83-Brave Academy Class

 Heine gave an innocent smile.

'If you lick a human too much, you'll regret it, brother.

 With that, they left for the front row of the main auditorium.

'Mr. Anos,'

 Eleonor gave a small beckoning motion.
 By her side, she whispered.

'C'mon. I warned you. Have you forgotten?'

You're talking about something that hasn't changed in 2,000 years.

 She nodded.

'Then there's nothing wrong with that. It is always the humans who learn that it is useless to try anything. They have been doing it for 2,000 years.

 Hearing those words, Eleonor became puzzled.

''Anos-kun, what was the original name of the demon race?''

It's the same.

By the same, do you mean Anos Voldigord?

 I nodded, and Eleonor twisted his head in a huff.
 I guess that means he doesn't remember.

'The humans seem to have forgotten all about my name.

But just because you're a famous demon, you have to be careful.

 Nailing that, Eleonor spins on his heel.


 She turns her head only to look at me and question me with her gaze.

'What was your name before your reincarnation?'

That's what you are, Anos. I am Eleonor. Always.

 If you're an important person in Azation, I've got it all in my head, but it doesn't sound like it's familiar.
 So much so that I can see the source directly. I don't think he would have been famous even in the age of mythology.

I don't think I've ever met you. "I don't think we've ever met, because I don't know you.

 So you mean you have memories before your reincarnation.
 Then there's a good chance you were born after I was reincarnated.

 Probably after the name of the Demon King of Tyranny was rewritten to Avos Dilhevia.


 She left to join Heine and the others.

'When did you see her?'

 Misha asks.

'It just so happened to be the day we got to Gaillardite.

 Misha stared at Eleonor's figure in the front row.

''........She looks sad.......''


 Misha nodded persistently.

'You seem to have a pretty fluent personality, don't you?

On the surface, yes.

 He flicks his gaze to Eleonor, but he still has the same relaxed, nervous expression on his face.

But maybe not.

You mean it's hard to understand?

 Misha nodded.

'Forget it.'


 At the very least, it was certain that Eleonor knew what the Academy of Heroes was up to.
 And I'm sure she can't agree with it.
 Otherwise, she wouldn't have given me any advice.

 If that's the case, it's no wonder that she was suffering behind that fluent personality.
 It's a good thing that Misha's magical eye for understanding people is quite impressive.

I'll keep that in mind.

 Then Misha blinks her eyes with a flicker.

'Anos is kind.'

You have a very good eye for evil.

 Shaking her head, Misha shook her head.

'The Eleonor thing,'

Do you think I'm trying to get out of your hair?


'You seem to know what happened during my incarnation. Perhaps it might lead to Avos Dirhevia.

 As I say this, Misha is staring up at me.

''If you're involved in a trivial plot, I'm happy to help you out while you're at it.

 Huffing, Misha laughed.

'That's very Anos,'

 Misha gives me a look that seems to see right through my mind.
 Good grief, what a ticklish thing that is.

'Do you want to sit down?'


 The seats in the main auditorium are divided into two main sections.
 It's a very good idea to have a seat in the middle of the room. I sat in the middle seat on the left side with Misha.

 As I waited idly, students gradually arrived at the school one after another. Missa, Sasha, the royalists and the fan unions also gathered in the main auditorium.

 All of the students of the Brave Academy were also present, or all of the seats on the right side were filled, leaving one seat to be filled.
 Just as the Demon King's Academy was divided into black and white uniforms, the heroic academy side was also divided into scarlet and indigo uniforms.

 The fact that Ledriano, Lao and Heine are scarlet means that the selected class 'Jelga Canon' is probably that uniform. There is no doubt about it, considering that there are not that many students in scarlet uniforms.

 It's almost time for class to start.
 Tong Tong, I was tapped on the back with a finger.

'Anos-sama. What's wrong with Ray-san?''

 Misa says worriedly.
 'Come to think of it, you haven't been here yet.

'I've been sleeping twice,'

 I guess he couldn't get up.
 He's a brazen man, despite the fact that it's his first day of class.

Well, it's just a class. You know that guy. You show up late and you don't have to worry about it.


 Just then, the bells rang. Unlike the Demon King Academy, it sounded gentle.

 The ones who entered the main auditorium were Menou and then a mature man with a stern face.
 They wear red vestments and have an inflexible-looking face. He's probably a teacher at the Academy for the Brave.

''Everyone take your seats.''

 When the man uttered a low voice, the students who were still standing were quickly seated.

''Today, as we've been telling you for some time, we will be having an exchange of academies. Dear friends of the Demon King Academy, my name is Diego Canon Ijeysika. I am the headmaster of the Brave Academy and the homeroom teacher of the selective class 'Gerga Canon'.

 So the selective classes are being taught by the headmaster himself?
 I'm sure they put a lot of effort into it.

 I'm sure that Diego is also a reincarnation of canon, judging by the names of the descendants of the brave.
 In other words, he is a graduate of the College of the Brave. It's a good idea to have a good time with them.

 I'm not sure that this is the same canon from two thousand years ago.
 It's an outlier.

You can't get away from it. This is Menou Historia, the teacher at the Demon King's Academy. You'll be able to find out more about this in the article. Everyone, please don't be rude.

 Menou takes a step forward.

'This is Menou Historia. I'll be at your service for a while during the academy exchange. It's nice to meet you.

 Smiling, she greeted him so.

''Now, class, today is the first day of the academy exchange, and we don't even know each other well. Hence, in order to become academics, we will begin with a simple recreational activity.

 Diego writes on the blackboard with magic.
 --This is a competitive class for each school.

It's a lesson for each school. It may sound like an exaggeration, but the rule is that the students of each school make a question and the other school answers it. The rule is to compete for the percentage of correct answers.

 I see.
 You can find out the other academy's specialty and level of expertise through the questions and answers.

Then, in order to show you a sample, let's start with a question from the heroic academy side. ''Second in the pecking order, Ledoriano.

 At the sound of Diego's voice, Ledrano rose to his feet.


Yes, sir.

 Ledriano raised his glasses with a quick lift of his index finger.

''Then let's start with the beginner's question. There is a brave magic called , please answer this effect and magic technique.

 The seats on the Demon King Academy side buzzed.

''Eh...? There's no way you can understand this...?

Yeah, they don't teach you that at the Demon King's Academy...

Oh, but maybe a third year student would know...?

 Then Menou claps his hands.

'Yes, yes, everyone be quiet! Okay, third-year student Liebest.

 Liebest stands up.

'I'm sorry ... what? Do you understand?

...No, I don't know. But, Menou-sensei. Isn't this a flaw in the inter-institutional class itself in the first place? There's no way they know what they're learning at a different academy, and it's not a proper recreational activity unless you ban all but the most general issues.

 Liebest complains.

'I think it's common enough, though.

 It was Ledriano who countered.

'How is it that you talk about your own lack of study as if there are holes in the class itself?'

 Liebest was miffed.

''Then I wonder if you guys know the effects of and the magic formula?

 Liebest gave him a look that said there was no way he could understand.
 But Ledriano smiled.


 He drew the magic formula on the blackboard.
 At the same time, he explained.

''The magical effect of is called a demon. It seems that the use of 'Nedra' on animals is forbidden in the current Dirhade unless certain conditions are met.

 Liebest doesn't look giddy.

How do you like it?

"...You're right....

 After looking at Ledriano's explanation and the magic formula he drew, Menou said with admiration.

The first thing that comes to mind is the fact that it's not a good idea to have a separate class for each academy, considering the difference in level between the two of us, but well, the third student over there doesn't seem to be able to stand up to the beginner level problems at all. Or how about putting some kind of handicap on it?

 Ledriano says.

''Mm, yes. I didn't expect there to be students who didn't even know about ...''

 Diego snorted in annoyance.
 I could see the mockery in his expression.

''Dr. Diego, just...''

 Menou moves to the corner of the pews with Diego in tow.

''Well I think that's a bit of a different story. Today's recreational activity is meant to make both of us realize that we've learned something the other doesn't know at all, right?

 The other students may not have heard me, but my ears caught the words firmly.

''Of course it is, but as expected, I thought I knew about the common sense level. I didn't expect the level of the Demon King Academy to be this low... No, sorry, I didn't calculate it...''

 A giggle escaped from the heroic academy's side.
 Unlike Menou, Diego's voice was not suppressed at all.

 It was as if he dared to do so.

''Gentlemen, it's rude to laugh. It doesn't matter how low they are, they're doing their best to make it work in their own way.

 Diego says to his students, turning his back on Menou.
 A moment later, I didn't miss the thin smile on his face.

 The statement itself seems to be a rebuke to the students, and it's a bit of a poke in the eye.
 If you're concerned about the Demon King Academy, you can't say these words.

 After all, I'm saying that I've worked very hard and this is the level I'm at.

''We'll try to find a way to match your level of skill as much as possible.

 Menow bites his lip.
 It would be frustrating, but it's a poor quality because he's ostensibly feigning no hostility.

 This is as if all the students of the Demon King's Academy are considered to be lower in rank than the heroic academy. Even in the unlikely event that Diego doesn't have that intention, it would still be rude.

 In this kind of disgusting battle, humans are one step higher than the demon race. The art of undermining others without being explicitly hostile is not something that can be imitated by the honest demon race.

 That's a little too obvious.

The magical effect of the Rhyd is to give weapons, armor and tools holy power.

 I stand up and answer the question I just asked.

''Simply put, by using , the function of an object is aided. If it's a sword, it will cut better. If it's a medicine, it will enhance its medicinal properties. Also, once you have mastered the Rijid, you can transform a simple object into a magical tool. However, that would require an enormous amount of magic power that exceeds the amount of one hundred wise men, so it's not possible to do that.

 I'll draw the magic formula of the Rhydid on the blackboard.


 Menou's face broke into a smile and he looked at me.

'What do you think?'

''You're right ... the magic formula is right too ...''

 Diego says with a snarl.

I'm sure you'll be able to find a way to make the most out of your time with this one. At best, it's just that it has the power of a magic tool. <It's not like I've ever made a magic tool in the Rhydid. You seem to be doing a fair amount of research, but you're not ready to be fooled by exaggerated research results.

 After the condescending Diego's explanation, a giggle escaped from the heroic academy side.

''I thought there was someone a little better, but I guess I was an idiot after all.

'You can't turn an object into a magic tool, can you? Magically, magic power can only be given from outside.

That's right. A magic tool is something that overflows with magic power from within, so that's a fundamental difference.

It's as if he's misunderstood the basis of magical concepts, isn't it?

 Good grief, as usual, you're too wrapped up in common sense, human beings.
 I thought you might say that.

"Hmm. If you don't know, I'll show you.

 I stand up and walk to the podium.
 Along the way, I point to a sword displayed near the ceiling. I let the magic power fly and let the sword slowly fall in front of Diego's eyes.

 I went up to the pulpit and held my hand over the sword and a magic circle appeared.
 I used .

 When I finished that, I spun the sword that was left floating around and pointed the hilt at Diego.


 Diego fearlessly touched the sword.
 In an instant, the sword's blade barrel emitted a glowing magical power.

 The students of the Academy for the Brave leaned forward in unison.

''Oi...! Oh no........that glow.......!

Nonsense. No, no, no, no... Holy, sword.........?

How is it possible........that he made a holy sword, let alone a magic tool, in the Holy Separation (Rhyd).......!

Wait a minute it's not about that. Isn't she a demon? There's no way you could have used the Rhydid in the first place! That was magic that was reserved for the brave!

 Stunned, Diego is staring at the holy sword.
 It's still hard to believe what happened right in front of you.

It's a good idea to look deeper than just common sense, Diego. The head of the academy doesn't know the right answer, the entire student body will be fooled.