529-Rokugakuin Court Conference

 The Holy King Rebrahard quietly raised his hand and the fixed magic circle in the pews emitted a light.
 It's for transference.

 Within the Pavlohetara Palace, there are places where can be used and places where it cannot be used due to the wards.

 It cannot be used in this second deep auditorium, and there are no passages to other levels. In order to move through the levels, you must use a fixed magic circle of transference.

''From now on, we will hold the Sixth Academy Tribunal Meeting to discuss the annihilation of the Dream World Fallen Foral. Headmaster Anos. I would like you to appear in court as a witness, will you agree to that?

 With a soft tone, the Holy King asked.

 Before he could answer, kaka kaka kaka, laughter erupted from the seats of the Demon King Academy.

''You speak of something interesting, Holy King of Hyphoria. Hmm?''

 Eldmead turned his man-eating expression to Saint King Rebrahard.

''No, no, well, I don't understand. As if there was a small world that joined Pablo Hetala just a few days ago, a bubble world ruled by non-conformists, as it happens.

 He began to speak eloquently, tapping the floor with his staff with a steady hand.

''I'm an unprecedented newcomer who defeated the profound world of Balandias in the Silver Water Ordinal Battle and made its Lord God his property. Then there was an incident where the Dream World Falling Fortress, a part of the Holy Upper Sixth Academy, was destroyed by some unidentified person.

 With a thud, the Cutthroat King pointed the tip of his staff at Rebrahard.

''That rare magic, the Extreme Prison Realm Annihilation Cinderella, just so happens to be wielded by its newcomer, the head of the Militia World.

 'Grin,' laughs Erdmeade.

'Ooh, that's not going to make me complain about being thrust into court as a defendant.

'It's not unreasonable to take it that way, but I think there's a misunderstanding. He is only a witness. I swear that he will be treated as a witness strictly in accordance with the laws of Pablo Hetara.

 To the Cutthroat King's sarcasm, Lebrahard responded with a straight face.

'No, no, apparently this is a pre-existing hearing loss. Somehow it still sounds like the defendant. Sorry about that.''

Then I'll try to speak louder.

'That's the Holy King, what a big vessel! So, about that construction reference, what are you referring to?

 The Holy King replied as if to brush aside the stinging words of the Cutthroat King.

''According to Hyphoria's research, the Extreme Prison Realm Annihilation Ash Cannons (Egil Groene Angdroa) is a great deep magic devised by the First Demon King, the Devastating Tyrant Amr. Few people knew about it, and even in the vastness of the Silver Water Holy Sea, not many people were able to use it. When, where, and from whom did Anos, the head of the shallow world, learn it? If we can find out that, it will lead us to the mastermind of the Fallen Fallen Fallen's destruction.

 The First Demon King was one of the people in the impenetrable territorial waters.

 There are few people who come in contact with him, and there is probably no one who knows more about the .

 It's a perfectly natural idea to want to gather as many clues as possible.

I can guarantee his safety. By all means, I would like to hear from him.

 St. King Lebrahard insisted with an imposing manner.

''If it's a court session of the Six Academies, does that mean that the Holy Upper Six Academies will be in attendance?

That's the plan.

 They are the real power behind Pablo Hetara.
 It wouldn't hurt to take a look.

 There's also the matter of Misha and Sasha's mother.
 I would like to take this opportunity to hear from those in the magic bullet world of Ehrenesia, but will they be willing to do so?

Get him out of here.

"The atrocity of destroying this little world cannot be allowed to continue. Together, we will find the ringleaders.

 The Holy King said.
 Immediately, Ottolou filled the fixed magic circle of transition with magic power.

''Notice to the academy students in the Second Profound Auditorium. <The magic of the Extreme Prison Realm Annihilation Ashfire Demon Cannon (Egil Groene Angdroa) is temporarily forbidden to speak otherwise. Please stay here until the Sixth College Court Session is over.

 It is a magic that few people know about in the first place.
 Sometimes it's more convenient not to spread the word to those who aren't involved in the search for the ringleader.


 Misha is looking at me from her seat at the Demon King Academy.

''Be careful,''

Don't worry. If there's anyone from the magic bullet world, we'll talk to them.

'And I hope you won't come back with a problem...'

 Sasha says as she nails it.


 I laughed and said.

'You guys, don't skip your own studies. By the time I get back, you should have mastered one of those deep magic things. If you can't, you'll have to make up for it.

Well, just wait until I get back, you know...

 My vision went blank and I shifted.

 I came to a hexagonal room.
 There were formal desks and chairs at each corner.

 I am in the center of the hexagon.
 There are no doors or windows anywhere in the room.

 I guess the only way to get in and out of the room is through a fixed magic circle of transition.

 At the desk with the sword school insignia, the Holy King Rebrahard and Count Baltzarondo sit at the desk.
 On the other side, at the desk with the school insignia of the skull, Kostoria sat down.

 If you look at her, she turns away with a sullen face.
 I thought she was going to slap me with a hateful smile, but she remained silent.

''This is the Grand Court of the Holy Superior, located in the lower level of the Pavlohetara Palace.

 Ottolou explains clerically. 

'The Holy Upper Sixth College will hold a Sixth College Tribunal meeting here to make various decisions for the whole of Pavlohetara.

You don't look like you're having a good time, do you?

 The only people in this Holy Upper Grand Court right now are the Corstoria, or the Phantom Beast Agency of the Disaster Abyss World Ewezeino, Rebrahard and Barzalondo, and the Hunting Righteous Academy of the Holy Sword World Highforia.

 Even though the Foul Foral would be empty, the remaining three academies were not in sight.

''I'm sorry, but everyone was busy and somewhat urgently called up. I'd like you to wait a while longer.''

She's here.

 Just as a light flashed across the magic circle of transition, an old woman appeared, wrapped in a bandana and wearing goggles.
 She has thick gloves on both hands, a placket, and a gold hammer school emblem on her uniform.

'Good grief. It's really a tricky thing to do.

 The old woman takes a seat, lifts her goggles to her forehead, and gives me the evil eye.

"Are you the head of state, Anos?


"Rumors of an unprecedented bubble world were rife, but is it true? Even if it's Pablo Hetara, you'd be quicker to count from the top.

 Law. You're not even in a fighting stance, but you have a great magical eye.
 As expected of the Holy Sixth Academy, someone of a different class.

"I'm Bellamy Stundead, the ruler of the blacksmith world of Badilure. I'm the former head of the blacksmithing world of Badyloua. I'm sure the witch of the Allied Workers' Workshop would be better remembered.

I'm sorry. Neither have I heard of them.

Oh, well, I guess the young guys these days don't know me. Well, we've known each other for a long time. I'll let you know.

 Bellamy sat deeper in his chair and lifted his feet up on the desk.

Bellamy sat down and lifted his feet up on the desk. I've got some good steel. I want to make a sword out of it as soon as possible. Yeah, no, I don't know. I can't even get rid of my spear.

'I'm sorry, Miss Bellamy. I'm sorry, Bellamy, but this is an important topic of discussion. I'd like you to wait until the Military Academy and the Hitogata Gakkai arrive.

 Lebrahard says.

'I've been meaning to tell you for a while now, Lebrahard,' he said. It's time for you to stop treating me like a little girl. It's embarrassing.

'Yeah. That's what the previous king called it, and I've gotten used to it.

Is your father lucky?

'I think I've learned to fish lately. He's converted a silver watercraft into a fishing boat and is going around the shallow world.

 'Hahaha,' laughed Bellamy boldly.

'A man who was even called the brave man of Hyphoria is a fisherman? I'm sure your heir is a very good one.

'The Prior King has done a great deal for our Highforia and the Pablo Hetara Academy Alliance. We will make every effort to ensure that you spend your time in peace.

 Lebrahard replied humbly.
 Again Bellamy laughs.

You've become a fine young man who was only interested in hunting. I'm sure the King is relieved. I can't wait to retire.

Isn't there a good heir at Yorozu Workshop?

Is this about the silk? That's no use. I used to play Evans mana when I was your age.

 It was passed down to Azation that she was forged by a human master craftsman, but I didn't know she was alive.

 It's true that her magic power could be called human.

 It's a bit different from the humans of the Militia world, though.
 I'm sure she has characteristics unique to the blacksmithing world.

''If a genius who was called a master craftswoman witch at a young age is the subject of comparison, it must be hard for the apprentices in the workshop.

He's unwilling. There's no one who can master the sword he strikes. Isn't that a given? There's only one wielder in this Silver Water Holy Sea. It's the job of the Iron Firemen of Badyloua to strike a sword for any swordsman who might appear at any moment. There are plenty of weapons I've forged that have no use," he said.

 Maybe it was because they didn't have the right people, but Bellamy started to complain.

'That's it, well, it's just that no one can handle my sword anyway. That's a fine sword for Silk to strike. You can call it special. But he's just getting better. You can't get away from it. It's a good thing that you've got a great deal of talent and you're letting it rust away by yourself.

 Sighing sorrowfully, Bellamy let out a deep sigh.

 Then the magic power was passed through another fixed magic circle and it glowed.

 The newly transferred was a man wearing a control cap.
 The peacock-green uniform he wore had a flame school emblem on it.

 That looks familiar.
 This is the man who came to tell Misha and Sasha to choose a gift for their mother.

''I am Guy Ambared, commander of the first squadron of the Abyssal General Army (Shin'en Sogun), affiliated with the Demon Submarine Military Academy in the Magic Bullet World of Ehrenesia. I have a message from Grand Admiral Gigi Janes.

 In a crisp tone, Gui said.

''With regard to this agenda item, the Magic Bullet World Ehrenesia will abide by the decisions of the other Holy Upper Sixth Academy. That is all.

It's not like him.

 The Holy King said as he probed.


 Keeping his posture straight, Guy replies in a genuine manner.

'It's almost tempting to think that there are things that take precedence over the annihilation of the dream world, but that's fine with you, isn't it?

Ha. I can't answer that.

 In an honest tone, Guy replied.

'I'm a very busy man, Grand Admiral. The deputy is here. Why don't we get on with it?

 Bellamy said.
 The Holy King didn't shake his head.

'One more. The humanoid society hasn't arrived yet.'

We can't wait any longer. Elesia won't be there anyway. I don't care. How's your place, Coastoria? You usually have Naga here, don't you?

It's just me.

 I guess they are not very close.
 She replied in a curt manner.

'That's all right then. If you start, then maybe His Highness Luzendrfors will come to you.

 Lebrahard gave a small sigh.
 He opened his mouth, as if he had no choice.

“Okay. Let's get to the agenda. As I have already told you, the dream world of Fall Fallen Foral has been destroyed. The Lord God has disappeared, and the Head of State is confirmed dead. No survivors. The mastermind is unknown. The magic used turned out to be . The number of existing magicians is very small. For this reason, we have invited the Head of the World Militia, Anos Voldigordo, to attend the tribunal.

 Everyone's eyes are focused on me.

''I propose to freeze the formal membership of the Demon King's Academy until we find out who the ringleader is, and to bring the Militia World under the control of the Holy Upper Sixth Academy.

 Hmm. Was the Cutthroat King right?

 It doesn't mean that the other side has bad intentions, but, well, does it go through easily?
 For now, let's wait for the conclusion.

''The second place in the Silverwater Academy pecking order, I acknowledge the motion made by the Hunting Yi Academy.

 Ottolou said as he received Lebrahard's words.

'The Humanoid Society delays, and the Demon Submarine Military Academy does not participate, the resolution is unanimously passed by the three academies. All those in favor, raise your hands.

 There were two hands that immediately went up.
 The one who did not raise his hand was the Holy King Lebrahard, who should have made the motion himself.