528-Pablo Hetara's Law

 With his prosthetic eyes wide open and repeated painful breaths, Kostoria stared at Venusdnoa, who was impaled on his own chest.

''As per the agreement, you will speak to me.

 She didn't even turn her head to look at me, but I asked her without a care in the world.

''What is the Abyssal Princess of Disaster?''

 Kostoria bit her lip in frustration.
 Then, she blurted out.

''........why did you hold back.......?''

 Slowly looking up, Kostoria glared at me resentfully.

'I should have stabbed you at the source. 'Stab it.'

I don't know why you're so desperate, but I don't give a shit about your life.

 Then she gave a lecherous smile and said

'Then I will force my life on you. Never, ever, will I let you have your way.

 The first thing to do is to grab the parasol, point it at the magician's circle of the "Zekt" contract that they had just signed, and thrust it at him.

"I abrogate the contract (Zekt).

 A crack appeared in the magic circle, and then it shattered into pieces.


 He fell on his head like a threadbare doll.

 Like the magic circle, his body also cracks and his root source begins to disintegrate.
 <For disobeying the , that root source is punishing itself and trying to end its life.

 She puts her hands on the floor and turns her face to me again, as if she's summoning her last strength.
 The evil doom magic spilled out of her prosthetic eye, and her glass ball cracked as well.

''I will perish. You don't understand the Abyssal Princess of Calamity.''

 Kostoria smiles as she takes a shot at him.

'I won--'

 Kostoria's body shatters into pieces.

 She's a crazy woman.
 I didn't think she wanted such a cheap victory, even if she chose to perish.


 She was shattered into pieces, but she was restored to her original state, as if she was being reborn in reverse.


 It's a good thing that you're able to get the most out of this.

 It's a good idea to have a good idea of what you're going to do with it.

The first thing that comes to mind is the fact that it's not a good idea to have a good time.

Did you think that if you broke the contract, you wouldn't have to keep it?

 I crouch down and tell him softly, right in front of Kostoria.

'I'll give you two options. You can tell me now, or you can fess up miserably while licking your shoes after I bring you to your knees.

 She twisted her face as if she was going to be humiliated.

 <Now that we have made the Zekt, there is no escape from it.
 Even if you are destroyed, I will revive you with agglonemt. It will only repeat the torment endlessly.

 Even this crazy woman could not do that much.
 I'm sure you'll be able to find out more about this in the future.

I'm sure there is an abyss in Iwezoeino," she said. <The abyss of craving....


In the abyss of thirst, thirst gathers and disaster is born. In the depths of the abyss, in the depths of the depths, far, far down. Above all, in the deepest abyss, all the plagues are dissolved and mingled into one.

 With his eyes closed, Kostoria continued his explanation.

'It is called the Plague of Perdition. No one has ever seen the full extent of it. <The dense calamity swirling in the Abyss of Craving consumes and destroys those who enter. No one has ever reached the abyss. From the outside.

 She said as if to confront the fact.

'Inside the Abyss, the name of the only one connected to it is the Princess of the Abyss of Disaster.

 Mom is connected to the , huh?

 However, even if I looked into the abyss of Mom's root, I didn't feel any particular magical power. If it was a substitute for what is called an annihilation calamity, you would be able to see the power even if you suppressed it.

''How exactly is it connected?''

The womb.

 Expressing her disgust, she says, "Her womb continues to be an abyss of craving.

'Her womb leads to the Abyss of Plagues of Craving. It's a connection, to be precise. When she conceives the child, the lion of Arzenon's destruction.

 So now you're blind.

In the event of your reincarnation?

 Outside of the Militia World, you can't use . Reincarnation in the Silver Water Holy Sea should be almost equivalent to a new birth.

 Two thousand years ago, if it was a past life where she was called Luna, it doesn't matter, the current mother is just a mere mortal who can't even control her own magic power.
 In this life, when she gave birth to me, it doesn't look like she was connected to the Abyss of Craving.

 But if the connection is made before life occurs in the womb and then disappears, I can't perceive it.

'The Abyssal Princess of Woe, her craving has done it. Whether she is a different person now or not is irrelevant. She has become enchanted by such a phantom beast.

What is a phantom?

"The Zekt only refers to the abyssal princess of disaster.

 As if to say that I had done it all over again, Kostoria gave me a sober look.

'Why did you go after my mother?'

I won't tell you.

 <The only thing set forth in the Contract (Zekt) is to answer the question of what the Abyssal Princess of Disaster is.

 The reason why he aimed at your mother is not in that category.

"You haven't forgotten that you still have the Ridiculous Sword stuck in your chest.

 I reach loosely for that handle.

'I wouldn't recommend it any more.'

 A low, heavy voice sounded from behind me.

'I suppose it would be in your best interest not to. Anos, head of Militia.'

 I stopped my hand, stood up and looked and saw two men standing there.

 One was Baltzalondo, the Count of the Holy Sword World, who had come to the Militia World to retrieve the Spirit God Human Sword.

 And the other was a man dressed in a gleaming outfit and white armor.
 A fine cloak with gold embroidery. On his shoulders was a sword emblem.

 He was from the Hunting Institute.
 The fact that Barzalondo is standing in the background means that he is of a higher rank than him.

''I am Rebrahard Heinriel. I am the Holy King, the head of the Holy Sword World Highforia.

 Slowly he walks over to me, accompanied by Balzarondo.

 Up on the pulpit, the Holy King Rebrahard stopped in front of me.

''I've caused you trouble with the Spirit Godman Sword.

 Hmm. That's a bit surprising.

"After enough research, I thought you'd be calling me a thief again?

'There have been many misunderstandings within Hyphoria. It's all my fault, as the Holy King, and I don't ask you to forgive me, but I apologize.

 An honest admission of guilt.

Good. So? What's to stop?

 I glance at the crawling Kostoria.

It's against the order of Pablo Hetara. It's a part of the class up to the point where the two of you will be playing around with your "contract (zekt). But from that point on, it's hard to ignore. You know that any disputes that arise between the academies will be resolved as a result of the silver-water pecking order.

Even if there was an attempt on my mother's life?

If you're saying that this happened after the Phantom Agency and the Academy of Demon Kings both joined the Pablo Hetara, then we have a problem. We, the entire Alliance of Academies.

 'I'm afraid it happened before we joined,' said the Holy King with great confidence.

'Unfortunately, it happened before we joined.

Then there are no more quarrels now that both of them have joined Pablo Hetara. They are not going to go after your mother. You won't have to prepare yourself for this. A reconciliation is reached. Do you understand?

 If that is indeed the case, then I won't tell you what has passed.

'I heard that Hyphoria was hostile to Ewezeino, but with the Phantom Agency's affiliation to Pavlohettara, has a settlement been reached?

Of course I do. That is the law of Pablo Hetara. The law is justice. It must be obeyed. Regardless of our feelings.

 'No wonder.

'If you had put your hand on the sword, you would have received a warning from Ottolu. Beyond that, you will be punished according to the treaty.

 When she looked at Ottolou, she opened her mouth quietly.

'It would be helpful if you would relinquish your will to fight, Headmaster Anos. If you violate the treaty of Pavlohetara, you must punish the Militia world according to the proper procedures. If you do not comply, then the armed forces of the Pavlohettara will be considered for the next time.

The only one I don't like at the moment is Eavesino. I'm not going to destroy the others with them.

 I'm going to obliterate the Venuzdnoa that's stabbed into Corstoria.

'I confirm the abandonment of the will to fight.

 Clerically, Ottolu said, then turned to the Holy King.

''Gen. Rebrahard. I did not plan to visit the Deep Auditorium today. What can I do for you?'

'One big problem has arisen. It has to do with all the academies in Pablo Hetara.

 In a gentle tone, Saint King Lebrahard said.

''Our Holy Upper Sixth Academy is part of the corner, and the Dreaming World (Muso-Seika) Falling Forlorn has been destroyed.

 No one said a word.
 An eerie silence enveloped the deep auditorium.

 It was probably too sudden to understand.
 Even Donnerd, Rip, and Belmus and the others could only exclaim with expressions of disbelief.

''Are you sure?''

 Ottreloo asks.

Otlou asks, "I went there to make sure it was safe, and confirmed it with my evil eye. Still, I don't want to believe it.

 Not sounding too flustered, the Holy King said lightly.

''What forces are responsible for this?''

'That's the big problem, we don't know that. There's only one clue at the moment.

 Lebrahard sends his magic to the spherical blackboard.

 What he sees is a vision of a fantastic world with dancing soap bubbles.
 It's probably a dream world fallen forlorn. I could see people living peacefully.

 Suddenly, the soap bubbles that were floating around popped.

 Countless soap bubbles were breaking into pieces, and the people who had been watching the scene in wonderment gradually began to notice something strange.

 All the soap bubbles were engulfed in black fire and they screamed out.

 People are burning.

 The next moment, everything in the world went up in flames.
 The sky, the earth, the sea, and everything else returned to black ashes, and so the silver bubble popped and disappeared.

"The magic that drove the Fallen Foral to destruction is, strangely enough, the Extreme Prison Realm Annihilation Ash Cannons (Egil Groene Angdroa) that was used in the previous baptism.