96-2,000 years of hatred

 Misha has moved to the front of the temple.
 <Misha and I are connected to each other through the magic line of the Demon King's Army (Guys).
 I can see places that the far-seeing eye cannot reach through her magical eye.

 Misha looks around with her eyes, but Eleonor is nowhere to be seen.

 This way -- this way --

 A weak arrives.
 Misha traced the source of the magic power and turned her evil eye to the temple.

 She blinked twice with a blink.
 I'm sure she sensed the uniqueness of the temple. I can't feel any magical power from inside. Even the magical power of Eleonor, who should be inside, was almost invisible.

'Wait for me.'

 Misha put her hand on the door of the temple.
 <It was locked with the magic of the Locking Wards (Digits).

 --Can you open it? --

I'm fine.

 Misha turns her magical eye to the . In order to remove the key of the magic, you must accurately analyze its magical structure and magic formula, but it's nothing for her to do.

 Immediately after analyzing the , Misha used the magic of .
 The magic key was easily removed.

 Misha put her hand on the door and pushed hard.
 Gee, a rusty sound was heard and it opened.


 Once inside, Misha felt a little heavier.
 She shook her head and moved forward.

 The temple, lined with pillars, has a solemn, double-opened door in the temple.
 A magic circle was painted on the ground, ceiling, and walls, and a large amount of water spheres were floating in the air.

 They were made of holy water.
 A large sphere of holy water floated in the center of the room, and within it was Eleonor.

 She glowed as if she was radiating magic power from her entire body, and her outline was blurred.
 A number of magic letters floated up as they clothed her body and drifted around her.

''Oh, that's Misha-chan...?''

 'You thought I was coming,' says Eleonor, wondering if he thought I was coming.

'Instead of Anos. 'Why not me?'

Ummm, that's okay.

 Eleonor laughed at that.

'Can you take me to Zesia?'

"...to stop her?

Yeah. I'm the only one who can stop it. I'm sorry, but I can't move by myself right now.

 Misha nods her head.

'Because you're using magic?'

It's because I'm magic, isn't it?

 Misha blinked with a snap.
 She didn't understand what Eleanor had meant by saying that.

 But he said quickly.

"I'll take you to him.

 Misha approached Eleonor and reached into the holy water ball.
 Then he touched her.

 , I guess he's planning to use it.
 He draws a magic circle at his feet.

''I don't want you to do that on your own.

 A voice rang out from the entrance of the temple, and a shell of light flew out.
 <It was the Sanctuary Cutthroat Cannon (Theo Trias).

The Ice Shield.

 Misha constructs a huge ice shield in an instant with  The strength of the instant shield is known. It fragilely collapses in front of the light cannonball, but as soon as it breaks, she continues to create one ice shield after another.

 <The destructive power of the Sanctuary Cutthroat Cannon (Theo Trias) is exceeded by the speed of Misha's Creation Architecture (Ibis), and the light cannonball soon disappears.

"Violation of the rules!

 Misha muttered.
 The one who appeared at the entrance of the temple was Diego, the dean of the heroic academy.

''Don't talk a lick, demon race. This is Gailladite, I will decide the rules. Let me tell you, what happens here will not be revealed to the outside world.

 Once again, Diego unleashes the .
 This time, not at Misha, but towards the temple's interior.

 The holy cannonball was sucked into the solemn door.
 In the next moment, a magic circle emerges on that door and begins to emit a shining light.

''Open, O Sacred Gate! Unleash that seal.

 Slowly, a double-opened gate opens.
 From there, a divine light leaks out, along with an enormous amount of magical power.

 It's white, white, white, white as far as it goes--
 It was a divine radiance that didn't allow any demons to exist.


 Eleonor screams out.
 A sacred light pierced through Misha's anti-magic and pierced her body.

 Misha painfully broke her knees on the spot.

''In this sanctuary, the power of the demon race will be reduced to nothing. <You will not be able to transmigrate or even wear anti-magic, let alone transmigration. This means no help will be forthcoming.

No, you can't! Diego! If you do anything horrible to Misha-chan, I'll never forgive you!

"Shut up about your mistakes.

 As Diego uttered this, the holy water ball around Eleonor turned white. Eleonor was nowhere to be seen and her voice was no longer audible.


 Diego reached out his hand.
 Then the light gathered there and took the form of a sword.

 It was the holy sword of light, Enhale, just like the one Zecia was holding.

"It seems that your people have mocked us for quite some time.

 With a dim expression on his face, Diego stood by Misha's side.

''I guess you're ready for this, you filthy demon race.

 Diego places the blade of the Enhale against Misha's cheek.
 She doesn't seem to be able to make a single move, perhaps due to the light leaking from the doorway in the back.

''You should know how much resentment I have for those who were killed by you guys.

"I didn't kill...

 Diego's expression is twisted, as if Misha's words were offensive to him.

'Humans and demons fought two thousand years ago. It's peaceful now. Everyone is alive.''

You thought you'd forget this in time, you little rat!

 Diego kicked Misha in the face as hard as he could.


 He clutches his holy sword and walks slowly towards Misha, who is lying on the floor.

'Build a wall, separate us from each other, and in a thousand years we'll forget about it? We're supposed to just pretend this never happened and live in peace? Oh, my God what an arrogant, arrogant founder of your people. We shall not forget. We will never forget. Whether it takes 1,000 years or 2,000 years to complete your crimes, don't think that your crimes will cease!

 Diego raised his Enhale and thrust it into Misha's chest.
 Blood spurted out and her magic power disappeared.

''I'm sorry........it was an accident.......''

 Misha muttered.
 If it's during the inter-school rivalry exams, even if they die, it can be handled by accident.
 But if a person who wasn't originally a member of the rival examination, much less a teacher, killed a student, it's a big problem.

''What about it? Originally, I was going to have one of you demons die. No--

 Diego says, smiling madly.

''You will be asked to disappear, even the source, so that you can't even be revived. The people at the Demon King Academy will be very angry.''

 A magic circle of light appears at the tip of the en-hale that pierced Misha.
 <The magic formula of the Sacred Area Cutthroat Artillery (Theo Trias) was depicted on it.

''If you have a grudge, then you should hate your ancestors, the tyrannical demon king. You filthy demon tribe!

 Light converges on the tip of the en-hale.

"Sanctuary Cutthroat Cannon (Theo Trias)!

 Diego chanted his magic as if he was holding a grudge.
 In the next moment, Enhale's sword-body was consumed by the black aurora and disappeared.

 That jet-black light covered its entire body, as if protecting Misha.


Do you recognize it? 2,000 years ago, it was a wall that divided the world into four walls, the Benno Yevhen.

 <I, who had shifted through the transition (gatom), grabbed Diego's shoulder.

"....in the ...sacred area ... the magic of the demonic race should not be able to be used. .....

Okay. So, shall we try it?

 For a moment, a breathtaking silence came to this place. 
 Diego flipped his body around and released the .

Die, demon!

 I drowned it out with the Devil's Eye of Doom and grabbed him by the face.


 You can hear his head creaking as you put your fingers into the air.

You can do whatever you want with your little tricks and schemes. If all you want to do is to show that humans are superior to demons, as you've revised history, then it's peaceful. Take your own pleasure in it.

 He draws a magic circle inside Diego's body and puts magic into it.

'But what were you trying to do now?

 Diego grabs my arm with both hands and tries to shake me off.
 But it doesn't budge.

"...it's true...

I'm asking what you were trying to do.

 Directly into Diego's body, he slammed the into Diego's body.


 The dark aurora swallowed me up and Diego disappeared without a shadow or shape.
 Lightly cutting his index finger with his thumbnail, I dribble a drop of blood on it.

 <Diego's body was revived by the magic of .


 I said to Diego, who was staring at me, stunned.

'What are you doing dying without permission? Don't think that even death is free in my presence, you foolish man.