86-Counter test by school

 The day after that...

 We were visiting Seimeihu outside the city walls for the academy-specific examinations.

 The students of the Demon King Academy and the Brave Academy are carefully checking their magic tools and other items for the competitive examinations.

 The students of the two schools, which had become completely acrimonious after the events of yesterday, never looked at each other and were tense with each other. Both of them are saying that they are going to show their eyes in the intercollegiate examination.

 When the bell for the start of class sounded, Diego said.

You will be able to see that the examinations will be held today. You will be able to find out if you have a good idea of what you are looking for and how to get it. Since their characteristics are different, it will be a meaningful training.

 Diego's eyes have an eerie light in them somehow, as he explains matter-of-factly.

'A dim feeling,'

 Misha mutters next to me.

'Hmm. It's certainly not very sane. Two thousand years ago I used to see this look all the time.

I'm in a cage of hatred.

 It's a strange thing to say.
 However, if that was hatred towards the demon race, how can you harbor that much hostility towards someone you've never interacted with before?

 Even with the events of yesterday, it's still a very low boiling point.

''The place where the test will take place is the Seimei Lake, which means it will be an underwater battle. In other words, it will be an underwater battle. This is a measure to prevent any magical damage to Gaillardite. It's a good idea to make sure that you have a good idea of what you're looking for. Please do not use magic on the lake.

 There are also ordinary humans in Gaillardite. Unlike the demon race, their bodies are weak, so if there are magical influences out there, it will be a problem.

I'm sure you'll be able to find a way to make the most of it. Making the most of it will be the key to victory. Any questions?

 No particular hands went up.

''Menou-sensei. This one will go to a select class that is accustomed to training in military magic and the Seimei Lake first. I think the Demon King's Academy would be better off with third-year students who have had enough training in military magic and combat, right?

 Menou looked at me for a moment.

'Or was it the generation of Chaos, I believe. There are probably some reincarnations over there as well. They're fine with me, though.

No, I'll go with my junior year.

I understand.

 Nee, and for a moment, Diego gave a wry smile.

'So, take it easy.'


 Menou is walking towards us.

''Everyone from the Demon King's Academy, gather around.

 The students of the Demon King Academy gathered at Menou's side.

''As Diego-sensei explained, we'll be holding intercollegiate exams from now on. The students who will be participating are the third year students, the first year students haven't trained in underwater combat yet, and Anos-kun's group is the only one who is likely to compete with the situation with the ground advantage over there.

 I guess so.
 Two of the chaos generation, Sasha and Ray, are my group.
 The remaining two groups of students can be called a crowdsourced group.

But Anos-kun's group is only five people. The school's rules state that for the intercollegiate examinations, a team of 10 or more people is required to participate.

 Hmm. Come to think of it, had Sasha said something similar before?
 That time, though, we were talking about class-based exams and such.

''We'll have to borrow the remaining five from the other squads, but we won't be able to work well together all of a sudden.

''I'll just need to match the numbers. If you want, I can take on all the students at the Brave Academy by myself.

 When I said this, Sasha gave me a disapproving look.

'Hey, why do you think you're doing this all by yourself? You'll have to save some for me.

 Ray says, continuing.

''It's about time we tried out this sword, right?

Haha I may not be much help to you, but I'll do my best!

 Mass laughed.

I'll help you.

 Misha gives me a look.

'Menou, you're not blind to the power of me and my men.


 After a clear affirmation, Menou showed an unusually mischievous look on his face.

'But between you and me, the doctor is a bit pissed off too.


''It's true that Anos-kun might be an easy win, but I'd like to remind that brave lad from the Brave Academy of the power of my students.

 Hmm. I see.
 It's true, Menou would not be displeased if I were to kick them out.

 I'm sure you're not the only one who's interested in this.

I understand, Menou, but you don't know the ways of the brave men and women, do you?

...Does Mr. Anos know?

Who do you think I am?

 Menou didn't answer, but he didn't argue, he just kept quiet.

They've always been pretty shady," he said. They have always been very cagey, even in yesterday's class. You never know what they might try to do in a competition. You'd be wise to send my team out.

So why don't we think of it this way?

 It was Liebest, a junior, who interrupted me.

"You never know what they're going to try to do, so we're going to have to wait and see what they do first as a junior,

 Hmm. An imperialist group is a rare thing to say.

''I don't know where you looked it up, but the heroic academy knows a lot about the demon race. It would be a bit disadvantageous for us to hold a rival test as it is. If that's the case, I think the first thing we need to do is to find out the other side's hand.

 It would certainly be set in stone.
 It's been two thousand years since we fought the humans.

 And if they're serious about destroying the tyrannical demon king, they're probably developing magic that I don't know about.

 Well, they wouldn't be stupid enough to use it here, but the way they fight is not exactly the same as it was two thousand years ago.

"Ignorance is not a losing proposition.

'As they say, you are arrogant. I've been called a nonconformist.

 Liebest sighs with a huff.

'I'm an Imperialist. Anos Voldigord. Frankly, I will never forgive you for deceiving the Demon King of Tyranny.

 With a strong will, he said.

''But I have to admit, when you made the holy sword yesterday, it made my heart skip a beat.


I don't like you, sir, but you are a member of the demon tribe. But those guys are different. Insulting the Demon King's Academy means insulting the Demon King of Tyranny.

 Well, deceiving the Demon King of Tyranny is, in a way, a sign of respect. We don't bother to deceive the name of an insignificant existence.

''You can leave the first game to us. If you intend to be the Demon King of Tyranny, why don't you just stand firm in the back?

 That's quite a clever thing to say.

'Are you sure? That's like saying you're going to pay the dew for me.

''Today is the intercollegiate examination. I don't remember being taught in Delzogade that you have to fight an internal struggle until you're fighting the enemy. It's only natural to do what's best for you to win.

 That's a very demonic idea.
 Or maybe it's the result of Menou's education.

 Even two thousand years ago, the demon tribe was not monolithic.
 There were loyalists like Sin, and there were those who didn't like me.

 But when it came to war with humans and spirits, they forgot their usual quarrels and united to defeat the enemy in front of them.

 Thanks to Avos Dilhevia, many things have been distorted, but it seems that the underlying principles have not changed.

'Our esteemed founder fought for the weak. I am proud to be their descendant. Even if it means being an abandoned stone for the unfit, I hope.

 I can't help but take that thought into consideration after being called out to this extent by the royalists.
 This man does not mean that this is his true intentions either.

 It means that he wants to live up to his mentor's expectations, even if it means humbling himself to me, a nonconformist.
 You're a pretty good-looking guy.

All right. I'll see if I can get a handle on it. I don't mind if you just show me your seniority.

 He peeks a wry smile.

'Yes. I don't need you to tell me.'

 Hmm. He's not very cute.
 Well, it's weird to be so obedient.

So it's decided. Harvest team, ready to go?

 The Liebest squad members who were standing in an orderly line nodded.

As I said before, to be honest, Sensei, you're pretty pissed off. It's just that they have to say what they want to say. This Diego is a whining, whining, whining, whining, whining, whining, whining, whining, whining, whining, whining.

 Menou whispered, and the eyes of the Liebest Squad's eyes settled.
 It's a look of retribution for your mentor.

''Fine. We're going to win! The power of the Demon King's Academy, you can show the humans that you're a force to be reckoned with!

 When I gave that command, they were like, "Oh, oh, oh! I raised my voice.