307-Unsuccessful past mistakes

 While Arcana frowned slightly, he released the Snow Moon Flower from his palm.
 It turned into the Divine Snow Sword Lokoronoto and severed the head of the bitten High Dragon.

''Ah, ahhh, ahhh, ahhh!

 There are three dragon heads left that are biting Arcana.
 She swings down her Lokoronoto.

''........Wah, my God Arcana, please have mercy on me.......?

 At Ahide's words, Arcana stopped her sword with a snap.
 It seems that he hasn't been completely controlled by his consciousness.

''This High Dragon's head is my very roots at the earliest. Arcana, please have mercy, please have mercy on me. I will change my mind and walk the path of salvation from now on. I beg you to spare my life, my life only...!

 The dragon's fangs dug into Arcana's body, trying to eat away at the order.
 Ahide crawled to his knees and pleaded with Arcana to get down on his knees.

'Ahide the oracle. This is the last salvation I give you.

Oh ... oh ... oh, how precious your words, God, thank you.

 Arcana turned the divine snow sword Rokoronoto into a snow moon flower.
 As it did so, it rained snow all around him, trying to freeze Ahide.

 At that moment, he grinned and laughed.

''Do it, High Dragon!

 The High Dragon's head that had been bitten by Arcana grew huge as it looked up and opened its mouth to swallow her whole.

''As usual, you are an irredeemable man.

 As I say it, I unleash the .
 The black lightning fangs bite the high dragon and shred its roots.

 One or two dragon heads disappeared, and the moment the bit into the third dragon head, a purple lightning ran.

 A tremendous amount of purple electricity poured out of the High Dragon's body, drowning out the in the blink of an eye.

 The High Dragon swallowed the Arcana whole with a snap as it was.
 Instantly, my magic eye caught two familiar magic powers.

 Ahide stood up and fluffed up as if the pain had never been there in the first place, and smiled high.

'I got it back. I got it back, my God! Let's just get on with it, Hail dragon! I will turn that little girl's power, and the order of God, into my power, every bit of it!

 That high dragon churned out of Ahide's back.
 Its tail is connected to his back, and it emits intense purple electricity from its entire body with beatings.

 It's impossible not to know who that magic power, which has no intention of hiding, belongs to.

''Hmm. I see. So you made a deal with Cerise when you were taken away from Agaha.

 Spreading its wings wide, a huge high dragon floats in the air.
 Its tail extends long, still sharing it with Ahide's back.

''Yes, that's right, nonconformist. You and Gadeisiola were originally haves and have-nots, you know.''

 When Ahide looked at Viaflea, she smiled lecherously.

'After all, children are no match for their parents. Whatever you do, it's like you're in the palm of Boldinos' hand.

What are you talking about?

'Oh, I wonder if he hasn't noticed. The long underground struggle has been settled. As you can see, the order of the Integral God Elrolarielom has just been devoured by the High Dragon.

 The High King's Castle was shaken as a violent earth-shaking sound was heard with a d, gogogogogoh, and the High King's Castle was shaken.
 It was the canopy that was trembling. It stirred the air and transmitted a force that shook the castle.

''It's time for the end of the Selection Judgment! Finally, oh, finally! It's finally happening. Boldinos' longing is now...! His love is going to come back...!

 Looking up at the sky from the vaulted ceiling, the canopy was slowly falling apart like a crumbling block of wood.

 Viaflair watched the scene with an ecstatic expression.

''Hmm. So, the first agent who carried the order of the God of Reconciliation, Elrolarielom, in his body was Arcana.''

 I say as I look at the High Dragon that swallowed Arcana.

'It is correct to say that she is Militia, the creator god, if you only look at her order. The order that was lost due to Militia's reincarnation was made up for by her first representative, Arcana. However, the replacement order cannot be completely restored, so the Moon of Creation has lost its original brilliance.

 Arcana, God's representative, however, tried to disobey the order and was called the disobedient god Genudunub.
 'So since the delegate has the divine order, he can also be a selective god?

'Yes, that's right. The disobedient god Genudunub renounced the name of God, renounced his memory, and deceived himself as well, becoming a nameless god called Arcana. He followed his own hatred and deceived everything around him to achieve his goal.

 'Haha,' laughed Viaflair.

'But that's too bad. 'Boldinos was one better. She will be denied her wish without recalling her memories, and then the selection judges will end. All but Gadesiola will perish, and he will get his love back!

'Huh, huh, huh, hahahahahahahahahaha! You see, nonconformist. You've lost. And we've won! You can't do anything but watch your own country perish with your fingers in your mouth as you lose your God!

 This is a big deal and Ahide lets out a lowly laugh.

''Oh, I really do feel great! I'm not going to let a foolish man who believes himself to be invincible face defeat! If only you had killed me right then and there, none of this would have happened! Don't you look like an idiot?

I can't help it, and your knotty eyes haven't changed, ahide.

 I gave him some advice, but he snickered at it.

'Hahaha, look what you say, you're a sore loser--Gyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

 The High Dragon's tail was slashed open and split off from Ahide.

''I could take care of you on my own. I'll have someone worthy to decide how you end up.''

I'm an idiot and after all this time, it's only a short walk back to normal.

 The shape of the detached High Dragon distorted languidly, it turned into a single divine snow sword Lokoronoto.


 Seeing the power that penetrated the anti-magic and turned the High Dragon into a sword without question, Ahide was astonished.


 I went in there and said.

"I leave it to you to deal with this man. Do with him what you will, relief or punishment, Arcana.

 A flake of snow and moonflower falls, and Arcana appears there.
 A magic circle is floating in her eyes.

 It was the same as Aisha's .


 Viaflair says, sounding intimidated.

''........Because Boldinos said. If the memory of the Betrayal God doesn't return, the power of Averniu, the God of Destruction, can't be used by the order of the Creator God alone, the magic eye of the Betrayal God can't be used.

 Arcana turned her magic eye (eye) to Viaflare.

''.........I thought, I put out........the Betrayal God......''

 Nodding, she said.

'I'm sure you've been duped.

 Arcana said and drew the divine snow sword stuck in the floor.

'I am Genudunub, the god of deceit and betrayal. The god of disobedience has lied. He said that he would not regain his memory until he joined hands with Ceris and the winner of the Selection Judgment was decided. You and Cerys took advantage of that, and betrayed him. But I never believed in anything in the first place. I was only trying to make this wish come true, despite all the deceptions and shallow considerations.

 She turned around and said sadly.

''Brother I have regained my name.

Did you get what you were looking for?

 Slowly, Arcana shook her head from side to side.

''All because of this moment, I have been lying to you. There is no time to tell the truth. So I want you to command me with your words. Don't let me betray you.

 Urgent emotions swirled in Arcana's chest.
 It's as if the memories and emotions I remembered are ravaging each other with her thoughts until now.

 When Arcana sends her magic power, a selection bead appears on my finger.
 It was shining.

"I will abide by the pact I made with you.

Hmm. Well, it's just as I said. Ahide was your chosen one. I leave it to you to deal with him. You can give this poor man his own salvation or punishment.

 A magic circle was drawn on the pact pearl, as if a pact was being made, and then it disappeared.
 Arcana rolled her eyes and looked at me.

 I'm not going to be able to say a word about it, but she still didn't speak.

'We've already made a pact. I believe in you. I won't change that now.

 Your kindness is something I will never doubt.
 Yes, that's what I swore to Arcana in the first place.

 I'm not going to need a second pact.

 It's a good thing that you're able to get a good deal more out of it.

'....I'll do as my brother says...'

 Arcana walked towards Ahide and stopped in his tracks.
 Then she thrust her sword at his throat.

''Oh ... oh my God ... Arcana-sama ...''

 Ahide laughed, with a sneer on his face.

''I repent. Oh, that High Dragon is nestled in my roots, and I had no choice but to listen to the Gadeisiola's men.......I really didn't want to do this, I didn't want to do this.......!

 Ahide's eyes filled with tears and he pleaded with Arcana to squirm.

'No one, I didn't want to kill you! I wanted to repent! And yet...!

 It's a very realistic performance.

"Lift up your face, Ahide. I have found a way to save the irredeemable you.

"Oh, oh...! 

Well said.

 The Divine Snow Sword Lokoronoto pierced through Ahide's chest.

''Ugh, gaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Ka..........god.......yo......what are you doing.......?

'You will freeze, and you will be sacrificed to the king dragon. The child dragon that will be born in time will be a hero who will save the Agaha. You will be gently reborn.

"..........you are not worthy of being a hero! I beg you to reconsider. A person like me, a person with rotten humanity like me, is not worthy of being a hero, even if he or she were to be reborn!

Was he lying when he said he would do whatever it took?

'Ugh, I'll never lie, but that won't save me! I would like to straighten out the path of redemption with my diminutive self, not with such a high status!

 In other words, he would not want to die.

'Ahide, if you truly believe in me and repent, Lokoronoth will return to his former form as a high dragon.

I repent! I have faith in you! With all my heart!

 Ahide screamed, but the wound froze, and it spread rapidly.

'Words are not enough. Faith means nothing unless you truly believe it.

 The lower half of Ahide's body is completely frozen, and that extends to the upper half of his body.
 All that's left is the top of his neck.

''.........Wah, I understand! I swear! I have faith! Here's the proof!

 Ahide used the magic of the Covenant (Zekt) and immediately signed it.
 The content was to believe in Arcana as a god. If you disagree with it, he will offer you his life.

'Ahide, I acknowledge your faith.

 When he patted down his chest in relief, a crack appeared in the wound where Lokoronoto had stabbed him.
 The cracks gradually spread to his entire body.

''Hey.........! Why? 

 He looked around and frantically tried to think of some way to save himself.

''Mi, Future God, and Sword Emperor of Agaha! You can't let me die! Isn't that right!

 By the time Ahide shouted that, Nafta had already turned the Kandakizolte into a spear.

''O Genudunub, God of Disobedience,'' Nafta objects. If Ahide is destroyed, it will be Ricardo who will be sacrificed to the king dragon. Deliver him to me as an ice statue.

 The spear of Kandakizolte is pointed at Arcana.

'Don't interfere with my god's salvation, Nafta. Surely that would save Ricardo, though. Arcana says he will have mercy on that irredeemable man, too.

Kandakuizolte will have her skewered to death.

Then open your God's eye, and there is no future where the spear can reach. There is no future where your spear can reach.

 When Nafta was about to put his magic power into the , Diedrich controlled it with his hand.

''That'll do.''

 As he said it, Nafta returned Kandakizolte to his crystal again.

'Naftah follows the Prophet,'

Oh no... no... no... no... no... no...

 Ahide speaks up, as if he's in a bind.

"...wait...! Wait, my God Arcana! What do you think of this? What the hell does that mean?

'The salvation for you will be through perdition. The only salvation is that its roots are once shattered and the soul is reincarnated and reborn according to nature. In whatever form it may take.

'What? That's not what you said! What kind of a relief is it that I am no longer me? I did indeed swear. You were right! You told me that if I believed in you, I would return to my former High Dragon! This is the same whether you believe in it or not! Do you think God would allow such a lie?

 Sadly, Arcana looked at Ahide.

'Ahide the oracle. Isn't this what you have been forcing on others?

 Ahide's face was tinged with despair as he said these words.

''The crime you have committed has only come back to you. Then, with this sword, I will engrave retribution on your soul. To you, who, like me, are full of betrayal and deceit, this path of redemption alone will be your sad salvation.

"...No, no, please don't.......God! Please don't! This time I will change my mind! This time, the book--

 The snow and moonflower falls on his body.
 Each time it falls, it silently fills him with cold air.

 With a hint of death in the air.

''I don't want to die........! I don't want to die! Somebody, somebody help--

 Ahide's face freezes.


 Then he turned into a completely silent ice sculpture.

What's the god of it if we don't save everything and everyone? What is God if we can't create a world where everyone is happy?

 Arcana looked at the man who was irredeemable, saying as if he despised himself, and turned his gaze of pity on the man who was irredeemable.

''I wasn't even a god, just a substitute........ I'm sorry I couldn't save you properly.''

 A crack spread across Ahide's ice statue and he shattered into pieces.