84-Chaos of heroes

 Turning on my heel, I walked back to my seat.
 A female student from the fan union swooned and shouted with an enthralled expression.

''Mooo, as I thought, you're the best, Anos-sama!

Yeah, yeah, he'll do it when I want him to! I'll follow you for the rest of my life!

Me too! But the dean, or was it that guy? You're the highest-ranking teacher in the College of the Brave, and you're in charge of the select class, right? It's really shapeless that it doesn't understand more about the magic of the brave than the students of the Demon King's Academy.

I feel a little sorry for the students over there because they've been doing so much Anos-sama. I don't know if they are used to being Anos-sama.

Master Anos, when did you become a verb?

'What am I going to do? I just realized something amazing!

...I have a bad feeling about this, but I'm going to ask anyway. What?

You know, magic swords are for boys, right? It's called a demon sword.

''It was a magic sword that meant........''

And the Holy Sword?

"....! Master Anos, you're two-faced!

 The students of the heroic academy, looking at the overwhelming momentum of the girls, half of them looked incomprehensible, and half of them looked incomprehensible but humiliated.

''It's a bit surprising, isn't it?''

 Ledriano lifted his glasses with his index finger.

'But thanks to you, I understand better. An overwhelming knowledge of magic, a tremendous amount of magical power, and an out-of-the-ordinary magical skill to manipulate magic that only a brave man can use.

 A cold gaze flashed from behind his glasses, and Ledriano said with conviction in his tone of voice.

''So, Anos Voldigord, you are the tyrannical demon king reborn.

 As soon as he said that, a laugh escaped from the Demon King Academy's side of the table.

"Hahahaha. What is that guy saying? You can't be too upset that Anos gave you a good answer and showed you his power.

Oh, you can't tell the difference between black and white? You've got eyes, you embarrassment.

''Come on. You're at the Academy for the Brave, you don't know the least bit about the Demon King, do you?

Well, I don't want you to know what I'm talking about.

The magic of Anos has no preciousness, no matter how great it is. I guess humans don't understand that, do they?

 The voice that was showered on him made Ledriano look dubious. He said that he was surprised that he hadn't expected it.

'If you say he's not the Demon King of Tyranny, then who does he say he is?'

 Ledriano pursued it sharply.
 But the Imperialist students scoffed at even the question.

'Mr. Ledriano, was it?'

 Liebest, a third year student, said.

''You seem to be somewhat familiar with the magic of the Demon Race, but do you know what the Demon King Academy's school emblem represents?

''Of course. It's probably the result of the Demon Emperor's aptitude and magic power diagnosis. The shape is always represented by a polygon or a pointed star, and the more vertices it has, the better it is.

Heh. Is it always a polygon or a pointed star? Then what is the Anos school emblem?

 Ledriano looks at the school emblem on my uniform.
 It's not a polygon or a pointed star.

''Mr. Ledriano, that's a brand of non-conformity. The farthest thing from the tyrannical demon king, the non-conformist since the beginning of the Demon King's Academy, is Anos. If you call him the Demon King, Dillhade will laugh at you.

 Following Liebest, a group of third-year students who seemed to be imperialists raised their voices.

''Oh yeah. In other words, your place's headmaster wasn't even a match for the Demon King Academy's flunkers.''

It's really quite obvious what level this brave academy is at, isn't it?

'You get beaten up by a non-conformist and then you mistake him for a tyrannical demon king. I'm not ashamed of you.

We don't even recognize Anos.

 I guess he couldn't stomach the attitude of the heroic academy until just now. Not only that, by declaring me to be the Demon King of Tyranny, the anger of the imperialist faction rose to a crescendo.

''Even though you have that much power, you're a nonconformist...? If that's the case, how many of the other students are........?

 As if he felt a shiver, Ledriano gulped and swallowed his spit.

 The atmosphere and environment surrounding the imperialist faction and me was fostered in the last two months or so. It's difficult to grasp the situation just by looking at it from the edge, and as expected of the brave academy, they probably haven't been able to fully investigate it either.

''I........these guys are just bluffing.......''

 Lao blurted out in a whisper.
 But Ledriano shook his head from side to side.

''The Demon King of Tyranny is so precious in Dilheid that he dares to even speak his name. It is impossible to abuse him in such a bad way, even in performance, and even brand him a non-conformist...''

What, then? Are they right, that Dr. Diego was inferior in magical knowledge to a mere non-conformist?

'Calm down, Lao. It's just one time.

Don't tell me to calm down! That's not just magic! I'm talking about the magic of the brave!

 Lao gets up and says to me.

"Hey, you! Anos Voldigord. I thought you were the Demon King of Tyranny?

That's right.


 The fact that he readily admitted it made Laos wary of the opposite.

''In any case, let me tell you one more thing. The name of the Demon King of Tyranny is Anos Voldigord. Your history books and textbooks will be wrong, so you should rewrite them.

What... what...?

 As expected, he couldn't doubt the name of the Demon King of Tyranny that was taught at the Heroic Academy.
 Lao looks confused, not knowing what to think.

''Hey, look at that guy. He's almost believing the usual Anos lies, isn't he?

'This is why I'm a know-it-all. Don't take it personally - that's what the non-conformists say.

''To begin with, he's not an imperial family. How can the Tyrannical Demon King be reincarnated since he doesn't have the complete blood of an ancestor?

 A student of the Imperialist school sends out a wild look.

''Hmm. Well, don't worry about what these guys say. I'm having trouble getting them to admit that I'm the Demon King of Tyranny, too.''

 Lao raises his eyebrows as if to say that this can't be true.

 Hmm. People who don't know each other continue to make judgments based on their own assumptions and turn away from the truth that lies beside them.

 No, no, no, no, no, it's a delightful spectacle, isn't it?

"Yes, yes, yes! People aren't making a fuss!

 Menou clapped his hands and calmed the students, who continued to talk as they pleased.

''Diego-sensei. I'll count the
'Oh, yeah. Yeah.

 Diego looks at the students to choose a contestant from them.

'Hmm. I'm excited to see what kind of question it will be next. Don't get me wrong this time, okay?

 As he said this, Diego's expression intensified.

'Anos, you can't say that, can you? Even Diego-sensei just happened to make a mistake earlier. It's impossible for the head of the heroic academy to mistake the magic of the heroes. Hey, teacher?

 Menou said to Diego as payback for what he said earlier.
 You know your stuff.

I'm sorry, I'm sorry. We're a little overdue. I would like to continue playing, but I think we'd better move on to the next class.

 So, they're going to run away before they get any more raggedy.

''Eh, is the Brave Academy going to run away?

Yeah, yeah, I'm just getting warmed up.

Now, the percentage of correct answers is the same, so it's a draw. Kaa, that's not very nice. Just because we'll lose if it continues.

Mostly, you're wrong about that one, from the teacher's point of view, so you're going to lose no matter what you do, right?

 As expected of the demon tribe, I should say, my fellow countrymen.
 It's really a direct way to incite people.

''........Nonsense. If you care about such things, our academy will lose.

 Then Heine said.

"Doctor. I'd like to continue. I have to show a little pride in the College of the Brave.

 Diego walked down the pew and walked over to Tutka and Heine's seat.
 Then he scolded him in a whisper, "You're not going to embarrass me anymore in front of the demon race.

"You're not going to humiliate me any further in front of a demon race...!

 Heine gave him a bemused look.
 He shrugs his shoulders in resignation as Diego turns on his heel.

'We'll resume class,'

 In a low, mended voice, Diego said.

 Kuhuha. What was that?
 It's so petty that it makes me feel sorry for Heine and the others.

 I'm sure that Emilia is still more teacher-like than that.