309-From outside the reading

 Me and Celis's bodies have reached through the vaulted ceiling and into the sky.
 The canopy rippled violently like a stormy sea, with the sound of the earth cracking in our ears.


 The moment my fingertips grabbed the source of Cerise's root and tried to crush it, a scarlet bolt of lightning flooded out of it.

''Hmm. That's a great bulwark.''

 <An electric current chattered in Bevsed's right hand, tangling it like it was about to tear him to shreds.

 Just before I could, I pulled my fingers out of his chest and swept away the lightning bolt.
 His right hand is slightly burned.

'Remember this too? Hiden Kourai. The blood of this lightning is more ferocious than your Demon King's blood. Besides, it won't harm anyone but its intended prey.

 Celis draws a spherical magic circle in front of herself.

'It's very useful, unlike the Demon King's blood, which can hurt the world if used for anything other than powerful attacks.

''Well. Isn't it simply that your Scarlet Electric Red Lightning simply doesn't have the power to destroy the world?

Would you like to try it?

 Celis holds the Universal Lightning Sword with her right hand while aiming her magic sights with her left hand.

'Yeah, do you deserve to call yourself my father, huh?

 With the sheath in place, he held up his revolving gilma and stared at the spherical magic circle with .

 <Flying through the air with me and him rushed headlong into each other and said at the same time.

 A momentary intersection.

 The magician's technique and my stance that changes slightly.
 They change the possibilities of the future one after another, and demand that the guy read each other.

 If that magic eye misjudges my extraction technique, it will be instantly cut down and discarded.

 Immediately afterwards, that blade released from among the multiple possibilities is an inevitable strike that cuts through even permanent immortality.

 Celis of Possibility took advantage of the reach of the Ten Thousand Thunder Swords, whose blades changed at will, and Aimed at the start of Possibility's me pulling out the Revine Girma.

 Gaudgemon runs a purple lightning on the hilt of the sheathed Revein Gilma, popping me in .

 In other words, the possibility is offset by the possibility, and the possibility of pulling out the Levine Girma disappears.

'Looks like I've read it all through this time.

 Celis was fleshed out to zero distance from me.

'You can't swing a sword in its scabbard at this distance, you know.

 Celis pointed her left hand to my nose.

''Purple lightning (Gavest) and the Ten Thousand Thunder Swords, you should protect the one you think is stronger.

 As if to return the favor, he says.

 <He is ready to unleash both the Purple Thunderbolt and the Thunderbolt Sword at the same time.
 <You can't get away from the fact that you're not going to be able to get to the top of the list.

 I'm not going to be able to get rid of it.

 As long as Revein Gilma can't wield it at this zero distance, no matter how you look at it, it's one move too late, and he wants to say he'll take one of them.

''Time is up!''

 Celis unleashes the Gavest and wields the Universal Lightning Sword at the same time.

"Did you think that just because it's at zero distance, you can't pull the sword out?

 The sphere's magic circle was slashed open, and then the blade of the Ten Thousand Thunder Swords was cut in half.

 Celis didn't break her smile, but her gaze was steely.

''.........Heh......This is the .......I wonder if this is the ........ .........?

Well spotted. I've superimposed the Veneziara on the Veneziara you just flicked off.

 Celis flipped me, a possibility, with the ten thousand lightning swords of a possibility, and prevented Revein Gilma.
 It's not just the fact that I'm at this zero distance, but also the possibility that I'm a little far away.

 Normally, that possibility, which would just disappear, was made a reality by casting a further on me.

 And so, taking advantage of the gap in Celis's thoughts that she thought Rivine Girma was stuck, she slashed through the spherical magic circle and the Ten Thousand Thunder Swords at the same time.

''Oh dear. <You have done an unbelievable job of applying the Veneziara to the Wave Body Covered Manifestation. I'm amazed, that's my son.

 He kicks me away, as if to escape from the Levine Girma's pause.
 When I prevented it, Celis recoiled and jumped back.

''Astonished? You look like you're supposed to be able to do this.

 With a pallid  At the same time, with the Wave Body Covered Manifestation (Veneziara), I flashed a flash of Revein Gilma.

 The blade of annihilation strikes his brain, right before he is about to--
 The purple lightning flashed.

 The Universal Thunder Sword Gaudgemon was catching Rivine Girma.
 Even the blade that should have been severed has been fully restored.

'I have no way of catching Revein Gilma head on, you must have thought.

 With a demonic eye tinted with annihilation purple, Revein Gilma's power was cut down and he flicked his blade away.
 At the same time, its fingertips were pointed at my face.

 The magic circle of the sphere has not been reconstructed.
 No, Celis used , and the spherical magic circle of possibility has appeared there.

 The swollen purple electricity shot through me like a ray of light.
 The tangled electric current tried to burn the root source, and it instantly turned black.

 The Purple Electric Lightning (Gavest) rots and falls to pieces.

''You thought lightning wouldn't corrode,''

 <With the fingertips of the Root Source Death Killing (Bevsed), he drills a hole in Celis' belly.
 Fresh blood splatters and crimson lightning floods out like blood.

 I pull out my arm and shake off the scarlet electric red lightning that clings to me.

''Heh. Isn't that as good as it gets?''

 Celis said with a smug look on her face as she measured her timing.

''I'm aiming at a place that's not a bit different from the root cause wound I put on earlier. The root cause isn't always in the same place on your body. It's a great magical eye and magic.

 You've noticed.
 Well, it doesn't matter if you know what you're aiming for, though.

''Next time, I'll dig deeper. If it's at the deepest part of the root cause, even if we unleash the Extreme Prison Realm Annihilating Ashes of Fire Demon Cannon (Egil Groene Angdroa), the Scarlet Electric Red Lightning will prevent the outside world from being affected as much as possible. The world will not be destroyed either.

'That's your flaw. You are strong, but you don't have any control over your power. You can't take it seriously. But I'm able to focus all the available doomsday magic on a single point. Do you know what that means?

 Celis said, carrying a spare smile.

''It means I can unleash my world-collapsing-grade magic on your body and your roots only, without destroying this world.

Yeah? You think you're better than me.

That's what I meant.

 Kuhu laughs off the word.

'Funny. If there is such magic, let me show you. Whether it's true or not. That moment will decide your defeat.

 Giggling, Cerys laughs.

'You're my son, you know. I won't underestimate you that much. If I show you the magic above, you might learn it in that moment. I'm sure that the only time I'll ever show my true colors is when I'm sure to destroy you.

 Quite why, you say it so well.

 Fact or bluff?
 Either way, he can make me think he has a deep hand and keep me on the lookout for it.

 He's using the fact that I don't have a memory as an advantage nicely.

Besides, I don't have to take you seriously right now.

 Celis held the Universal Lightning Sword around her left shoulder and constructed a spherical magic circle again.

'Soon the canopy will fall. You don't know how Diedrich and Nafta are going to support it. But I'm sure they have a sneaking suspicion.

 Having uttered this, he continued further.

'The heroes of Agaha, who are said to be the celestial pillar-sword Verevim, the day of calamity, the sacrifice of the king's dragon, the sword of the nation and the cornerstone. If you think about it, you'll understand. They all lead to one.

 Celis said with a good-natured look on her face.

'That pillar of order that supports this subterranean ground is the end of the Agaha's child dragons. They will literally be the sword and foundation that will protect the nation. As promised to you, Diedrich will support that canopy. By dedicating his own roots and the roots of his cubs to be the pillars of this earth's foundation.

 He cast his gaze downward.
 In the distance, the Dragon Knights were marching to the High King's Castle with their dragons flying low.

''Sacrificing themselves and saving the world. They are very fine knights. They are proud and great, and I'm sure no one will be able to stop them. Even you, the Demon King of Tyranny, as they call him.

 So he cut it off here because Diedrich and the others would turn into the celestial pillar-supporting sword Verevim.

 That way, we can wipe out the knights of Agaha without much effort.

''Hmm. "Hmmm, if I let you out of my sight, I don't know what you'll do, but I don't have time to deal with you?

 Ceris doesn't reply, just looks at me flatly.


 I put my feet on top of the High King's Castle and quickly raised my hand.
 A few minutes ago, a thought transmission arrived.

"Unfortunately, I'm not alone.

 There was an object flying towards us in a straight line from far away.
 It was a person.

 Ka ka ka ka ka ka ka ka ka ka ka, the sound of laughter gradually began to echo louder and louder.

"Ka ka ka ka ka ka ka ka ka ka ka ka ka! Assault, assault, assault!

 Along with the twenty divine swords Lord Yueye, the one who plunged in from the head was the Cutthroat King Erdmead.

 He must have asked Naya for help. He has already manifested the Heavenly Father God's divine body.

''What about it?''

 The purple flames drew a magic circle there as a shield for Celis.
 It is the magic of
 Just like being caught in a net, Erdmeade and Lord Yueye, who rushed there, were hit by the that Celis released.

 The fluttering wings of the dragon and soaring up were more than one hundred Gadeisiola's soldiers, forbidden soldiers.

 They carried spears and dampened the magic of the Erdomade with the magic of .

'Your men are all accounted for. How many of them did you invite here? Let's get it together and deal with them anyway.

Well, some people do things I don't tell them to do.

 <I turn my gaze to the eldmade who is caught in the net of the High Flame Plague.

''So how many of you are there, Eldmaed?

 The Cutthroat King, with blood dripping from his mouth, said with a breathless look on his face.

 That far away shone brightly.

There are more than 5,000 of them!

 Celis turned around with a start.
 There was a huge purifying fire rolling around.

''........Chanting Flame? The Geordal Order.

 Celis quickly evaded the chanting flames that rose up as if to impale the heavens from a long distance.

 Taking advantage of the opportunity, Erdmeade slipped out of the and assembled on his back.

''Exactly! Isn't it enough to make you sorry for being too little to deal with you? Hey, Cerise Voldigord.

You've been messing around, haven't you? I don't know how the Order moved out of state for a pope who failed to fulfill his 150 years of prayer.

 The chanting flames were released from the depths of the earth again, engulfing all the eldom-mades and Ceris.
 The forbidden soldiers scattered, but about ten percent of them were hit.

It's not a good idea to play around with them. But he didn't just solemnly tell the Heavenly Father that the man you think might be the Almighty Gleam, Anos Voldigordo, is going to retrieve the Pope who was taken away from you!

 The second and third shots were fired, and Eldmeadow and Celis were pushed upward by the momentum of the chanting flames.

'This purification fire. It's a good idea to see who has more resistance, me as a god or you as a demon.

 The chanting flames of the fourth and fifth shots engulfed them, and so they soared in the air.
 There is a canopy of rippling water.

'Oh my God, are you insane? If you hit that one, you're not going to get away with it either, okay?

This is what makes it interesting. Celis, if you are truly the enemy of the Demon King, you would not have survived. If I wanted to stand in front of him, I'd be able to get over this Cutthroat King's corpse with ease!

 At the gap that had become permanent and indestructible, Eldmead and Ceris rushed into the gap with vigor while being pushed by the chanting flames.

''Kakka, it's a ball shatterer, ball shatterer, ball shatterer!