Pablo Hetala Palace. Gardens.

 The queue had died out as the bread was sold out and there were no students in sight. I saw my mother and father preparing for the afternoon.

"Edges. Be alert. Something is coming.'

 <At the same time as he sent out a thought transmission, Yggess held the Red Blood Demon Spear Dhid'atem in his hand.

"Ma'am, you don't move there!

 Mom turns at the sound of Yggess's voice.
 Faster than that. 


 And then an eerie voice rang out.

 A blade of curse floats across Mom's body. But it didn't hurt.
 The tip of the magic spear that Yeejus thrust out had disappeared.

''Red blood demon spear, the secret depth is one--''

 <A hole is made in the Zain and his voice is swallowed by it.


 After blocking the first move, Yeejus sits down and uses his ship's eye to find out where the person who aimed at his mother is.
 But I can't feel any magic in this garden.

"Is it the magic of the deep world? It's amazing how well you've been able to hide from my magical eye. But...

 The Dark Lord wielded the Red Blood Demon Spear.
 A red spear flash appeared in the empty space.

''You have not been able to hide your presence!

 With , Yeejus slashes through the signs he detects. While the magic is stripped away, the fellow barely avoided a direct hit from the magic spear.

 I'm not sure what to make of it.

 The magic of the "Kaelal" was used to slice through it. Even though it was detected, is the karma that hid a sign of presence due to the "thought parallel possession (rixness)"?

 If that's the case--

"A puppet is not a single piece of art.


 Yggess jumped back and stood in front of the purchasing cafeteria to protect her mother.

 The moment the tip of Dichid Atem disappeared, a great deal of blood poured out of Yggess's body.

''The Red Blood Demon Spear, the secret depths of the four--the Blood Gate.

 Four huge gates appeared in the north, south, east, west, and north-south directions, protecting the purchasing cafeteria.


 The Dark Lord pokes the armored doll in front of him. A magical doll from the world of Militia would be skewered with a single blow, but that one knocks away the spear three times.

''That's what puppets do,''

 For the fourth time, the doll was pierced in the head by the tip of the ear that was thrust backwards through time and space.

 A moment later, Yeejus flew directly to the side.
 His arm was ripped open by an invisible blade and blood dripped down.

 After all, there are other armoured dolls that are and transparent.

 The Dust World's  Are multiple worlds involved in this attack?

 Or is that just what I want you to think I'm doing with the magic I just saw?

 Misha, Ray and the others are in the second deep auditorium.
 As long as we're told to wait, if we get out of there in force, it will be a source of increased suspicion.

 I'll be in trouble too if I get out of the courtroom.

 I'd like to hope that Yeejus will be able to outrun them, but the number and strength of the enemy is unknown. If it comes down to it, we'll have no choice but to intervene.

"Blood drizzle.

 A drizzle of blood rained down on the garden as Yeges waved his severed arm.

 Next, the blood adhered to the transparent armoured dolls and their outlines were revealed.
 Sixteen in total. Is that the limit of parallel thinking? Or there might be an army of ambushers.


 The armored dolls beat away the red spear flashes.
 Even though they are magic dolls without any roots in them, they are quite strong.

''Let's get you to help us.

 Even as he battled with the armoured doll, Yeejus ran and clutched at the painting of the baby tiger that was inside the Blood Gate.


 Grabbing the little tiger, the Dark Lord furiously throws it at him.

 Crying out, the little tiger Meityren wields the Silver Claws of Bursting Castle.

 There is no evading it.
 Causality took over, forcing the result that the armored dolls were slashed to pieces.

 At that moment, as a last resort, Yeges drilled a hole with his Dimensional Impulse and sent all sixteen of his armoured dolls flying away into the distance of time and space.

 Then a huge shadow covered Yggers' body.

 A quick glance above his head revealed a huge thought hammer raised in the air.

 The great deep magic of the Thought World Rynie Elyon, , the Great Hammer of Crushing Magick (Gorgon Dolla Gadengus), crushed the giant blood gate.

 With a crushing sound, the four Blood Gates shattered with a crushing sound.

 While they exerted strong power against magic and magic, they did not cause much damage to the rest of the body.
 Protected by the flames that shot out of the Eques Kiln, Mom is unharmed.

 Then a black-green magic bullet flew in.

''Let it.''

 As he stood there, Ygess used Maytiren's painting as a shield for that magic bullet.

 The little tiger screamed out as it shrugged off the damage to the painting.
 The magic bullet was crushed to the extreme and then ricocheted back to the other side with great force.

 It was Coastoria's .


 The size of the magic bullets doubled in size at the same time as the scripture echoed out of nowhere.

 The reason why the increase in power when reflecting was greater than it was in the Deeper Auditorium was because the current increased the power of the gods who controlled the reflections and magic bullets.

 Furthermore, the ricocheting magic bullets that ricocheted back suddenly stopped in the empty space and began to crush.

 Perhaps there is a ward hidden in the Kaelal. If reflected again, the magic bullets would spike with tremendous power.

 <The Gorgon Dolla Gadengus appears above you again as if it were slowly lifted up.

 Simultaneous attacks by the magic bullets and the Great Iron Hammer.
 Yeges instantly made a decision.

 I'm not going to be able to say that I'm not going to be able to get the best out of it.

''Bring out the Picture Room!''

 From within the frame, a building emerges.
 It's a picture tower built with the power of Meitiren, the orderly of the castle construction.


 Yeges sent the tip of Dhiid Atem flying into the picture tower and supported it.

 With a thud, gaga gaga gaga, the great mallet smashed the picture tower while destroying the outer wall, the outer wall.
 But somehow it stopped.

 In the meantime, the reflected , the reflected , swelled up to a huge size, and slipped past the side of Yeejus with an unstoppable speed.

 The tip of the Dhiid Atem's tip disappears.
 Immediately afterwards, a great deal of blood poured out of Yggess's body.

''Red blood demon spear, the secret depth is four--''

 A gate will appear in the direction of the evil bullet.

"Blood Gate.

 If you block it, it will reflect, but it's incompatible with the Blood Gate, which flies beyond the space-time. It's because if you don't hit it, there's no way to reflect it.

 With a roar, the magic bullets that thrust forward passed through the Blood Gate.

 At the moment, Yeejus watched the demon eye.

 The magic bullets can't fly. <The evil rounds flew through the Blood Gate and came right in front of my mother.

''It's a little...!

 The next moment after Yeejus disappeared, he was catching a Rail Free El.

 You can't fly into the middle of the disturbed magic field with the transference (Gatom). Therefore, he thrust the Red Blood Demon Spear into his chest and sent his body with the tip of the spear towards the "Rail Free El".

 <Pushing into the , Yeejus' entire body was torn to pieces. Turning the overflowing blood into magical power, he focused his anti-magic.

 Immediately after--.

This is..........?

 <Yeejus's abdomen was pierced by a shadow sword that flew out from within the Disaster Abyss Black Hell Repellent Demon Bullet (Rail Freeel).

 It was the Ridiculous Sword Venuzdnoa.
 Because it destroyed the reason of the , the magic bullets passed through the gate.


 Dad's voice echoed from the purchasing cafeteria.
 He was clutching the Ten Thousand Thunder Swords.

''I don't care, while we're at it--guh, uh...!

 Blood poured out of the Dark Lord's mouth.

 The Ridiculous Sword went even deeper and was pushed into Yeejus' stomach.

 While it was about to penetrate her body and close in on her mother any moment now, the of the Disaster Abyss Black Hell Repellent Demon Bullet (Rail Freel)> began to make an eerie ringing sound.

''Commander (Isis)! My Lady...!

'Oh, oh! Isabella!

 Instantly, the popped and a flashy explosion erupted in the garden.

 Pressed by it, the Ridiculous Sword pierced through Yeejus's abdomen.
 In an attempt to chase after him, the moment the Dark Lord tried to fly with the power of the Red Blood Demon Spear - his ship's eyes caught the scene of Venuzdnoa being dyed in blood.

 Pota, pota, and red drops stained the ground.

''--Is this a strange magic sword, or is it magic?''

 A male voice echoed.

 It wasn't my father's, nor did it belong to Yeejus.
 It was a voice I'd never heard before.

'When did Pablo Hetara become so noisy?

 Standing there is a young man.

 He has a pigtailed head with white mesh, and wears a doll's school emblem on his uniform.
 He grips his right hand tightly and holds the tip of the blade while being pierced by the shadow sword.

 In the next moment, a red thread mixed with gold dust stretches from the palm of the young man's hand, and then coils around the sword of ritual destruction.
 You can find out what kind of power the magic sword was trying to move, but it was silenced.

I've never seen this kind of magic before. I don't know who or what is this, but it is unbelievable that they would rampage in Pablo Hetara. From now on, know that you will make enemies of my world.

 The young man says powerfully.

 Instantly, the shadow sword disappeared in a huff, as if the magic power had been cut off, and a red thread fell to the ground. The young man held up his palm and the thread went back into his body.

 A few seconds of silence swept over the place.

 Dad remained still, with the Ten Thousand Thunder Swords in his hand, protecting Mom.

 Ijeth was alerted by the sudden appearance of the young man and his demonic eye on his surroundings.

''Looks like he's escaped, isn't it?

 Mom looked up and slowly stood up.
 Then, as if her head was finally turning, she approached the young man with the bobbed head.

''Ah, um........''

 The young man turns to his mother.

'Are you hurt?' 

'Yes. Thank you.

 The young man laughs like a child.

'It is good to know.'

Oh, but you're hurt........Eques, you can fix it.

 Mom says to Eques, the flaming body that was trying to protect itself.

'I don't want to heal it.


 Mom ran over to the young man and gently took his hand.

 I heard a ringing in my ears.
 Mom and the young man unleashed their magic on each other as if they were resonating with each other.

 He quickly withdrew his hand as soon as he could.


 Mom, who had no demon eyes, couldn't see the resonance now.
 She must have felt as if she had been shaken off.

''No........I'm sorry about this.......''

 As he said this, he was staring at Mom's face.

'There is no need to worry. This body is sturdy.'

 Then he quickly turns on his heel.

'Wait. Um, what's your name...?

I'll see you soon. It's a bit of a rush. Goodbye.

 Dashing back on his heels, the bobbed-headed young man walked away from the scene.