'Two for, one against. Therefore, the vote does not stand. On the motion of the head of the head, Rebrahard, the representatives of each of the Institutes are invited to confer on the motion.

 Ottolu stated clerically.

'Hmm. I thought for sure you'd agree with me.

 The Holy King turned his gaze towards us.
 But it wasn't him who opened his mouth, it was Ottolou.

''Headmaster Anos. The witnesses do not have the right to speak during the court session. You may only answer questions when they are asked.''

That's a lot to shrug off, isn't it?

 Well, the pros and cons have been divided.
 It wouldn't be a bad idea to wait and see what kind of discussions they would have.

Well, let me ask you something. What kind of a thought is it that you have that you are against a proposal that you made yourself?

 Bluntly, Bellamy asks St. King Lebrahard.

'The motion was merely in accordance with previous precedent.

 Briefly, he replied and began to explain.

''The Holy Upper Sixth Academy has never been destroyed, but in a close case, the allied Middle World was invaded for four hundred years ago. Since there was a possible mastermind in Pablo Hetara, a proposal was made to place them under the watchful eye of the Six College of St. Sophia.

The one that lets you know it was your little girl over there earlier in the day.

 Bellamy turns his gaze to Kostoria.

 The Disaster Abyssal World Ewezeino was hostile to Pablo Hetara until recently. There would be plenty of skirmishes.

''This time the damage was more than that, a corner of the Holy Upper Sixth Academy was destroyed. The law of the Silver Water Academy stipulates that the measure above surveillance is a thorough internal investigation under their control. If that's the case, I think it's appropriate to make a proposal this time.

'I'm not complaining about the motion. If you thought it was appropriate, why are you opposed to it?

 Graciously accepting Bellamy's words, Holy King Lebrahard opens his mouth.

''The young lady of the Woe Abyss World who holds a personal grudge against the head of the Yuan Anos.

 Slowly, the Holy King looks at Kostoria.

''The Head of the Blacksmithing World who's always been concerned about making magic swords.

 Next, Rebrahald turned his attention to Bellamy, the Master Craftswoman.

'It's not fair to have a resolution passed without good consultation. We'll just have one world under our control until the ringleader is found, so there's no problem. There's no justice in that idea that the search for the culprit will progress. Let's not be lazy, gentlemen.

 Coastoria turned away to ignore him and Bellamy gave him a troublesome look.

''Totally, when did I become such a roundabout guy?

 With a sigh, she said.

'I know what you mean, okay? But it doesn't mean we're going to take over. I'm sure you agree with that in the end.

'I think there needs to be a good enough process to get the right result. At the very least, you need to be convinced that the world is under your control. It's the same with the holy sword you're made of. A sword that isn't sufficiently forged is prone to breaking, even if the slash is the same.

Okay, okay, all right. I give up. I guess I'll just have to be diligent.

 Bellamy put his feet down on the desk.

 Lebrahard then turned his attention to Ewezeino's desk.

'Kostoria,' he said, 'it's up to you. It is up to you to hold a grudge against him. However, this is the venue for the Sixth Academy Court Meeting. As a representative of Ewezeino, I would like to ask for a non-personal view, but you understand, don't you?

Egil Groene Angdolor.

 Not taking the question, Kostoria said.

'How many other sorcerers are in existence, a very small number, how many others?'

'It's hard to keep track of the sorcerers, I mean it's a very small number. If I may hazard a guess, the Great Demon King is one of them. Several of the other demon kings are likely to be sorcerers as well.

 Do you not mention the lions of perdition in Artsenon because you don't have to mention them?

 It doesn't seem strange that there are others in the other Holy Upper Sixth Academy who could use it.

''Is that all we know?''

 The Holy King turns his head to Ottolou.

''The origin magic is presumed to be a deep world, although it is unknown which small world's magical laws were used to create it. According to the records of Pablo Hetala, the first to use it was the First Demon King, the Tyrant of Destruction, Amr. Therefore, he is presumed to be the developer. The Demon King, or someone close to him, is most likely the wielder, and Ottolu believes that the total number is less than ten.

The magic of the First Demon King who disappeared.

 Bellamy crosses his arms as he thinks about it.

'Surprisingly, you're back, aren't you?

A tyrant of destruction?

 Bellamy nodded at Lebrahard's words.

''It's hard to believe that he, who was said to be the closest to the Great Demon King, would be destroyed. With that devastating tyrant, I wouldn't be surprised if he destroyed the Fallen Forlorn.''

Now the question remains, why did they go after Pablo Hetara?

You can't stop thinking about it. I don't know anyway. Isn't the problem that there's a chance he might be, at least in part?

 Lebrahard folded his hands and dropped his gaze to the desk.

 Then Kostoria said coldly.

''If that's the case, I don't think it's a coincidence that that person is calling himself the Demon King of Tyranny.

 This guy's idea is easy to understand.
 Through his proposal, he wants to bring the world of Militia under the control of the Holy Sixth Academy.

 Then what will he do?

You don't seem to have any proof.

Shut up.

 When I smiled silently as I was told, she clicked her tongue irritably.

'I don't know, Kostoria. I'm sure you'll be able to find a way to make it work. Would you go to the trouble of calling yourself those two dubious names?

 Bellamy said, and Kostoria quickly countered. 

'What if it was meant to make you think that?'

It's counterproductive because there are people like you who suspect you anyway. If you hadn't been distracted, we wouldn't have been called out here. <Even the Egil Groene Angdroa is a fool's errand to fire at this point in time.

What's the result?

I haven't decided anything yet.

At least Pablo Hetala can't take his eyes off Anos anymore.

 For a moment, Bellamy shuts down.

'Well, that's true,'

 Hmm. You're a good woman to have a difficult time with.
 Or do you really think you do?

''Calling myself the Demon King. Being able to cross the Silver Sea while being a resident of the Bubbly World. Being a non-conformist. Turning the Lord God into a possession. From everything, that person is not the norm in our world.

I've heard glimpses of it, but it's hard to believe it by accident. Could it be that you've been mistaken?

 Bellamy asks Ottolu.


 She denied it once and for all and began to explain.

'Ottolu has confirmed it. Coastoria's statement is based on fact. The Militia World, ruled by the Head of the Head, Anos, follows a different evolutionary process than any of the smaller worlds of Pablo Hetara.

 Immediately, Kostoria opens her mouth again.

''That person took King Tiger Maytilen away from Balandias. Balandias, which was holding a large amount of fire and dew, lost its main god and turned into a bubbling world. In that way, he may intend to destroy Pablo Hetara from within.

You used to say that, you from the disaster-stricken world. Who was that guy you were fooling around with just a few minutes ago, Hyphoria?

 Bellamy says, dismissively.
 Despite his spare attitude, his gaze is sharp and piercing to Coastoria.

You guys aren't trying to use the world of Militia as a cover, are you?

'You told me not to get personal, so I just did. I don't mind.

 Turning away with a sober look on his face, Kostoria gave him a cheekbump.

''Everyone should perish. Baka.

Oh, dear, you have no discipline. You're just a bunch of animals.

 Bellamy's eyes light up quietly.

'I'm telling you I don't trust that kind of attitude.

 They come from different worlds. Their interests are not always aligned. And Eavesino is a new member. From now on, they wouldn't be able to easily accept that they were on our side.

 The head of the magician's world, the number one in the pecking order of the magician's world, doesn't show up even though one of the holy six academies has been destroyed, ordering the messengers to just keep their heads down.

 And on top of that, the rest of the academy is late.

 It's hard to call it a cohesive alliance.

I think she has a good point. I think it's worth considering.

 As if to break the mood, the Holy King Lebrahard said.

I don't know about you," he said. Are you going to believe a word of Kostoria?

 Bellamy blurts out, crossing his hands behind his head.

'If there are any fears, they should be dispelled. 'Ottolu, question the witness.'

'Yes, sir. Article 7 of the Pablo Hetara Academy Convention, the witnesses, witnesses and accused at the court session swear that there is no perjury in their statements, and in the event of a discrepancy, they waive all of their own. However, they have the right to remain silent.

 The Arbitrage God Ottolou says clerically and draws a magic circle.

'The Arbitrage Contract (Gisette).'

 As usual, she thrust the screw roll into it and wound the screw.

'Let's go over this one by one. You and the Militia world are willing to assume that you and the Militia world are not going to do Pablo Hetara any harm, are you?

 I signed the Gisette without hesitation, and I replied, "I don't know yet.

"I don't know yet.

 The Holy King's gaze grew slightly sharper.

''I'd love to hear more about what you mean by that.

"Well, I haven't been here long enough. I've heard all kinds of unreasonable accusations, but Pablo Hetara's philosophy is the calm of the Silver Sea. If that's not a lie, I'd like to join forces with you. Most.

 I laughed and said to them.

'A little rough treatment, though, maybe.

 The Holy King looks at me in silence.
 Immediately, he asks

'So, as a like-minded person, can you tell me why you joined Pablo Hetara?

 He points lightly at Kostoria with his thumb and answers.

'My mother was targeted by that guy. I followed him and ended up here. Joining was the quickest way to defend myself.

Can you tell me in which world and how many years ago, who taught you how to use the Aegil Groene Angdrolais?

For almost 2,000 years...

 The moment he said that, flames flashed across the edge of his evil eye.

 Was this a reaction of the Eques kiln?
 Mom is in danger.

''Two thousand years.......what is it? Or is there some circumstance you can't tell me about?

Sorry about that. It seems the students of the Demon King Academy are having a bit of a problem. I'll go take care of it right away.

 I sent the magic power to activate the fixed magic circle of transference.
 However, it did not respond.

''Headmaster Anos. You are not allowed to leave during the court session. If you are forced to do so, ten percent of the small world's fire dew will be collected as punishment for violating the laws of Pablo Hetara.

Hmm. You've found one law I don't like.

 As I said this, I looked at Kostoria.

 She was still looking away from me with closed eyes and a blank expression on her face.

 I've been waiting for the right moment when I can't move freely.

'I'm sorry, but court meetings are a priority in Pablo Hetara. In return, I'll help you get it over with as quickly as possible. The sooner you answer me honestly, the sooner we can get this over with, you understand?

I invented it on my world, Militia. About 2,000 years ago.

 After a moment of inexplicable expression, Lebrahard folded his hands and Bellamy raised his eyebrows. 

 Both of them just said it was unexpected.

 At the same time, I followed the magic line connected to the ejus and turned my magical eye to its field of view--