526-Deep magic

 His body stops spinning with a snap.

 <I released the Thought Parallel Possession (Rixness) spell and erased the 1,000 dolls.

Hmm. It's my turn.

 As soon as they said that, High Priest Belmas, Donnerd the Hundredth Sense King, and Imam Rip readied themselves and flashed their magical eyes.
 No matter what kind of magic method they use, they are going to look into the depths of it and say that they will use it.

You can come. I'm going to repay you for your humiliation. I'm going to avenge your humiliation.

 The Hundredth Sense King Doneld gurgled his twisted neck and

I don't want to have to deal with the new guy all the time. I'll surprise you this time.

 Imam Rip applies a shade of makeup around the eyes with his magic-powered fingertips.
 It's probably a technique to strengthen the evil eye.

It's not that I'm not interested in it, but I'm not. This is just the first time I've made it through the first round. The next one is even more difficult. In your turn, if you don't eliminate at least one of them, think of it as the end of the second round.

 High Priestess Belmas smacked his mouth without so much as a decrease.

 Furthermore, Donnerd, the Hundredth Sense King, said with a hand on his neck.

You'll be able to see all kinds of magic in the deep lecture hall, but the magic of the shallow world is extremely easy for us to understand. I'll give you one piece of advice. First, the magic circle we have built is the key to knowing what magic we are not good at, that is, the magic we are not good at. However, the one you should drop out of the most is Mr. Kostoria of the Holy Upper Sixth Academy, who has yet to see magic.

 While continuing to explain in a methodical manner, Doneld shakes me up.

''You can choose a technique that will ensure that one of the three of us will be able to drop out, or you can bet on the one or two magic that the most troublesome Mr. Kostoria doesn't seem to be able to exercise. Well, you seem to have a propensity for wanting to do it if you're told you can't, but I'm not sure.

 They want to tickle my pride and force me to focus on Kostoria.
 In short, we don't want her to use magic, which we are not good at.

 It's extremely difficult to get her to drop out without information. We all survived together and entered the second round, which is probably the scenario drawn up by the Hyakusi King.

 With my power, he would be able to see through the weaknesses of the three holy road academies and evaluate that magic as a choice, but he's naive.

 He's still underestimating me.

''It's a pass,''

 A silence swept over the area.
 For a moment, they were stunned, as if they didn't understand what was being said.

''What is ... a pass? What does that mean?

 High Priest Belmas asks.

'I have yet to see your deepest great magic.

 I leapt with the force of my neck, spun around and landed on my desk.

''My Demon King's Academy has just left this Silver Sea. My knowledge of deep magic is not adequate. I can't even create new magic with this.

 When he said this, they were visibly and clearly indignant.

'I fully appreciate your power. A small world that has evolved differently from ours, apparently, is more difficult to measure than we can imagine. However.

 Doneld, the Hundredth King, said.

'Mr. Anos. Isn't that too irreverent, indeed?

'Are you the ones who unknowingly set the limits in your heads because I'm the head of the bubble world? It can't be any more, right?

 Doneld shushed for a moment.
 I pointed loosely at my fingertips and pointed at Kostoria.

'Come on, now it's your turn. Get your ass over here.

 Then, with a sullen look on her face, she said.

'I'll pass, too.'


You made them angry. I'll deal with them when I get it over with.

 With that, she crossed her legs on the desk as if pretending to be on a high horse.

 As the scripture is uttered, a great deal of magical power in the form of letters flows out of High Priestess Belmas' entire body.

''Doneld, Rip. Unfortunately, the two of you will not have a chance. I'm going to use this magic, which you can't invoke, so...

 The words are magical, and they form a multiple magic circle for five people.

 The scripture reverberates throughout the auditorium, and the voices exert such tremendous power that they become visibly embodied.

''Haha. I've been waiting for that guy. Now, let's see.

"No, just listen to it.

 He just speaks.
 Gong, gong, gong, a sound similar to the sound of bells echoed in layers.

The scriptures will soon be transformed into the supreme truth. This sound is the deepest three layers, the echo of impermanence that only two people in the history of the scriptural world of Azraben could have produced. Only those who have meditated for a thousand years can reach the peak of enlightenment.

 Each of those words became a scripture and magic power filled the auditorium.

''Come on! Hear me out! This great deep magic--

 A skeletal mask transformed to cover his entire face.


 The echoes were clean words and voices.
 At the same time, all the desks were shattered and chairs were blown away.

 The deep auditorium rattled and shook, and things called objects popped off.

 That's not all.
 Just standing here like this, I can feel a strong pressure on my body.

 Magic? No, no.
 This is the power of this seventh erenesian order.

Adonia el-Hermaces is a scripture magic to honor God. This magic, which elevates any divinity, reinforces divine order and authority as far as the scripture reaches. Now it honors the Warthog, the God of Destruction of the Seventh Elesia. Do you understand?

 With a thunderous sound, the wall of the wall is falling down.

"Even if you do nothing, if you unleash an attacking spell in this realm where the destruction has intensified to the point of destroying the place, the result will be obvious. Locally, it will raise the orderly power of the middle world to the level of the deep world. This is the great deep magic in my scripture world! There's no way they could ever duplicate...

 Gong, gong, a sound similar to the sound of a bell echoed.

''--na ... well ... well ... well, Saka ... this is ... ...What is that sound? No way, it can't be........?

"Adonia el-Helmaces.

 At my words, the deep auditorium shook.

 Unable to stand from the too much vibration, Belmas quickly clung to the pillars as soon as he could.

''Mmm, impermanent oh, echo oh, oh, oh, oh...!

 My use of the Adonia El-Helmakes esoterica caused the two orders to rage and rattle, violently shaking the place vertically.

 It was as if we were inside a box with giants swinging up and down.

 But no destruction has occurred.
 This is because matter is becoming more robust.

If we honor the order of solidity so that it can withstand destruction, then the forces are balanced and collapse will not occur.

 It's not exactly the stable order of normalcy, though.



If this is the end of it, the rest of you will not like it.

 The Imam Rip and the Hundredth Sense King Doneld cannot use the Prayer Vow Title (Adonia El-Hermakes).

 According to the rules, they're out, but that's boring.

"I forgive you. You are welcome to fight me.

This is very generous of you. I'll take that as a compliment.

 Imam Rip was drawing multiple magic circles at his feet.

''I'll make you regret it plenty!

 As the magic dust spread, the area was drastically transformed, as if it was covered in makeup.

"World Makeup Fictional Reality (Hilyam Peirame)

 In a flash, the auditorium was gone and me and Rip were in the wilderness.

 The others had disappeared, and the seven moons were floating in the sky.

 We should have been in the Otherworld Auditorium (Gozot) created by Pablo Hetala's three-dimensional magic circle earlier, but overwriting it is no ordinary magic.

"Welcome to a world where magic can't be used.

 Lipp laughs like a clown.

'The great deep magic of the dust world Parivilla makes up the world the way you want it to be. You won't be able to do any more magic in this place.


 I tried sending the magic to the magic circle, but sure enough, there was no response.

It's just as I said. I can't use it either, you know.

 Rip waves his hand as he releases his magic, but it's still the same. Nothing happens.

I see. "I see." "By assuming the risk myself, I'm able to block the magic of even the most superior opponent--

 Rip laughs with pride.

'-and you seem to want me to believe it.

 Rip's smile tugged at his smile.

''The World Makeup Fictional Reality (Hilyam Pelem) determines the order of the realm by what those in that realm believe. In other words, if you and I agree that this is a world where magic cannot be used, then magic really can't be used.

 I send my magic to the magic circle.

"My lack of ability to see magic is nothing more than an illusion. <Like the Kaelyral, it fools the senses and the evil eye, but in reality it sends magic power.

 A multiple magic circle was drawn at my feet, and magic dust spread out from there all at once.

"World Makeup Fictional Reality (Hilyam Peirame).

 That deep great magic I used overruled the wilderness and was made up into a meadow in the blink of an eye.
 The wind blew vigorously, and countless shredded grasses fluttered in the air.

''Was it........Anos Voldigord?''

 Rip mutters dumbly and turns his clown face to me.

'Who are you? I can't believe how easily my deepest great magic is spotted.

What, a magic that requires a forceful forceful force, right? I can't say I'm very well suited for a baptismal rule that only shows a head-on surgical procedure.

 The key to this great deep magic is how far the surgeon's aim can be hidden from the opponent.
 In a baptism where that is a given, you can't show your true power.

 And I'm sure he knew about it too.

 <When the "World Cosmetic Fictional Reality (Hilyam Peirame)" is lifted, the magic dust sparkles away and returns to the original "Otherworld Auditorium (Gozot)".


'Of course I was ready for that! Even Rip, the imam who excelled in magic technology, couldn't possibly surpass you...!

 A wave of thought wavers from the head of the Centurion King Donnerd Hevnich.
 It's a magic wire. It is connected to the more than one hundred students of his academy sitting behind him.

I'll admit it. "Admit it, Anos Voldigord. You are the magician. In order to surpass you in magic, you'll need more than skill and magic eye. The strength and quantity of pure magic power is the only thing that conquers you that realizes the Demonic Essence!

 Unusual magical power swirls around Donnerd, causing a red aura to rise up.

 As the thought and thought synchronized, everyone's magical power swelled several times over.
 Every drop of it was poured into the magic circle by the Hundred Sense King.

''Look. This is the great deep magic of the Liny Elyon, the world of ideas that was created for the first time by the one hundred and eighteen members of the Academy.

 The thoughts that were released from Donnerd had an image and materialized.

''Gorgon Dolla Gadengus (Gorgon Dorla Gadengus)!

 A huge thought hammer is slammed down on the podium with a daggaaaaang, crushing the podium.

 If it's that powerful, it seems like the damage could spread to other areas, but other than the pulpit, the floor is only slightly cracked.
 The target of destruction is limited.

 After releasing a large amount of magic at once, Doneld breathes heavily on his shoulder.

''How's that? The great hammer of thought, which contains the power of absolute crushing, is a magic that cannot be crushed. This magic that cannot be shattered, this magic that cannot be shattered, is something that you Demon King Academy can imitate.

 Doneld stared at the scene in front of him, stunned.

 There was a large mallet of thought, twice as large as the one he had created, right there.

''Uh, ah.........''

"Gorgon Dolla Gadengus.


 With a mouth that can't turn as it should, Doneld barely squeezes out the words.

"The image of crushing, the hammer that achieves absolute crushing through the power of thought. It is more suitable for destroying magic and witchcraft than matter. In essence, it's an attacking spell, or a deep magic that shatters magical barriers.

 I hold up my hand and draw a multiple magic circle.

'Then it's my turn,'

 The same technique is deployed in front of the other four people.
 Black particles rose up from my body and began to swirl violently.

''If you can wield this, I'll make the second round of failure a chore.

 How many users are there really in the Silver Water Holy Sea?
 It's faster to see than to hear them in words.

 I'd like to confirm that it's Kostoria.

 I'm going to be the one who jumped up close to the ceiling with my and pointed the multiple magician's turrets directly down.

"Egil Groene Angdroa.