311-Thoughts that are inherited

 Low and low, the Dragon Knights fly.
 From in front of me, a magical bombardment is released like a rainstorm.

 It's a jet black sun, .
 Against the simultaneous radiation by the Phantom Knights, Nate came to the front and deployed the .

 The magic power turned into a huge dragon form like a sacred mountain, and it catches the shots from the Gio Glaze one after another.

 Even if you are a child dragon, there is no way you can get through this concentrated fire by the demon race from two thousand years ago without being hurt. It's a good idea to be able to have a good time with them.

 However, none of his subordinates from Sylvia on down would leave the room behind.
 I think there is trust in them. Nate, the leader of the group, took the lead. Then, no matter how difficult it is, he will always pave the way.

 All you have to do is believe in it and wait for Nate's next order.


 Receiving all of the magic bombardment pouring down, Nate pressed on to the Knights of the Phantom Name without letting his subordinates in the rear line get hit by a single shot.

 And so, while emitting an uncanny spirit, Nate finally caught the enemy in his own space.

''Dragon technique--''

 He takes a thrusting stance while riding on the dragon and concentrates the on the tip of it.

''-- !

 It was just like a dragon assault from the Spiritual Peak.
 A thrust that laid waste to everything that stood in front of them blew away dozens of phantom knights standing in front of them.

''All units charge!

 With Nate's command, a yell goes up from the dragon knights.

"Commander Nate has opened the way. Charge in full, kick the enemy to the curb!

 His second-in-command, Gordeau, says.
 The white different dragons carrying the Dragon Knights line up alongside Nate and break through the Gadaishiola's soldiers in a single mass.

 Sylvia's wind blade blew out and cut down all the phantom knights.

 The power of the demon race was not weak enough to be beaten unilaterally, but their deadly assault could not be stopped.

 The Dragon Knights broke through the enemy's formation laid out in front of them and captured the High King's Castle built in the capital city of Galadenagua in sight.

 However, there were more soldiers there than they had just broken through, filling both the ground and the sky.
 They possessed dragon wings, horns and claws, and held spears in their hands. They are the forbidden soldiers of Gadeisiola.

 I'm not sure I'll be able to find a way to make it work.
 I'm sure you'll be able to find out more about this.

Prepare the dragon gun!


 All the knights of Agaha put their magic into the reins of the dragon they rode on.
 The jaws of the white dragon open and red flames flood out there.

''Let go!

 The scorching hot breaths released from the white dragon swallowed and burned the bodies of the forbidden soldiers laying down the defensive line.

''The enemy's right flank is stretched thin! I'm going to break through at this point!

 Flying in single file formation, the Dragon Knights pushed forward into the hole in the right wing of the forbidden soldiers.

 But suddenly, a towering dark wall appeared in front of them.
 No, it was countless high dragons that could be mistaken for walls.

 The burned forbidden soldiers turned into ashes, and each grain of ashes was transformed into a High Dragon.
 There were thousands or tens of thousands of them - or even more.

 It was as if despair was covering them, and the High Dragon, which was nestled in the country, stood in front of them.

''Do not be frightened! There's no need to destroy it! If we can break through here and reach the High King's Castle, we've won!

 In return for the earlier return, the High Dragons on the ground and the High Dragons in the sky all opened their mouths in unison, drooling purple flames.

 As such, they all spat out purple breaths at the approaching dragon knights in unison.

 With a roaring sound, the deployed by Nate and Sylvia burns.

 As expected of a dragon knight, even if it is a child dragon, the amount of material is too different.
 <It is not a good idea to have an all in one place.

''My own...! What the hell is going on here? A knight's name will be broken if he falls in the middle of his ambition!

 With the full force of his magic, Nate shakes off the breath.
 He turns his gaze to a corner of the Gadaishiola army.

 Nuttily, darkness had appeared there.
 Furthermore, a comparable number of high dragons have come to reinforce and are preparing a breath sweep towards the dragon knights.

 If they rushed in at this rate, death was inevitable.
 As expected, they also stopped in their tracks.

 That was the time.

''--Heroes of Agaha, don't be afraid.''

 The voice that rang out belonged to their country's god, Nafta.
 At the same time, countless crystal fragments sparkled and covered the wilderness.

 It was as if the world was being repainted.

''The localized future will manifest in this real space.

 The crystal shards formed a sword shape before Nate, which turned into the sword of Kandakuizolte that Nafta had used.

 The sword had appeared before each and every knight of the Agaha, one by one.

'If there is one future that will not be burned, there is no fire to burn you.'

 Crystal shards covered the knights' armor, and the blessings of the future gods dwell there.

''If there is one future to cut through, there is no way to avoid your blades. If there is one chance in ten thousand for you to win, there is no way for you to lose.''

 A shard of crystal entered their eyes and it turned into a pseudo-god's eye.
 The power of the limited world is also exerted on this reality, bringing its benefits to the entire Dragon Knight Order.

You will be able to see the future of victory in this supreme world that is confined to struggle, the future of victory is already in sight for all of us in the Dragon Knight's army. This is the miracle of Nafta, the god of the future, for those of you who rode through the battlefield together.

 The voice of that god echoes in the wilderness.

'Naftah prophesies. The heroes of Agaha. You will triumph.'

 Immediately afterwards, purple breaths radiated from countless high dragons towards the dragon knights.

 Dragon flames that covered the wilderness, burning everywhere and everywhere, and turning everything into ashes in the blink of an eye.

 But they and the white dragon they were driving were there.
 It was as if the flames avoided their bodies, the future was limited and would not burn them.

 As if to catch the High Dragon perturbed by its surprise, a fierce roar was heard from afar.

 <The one that broke through the wall of the Four Realms Wall (Benno Yevhen) and flew in from beyond was a huge, different dragon.
 This is the dragon that we saw in Agaha.

 The high dragons unleash their breath at that huge dragon that is rushing at them, but its flames are limited and it avoids the king dragon of Agaha.
 On the contrary, the King Dragon spat out white flames and wiped out the High Dragon in front of him.

 The future, limited in the Supreme World, interfered with the power of the High Dragon, preventing it from even multiplying.
 Poking through the hole in the fabric, the High Dragon descended to the High King's Castle in one fell swoop.

 The meaning of this must have been well understood by the knights of Agaha.

''Commander Nate,''

 Ricardo said.

'Apparently, I can accompany you, too.

 It means giving birth to another baby dragon to support the canopy, right here and now.
 By offering a sacrifice to the king dragon.

''It may be a harsh responsibility for a newborn baby dragon, but...''

 Then his second-in-command, Gordeau, said.

'The next cub has a dragon core. My brother Metis. If he is a Knight in Arms, he will serve you well.

 Ricardo nodded, and this time he turned to Sylvia.


We won't let you go alone. We'll do our part together.


 Nate turned his magical eyes to the gates of the distant High King's Castle and raised the Sword of Canda Quisolte high.

''To all the troops. From now on, the Agaha Dragon Knights will go to the land of the dead. This is the one road that will not retreat behind. No one will return alive.

 Nate said emphatically, as if to shake off the fear of death.

'We stood on this battlefield willingly! We have forged ahead on this knightly path because we wanted to! Now, in that place, we have the honor we set out to achieve!

 They just look forward.
 They just look forward to the place they have set their sights on and the end of it.

Then let's run with them, laughing and laughing as we go through this pride.

 As if to take the lead, the dragon carrying Nate took off.
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 They have been in the same boat as the other two, but they are nowhere to be found.

 The Supreme World limited the knights of Agaha to slashing and burning through the supreme dragons in the blink of an eye to make a breakthrough.

''Let's go!

 Breaking through the High Dragon's formation, they gained a lot of speed as they accelerated into the future.
 Entering the city of Garadenagua, they flew low and ducked from the High Dragon's Breath.

 Then, as if sewing, they flew between buildings, and the High King's Castle came into view in their vision.

''--Your thoughts and beliefs are brilliant.

 A voice came out of nowhere.

'But I can't let you go any further.

 A large area was unfolded to protect the High King's Castle, in the direction of the dragon knights' progress, the
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"Dragon technique--

 Nate's concentrates on its cutting edge.

''--Lingfeng Dragon Crushing Sword (Geddeolba)!

 With her right hand in front of her, she poured an immense amount of magical power into the and received the full force of the dragon knight's thrust.

 The collision sent violent particles of magic power flying, and the surrounding buildings crumbled and fell with a rattling sound.

''What do you think you're doing, Demon King's men. If you don't let us go, that canopy won't hold up. We and you have the same goal in mind!

We want the same thing, but on different paths. Our Demon King is arrogant. He has decreed that there will be no sacrifices.

 Slightly, Nate's sword was pushed into the .
 Missa made a grim expression.

''Besides, this is my situation as well. If I don't stop you here, there will be people who will be saddened.

 The Agaha knights caught up with them from behind and thrust their blades into the four walls of the wall.

 This is a very good thing, as it will help you to have a better understanding of what is going on.

 Finally, Sylvia's dragon flew in and thrust out the sword of Gaddez at Misa.

 Once again, the was flung off, and its magical barrier became the remaining two layers.

''That's enough, move!

 Sylvia says to Mass.

'No. 'I won't move,'

King Diedrich wouldn't be heartbroken if it wasn't for all the sacrifices that could be made to save the earth. That canopy can only be supported by pillars of order! Even if all the subterranean dragon people gathered together, it's not something that can be supported by force!

We have a demon king in our midst.

If the Demon King can do anything about it, there was a prophecy long ago! Just get out of my way!

 With a bash, the "Four Realms Wall (Benno Yevgen)" was slashed through, leaving only one layer left.
 Still, Mass does not retreat.

 Knights of the Agaha, one by one, crystal fragments gathered in front of each of them, which turned into the spear of Kandakizolte.

 They take it in their hands and prepare to throw it to the masses.

''Please ... Move aside. We can't draw our swords now........

Do what needs to be done without whining. You'll receive the full force of your efforts, and I will still win.

 Sylvia gives Misa a sad look.

'Let go!'

 Thirty-three spears of candaquizolte are thrown at the mass.
 They are localized and pass through the "Four Realms Wall (Benno Yevhen)".

 It's easy to avoid. But at that moment, the magic power that continues to pour into the
 Misa would not move and stand in front of them.
 Then, the spears of Kandakuizolte stabbed into her entire body one after another.

''........Stupid......stupid........! In this supreme world, doing that will only buy us a few seconds of time, and it won't stop us! You know that much!

 She says, bleeding.

''Well we can't just retreat...''

 While being pierced through her entire body by Kandakuizolte's spear, she still stood there and poured all her magic power into the magic barrier.

''........We're serious too. The canopy is about to fall down. So what's the point of it all? Neither the Demon King nor him, none of us have given up. This is not even worth it...

 Nate issued a command and the entire dragon knight group was enveloped by the .

''........If you guys say you're going to lay down your lives and save the underground, then we'll risk our lives and save everything......

 In a moment, the Dragon Knights looked like a single giant dragon.

 Before that assault, the last burst forth.
 The momentum of the entire squad thrusting forward could not be killed, and the immense power of the ran over Misa and bounced her off.

 At that time, she laughs.

 Missa's body, which was flying in the air, was slammed to the ground.


 For a moment, Sylvia looked at Misa, then shook her head and looked forward.
 The girls had finally arrived at the gates of the High King's Castle.

 Without killing the momentum as it was, the knights jumped down from the dragon.
 The white different dragon flew up into the sky and set up a defensive line of defense, hoping not to let the High Dragon interfere with the dragon knights.

 Immediately, Nate said.

''We're going in.''

 He takes a step forward.
 With a gurgling sound, the main gate of the High King's Castle slowly opens.

 As if on alert, the Dragon Knights hold their swords at the ready.
 A man walked in from behind the gate.

''-- Yesterday's drinking feast was very enjoyable.

 A quiet, melancholy voice echoed in the background.

'You guys were drinking harmoniously. You seemed to be having so much fun, like you were chewing on some random piece of happiness.

 The one who appeared there was Rey.
 He carried the Spirit Godman Sword in his right hand.

''Very familiar, very familiar.''

 Gently he releases the words.

'It was a very sad sight.'

 Sylvia and Nate were about to charge in at once, but they were too pressured by his gaze to step out.

'Two thousand years ago, we were the same way. The soldiers of Gailladite, who could die at any moment in the battle against the demon race, were really enjoying the revelry from the bottom of their hearts, thinking that today was their last day. Making a lot of noise like a fool.

 Ray muttered, his voice trembling slightly.

''........like an idiot, enjoy.......''

 He walked through the gates and stood in front of the Dragon Knights.

'You all knew the end was just around the corner.

 Sylvia confronted him and opened her mouth.

'Yes. That's the knight of the Agaha, who gave you the prophecy.

'I guess that's why you don't like love anymore. Because if you fall in love, you're leaving behind someone you love.

Don't stop me now. We will defend our country. We will die and become the foundation of this earth. This is the pride of our Agaha knights, passed down from our ancestors for all time.

 Ray took a few steps forward and stood in front of them.

'I know exactly how you guys feel. I did the same thing a long time ago. I did it to protect my friends. I wanted to save the world. I wanted to protect my friends. I wanted to save the world and make sure it all worked out just the way it should. I was brave, and I wanted to die.

 Quietly, Ray said.

But that was a mistake. But it was a mistake. It's a sad fight with no hope. That's what I learned from the friends I tried to protect.

 Looking straight at Sylvia, he sincerely appeals to her.

'From a real brave man.'

Out of the way, Ray. We're running out of time. Look at that canopy! We are about to fall. Our king waits for you at the back of the castle. Look ... we've shared a drink together, we've fought together for peace, haven't we?

 Sylvia holds up her sword.
 There is no time to discuss it.

 I'm sure he's going to do everything in his power to get through, just as he did at Mass.

Let me go. "Let me go," he said, "to protect Agaha and this subterranean.

 Ray would know their thoughts and feelings as well, painfully well.
 And that words alone will not stop them.

 Holding his holy sword, he said to the knights of Agaha with firm determination.

I will not let you go. I will not let you go, to protect you and all of you.