Ten days later--

 It was the academy exchange from today.
 When he returned to his room from the dining hall with Ray, he fell straight into bed.

''Are you going to sleep?''

There's still time.

 I could hear my belly growling and sleepy, or I could hear my sleep soon after.

 The sound of something banging on the floor.
 It was coming from the window.


 I opened the window and saw Misha outside.

'What's up?'

Cat. Meow.

 Misha called out, and a familiar black cat came running towards us.
 It jumped on Misha's shoulder and then jumped to the edge of the window.

 ''It's the Seven Demon Emperors, Ivis Necron.

''What's going on in Dilheid?''

 He had offered Ivis to find out what Avos Dilheid was up to in Dilheid, as well as Melheis.
 Since it had come all the way here, he must have some urgent business to attend to.

''The three old Seven Demon Emperors have disappeared from Dilheid.

 Ivis opens his mouth.

'Ho. Where did he go?

We've confirmed that he went into Gaillardite. He's disappeared, but he hasn't gone outside the city. He's got to be hiding out somewhere.

 The timing of this inter-departmental exchange?
 I can't help but think they're up to something.

What's the connection to the Brave Men's Academy?

''I don't know yet. We've cast a net on the people from the Brave Academy, but so far, there's no sign of any contact with anyone who looks like the Seven Demon Emperors.

 If the Academy of Bravery and Avos Dilhevia are in cahoots with each other, it's an easy composition to understand.

''Alright. Continue to explore the movements of the Seven Demon Emperors.

Gyoi. In addition, there is one more thing I have to tell you. It may not concern Avos Dilhevia, but there is something else that concerns me.

What's going on?

'I visited here and happened to overhear that a lore of deep darkness has been passed down to the humans of Gailladite.

 Hmm. As the owner of the shooting gallery once said.

"What's the matter with you?

'It is like an oral tradition handed down to humans from long ago. Soon, the deepest darkness will swallow Azation again. But do not be afraid. Pray with hope. To our legendary hero. Then the return of his ones will appear and clear that darkness with the light of hope.

 It's a common oral tradition.

'I suspect that this deep darkness is referring to the tyrannical demon king.

Are you saying that this is an oral tradition that predicts my reincarnation?

How so. Perhaps the story has been passed down to make you a deceased person again, when you will rise again.

'Hmm. Do you have a basis for this?

''I was a little curious and looked into it, and it seems that this oral tradition has been passed on throughout the Azation by the graduates of the Academy of Heroes. It is said that the deepest darkness brings despair to humans. But the brave men have not explained what exactly it is. They say that we must not know it in order to overcome the deepest darkness.

 It would be to the credit of the brave men and women that the oral tradition would spread over such an obscure matter.
 And that's what humans have always been about, believing in things that don't make sense.

'So this is what you're trying to say? The heroic academy is planning to kill the reincarnated demon king again so that the demon tribe won't know about it. This time they won't even leave their roots behind, but will completely destroy him.

''If it was the oral tradition that the Demon King of Tyranny brings despair, it would have reached us, the Seven Demon Emperors, in no time at all. I believe he intends to keep his opponents under the name of Deep Darkness and not give them an excuse to attack Dirheid.

 The world was at peace. Exchanges between demons and humans have also ceased.
 Is this good news for you, and you have been waiting for an opportunity to look at it with an innocent look on your face?

 That I would be reincarnated.

It's not impossible. But even so, there is a strange thing about it. The name of the demon king is also referred to as Avos Dilhevia in the heroic academy.

Are you sure about that?

There was a gag order in place, but one of the students slipped up. I'm not saying never, but, well, I'm almost certain.

 Ivis is silent and still, thinking.

 It's still understandable that for two thousand years, they've been connecting their wills through oral traditions and lore, looking for an opportunity to defeat the tyrannical demon king.

 However, if the name of the key demon king is wrong, it's not a dumb thing to do. The Academy of Bravery would not be able to find me, and I would have to fight a false Demon King.

''Could it be that Avos Dilhevia's plans and the Brave Academy's plans are intertwined and have created this situation...?''

 Ivis says.

''Well. But if the Seven Demon Emperors are coming to Gailladite, it could be possible.

 Avos Dilhevia, the Academy for the Brave, and me, all three camps have their own agendas, and we're in Gaillardite right now.

 I'm sure we can't do it without incident.
 We have to be prepared for the unexpected.

''You are to track down Seven Demon Emperors. I'm going to see if I can find out more about the hero academy. It's just today that the academy exchange starts.

"As you wish.

 Ivis jumped up and down and went out the window.


 Misha grabbed the edge of the window with both hands and stood tall.
 Only her face peeked out of it.


Demon Lord's Work?

 So that's it.

So there is. We're in a bit of a pickle, aren't we?

Do you need help?

When necessary. What are you doing out here?


 Misha says matter-of-factly.

'Isn't it too early to tell?'

It was my first day.

 Well, that's typical of Misha.

 I throw myself out the window and go outside.
 Misha looks up at me curiously.

'Come with me.'


 She nodded happily.

 Misha and I walked leisurely and came to the heroic academy.
 When I put my hand on the gate, the magic key was automatically unlocked, as if the conditions of the had been changed.

 We passed through the gate and entered the academy.

"Come to think of it, where were we going?

"The Great Hall.

 Misha scurries over and looks around.

'Over there,'

 There was a sign out in the place I pointed to that indicated the direction of the main auditorium.
 It must have been prepared for the students of the Demon King Academy.

 Following the instructions on the sign, I climbed the stairs and walked down the corridor to the back of the room.
 There was a double door at the end. The plate said that it was a large auditorium.

 When I opened the door, it was a vast space inside.
 The rearmost seats were high up and the podium was at the lowest position, so that the blackboard could be seen from every seat.

'It's huge,'

College exchange is a big deal.

 There are two classes of students in the Demon King Academy alone.
 I'm sure there are students from the hero academy as well, but even a classroom of this size would be just barely enough.

I'm sure you'll be able to find it. I'm not going to be able to get it. Good morning! 

 In the front row, a schoolgirl with long, dark hair waves widely.
 It's Eleonor. She ran up the gentle steps of the main auditorium and came over to us.

''You're early. Anos-kun, could it be that you're an unexpectedly honorable student?''

What a whim.

 Misha tilted her head curiously.

'You know each other?'

'Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't introduce myself yet. I'm Eleonor Bianca, the third year of the Brave Academy.

 Then Misha bowed her head with a smile.

''First-year Demon King Academy student, Misha Necron.

Nice to meet you, Misha. You can call me Eleonor.

 Curtly Misha nodded.

'Nice to meet you.'

Just in time. I'd like to ask you something about the brave canon--

 Then a voice sounded from the entrance.

'Heh. What is it? I could answer that question for you, if you'd like. Brother of the Demon King Academy.

 The one who came over was the blond boy I saw in the magic library.
 Ledriano and Laos were with him.

It's nice to meet you. I'm Heine Canon Iorg, third in the order of the heroic academy, belonging to the selective class 'Jelga Canon', the reincarnation of the second root of the heroic canon, the creator knight of the holy land.

 Hmm. They've all been introducing themselves for a long time.

'I heard Lao gave you trouble. Sorry, he's a bit of a belligerent.

'It's nothing to be apologized for. I was just playing it lightly.

 Next to Heine, Lao frowned grimly.

'It helps to hear you say that. Oh, yes. As an added bonus, would you mind if I played with you as well?

 Huh. You know, it's funny.

"What kind of a game are you looking for?

'Today's class is classroom-based, though. For recreation, we're going to have a little rivalry of sorts between Delzogade and Alkranjska. How about the loser answering any questions the other side has?


I don't mind.


 Heine uses the magic of the Contract (Zekt).
 The loser of today's rivalry will answer the opponent's questions without lying.

"By the way, I want to know who the tyrannical demon king is.

 Heine asks, as if to probe us.

'Yeah, of course, if you think about it after you hear what the rivalry is like--'

 I didn't mind, and I signed a contract (zekt).

Heh. Is it good? I signed it so easily. Unlike magical warfare, I don't think we can just go all out in force, right?

It doesn't matter who the Demon King of Tyranny is. Besides--

 I'll let Heine and the others know the obvious.

'I don't care if it's a classroom lesson or not, there's no way I'm going to lose.