that the Academy of Heroes is in as much trouble as the Demon King's Academy.

''........Anos Voldigord.......''

 Ledriano's voice was dim.
 He still has the same lifeless eyes as before, but there is something different about him.

 In Misha's words, he is in a cage of hatred.

 If you look, Zesia, who was caught in the , is standing up.

 The holy sword of light she was holding, Enhale, was emitting an unprecedented amount of magical power.
 Its brilliance is like a star just before it burns out.

''Even if you are not the Demon King of Tyranny, your power is still dangerous. One day, it will surely threaten us, the human race.......

 Ledoriano says in a voice that sounds like he's given up his half-sane mind.
 Zesia doesn't respond to Ledriano's words, but turns her gaze to me.

 Her emotionless eyes remind me of a doll that just listens to commands.
 However, beyond the light of the holy sword, there is indeed her root.

''........Your visit to this academy exchange......seems to have been a fortuitous thing for us.......''

 Ledriano mutters, and at the same time, Zesia lurches towards me.


Don't worry about it.

 I called out that to Misha and I stepped forward to intercept Zesia.
 She drew a magic circle on her own left chest.

 That technique--

Stay back, Misha!

 I deployed my anti-magic to protect Misha behind me.

'Listen, Zecia. Don't do that magic. There will be unwanted consequences.

 Zecia ignores my advice and rushes in.

'You're losing your nerve now, aren't you? It's over, Anos Voldigord. You will learn how brave you are.

 Zesia fleshes me out.

 It's not that I have to say a word to use magic.
 However, as if it were a substitute for Zecia's inability to speak, Ledriano said.

 At close range of me, Zesia stabs the Holy Sword of Light Enhale into her own left chest.
 Instantly, her body begins to disintegrate as her root source emits a dazzling countless amount of light.

 <''Root Source Light Annihilation Explosion (Gavell).
 This is a forbidden curse of the heroes that forcibly releases all the magic power of the root source and causes a magical explosion of light.

 It is also called the Root Source Explosion, and is a self-destructive magic of abandonment.
 It throws away not only one's own life, but even the possibility of the next life, and explodes the magical power of several generations that should have followed it here.

 Its power is beyond the scope of a magician's ability to handle.

 The light covers the world. The sound has stopped.
 The radiance of pure white life, still whiter than white, filled the Lake of the Holy Meadow.

''It seems that you have underestimated our resolve and our courage.......''

 The root explosion subsided and the pure white world slowly regained its original color.

I told you not to do that.

 At the sound of my voice, Ledriano's expression is a mixture of astonishment and despair.

'You're crazy, Ledriano. You're dying for nothing.

"....na.... ............

 There was a sound of unmatched tooth roots.
 All he did was giggle and shake and moan, and Ledriano seemed unable to utter a decent word.

'Are you okay, Misha?'

 As I told her to do as I told her, I dropped down near the Demon King's Castle.

'Because Anos protected me.

 <I suppressed the root source explosion with the magic eye of destruction and anti-magic.

 There was also the option of retreating once with the Transformation (Gatom), but the range of the Root Source Light Annihilation Explosion (Gavell) is wide. It's not as powerful as if it were not at the center of the explosion, but it's a pretty powerful magic. Even if Rey and Sasha managed to prevent it, it wouldn't help Misa and the Fun Union guys.


 Finally, Ledriano says something that sounds like a word.
 When I turned my gaze to him, he said

''........Why are you unharmed at the epicenter of the Root Light Annihilation Bombing (Gavell).......?

Did you think you could reach me by throwing away the future?

 Loosely, he stepped out to face Ledriano.

''It's true that I underestimated you guys. I didn't expect you to use the in a mere inter-agency exam.

 I took another step forward.

"An impressive resolve. But my life won't be so cheap that I can't reach it if I trade it for the future of all of you.

 Yet another step and I stepped out.
 Just then, there was a sword strike like a flash of light.

 I caught it with my right hand and swatted it away.


 I can't help but be surprised.


 The one standing in front of him was Zesia, who was supposed to have been annihilated by the just now.
 She had caused the Root Source Explosion. There was no way he could revive her. The Sacred Sword of Light, Enhale, which should have been annihilated as well, is in her hands.

It's quite an interesting thing to see. Right, Ledriano?

 It's a very good idea to have a good idea of what you're talking about, but you can't help but tremble as if you're scared of something.
 It's a good idea to start explaining it to him, though, considering his personality so far.

 There is something going on.


 Zesia kicks the ground.
 In the blink of an eye, she approached me and drew a magic circle on her left chest again.

 Immediately, she stabbed the enhancer into herself.
 <The explosion of the Root Light Annihilation Explosion (Gavell) paints the area white.

 <I suppressed it with the magical eye of doom and anti-magic.
 Zecia is dead. As well as the source, it's gone.



 Zesia, who should have disappeared, appeared out of nowhere and stood in front of me three times.

'Hmm. We're not getting anywhere.

 However, the Root Light Annihilation Bomb (Gavell) is not a magic that can be lightly tamed. I need to find out why it was able to revive.
 <I'm sure you'll be able to get away with it no matter what you do. I'm afraid this is getting a bit too much like fighting a brave man.

 --Anos, can you hear me? --

 <A thought transmission (leaks) echoes.
 It's a secret message addressed to me, unknown to the Brave Academy.

 --Come to the temple. Come to the Temple. I'm the only one who can stop Zecia.

 <The telepathic communication is broken.


 Misha says.

'I can't say it's not a trap,'

 Shaking her head, Misha shook her head.

'I'm not lying,'

 Eleanor seems to be a different color than the rest of them.
 Well, if Misha says so, then it must be so.

'I'll go.'

Okay. I'll hold him down.

 This time from a distance, Zesia thrust the holy sword of light into her own chest, trying to use the magic of the again.
 A moment later, I completed my approach to her and pierced her left chest with my right arm.


He's a jerk. You didn't think I was gonna let him blow himself up so many times?

 He draws a magic circle inside his body and uses the origin magic, Levaid, to manipulate time.
 The target is the Root Source Light Annihilation Bomb (Gavuel). It stops the time of the magic itself and prevents the root cause explosion.

'Hm. "Hmm. As expected, it won't stop immediately.

 It was a bit of a stretch to use origin magic for the magic itself, but, well, but it would only be a matter of time.

'Be careful,'

You too.

 Nodding her head, Misha used the magic.