89-Anos team

 I stepped out leisurely and headed to the guys at the heroic academy.

 Rei, carrying the uni-sword Sig Shasta, lined up beside me, while Sasha, wearing the , came to the other side of the line. Misha lines up next to me in silence.

 Misha brings the eight members of the Fun Union with her.
 She appealed to me with her gaze to see if there was a problem, so I nodded to her.

 Now there were a total of thirteen. It's enough to meet the number of people to participate in the intercollegiate examination.


 He sits on a rock by the lake as if he has finished his work and carries an innocent smile with him.

''Hey, big brother. I'm sure you're not going to be able to get away with it.

 Heine laughs as if to provoke me.

''If you were a real brave canon, you wouldn't have needed to use wards or anything like that.

 Heine's expression, which had been smiling pleasantly, distorts slightly.

''What are you trying to say?''

You are still only a bogeyman. It's the man with both strength and courage. You are nothing like the man who showed mercy to the demons in the midst of a great war and was able to fight a constant struggle for humanity.

Yeah. You don't think I'm a hero? I know what you're talking about.

 Heine says as he spits.

'What does your brother know about humans? You're a reincarnation? You may have met the brave man before, but we keep hearing him now.

 Hmm. Interesting stuff.
 I'll let you hear more about it after I've beaten you to it.

'So? Is your brother going to play with you this time?

Yeah. Yeah, come on. I'll take all your dull pride and crush you in one piece.

 Ledriano, who was behind Heine, holds his glasses with his index finger. Laos stands up and snaps his bobbing fingers. All of the Jelga canon guys have a look of motivation on their faces.

'Sorry about the excitement, but you're not dealing with Jelgakanon.

 As he said this, Diego came over.

''To begin with, if we do it now, Jelga canon will be a series of fights. Maybe he thought he could win if he was exhausted, but isn't that too cowardly? Oh, or is that the kind of education you receive at the Demon King Academy?''

 Diego says mockingly.

''I'm sorry, but this is a brave academy. I'll ask you to refrain from that kind of trickery in this academy exchange.

 It seems that this guy is the one who is in the best shape.

It's not hard to understand why they want to humiliate you, although I would like to say that the intercollegiate examinations with Jelga canon will be held at a later date. It's a fifty-fifty deal if you want to fight our 3rd year students first, but what do you think?

 I see.
 So you want to give Jelgakanon a break while exposing our hand?

 After fighting the 3rd year students of the brave academy, this one is going to be a series of fights.
 Are you planning to start the examinations right away with reasons such as lack of time?

 It's a very silly little game.

All right. Well, start with your little fry.

 Grinning, Diego laughs.
 I'm just saying it worked.

 I guess you don't have to be a reincarnated person to use the holy water wards.
 He's going to cut off as much of our power as he can, and he's going to make Jelgakanon finish us off.

'Then let's get right to it. Where are the positions?

You can have the underwater city.

 We turned on our heels and headed for the lake.

'Yeah, first of all, I can't use my ,'

 Ray said with a fresh smile.

'Well what are you going to do about it? It's a full-on underwater battle?

 Sasha speaks up in surprise.

'It's okay. I'm the kind of person who can hold my breath for a long time.'


Is anyone else not available?

 Misha lightly raised his hand and urged them to offer.
 Awkwardly, the eight members of the Fun Union raised their hands.

Do I have your back?

 If Misha used to do it, the eight members of the Fun Union would be able to manage to work underwater.

''But that would be too much of a burden for Misha to bear.

We don't need to think about it.

 I used the Underwater Activity (Coco) to dive into the lake.
 <I flew through the water with my fresse and headed for the vicinity of the cave where we were camped.

"Hey, you're not going to be so nice, are you?

 Soon, Sasha and the others will be chasing after us.
 When we arrived at the position, I heard Diego's voice over the thought transmission (leaks).

The two armies are ready. Now, the first-year students of the Demon King's Academy and the third-year students of the Brave Academy will begin their intercollegiate examinations. Fight fair and square so as not to stain the honor and pride of our ancestors.

 Diego signaled the start of the test.

''First, we need to do something about the holy water wards over there. With that thing in there, the power of the demon race will be cut in half.''

"Take away the emblem of the Academy for the Brave?

 Misha and Sasha look at me.

'The holy water wards are established because the power of the school emblem's magic tool allows you to control the lake's water flow and move the gushing holy water at will. That's what makes the magic formula work. Then we can stop that water flow.

But how?

 Mass asks.

'It's easy,'

 I held my hand in front of me and drew a magic circle.
 It quickly expanded and violently raised up particles of magic power.

'.......................... ...?

 Sasha, who should have seen my magic many times, let out a voice as if she was surprised.

''Wait........wait.......what, this uncommon magic power........! ? This is even for self-study...?

"You learned that in history class, Sasha. Two thousand years ago, a tyrannical demon king burned all of Dirheid to the ground with his magic.

 Sasha muttered in astonishment.

Are you sure you didn't mean it before...?

Of course. If we don't restrain them, the country will be destroyed. But if there are wards to hold back the power of the demon race, it will be just fine.

 A black sun appears from the turret of the magic circle.
 Well, we can't go all out, though.

"Destroy, mortals. You've been shown the power of a demon king.

 The dark light emanating from the jet-black sun covered the bottom of the water.
 The water called water, the holy water called holy water, evaporated in the blink of an eye due to my , which I released.

 In the darkness as if night had come, the holy lake continued to be burned by the black sun.

''Hm. You don't have to hold your breath anymore, Ray.

 Eventually, a light shone into the darkness and it cleared up quickly.
 The water of the Holy Lake dried up without a trace, and the students of the Brave Academy were laying down in what was once an underwater city.

''If the water is empty, it's useless to try to control the water flow. No matter how much holy water gushes out, you can't draw a magic circle of wards.

 When I turned my distant magical eyes to the shore of the lake, I saw Diego ramble and shiver.

With the magic of..........

 He gazed in astonishment at the empty Seimei Lake.

 Not a single one of the prostrate third-year students tried to move.
 It would already be impossible to continue the battle.

 I used my magic to lift the fallen men up to the shore of the lake.

Hmm, so it's a case of dewdrop. It's not much of a stretch to say that you're a brave man.

 I'm going to send a to Jelga Canon.
 Heine, Lao and Ledoriano had a grim expression on their faces at the shore of the lake.

It's a good idea to have a good time with them. ...You're a real monster.......not a demon king, just a reincarnation and at this level.......

Well, it's something that humans have survived to this day...

But you know, the stronger you are, the better it feels to bring it to its knees. Can't we just lock it up in a ward and get away with it?

 The three of them let the words slip out like that.

'What are you messing around about? Now it's your turn. Come on down from there.