87-Shomei Lake Barrier

''Now, the inter-university examinations by the heroic academy selection class 'Jelga Canon' versus the Demon King academy's third class, the Liebest Squad, will now begin. Fight fairly and squarely so as not to stain the honor and pride of your ancestors.

 Diego signals the start of the test.

 We were watching the water with the magic of the Remote View (Limnet). A falcon used by the Academy of Heroes swims in the lake and sends images to the Limnet from its eyes.

''I'm sorry, Anos-kun,''

 Menou came up to me and said.

'What are you talking about?'

Liebest. I'm sure he was pretty tough to deal with, being a jerk and all.

What? This isn't the first time the royalists have made that argument.

 Menou gives him a rather apologetic look.

'You know, Liebest, you're usually a gentle boy. But he has more respect for the tyrannical demon king than any other person, and he's proud of his blood.

 <Menou says while staring at the remote clairvoyance (limnets).

''Liebest, you're a strong contender for the top spot in the third year now, though. When he entered the school, he was an outcast. <I couldn't use magic to defeat the Demon King's Army (Guys) and I wasn't even able to become a squad leader.

That's surprising.

I know. You see, Mr. Liebest didn't like the idea of fighting. So, somewhere in his heart, he rejected all the military and offensive magic that had been developed for fighting.

He's not a demon.

Maybe. He didn't like the tyrannical Demon King. I don't think he could even admit to himself that he had that blood in his veins.

 It's a difficult thing to do.
 Whatever your ancestors are, whatever your blood is, you are what you are.

 Well, in this day and age, it's not so easy to even think about it.

"What changed that man's mind?

 Perhaps remembering that time, Menou said with a nostalgic expression.

''When she was a sophomore, I was teaching the Demon King's Army (Guys) class, and she confided to me that she didn't really like the idea of fighting. She asked me if I was thinking of quitting the Academy.

 The classes at the Demon King Academy are biased towards fighting.
 If you don't like fighting, it's not surprising.

"That's why I said. <The Demon King's Army (Guys) is an army spell, and it was definitely developed for the war effort. But the Founder must have developed it to protect the demon race. Otherwise, I don't think a tyrannical demon king, who is threatened by many enemies, would have created a magic that would allow him to share his magic power with his followers.


"Is that in the textbook?

If it's all in the textbook, why do we need teachers?

 That's for sure. That's quite a teacherly thing to say.

"What do you think, Anos?

Well, I don't know.

 As I said this, Misha turned to me.
 She smiled at me as if she could see right through me.

Even if you don't like to fight, there are times when you need to use your strength to protect something. I told him that maybe the Founder didn't want to fight, just like Liebest, and that this was very important to him. I think that was very important to him. He respected the Founder so much that he was proud to be a member of the royal family.

So it's gone too far and you've become an imperialist.

 Menow chuckles.

'Sort of. I think there's something special about the tyrannical demon king that makes him more than just a normal person.'

 So you don't like me calling myself the Demon King of Tyranny, even more than normal.

 Probably, you also have respect for your mentor who guided you at that time, right?
 That's why he tried to respond to Menou's wishes, even humbling himself to me, whom he didn't like.

'Watch. I'm very proud of him. He's going to win.

 Menou smiled at that.

 <If you look at the remote clairvoyance (limnet), it looks like the two camps are about to make a move.

 The Jelga canon is based in an underwater city lined with temples and buildings in the lake, while the Liebest squad is in the vicinity of an underwater cave where there are many rocks and mountains.

 <Since they are using the magic of Underwater Activity (Coco), as long as their magic power is not depleted, they won't have to worry about suffocation.

"Liebest-sama, we're ready!

 The subordinates say in a firm manner.
 I wonder if Liebest is from a good family background, or if he has the ability to do so, and the tone of the squad members shows respect.

 Or maybe it's the result of your efforts to go from being a dropout to vying for the top spot.

"Do it!


 First of all, as set in stone, Liebest built the Demon King's Castle in his own camp.
 The castle is long and narrow like a tower. The water current around it swirled violently and turned it into a wall of water that prevented people from entering the Demon King's Castle.

 Due to the changes in the water current, the fish and huge rocks that were sucked into the stream were swallowed up by the whirlpool of water and torn to shreds.

 Apparently, there's a terrain effect that enhances the water attribute magic. It's quite a feat for two people to build a demon king's castle that can produce such a whirlpool of magic just by the magic that's dripping down from it, but why not, the Liebest Squad's castle builder (Guardian) seems to be excellent.

'Beautiful Demon King's Castle'

 <Misha, who was looking at the mutters.

''I guess that means he's not a 3rd year student. A castle that large cannot be built by a freshman yet.

 Misha nods her head curiously.

'That's except for you.

 Kokoro nodded as she nodded.

''Sorcerer (Shaman), I will conduct a reconnaissance first. <The main difference between the Brave Squad (Asra) and the Demon King's Army (Guys) is that besides the Brave, they are also Wisemen. They can't build a stronghold that is equivalent to the Demon King's Castle, but instead they will use special supportive magic by the Wiseman.

 Hmm. As expected of the third year students, they seem to have learned a bit about the Brave Squad (Asra).
 There are three spellcasters (shamans) in the Revest Squad. One of them cast a net of magic power over a wide area to confirm the location of the heroic academy. One of them uses the magic eye and investigates the changes in magic power. And one of them manipulates the fishes swimming in the lake with magic and investigates the movements of the enemy in detail.

 The one they are looking for is a wiseman.
 <Because of the magic that strengthens the brave (Brave), for example, a mage (Mage) brings the benefit of enhanced attack magic to the brave (Brave), and a healer (Healer) brings the benefit of enhanced recovery magic to the brave (Brave).

 Instead, the mage (mage) and the healer (healer) suffer a disadvantage.

 However, only the Wiseman is slightly different, using the magical power of a human under the influence of the Brave Squad (Asra) to cast supportive magic on the entire Squad.

 With the presence of the Wiseman, the heroes are strengthened. Therefore, the first thing to do is to neutralize the Wiseman.

'Master Liebest.

 The sorcerers (shamans) say.

It's strange. The fish I've made into an errand boy can't seem to control it as well as I would like.

This one, too, will be cut off when we try to cast a magical web around it.

It's the same with the demon eyes. I can't see any magic from the other side.

 It means we can't do any reconnaissance at all.
 Liebest ponders still.

'Perhaps it's an application of anti-magic that's hampering the magic.

Form a squad of cavaliers, shamans and healers to scout the area. Avoid fighting as much as possible. If you notice anything unusual, please report it immediately via thought transmission (leaks).

Yes, sir.

 From the Demon King's Castle, three squads of the Liebest Squad, a total of nine people, left.
 They each took a different route and headed to the underwater city that was the base of Jelga Canon.

 They proceeded cautiously to the enemy territory.

So this is what I'm talking about, the flying summer bugs in the fire.

 The one who appeared in front of the troops heading to the main entrance of the underwater city was Laos.

"Liebest-sama, he's here! It's the Brave!

 A sorcerer (shaman) uses a thought transmission (reeks).
 But he doesn't answer.

"Master Liebest? Mr. Liebest...!

 No matter how many times I called out to him, he didn't respond.
 <The communication of our thoughts (leaks) has been interrupted in the middle.

"What? Do you know why we can't use our leaks?

 Lao wore a flame that emitted a holy glow in his fist.
 Even though it was underwater, the flames glittered and burned.

''We will stall for time. You go back to the Demon King's Castle!''

 The mage (Cavalier) tries to pull the magic sword out of its sheath.
 But he couldn't pull it out.


 Taking advantage of the moment, Lao was approaching the mage (Cavalier).



 Lao's fist pierced the mage's (Cavalier) pigeon tail.
 Wrapped in holy fire, the Mage (Cavalier) fell to the spot.


 The healers (healers) immediately use .
 But as soon as he drew the magic circle, it disappeared.

''No way.........?

Finally you realize that your magic is weakening.

 Laos approaches. The healers try to keep their distance, but their feet are slow to move.

"It's not just magic, it's also physical. You're no better than a weak human right now!

 The healer (healer) was engulfed in flames and soon the sorcerer (shaman) was also hit.

Haha. You're not competing. We don't even have to draw the holy sword to do it.

 Lao uses the leaks on the spot.

"Heine, Ledriano, this one's done.

I beat you, too.

It's all taken care of. You've taken their eyes away now. We're going to invade the Demon King's Castle.

 Lao left the underwater city and aimed at the Demon King Academy's camp.

''It's strange...''

 , Menou muttered while looking at it.

''If the magic field is stagnant and the magic power becomes weak, then the same should be true for the heroic academy. And yet, they're using ..... It's understandable if there's a big difference in magic power, but the current
 She ponders still.

''Since the magic power of the Liebest Squad is blocked, they must be using some kind of magic, but I can't see any trace of it from the students of the heroic academy... If it's not a magic that can be cast directly on an opponent, the range is too vast at any price. .....

 Menou gives him a pained look as he runs a hand over his head.

''Hmm. So you're saying that the heroic academy side is cheating to gain an advantage?

If you say they're just good at what they do, that's all you're going to get, and it's not out of the realm of possibility...

 But it doesn't add up.

I have proof.


It's made of holy water that dissolves in the lake. It is a special kind of magic tool that has no form. Withdrawing its power, it gives humans the benefit of magic, and in the case of demons, the opposite is true.

 It's a holy water brought by the gods to contain the demon race.
 Even two thousand years ago, only a few people were able to use it, but it seems to have been passed down to them.

 The holy water is a highly applicable magic tool.
 I've never seen it used like this before. You've devised a way to conceal the existence of holy water.

"Holy water dissolved in water draws a magic circle.

 When I point that out, Menou looks into the magic eye and stares intently into the water.

''I have no idea, but.......can you tell the different types of water that have dissolved into the water in the first place......?

 It's going to be difficult.
 It's a good cover for the magic.

Let me show you.

 I touched Menou's magic eye and drew a magic circle on it. I sent my magic power to her and strengthened her magical eye.

''Eh...? This.........?

You can see the magic clearly. The world as I see it.

 It's only possible because Menou's magic eye is at a reasonable level. Otherwise, the worst thing that could happen is that his eyes would be crushed.

''It's unbelievable ... that I can see magic more clearly than matter like this ... ...

 Menou looked at the water reflected in the .
 Now she could clearly see that the holy water dissolved in the lake was drawing a magic circle.

''This is........a warding system, a magic formula.......right? I don't know what the specific effects are, but...

''It's a magical effect that draws out the power of holy water, increasing the magical power of the humans within this ward and sealing the power of the demon race. Holy water gushes out of the Sacred Lake. The heroic academy side will have an inexhaustible supply of magic power, but the demon race will be drained of magic power without limit.

The actuality of this is not in the dimension of what the advantage of the land is, as expected. It means that only the hero academy side has a source of magic power that can be used........

 Menou expresses his indignation.

 He knew that the holy water was gushing out, but if he couldn't draw power from it, it wouldn't be a poison or a medicine. I didn't expect you to use it in the name of inter-school exams.

 Do you want to win to the point of leaving a grudge on your future relationship?
 Or did you think that we wouldn't notice?

What do you think? If there's this, there's no contest.

Thank you. That's all the evidence we need. I'm going to protest.

 With an angry look on his face, Menou headed for Diego.