308-The beginning of the end

 The canopy writhed and writhed in waves, making a roaring, eerie sound.

 The subterranean sky seemed to be falling apart at any moment, but it barely held together in a strange balance, held together by pillars of order.

'....Nafta declares...'

 The Future God uttered a stern voice, like a judge reading a judgment.

'The future has stepped into the end of the Selection Judgment. The order in Elorarielom that the first Acting Arcana possessed has been weakened as some of it has been eaten by the High Dragon. The order of alignment has been disrupted and the subterranean balance that was maintained has been upset.

 Then Diedrich says.

'If left unchecked, the canopy will trample and destroy this subterranean ground. Not even the combined strength of all the people and gods in the earth's crust can prevent the fall of that heavenly body that has been rendered immortal by the power of the Almighty's sword.

 In a desperate situation, this would be the dark future that Diedrich feared Nafta could not see.

 But even so, the man peeked out with a stiff smile.

''This one is the beginning of the end. One of the futures that Nafta's divine eye could not see, that is, the future that was not prophesied. Diedrich, the Sword Emperor of Agaha, saw hope in this darkness.

 He must have chosen it.
 Not with Nafta's divine eye, but with his own eyes and his own mind.

'Pope Gorloana.'

 Diedrich turned his gaze to Gorloana, who continued to pray.

''High King Viaflare,''

 Diedrich called out to her, who looked stunned.

'Now is the time for us to discuss the future of this subterranean world together. As the demon king said, Agaha's prophecy, Zioldar's scriptures, and Gadeisiola's forbidden books have all been passed down to us to help us escape the end of the earth. With their combined wisdom, you may be able to escape the beginning of the end.

 Diedrich unclenched his fists and said calmly, "Hey.

'Hey,' he said, 'it's time to end this. It's time to end this. Geordal's prayers, Gadeisiola's hatred, and the pride of the Agach, all three are to be respected and not to be denied by anyone.

 'To the Pope, to the High King,' said the Sword Emperor.

'Let the Agaha acknowledge with this pride The piety of Geordal, who longs for salvation. The hatred of the wounded Gadeisiola. Though our teachings contradict each other, we need not quarrel with each other until we have destroyed each other.

 Then Golloana opens her mouth.

'Are you asking us to acknowledge the impious presence of God within us?'

'I don't mean that you can't just admit that there is a nation of knights who think so. I'm not asking you to believe that.

 This time Viaphraea said.

'The gods have stolen the heart of Boldinos. I cannot forgive the gods, and so can all the families of Gadesiola. This hatred will never go away. I will destroy everything, until Boldinos returns here.

Don't ask me to forgive God, though. It's true that you've been mistreated. But what if we continue to fight? As you can see, the destination is a day of disaster. There's nothing left to do but to be crushed by that canopy in the future.

 If the order of Elolarielom has not completely disappeared, then the canopy will fall without collapse.

 What Gadaisiola aimed for was the collapse of the canopy, the destruction of the world. However, the current situation is also out of line with their intentions, as Arcana has regained her memories.

 The prophecy that Gadeisiola is a safe zone may not hold true.

'We can hold a grudge against each other and claim each other's teachings. But if we take up arms, we will only hurt each other. With the sword we wield, we are cutting down our allies. That's not why I wanted to do that.

 For a moment the two kings were stifled by Diedrich's words.

'Why don't we promise not to violate each other's teachings, or their beliefs?

 He let the sadness bleed over his face.
 As if to remind him of the fight so far.

'It's been a long struggle. We've seen some big battles. No more blood need be shed. If we're going to fight, we must talk, and words are better than swords. That way, we may one day find true peace.

 Calmly, he states.
 But his words are powerful, like he's pointing the way.

"Hey. Come on, let's get to the bottom of this. We will continue to squabble and fight. But when we die, our distant descendants will be laughing at the fact that our ancestors were so stupid.

 Hopeful, he said.

'I see that kind of future with my own eyes.

 A silence pervades the place.
 Neither Gorloana nor Viaflair said anything, but looked at Diedrich as if they were still and thoughtful.

 At that moment, a dry sound was heard.

 'Snap ... snap ... snap ...' the sound of hands clapping together, the sound of clapping.

'Great. As expected of Diedrich, the Sword Emperor of Agaha, what a beautiful future you have in mind.

 Purple hair and blue eyes.
 A man in a cloak emerges from the open doorway.

"You are, after all, the vessel of a king.

 I'm Celis Voldigord, Commander of the Phantom Knights of Gadaishiora.


 Celis points her palm at the crucified Via Flare and draws a magic circle.
 <The magic of pulls her to Ceris.

 Her crucified body stabs deep into the blade of possibility.
 With only a few millimeters left, just as the source of the root is about to disappear, I erase the magic and free ViaFlare.

 Viaflare flew straight to Celis and fell to him with a stomp.

''Ah.........Boldinoth.......! You saved me........!

 Viaflair embraces Cerys.

 If I hadn't drawn my sword, the High King would have perished.
 You were determined not to do so.

 Or was it okay for him to perish separately?

But you know what?

 Celis walked quietly forward without fighting with Viaflare.

''People, be they dragon-people, demons or humans, are a tricky thing. You can't live by pretty words alone. There are those who feel happy to see others sinking into the pool of blood where the agnostics are wooden spirits. Oh, I'm at a loss as to how to save them.

 With a good-natured smile he said.

'I admit to both faith and hatred, but I don't think I can persecute you if you're only rotten at heart, you know.

 Diedrich glares at Cerys in disgust.

 Perhaps the Prophet, who has seen so much of the future, has already realized that he is not worth talking to.

'Yours is just a play on words,'

Yes, just like you said.

 When Celis reached out her right hand, purple electricity flooded the air, and a demonic sword appeared there.
 A jagged blade that was reminiscent of lightning.

 If you look into the abyss, the demon sword itself speaks its name as the Universal Thunder Sword Gaudgemon.

''You did not know I was coming here. Because now is the beginning of the end of the Selection Judgment. Nafta's divine eye cannot reach--''

 Celis held and waved the blade of the Universal Thunder Sword Gaudgemon to her own left shoulder.

''-- In the midst of the darkness.

 Gaudgemon's blade turned into purple electricity and extended long, and was cleaved off in a single horizontal motion.

 With a roar of thunder, the wall between the pillars was slashed along the street along the sword flash.
 But all those present were safe.

 Nafta and Diedrich avoided it by limiting it.
 Arcana took the sword strike with Lokoronoto, and I defended myself and Pope Gorloana with Levine Girma.

'That's great, you guys,'

 Celis says, as if in praise.

'The Universal Lightning Sword Gaudgemon is a demonic sword that floods and burns away the lightning in the scars made by its blade. None of you have been able to prevent it from doing so. Except for one thing.

 With a thunderous thunderclap, the purple electric lightning ran by the celestial pillar of the sword Velevim.

 Diedrich huffed.


 Huffing and puffing, Celis says absentmindedly.

'Yes, I've been waiting for this moment for a long time. Now that the order of the God of Harmony has faded, if one of the pillars holding up the canopy snaps, the day of disaster may come today.

 The purple light that ran into the sword barrel of the Heavenly Pillar Strut Sword popped all at once, and with a wobble, the huge sword fell down, collapsing the wall between the pillars.

 At the same time, a violent sound of ground cracking sounded again from the sky, and the canopy began to fall.

''By the looks of it, it won't last half an hour.

 I'd like to get a replacement now, but now, what do I have to support it with?
 But first, we have to deal with Celis.

The Demon King.

 A thought transmission from Diedrich.

"May I entrust you and Seris with the High King?

Hmm. Is there a way to support the canopy?

"Of course. But I need you to get Cerise out of here. Can you do that?

 I sneered and kicked the ground.

'You didn't make it up,'

 He runs with the Revein Gilma sheathed and sends a to Arcana.

'Watch out for the High King. It's not much now that they've lost their god-eating dragon, but they may have hidden something behind the scenes.

I'll do what you say.

 Arcana held out her hand and sent a snow and moonflower at the High King.

'The snow piled up and blocked its way.

 The Snow Moonflower creates a snow ward there to trap the High King.
 The moment ViaFlare made the dragon appear from inside her body, Arcana turned it into snow with the Magic Eye of Treason.

 The high king was attacked by the magic eye, but countless dragons overflowed from her body and served as shields against the magic eye. One after another, the High Dragon is turning into snow, but as expected of its creator, there are probably countless High Dragons inside her body.

 However, I can't move with that appearance.

 Celis stepped towards me without paying attention to the Via Flare and swung the Universal Lightning Sword down.
 With the scabbard of the Revein Gilma, I catch it without difficulty.

'You're going to kick me out of here?'

"Law. <Did you intercept the leaks?

No way. It's written all over your faces.

 With a bang, purple electricity flooded out of the Ten Thousand Thunder Swords and exploded the next moment.
  dampened its power and lowered himself to get away with it.

 A spherical magic circle was drawn in front of Celis' eyes.
 The fingertips of his left hand are thrust into my face.

''Purple lightning (Gavest).''

 The purple lights run.
 But the magic did not activate.

 The blade of possibility had sliced through the sphere's magic circle before that.

 Seris dodged the second sword without difficulty.

'Even if I can't see the blade of possibility, with your stance and jutsu, I can see where the sword is coming from.

 With her magic eye, Celis analyzed the magic formula and stance, and stepped into the interval, looking to avoid the subsequent flash of Revein Gilma.

 At the same time, he swung the Universal Lightning Sword down.

 Immediately after, he shot up into the sky as if he was thrust up by something.


You're not the only one who can use the Veneziara, Levine Girma.

 He slammed the palm of possibility into the jaw of Ceris, who lowered herself and stepped in when the blade came.
 He kicked the ground and chased after the guy as he flew into the vaulted ceiling with great force.

''Now, choose the possibility of a hit or a blade, take your pick.

 <I activate the "Wave Body Covered Manifestation (Veneziara)", forcing me to choose between a hit-and-run blade and a hit-and-run blade.
 Now, if you avoid my swordsmanship, the blade will hit you, and if you avoid the blade, the swordsmanship will hit you.


 Cerise laughed and used some magic.
 The body of a possible guy held down the body of a possible me, eliminating the possibility of both the bite and the blade.

"Did you think you couldn't stop both?

 Right after I uttered it, my fingertips pierced Celis' chest.


 His face contorts slightly.

'You said to pick a possibility, but did you think there wouldn't be an actual attack?

 I flew upward with the momentum as I lifted the body of the guy who had penetrated me.