There was a tense atmosphere in the large auditorium.

 I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to get my hands on a new set of shoes, or if I'm going to be able to get a new set of shoes.

 I'm not sure if they are listening to the lesson. It's a good idea to be able to have a good time with them.

It's not just a matter of time before you get to the point where you can get a new job. The sword itself possesses magical power and chooses its owner. There are also cases where a sword becomes a holy sword because it is inhabited by a spirit. Except in these two cases, the holy sword does not come into existence.

 He spoke up to that point, and Diego's expression appeared as if he had been forced to drink boiling water.
 A few puffing and gushing voices escaped from the Demon King Academy's side of the seat.

 Diego cleared his throat with Gohon.

''There's an exception to everything.

 Diego said in a distressed manner and continued the class.

'As I just explained, the holy sword is an extremely rare gem that cannot be made even if you want to. If the magic sword that can be mass produced is superior in quantity, then the holy sword is superior in quality. This was because it wasn't just magic power, but the power of gods and spirits dwelling in it. That is the source of its holy brilliance.

 It's not necessarily wrong to say that holy swords are superior in quality. There are some magic swords with weak magic power, but all of them have strong magic power. Furthermore, most holy swords are enchanted to block the power of the demon race. The holy swords are called the Demon Slayer's holy swords when they are at their peak.

 This is one of the reasons why people with inferior strength and magic were able to resist the demons.

It is said that there are eighty-eight holy swords in existence in the world. The legendary holy sword that is said to have been used by the heroic canon is the one that reigns first among them. It is the Reishinjinjin Ken, Evans Mana. Two thousand years ago, it was forged by a human master craftsman, inhabited by the spirit of the sword, and blessed by the gods.

 Hmm. Nostalgic.
 This sword has such incredible magic, it's hard to believe it's a sword.

 It was made to destroy me.

It is said that the sword was lost two thousand years ago, but when the great evil comes to this world, it is said that it will return with the legendary hero to bring light to the world.

 Lost, huh?

 Two thousand years ago, there was only one canon in Azation who was able to pull out the Evans Mana. If he was gone, it could be that the holy sword that chooses its owner has disappeared to someplace else.

 And the Demon King who should be destroyed had been gone for two thousand years.

 However, it's doubtful that he was really lost. If he was waiting for an opportunity to destroy me after I was reincarnated, as Ivis had predicted, we wouldn't be able to talk about it without Evans Mana.

 I don't think that the people who spread the lore believe that the Spiritual God and Human Sword will rise again along with the legendary hero.

''Well. Speaking of two thousand years ago, there is an interesting anecdote that has been handed down in Azation since that time. The necklace of Michens. It's a story about love and reincarnation.

 There was no way for the Demon Clan of Dillhade to know the anecdotes of Azation.
 Naturally, no hands were raised, but Diego seemed to feel a pent-up feeling when he saw it.

 Oh dear, what a little guy.
 I'm ashamed of myself as I watch.

I don't know. You can't blame me for that. I'm not going to be able to say that I'm not going to be able to do anything about it.

Michens' necklace was supposedly given to his lover by a man on his way to war.

 I replied, and Diego just barely bit his back teeth.
 Hmm, I guess I'm right. Well, there's no need to bother revising even commonplace anecdotes.

 If it wasn't about magic, he probably thought he didn't know about it, but that was before I was reincarnated. Of course, I've heard of it.

'Two thousand years ago, in the early days of the Great War, most of those who went to war did not make it back alive. So the lovers were reincarnated in the same era and wished to be reunited this time with their Michens necklaces. The Michens shells, which are found in the lake of Gailladite, were divided into two parts and two necklaces were made. He gave one to his lover and he wore the other and they went into battle.

 Diego glares at me in an abominable manner.
 It seems that this man just wants to mock the demon race.

The Michens shells drink holy water and live, and are said to be God's messengers. The people of that time believed that the shell, which was divided into two parts, would guide them to the source of their lives after death and bring them together.

 From what I've seen, though, Michens shells don't have the magical power to act on the source. Sometimes you're in the mood for something to hang on to.

 When I killed a person wearing a Michelshell necklace, I did so by casting a silica spell. Sometimes magic depends greatly on the mind. If their thoughts were genuine, we might have met them again after their reincarnation.

 But it's only a comforting thought.

In the later stages of the war, the heroic Kanon gave Gailladite hope. Many returned from the war wearing Michens' necklace, and many of them married their lovers. From then on, the necklace of Michens came to be called the necklace of one shell, and the custom of combining the two necklaces into one and giving it to a lover was born.

 It sounds good to say that as peace approached, people began to look for hope, but perhaps they wanted to turn away from reality.

 Only Gailladite, with its brave men, had barely held off the invasion of the demon race, but if you look at the Azation as a whole, the humans were being hunted down more and more.

The culture of courtship was also born, in which the gift of a single shell necklace was divided into two parts, and one of them was worn by the wearer. This was passed down to the present day.

 Diego blurted out as he finished his explanation.

''You're right.''

 Just then, the bell for the end of class rings.

That's all for now. Next class will begin in ten minutes.

 Diego left the main auditorium as if he was speedily escaping.

''Brother of the Demon King Academy.''

 It was Heine who approached me.

''It's a shame you couldn't compete with this opportunity.

 I said to Heine, who was smiling with a smile that said he had plenty of time to spare.

What are you talking about? I won the game. I won the game, and your teacher conceded defeat.

Hey. You look like a complete idiot.

 Heine said without offense.
 If I consider this to be the end of the game, the validity of the contract Zekt will be nullified.
 I wonder which one of us is cheating.

"Do you want to know about the brave canon?


 The brave canon was killed by a human. As much as I would like to know that, however, I'm told it's a secret by Eleonor. I can't ask him.

 <The Zekt will only be in effect for one answer per question. If you ask too vague a question, it will be answered vaguely.

''I'll ask another question. Do you know the name of the Demon King of Tyranny?

''Is it okay? Even if I say it here.

I'm fine.

 Heine said.

'Avos Dilhevia, right?'

 <You can't lie under the force of the contract, Zekt. There's no trace of a contract that was broken by force. Apparently, you really don't know the name of the tyrannical demon king.

''What's wrong with that?''

What? I just want to make sure.


 Heine smiles mischievously.

'By the way, did you know? They're having the intercollegiate exam tomorrow.

Hmm. You want to bet again?

Hmm. I thought I'd give it a good, fair shot tomorrow.

 With an innocent look on her face, Heine asks for a handshake.

'That makes it sound like you're talking about using a cowardly hand,'

 While shaking hands with Heine, I smiled condescendingly.

'No way. You'll be looking forward to it. Tomorrow it's your turn to surprise your brothers.

 Turning on their heels, Heine and the others headed to the third student next.
 They talked to him about something and wanted to shake his hand the same way they did earlier.

 Hmm. What are they up to?
 Anyway, the result will be the same today.

Hey, hey, Misa. Is that the clam necklace Anos-sama was talking about?

 The fan unions are gathered in their seats at Mass.

'Oh, like.........'

 Missa says, slurring her words.

'Oh, wait a minute. That was a suspicious reaction. It's suspicious, Misa. Someone bought it for you, didn't they?

 Hmm. That's sharp.

''Ah, haha ... there's no way that's possible ... I bought this myself!

Hmm, yeah.

If you bought it yourself, it means someone else bought it for you, right?

Yes, yes, I'm sure.

Don't tell me Master Anos bought it for you?

Ooh, traitor!

That's why it's not true! I'm telling you, I bought it myself!


Yeah, I'm sure.

Risking your life?

...Yes, yes...

 Misa replied with pressure.

'Huh? Is it possible that first period is over?

 I turned around and saw Ray there.

'Just now,'

I see. I got a little too much sleep.

 Without any pretense of concern, Ray looks for a seat.

'Misa-san, is this place free?'

'Oh, yes. It's okay!

 Ray sat down next to Misa and looked at the necklace around her neck.

'You put it on. I'm so glad I did.'

''Uh ... uh ... ah ... ah, haha ...''

 Misa awkwardly peeked at the Fun Union guys.
 They were gazing at Misa with as much interest as this.

 They were looking at her as if they were questioning her.


 Mass says, as if in contemplation.
 Then the fan unions looked up in surprise.

 They distanced themselves from Misa and all faced each other.

Yes, I said yes. I said yes!

That means Ray-kun gave it to Mass, right?

'Huh? But Mr. Ray, you and Master Anos...

Does that mean that...?

You mean...?

"You mean you're going to have an indirect relationship with Anos-sama........!

 He seemed to have come to an oblique conclusion.