88-Student wishes

Dear Mr. Liebest. I can't seem to get a response from any of my units.

 At the Demon King's Castle, Liebest's men are in a panic because they can't get through to their thoughts.

''What can I do for you? <If we can't get through to them, they may be engaged or already dead. I think we should attack with our main unit, not a reconnaissance team.

No, that's not right. I don't think they'll just get hit without a chance to use their 'leaks'. We have to assume that there is some kind of trap out there. If we move carelessly, we will be at their mercy.

 Liebest seems to have decided that since we can't see the enemy's hand, we should still wait.

"It's not too late to strike," he said. It's not too late to strike when you know the enemy's hand.

 If you stay in the Demon King's Castle, you'll have terrain effects and the power of Liebest, the Demon King, will reach out to you. A siege is the essence of the Demon King's Army (Guys).

Build up your magic. The moment they emerge, I'll show you what I'm talking about.

Yes, sir!

 While secretly preparing for the great magic to avoid being noticed, the Liebest Squad waits for the enemy to arrive.

 After a while--

Huh, you finally see it. Let's get this over with.

 To the east of the Demon King's Castle, Laos appeared at a visible distance.

''You're so quick, Lao. It's so boring if you don't play with them a little.''

 To the west is Heine.

You can't be too careful, either of you. We don't know what we're going to find yet. Please proceed with caution.

 To the north was Ledriano.

'I see them. To the north, east and west, it's the Brave!

 Liebest's subordinates raise their voices.

'Instead of reinforcing one of them, have you divided them into three? But it's the same thing. Now, let's go! Don't let them know the power of the Demon King's Academy!

Yes, sir! <Prepare for the annihilation of water!

Prepare for the annihilation of water. Begin magic circle deployment!

 A huge magic circle appeared in the Demon King's Castle, and it turned into a dozen turrets.

''Let the magic supply begin!

 The magic contained in it activated a magic circle and light gathered in the turret.

''Ready to fire!''

 The magic sights are directed at Heine, Lao and Ledriano, respectively.

''Here we go. <''Extinction Annihilation Cannon (Rio Aias), fire!''

 Liebest says firmly.

 --that's when it happened.
 The lake was white and enveloped in a holy light.

 A triangle was drawn with magic lines, with Lao, Heine and Ledriano at the top.
 A huge magic circle emerged in the center of it, and a light rose up as if it covered the Demon King's Castle.

''........Ri, Liebest-sama. The magic power, the magic supply is rapidly decreasing. We can't hold the magic circle!

 The magicians of the magic circle deployed in the Demon King's Castle disappeared.
 On the contrary, even the whirlpools around the Demon King's Castle have disappeared.

''Well, we can't produce magic power. If we don't do this, the Demon King's Castle will...!

 Immediately after the lord of the castle construction (Guardian) raised his voice, the demon king's castle snapped in half with a snap and was swept away by the water current.


 The outer walls, floor, and ceiling were quickly torn apart, and Liebest and the others who were inside were thrown out of the castle.

 The collapse of the demon king's castle left the lake in a state of desolation. Liebest managed to regain his footing by flying through the water with the magic of flight (fresse).

Everyone stay calm and prepare for the enemy's attack. We'll get you out of there!

'Heh. Can we do that?

 Heine was behind Liebest.

''If your brother is the Demon King, then he's going to be the Demon Emperor in the future, right?

What about it?

 Heine giggles.

'Look at that. Do you see that?

 Liebest turned around in the direction that Heine had pointed.
 There was a tick, a tick, a glowing thing.

 The rubble of the collapsed demon king's castle is scattered in the water, and holy flames are shot repeatedly from the bottom of the water at the students who were thrown out.

''No, no.......I can't even use anti-magic at all..............Guaaaah!


 An a-nose-calling tree spirits through the water.
 The magic of the barely working transmitted their voices weakly to Liebest.

''Ha! Weak! It's no use being a demon, now that it's come to this point.

 Lao fired a series of
It's not a good idea to have a good time. I can't help but laugh that such a shameless person is the future Demon Lord. What on earth is the Demon King Academy supposed to teach? Leaving your people to die?

 Hahaha, Heine laughs, and Liebest sharpens his gaze.
 She tries to pull the magic sword out of its scabbard, but she doesn't have enough magic power to pull it out.

''Do you want me to tell you why your magic power is getting weaker?''

 Heine said as if he was playing with her.

─ The holy water that is dissolved in this lake creates a special magic field, if you can draw the power from it, you can use it as a source of magic. If you can draw the power from it, you can use it as a source of magic, but if you don't, it will prevent you from using your magic. That said, you can't do it, it's so difficult.

 Heine deliberately exercises the holy water as a magic tool so that Liebest can understand it.

''So that's how it is........ But you should have kept that quiet until the end, right!

 Liebest analyzed the flow of Heine's magic power precisely and exercised the holy water as a magic tool in exactly the same way.

 That was the trap.


 The power of the holy water seeps directly into the root of the Liebest. The holy water, which gives humans the benefit of magical power, however, is poisonous to the demon race. Its holy power tore his body to shreds from within.

 He bled from his entire body.

''Hahahahahaha! Failure. After all, the students of the Demon King Academy can't do such difficult things, right?

 Heine scoffed and held up his right hand.

''Come, my holy sword. The Great Sacred Ground Sword Zere.''

 Light gathers in his palm and materializes in his hand as he sees it.
 The holy sword with a dark green glow was in Heine's hand.

''Look, hurry up and use your anti-magic as much as you can. I'll go easy on you, though. If you eat it properly, you'll die!

 Heine swings down the Great Sacred Ground Sword on the spot.
 The water splits in half under the tremendous rush of magical power and the sword pressure.

 The image of the was suddenly interrupted, as if the messenger falcon was caught in it.


 Menou let out a scream.
 The next thing she did was glare and crowd Diego.

'Hurry up and rescue all the students! If anything happens, you won't escape the responsibility of the heroic academy!

 To the angry Menou, Diego sighed dismissively.

It's a good thing that you're not the only one who has a problem with this. It's a good thing that you're not the only one who has been unable to make it back on your own for the past few hundred years. Of course, we'll send them to rescue them immediately, but we'll be baffled if they are held accountable for their own students' inadequacy.

 Menou bites his back teeth.
 'I know you have a lot to say,' he said, 'but for now, we have to help the students first.

'Stop talking and get them out of here! What are you doing?!

'I've got an errand boy going to call someone now. Just wondering how many minutes it will take to catch him on short notice. Give me a while.

 Menou was stunned. The test against him is a mock war. People get hurt. There will be accidents. You have to be prepared for even the worst case scenario.
 He didn't expect that they hadn't even prepared for an emergency.

 Not wanting to wait any longer, Menou ran to the lake.

'Don't be so hasty,'

 I grab her by the shoulders as she tries to jump in.

'There's not much the demon race can do in those wards.

But I'm not going to wait for you!

For five seconds?

 She rolls her eyes as she says this.
 One by one, the fallen students emerge from the lake and fly through the air. Then they are quietly lowered to the ground.

''Is this, Anos-kun...?''

It's easier to pull a man up unless he's in combat.

 The students who were magically brought up to the surface are all laid out on the shore of the lake.


 Menou rushed over to Liebest, who was in the most serious condition.
 She immediately cast an anti-magic healing spell.

 But the wound did not heal at all.

''How........how.......? It's not true....

 Menou put more magic into it, but the blood just keeps flowing from Liebest's body.

''Why.........why........please, it works.......please.......!

'Dr. Menou, it's no use. The holy grail is forming.

 Menou glared at Diego as he said insensitively.
 She said sharply as she continued to exercise her magic.

What do you mean?

''If you are deeply wounded by holy magic, you will have a holy scar like that student. Once that happens, the recovery magic won't work anymore. All that's left is to bet on his life force.

I'm not gonna get better!

'Didn't I hear the explanation? Recovery magic doesn't work.

It's the responsibility of the Academy of Heroes! How could you use such dangerous magic in a competition test? I've been talking about holy water for the past few minutes!

The only thing that's not dangerous is that it's not a dangerous magic. I'm sure you'll be able to find out more about this. This is probably because the students of the Demon King Academy are too weak. I'm sure you'll be able to find a way to make the most out of your time in the future. As far as we are concerned, we are aware that it is an environment that causes a troublesome magic force field. It's likely that the students over there just couldn't adapt to it.

I can show you proof that it's a magic tool!

That's fine with me, but we did it without knowing it. It is understandable if you want to call it deliberate, but I am troubled by the accusations. Well, it's just an unfortunate accident. Let this be a lesson to both of us for the future.

 How can you sluggishly talk about it?

'And you can argue about holy water if you want, but don't you think we should do something about those students over there?

 When Menou couldn't say anything back, Diego just left.
 He continues to cast a recovery spell, but no matter how much magic he puts into it, Liebest's wounds remain unhealed.


 Menou gives me a sobering look.

'What are you so worried about? I can fix the stigmata.


 I nodded and got down on one knee beside Liebest.
 I put my hand on the spot where the holy mark was made, the area of my chest that had been pierced by the Great Sacred Ground Sword Zele.

 At that time, Liebest's hand slowly moved and grabbed my arm.

''I'm sorry sir I didn't live up to your expectations...''

 Hearing that, Menou looked like he was about to cry.

''Umm, I'm sorry.......Liebest-kun. I'm sorry about my teacher. I got worked up about something stupid and put my students in danger........I'm not a good teacher.......

...I wanted to prove...

 Liebest speaks out in traces.

'This is....'

 Liebest opens his opposite hand.
 There, there was the school emblem of the Brave Academy.

''What's the matter with this...?''

It's a magical tool that they used to control the holy water without which they would be half as powerful... ...

 I see.

"Just before the holy sword pierced you, you didn't use anti-magic, but instead put all your magic into your magic eye.

 You exposed yourself to the defenselessness of your own body, but you still managed to spot the magic tool controlling the holy water.
 You could have died.

 A marvelous display of resolve.

"....a non-conformist...

 Liebest calls me over.

"You're a nasty man, you know you're a nasty man and I don't like you at all and I don't like you at all.

Of course you do.

 My hand tightens in my arm's grip.

''But I think for the first time today......... .........

It's all right, Mr. Liebest. The Brave Academy is cheating. The holy water is such a cowardly magic tool. I'll talk to the Seven Demon Emperors and lodge a formal protest.

 Liebest gritted his teeth gingerly.
 Then he shook his head and let the tears fall.

You don't have to say a word, Liebest.

 I know exactly how he feels. It's the same demon race.
 He will never hope to settle this with a protest.

''You've done your job admirably. You've learned of the holy water warding technique and the existence of the magic tools that control the holy water.

 I got to my feet as soon as Liebest's stigmata were erased.

'I'll take care of the rest. I'll give them hell, fair and square.