527-The reason for destruction

 The fire of the world-destroying apocalypse spills down silently.
 At that moment, I concentrate my magic power in my right hand and move the turret of the magic circle.

 If the scene I saw in my dream is reality, this magic still has a long way to go.

''--I'm pretty sure it was like this?

 The apocalyptic fires burned up even space, drawing a magic circle of black ashes, just as the tyrant of destruction, Amr, did in his dream.

 <The magic power of destruction gathered there and swelled up with the catalyst of the , the Extremely Hellish Realm Annihilation Ash Cannons>.

 The three heads of the three academies of the Holy Way, Rip, Doneld, and Belmas had a shocked look on their faces as they turned their magical eyes to that annihilation magic.

''What.........what.......sah...? That evil magic is...!

I don't know... I've never seen or heard of it........ What magic is this Hundredth Sense King Donnerd Hevnich and has never known.....................deeper than my world?

 How can you pull it off here after all this time, even if it's an unknown deep magic...!

 High Priestess Belmas reaches out to the magic circle I've constructed and looks into the abyss.

 Even if you're going to use magic from scratch, with the rules of this baptism, you should be able to do it if you have enough magic, skill, and predisposition.

''Nuh-uh! There are things you can't see unless you go under...!

I'll take my chances.

 Following that, Doneld and Rip reached out and tried to activate the magic.

 The moment the three of them sank into the abyss with a desperate look on their faces, trying to take control of the magic circle, and were about to shoot off--

 Its power began to run amok.

''Uh, oh........what.......? It's as if the magic isn't working the way we want it to.

 Immediately after the Hundred Senses King Doneld sensed the strange change, the fire of the apocalypse flared up in the imam Rip.

''This........this......! Power flowing from the outside...! From a mere magician's circle, a magic power greater than Ila's took on a life of its own...? What the hell is this...? How in the world am I going to control this stuff...?


 Bellmouth's right arm crumbles to pieces and turns to ashes due to the runaway apocalypse fire.

"That's it........I can't do it.......I have no choice but to put it out.......nah......! Nonsense! Fire is still burning! You can't stop the magic? I don't think this is...? 

 Hundred Sense King Doneld's body was engulfed in black fire.

 It's like he's asking for help by gathering up magic power from his men with the magical ray of thought wave.

You can't even regenerate your right arm! d*mn it...! Go away, go away, go away, go away, go away!


 The three members of the three Sacred Way Academy attempt to destroy the magicians of the magic circle with all their might.

 The magic power runs amok. The raging apocalypse fire. The Gozot built by Pablo Hetala's 3-D magic circle is reduced to ashes and is quickly disintegrating.

 That's when it began to collapse.
 The first thing that comes to mind is the opening of the left eye of Kostoria, who had been watching the situation quietly.

 In her glass ball prosthetic eye, she saw the magic circle for baptism that I had drawn.
 She reached out her fingertips and sent her magic power and blinked once.

 Her light red lips opened and a softly whispered voice escaped.

 With those words, Kostoria drew herself a multiple magic circle and formed a turret.

 The fire of the apocalypse appeared in a blur.
 Then, just as I did, I drew a black ash magic circle.

"How. "Huh... I didn't expect you to use a magic circle I prepared for you, but you used the Extreme Hell Realm Annihilation Cinderblocker by yourself.

 The doomed lion of Artsenon has the same magical power as me, a very similar root.

 I've always called him my brother, or maybe he really was.
 But there is one thing that puzzles me.

 Before I could use that prosthetic eye - the Extreme Prison Realm Annihilation Ash Cannons (Egil Groene Angdroa) - the magic power spilled out for a moment before I could use it.

 He must have used some kind of magic.
 But for what purpose?

 At the very least, it's a needless act to use the .


Don't call me that.

 Regardless, I asked her.

'Do you know the rest of this?'

 She doesn't answer.

 She only turns her head to me with her eyes closed.

 In a dream 14,000 years ago, the tyrant of destruction Amr received the great magic unleashed by the Two Rulers in the magic circle of black ashes using the .

 There must have been more to it.

 A magic that approaches further into the abyss by using it as a magic circle instead of releasing apocalyptic fire.

'If there's a continuation, why don't you try it? That should give you some answers.

 Kostoria says, provokingly.

'Unfortunately, I've forgotten about it. I'm having a hard time remembering it.'

 He couldn't hold the black ash magic circle any longer, and it began to waver and fall right down.

 Because it was unfinished, its characteristics as the , the Polar Hell Realm Annihilation Ashfire Demon Cannon>, prevailed.

 Coastoria released a magic circle of black ashes above her head to intercept her.
 The two doomsday magic, which slowly approached from above and below, quietly intersect.

 Immediately afterwards, fire overflowed from the black ashes and everything in the place went up in flames.

 Everything in the deep auditorium that turned to water burns and turns to black ashes.

''........What.......what is this.......! Have you been given the power to change? Don't do this....this...! How can this nonsense be real........?

"....the otherworldly hall, the Gozot, the one isolated by Pablo Hetara, will be destroyed? Where in the world did you find this much magic, magic that wreaks so much havoc--!

 The cold, silent destruction enveloped everything in the Gozot

 A sound like glass breaking could be heard.

 <The shattered into pieces and we returned to the second deep auditorium we were in.



 Hmm. It's not too bad, but as expected of the heads of the three academies of the Holy Way. Lip, Donnerd and Belmas, with wounds all over their bodies, wielded their magical power and their respective magic, and somehow managed to withstand the outburst and the aftermath of the Aegil Groene Angdroa.

 They fell to their knees and fell to their knees as if they had run out of steam.

 I landed loosely in my seat.

"Ottolu, it's the 'Otherworld Auditorium' again. Me and Kostoria.

This is not possible in this class. The previous spell destroyed the three-dimensional magic circle used to deploy the Gozot. It will take a full day to rebuild on the current pavlohettara.

 Ottolu replies.

'Not really.

 Moving to the podium again, Kostoria said emotionlessly and unfolded the parasol.

 The umbrella itself turned into a magic circle, and the magic power transmitted from the six parent bones created black-green magic bullets - or magic bullets - at the tip of each one.

''If I die, I'm dead, it's none of my business.

 The parasol spun around vigorously, and six magic bullets swelled up.

''The Disaster Abyss Black Hell Repelling Magic Bullet (Rail Freel).

 Black-green magic bullets were fired vigorously in all directions.

''Look out!''

 Eleonor raised her voice and connected Ennesone to the magic wire.
 <He amplified his magic power with the Root Source Nativity Mother's Womb (Enne-One Eleonor) and created a ward with countless feathers that scattered around.

Sanctuary Feather Boundary Light (Enne Igeria)

 The black-green magic bullets that flew in the air collided with the , crushed it and reflected in the opposite direction.

''It bounced back........!

 <The Disaster Abyss Black Hell Repellent Demon Bullet (Rail Free El) accelerated by more than double and rushed into the corner of the students of the Scripture Temple.

''Defend it!

"Guard, protect, protect, demon, prevent--break off!

 A magic barrier was deployed in a collective magic scripture.

 The magic bullets easily smashed through five of its six layers, and when they collided with the sixth and final layer, they ricocheted back to the other side at twice the speed.

 In the same way, the six magic bullets that were released were repeatedly reflected while colliding with and breaking warding and walls. Each time they hit a ward or magic barrier and bounced back, their power and speed swelled more than twice as much.

 If left unchecked, the power of the magic bullets would increase rapidly and eventually penetrate the warding.


 The magic bullet that flew in front of him, , was flung away by the right hand of the Root Source Death Killer (Bevsed).

 There was another magic bullet in that direction, and when the two collided, the two magic bullets both disappeared.

'It's quite an interesting technique. The magic power of the colliding bullets is absorbed and bounces back, so if the same magic bullets collide with each other, they will collapse together.

 I send magic power to the magic circle that he deployed for baptism.

 From my palm, four appeared from my palm, and I sent them flying to offset the remaining four magic bullets.

''The next one is the third round.''

 Kostoria said.

''If there's more magic than , why don't you show it to me? If you can.

 That's a very prescient thing to say.

You think I couldn't?

I know what you can do. You know your power. That magic is a recipe for disaster. Any magic that is out of my control will surely bring disaster to others.

 'Interesting,' he says.

'So, you want to bet? If you build a magic formula that you can't use without warding or similar magic, and without harming any third parties, I win.

 He sneered and said to him.

'Then I'll have you tell me about the Princess of the Abyss of Woe.

If I can't build it, I'll let you know what's most important to you.

 As if to build resentment, Kostoria says.

'I'll destroy you unceremoniously in front of your eyes.

It's settled.

 <Drawing the magic circle of the Contract (Zekt), she signed it without hesitation.


Sasha, Sasha. Give me that.

 I connect the magic wires of the Demon King's Army (Guys) and provide her with magic power.

''It's foul.''

 As she says it, Sasha puts her hand over her own eyes and creates a shadow.
 The shadow gradually changes shape and builds an elephant.

 Quickly she swept her hand down and saw the shadow of the castle behind the Eye of Doom.

 Sasha's gaze illuminates this place like the sun.
 A black dot appeared at my feet. It begins to spread out little by little.

 I'm still unfamiliar with it, so it takes some time.
 However, she who inherited half of my and has the power of the God of Destruction can do it.

 The black dots at her feet spread out all at once, and they turn into sticks that eventually create the shadow of a sword.

 There was no object to project it onto, only the shadow was there.

 Three minutes in total? It wouldn't be long enough to maintain it.
 It was hard to use it in an urgent situation, but right now it was a good one.

 Her vision is now the same as inside the former Demon King's Castle Delzogade.
 The eye of the demon has been transformed into the eye of ritual destruction.

"Come on, Venzdnoa.

 A sword of shadows emerges and I take the hilt in my hand.
 A dark-colored long sword, Venuzdnoa, appears.

'Come on, let's try it.'

 Leaping, I land in the pews.
 I swing my dark long sword and only the shadow of Kostoria is severed.

 It transforms and turns into a magic circle.
 <It's a magic formula for activating the .

 Normally, you can't use it without Sasha, but in accordance with the rules of baptism, I've already poured enough power into that technique.

 The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you're looking for.
 She stretched out her fingers and sent the magic power to see if she could really see it in that state where she didn't open her eyes.

'A sword that cuts off shadows and turns them into a magic circle - no. This is the magic that disrupts order.''

 Kostoria immediately saw the characteristics of Venuzdnoa and went further into the abyss.

''For the construction of the magic formula, you used the power of the God of Destruction. It's not. It is only a seal to control the power. The essence of magic goes deeper and deeper--

 As she tried to peer further into the abyss, the magic circle of the bared its fangs at her.

 Coastoria began to be swallowed into the magic circle of the shadow.


 The tip of his hand turns into a shadow, which spills over to his elbow and turns black up to his shoulder.

''........this, no.......''

 The more he struggled, the more he was consumed by the magic circle, until at last half of his body was a shadow.

"Admit defeat and I'll make you disappear.

 I say, walking loosely up to him.
 But Kostoria replied with a sullen look.


 She didn't move away from the magic circle, on the contrary, she jumped into it with all her might.

 Her entire body was dyed in shadow, and at that moment--

...Oh, I see. Nah.

 As if the shadows were reversing, Kostoria regains her original form.

'I get it,'

 She said triumphantly and smiled thinly.

'To understand this art form, you must not be afraid to be consumed by the shadows. You must sink deeper and deeper into the depths of the shadows, and only then will you see what is there. The power of destruction that destroys reason.

 Kostoria held up her hand and then said.

'I understand. Like this, Venuzdnoa.

 As she said this, the sword of shadows appeared at her feet.

 Slowly it floated up and pointed the hilt towards Kostoria.
 Taking it in her hand, she chuckled.

'There you go. You lose.

 Floating in the air, her face close to mine, she tells me.

'Tell me. What is the most important thing in your life. I'm going to break that right now--what?

 Blood seeped from Coastoria's mouth.

 She slowly dropped her gaze and opened her eyes.
 In the prosthetic eye of that glass ball, Venuzdnoa was reflected.

 The dark-colored long sword had left her hand and skewered its chest.


'Haha. You finally get it, Kostoria. You didn't make a mistake, but you did. That's the Rational Sword (Venuzdnoa).

 Losing her buoyancy and falling, Kostoria was on her knees and hands on the floor.
 I looked down at her as she crawled to her feet and said.

'Did you think you could use it just because you used it correctly?