310-Dreaming of an uncertain future

 The High King's Castle, the pillar room.

 Arcana uses to change the High Dragon and bury the Via Flare in the snow wards. It will be only a matter of time before it is completely sealed off, at the earliest.

 In her vision, she could see Pope Gorloana praying to the gods and Diedrich, the sword emperor, staring at the heavens.

 Nafta, the future god, stood beside them.
 Diedrich lowered his gaze and stared at the celestial pillar-sword Verevim.

''........Hey, Demon King or.......''

 POTTER, Diedrich muttered.
 'I can hear you,' he thought, 'and I never doubted that there was hope.

'I never doubted that there was hope for the best,'

 He speaks to Verevim as he walks towards him.

'I wished there was such an ideal path for all to survive. I hoped to be able to create such a path for the future, if not for now.

 Step by step, Diedrich stepped forward loosely but forcefully, as if remembering the steps he had taken so far.

'It is the best that I have been able to foresee with Nafta's divine eye and accumulate. But if the prophecy is to be overturned, then one day I will have to challenge the hope I saw with my own eyes.

 Perhaps the fact that he speaks of it now is proof that he knows the end.

There was supposed to be hope here," he said, "but in the end, there was only hope in the darkness of the impossible. "There was supposed to be hope here, but in the end, I may have just assumed that there was hope in the darkness of the impossible.

 Diedrich stopped as he reached the broken celestial pillar bracelets.

'The day of calamity is coming. The pillars of order will break and the canopy will fall. The pillars of order will break and the canopy will fall. Sooner or later the canopy will fall again. Our descendants will sacrifice their lives to this land.

 Grudgingly, Diedrich clenched his fists and gritted his teeth.
 I could see the anger in his eyes, angry at his own helplessness.

''This was supposed to be the end of it. This generation's little dragon is the final sacrifice. We didn't want to leave this cruel fate to the descendants of the Agaha, the atrocious fate of continuing to give our lives to support the canopy. We wanted to end it all with us.

 Diedrich's expression was filled with unfulfilled thoughts.

''.........It didn't come true. I can only say it's a shame...

 He slammed his fist down hard on the Heavenly Pillar Strut Sword.
 There was a violent sound and pieces of the sword tumbled down in pieces.

''I'm sorry, demon king. This is the fault of Prophet Diedrich, who did not choose the best future. If you had seen the future, or perhaps this could have been changed.

 With a hint of regret, the Sword Emperor of Agaha said.

''I've lost my way. I was not worthy of the Sword Emperor of Agaha.''

 Gritting his teeth gingerly, he looked straight ahead, trying to shake off the past.

'Let's clean up that mess one last time and be gone. Hopefully, you'll be able to overturn my prophecy!

 With a look of determination on his face, Diedrich looked over his back and said a few words to the god who had chosen him.

'Nafta. You have been a good companion to me to this day. I'm sure you'll be able to find a way to make it work. I should thank you for that.

 The Future God doesn't respond, just listens to his words.

'This is my last wish.'

 Cutting off the words, Diedrich gulped.
 Holding back the melancholy that threatened to spill over, he spoke resolutely as a king.

'Take care of the Agaha.'

 Unable to look at Nafta's silent face, Diedrich looked punished.

''I'm sorry. After all, it seems I was the same as the other Sword Emperor. A foolish prophet who couldn't bear the weight of prophecy and hoped for an impossible future.''

 Then, for the first time there, Nafta opened her mouth.


 The sound is soft and denies Diedrich's words.

'Naftah assures you. You are the true prophet. The only one who has seen the best until the end, and who, with his naked eyes, has seen the same future as Nafta.

 Slowly, Diedrich turned around.
 Nafta had opened his divine eye.

'This is not the darkness of the impossible. This is the best future that Nafta's divine eye can reach. I didn't show you just this future.

 Diedrich gulped.
 His expression was tinged with surprise.

''........Nafta's divine eye has a blind spot.......''

 Diedrich said, as if fearful.
 Nafta nodded clearly.

'It is as the Demon King said. There was a blind spot in Nafta's divine eye that I gave you.'

 Diedrich couldn't hide his surprise, but as if he had a point to make, he uttered a voice that said, ''Oh.

''................'' Indeed, the Demon King said........

 He says, as if recalling what he had said on the balcony of the Sword Emperor's Royal Palace.

'When a prophet utters a prophecy, it becomes easier to overturn it. If the future you see is a bad one, then act like it's not a reality...

 Why didn't Nafta show him just this future?
 It would be easy to imagine.

'The only reason I don't speak of the prophecy is because I desperately want to make that future a reality, for me and for Nafta as well, or...'

 If Naftah had a prophecy that he really didn't want to overturn, he wouldn't tell the prophet about it.
 He is like Diedrich who would not tell his people the prophecy if he knew that a bad future was coming.

 Because of his trust in her, Diedrich didn't realize that he had a blind spot in his own divine eye.

'The Demon King led me to that blind spot in this way, just as he had spoken. Now we will be able to reach the future that was not reflected in Nafta's divine eye.

Does that mean ... that I'm not the only one with a blind spot in Nafta's divine eye?

 Nafta nodded clearly.

'The order of the Future God is the order that governs the future. Nafta's very existence maintains the order of the future. Hence, there is a blind spot in Nafta's divine eye as well. The present, which Nafta cannot see, cannot be seen as the future, even by Nafta in an earlier time.

 Nafta says in a stern voice.

'In other words, a future in which Nafta does not exist is certainly different from a future in which Nafta exists. And not in this divine eye.

 Nafta's order will be a factor in determining the future.
 If she disappears, the future in all directions will also disappear.

'Please close this divine eye forever. Then, in your place, let Nafta be the pillar that supports this underground.

'.........to support that rampaging canopy. The more columns, the better....

'Turning into the celestial pillar-silver Verevim is something only a child dragon can accomplish. The only thing Nafta can do is to shoulder the future of the Selectmen. If that happens, you will lose your future as a pillar of order.

 In other words, only Diedrich or Nafta can be the pillar of order.


 Nafta used on the celestial pillar bracelets.
 What he saw there was the figure of the dragon knights marching towards the High King's Castle.

 With a desperate look on their faces, they controlled their mounted dragons and were advancing forward.

''Commander, there's a Phantom Knights ahead!

 'Yes,' said First Officer Goldor.

'I don't care. We'll keep going through.

They're going to force their way through in front of that number...?

We're running out of time! Look, the canopy is about to fall! The Sword King should be waiting in the castle. We have to get there as soon as possible!

 Following Nate, Sylvia, the Deputy Commander, said.

''Today is the day of the plagues in the Agaha's prophecy! If we don't get to it, it's the end of the underground!

 Sylvia's father, Ricardo, says

'One wish for life, one wish for the sword, now is the time to overthrow the prophecy! We must trust in the Sword King! He prepares the stage for this knight's pride to be martyred! I'm not afraid of death anymore!

 Nate nodded broadly, indicating his agreement.

'Well said, Ricardo. That's what I'm talking about, Knight of Agaha!

 Nate raised his voice, and the mounted white dragon led the way.

Grasp the sword and trust the god within you. We are now ready to face the challenge. Let this pride and bravery roar into the future of hope!

 The knights shouted in unison.


Let's go!

  With a fierce yell, the dragon knights kicked out the enemies in front of them and pushed forward to the High King's Castle.

 Nafta is lined up beside the Sword Emperor, who is watching the scene between the pillars.

They will definitely reach the High King's Castle. They will then risk their lives and become the pillars of the earth's depths that support the canopy.

 Diedrich looks at Nafta's face.

'Naftah, too, will share their fate. The last will not be a god who tells the prophet the future, but a knight of the Agaha who serves you. That is the only future Nafta wanted to reach out of the tens of millions of futures.

 Staring straight into the Lord's face, Nafta said.

'I wanted to keep this future in the past.

I see.

 In a low voice, Diedrich says.

'Diedrich is a true king. Even if there is no prophecy, you have looked forward with your noble eyes and arrived at this future. One life sword, one wish, you have pierced yourself, and indeed, God must have dwelt in your sword.

 Nafta tells Diedrich.
 Why he must survive.

'In a future of chaos without Nafta, the Sword Emperor Diedrich will be able to lead the people of Agaha correctly.

 Then Nafta smiles slightly.

'Maybe, surely,'

 It is an obscure word that she knows everything and can only utter once in her lifetime.
 The future God wanted to see such a fuzzy future, he said.

'The prophecy may not have been overturned. But, Diedrich. You are going to have to go through a lot of death. Keep on going down this royal path.

 Diedrich certainly nodded at those words.

'Nafta begs,'

  Kandakuizolte contorted languidly and turned into a sword.
 Taking it in her hand, she said.

''My lord Diedrich. I hope you will live to see the future that this God's Eye cannot reach.

 Staring at Nafta, he nodded again.

'My knight Nafta.'

 In response to her thoughts, the Sword Emperor Diedrich said, heroically and proudly, like a king.

'It was a good cause. It was a good cause, and you have served this imperfect king to this day. I shall be proud of your loyalty and your devotion.

 Nafta saluted as the knights of Agaha had done, bringing the sword of Kandakuizolte to his chest.

'This is the last prophecy. When the Dragon Knights pass through the main gates of the High King's Castle, the heroes of the Agaha will turn their bodies into swords and become the foundation for the support of this subterranean ground. Surely it will be for ever.

 The sword of Kandakuizolte in Nafta's hand shattered and its crystal fragments covered the place.
 It engulfed the entire High King's Castle and spread outward.

''I sentence you to the opening of the Supreme World.

 <The order of the future god enveloped most of Gadeisiola, which was surrounded by the Four Realms Wall (Benno Yevhen).