525-Seido San Gakuin

I see.

 A heavy voice rang out from one corner of the deep auditorium.

''The Lord Head of Militia seems to have a great deal of confidence.

 A man in a beret stands up.
 He has an air of a scholar, and he speaks in a relaxed manner.

Surely you are no ordinary man. It is true that you are a different kind of being, from the way you returned the scriptures of Lord Bellmouth, to the small world you rule. It is also credible to say that you overwhelmed King Tiger Maytilen with a single rider.

 Looking down at the issue of the Demon King newspaper in his hand, the man in the beret continued.

''I'll admit that you have a bit of power. But what about the essential wisdom? The baptism of the Deeper Auditorium is not so sweet that it can be overcome by a single force push.

 When the man flicked his finger at the issue, it burned in the air and turned to ashes in the blink of an eye.

''One of the three Sacred Dao Academies, the Thought World Rynie Elyon is the Head of the Thought World, let's have this Donnerd Hevnich teach it, shall we?

It's bad form to want to put it all together.

 This time, a man with a flashy make-up on his face jumped up and stood on the desk, dressed in a hilarious vestments and looking like a clown.

 He is dressed in a comical vestments and looks like a clown.

But that's what newcomers are for. I don't mind if you want to join me in Coastoria, though. I'm sure you're not going to be able to take a turn at her.

That's quite a hilarious outfit. Are you at the Three College of the Holy Spirit?

 'Yes,' he replied, and the clown man gave a frightening bow.

"I'm Rip Kurten, head of the Parivilla Clown Clan, the head of the World of Dust,

 Rip leapt again and did a spin around on the spot.

'Oh no, the habit of underestimating the enemy is a hard one to break.

 High Priestess Belmas, who had been slumped against the wall a moment ago, was once again standing in his original place, unperturbed.

 The body that was twisted and crushed is completely back to normal. It seems that scriptural magic can be used for healing as well.

I'm sure you'll be able to find a way to make it work. I'm sorry I was too soft on you.

 No one else is willing to stand up.

 The baptisms will be performed by the Three Academies of the Holy Way - High Priest Belmas, the High Priestess of the Scripture World, Doneld, the Head of the Thought World, Rip, the Imam of the Dust World, and Kostoria.

''We have confirmed the participants.

 When Ottolou inserted the screwball into the magic circle on the floor, the magic circle spread out over the entire deep auditorium.
 A three-dimensional magic circle.

 Gee, gee, gee, gee, she spins the spool like a screw.

"The Otherworld Auditorium (Gozot).

 The walls, floor and ceiling turned blue and the area turned into a water auditorium.

 My body did not sink and I was able to walk normally.

 If you look at my men, they all look blue and translucent.

 Misha reaches out to me and it slips through my body.

"...can't interfere.

 Except for the five baptismal attendees, they are outside the Gozot and cannot be harmed.

Shall we take turns? I'm sorry, but I'm going to have to put Coastoria last.

 Rip, the imam dressed as a clown, says.


 Kostoria said curtly, and leapt from the circular pews and sat down at the student side desk.

'Well, that's it for this time,'

 Rip took the four cards and tossed them.

 Spinning around, they floated to the center of the pews.
 Both sides of the cards had the same magic circle on them.

'Take the cards and send the magic to them.

 As he said this, Rip reached out and a card flew to him.

 I also beckoned with my index finger and called out for one card.
 The skeleton-masked Belmas and beret-wearing Donnerd did the same and took the card.

 I send the magic.
 Light floods from my card, drawing the number four.

A-ha, you're out. If I was the best, I could have eliminated at least one of them.

 The clown says, as if to say he has a seed.

 The cards drawn are two for Rip, one for Bermas, and three for Donnerd.
 That is the order of the 'builders' in this baptism. Coastoria is last, so she'll be fifth, after me.

'So that's the best. Then.

 High Priest Belmas held up his hand and drew a magic circle.
 Then the same magic circle of the same technique unfolded in front of me and the other three people.

I'm sure you'll find that you have an aptitude for scripture magic. So let's change things up a bit.

 Belmas concentrates his magic power on the palm of his hand.

''Spell attribute intermediate magic,
 It is the blade of a curse word.
 The curse words are pointed at the central pulpit and slash it.

 And in unison, Rip, Doneld and Kostoria chanted.

 Since the magic circle itself was constructed by Belmas, the three of them belonging to different worlds could also exercise it.

''Now, this spell, which is the exact opposite of the holy word, will be fulfilled by the Lord--''


 The sharp blade of the curse I unleashed destroyed the circular pulpit.

'Unfortunately, I'm better at curses.

 If you can look into the abyss of magic released by the constructor and the abyss of the magic formula in front of you, the rest depends on your magic power and skill.
 There is no reason why it can't be done.

''It's only the first round. Don't get carried away with your little investigations and don't get carried away with your diagrams........

"What kind of person would do a double check? Just come next time with the deepest great magic. I told you that it wouldn't be baptismal if you could pass the test while missing out.

If you want me to show you the deepest great magic, you'll have to show me some power.

 Second in line, Rip, the imam of the dusty world, so lightly spoke, drawing a magic circle.
 As before, the same magic circle appeared in front of the other four people.

I'm not going to be able to get my hands on it. It's a good idea to imitate it if you can. You'll see, the makeup attribute intermediate magic--

 Rip points a finger at me.


 At that moment when the magic dust fell, my right hand rotted and fell in a blur.


It's a magic that does what it's made to do. If you make-up a wound, you really bleed; if you make-up a rot, you rot away. If you don't put on makeup as soon as possible, you'll be in a lot of trouble.

 <Under the effect of Kaeralization, my body quickly rotted and crumbled, turning into corroded black rust.


 Rip shifts in and appears before the black rust.

It's a mistake, Zannen. Would you like me to fix you up?

 Suddenly, a ferocious, ear-splitting roar rose, and a huge bone dragon emerged from the black rust.

 The bone dragons pushed forward furiously, their sharp fangs thrusting out as they stretched out their bodies in an exclamation point.

'Why are you getting so pissed off at me for failing?

 As the imam Rip drew a magic circle, six magic balls appeared. Placing them between the fingers of his hands, he hurled them with magic power into the bone dragon.

 The magic balls penetrated the bone dragon and dipped into the wall of water behind it.

''What kind of--''

 I stopped speaking mid-sentence and Rip jumped and shuddered.

 I grabbed his shoulder from behind.

'What are you doing dancing by yourself? That's your world's magic, isn't it?

 Rip turns around awkwardly. 

''When did you realize........?''

"If you're saying that Kaelal is just magic that uses powder to create illusions, then it's very similar to the magic I use the moment I see the formula. It's very similar to the magic I use.

 I'm not going to be able to get the same kind of results as the other two.

 It's a good thing that the magic is only as effective as the illusionary mimicry (Lynell).

 However, it affects not only the eyesight, but also the five senses such as the sense of smell and hearing, and even the magical eye. It's difficult to tell if it's an illusion or not.
 <Even Rip, who is well aware of the "Kaelal", can be deceived.

 <It's a high-level magic of the Reiner.

I see. <When I saw that he didn't move even after being hit by Kaelal, it seems that, according to the rules of baptism, we've already accounted for the possibility of interference from the opponent's magic.

 Donnerd, the head of the Thought World, said.

'I also found the explanation for the magic effect to be a lie. Apparently his head can spin a bit too.

 He and Kostoria and the others have already cleared the
 The third person, Doneld, will be next, and Doneld will be the builder.

''It looks like you're good at magic using language and makeup, but what about thoughts then?''

 Doneld draws a magic circle.
 The same magic circle was built in front of the other four people.

It's a good thing that you're not the only one. The magic control by thought uses the bottom realm of consciousness, which is not normally used, so it is different in difficulty from the words you hear and the makeup you see.

 Donnerd used the magic of Ibis and placed roughly 1,000 dolls on the podium.

 They are all human-sized.

I will explain. "Let me explain," he said, "this is the proof that I am a first-rate wizard in the world of Ideas.

 Once the magic was activated, one doll began to move and opened its mouth.

'Do you understand? I'm not manipulating it. This Donnerd's thoughts have been transferred directly to the puppet.

Of course, the body can work like this.

 The main body of Donnerd speaks this time, overlapping with the voice of the doll.

The next step is not easy, even if you have managed to get into the doll. Because what is required for Rixness is the parallelism of thinking different things at the same time. Can you divide and multiply at the same time? If I'm the master of thought magic...

 Donnerd snapped his fingers and a hundred puppets, each with a will, began to move separately.

That's right. Now, if you can control one of them, you've passed........?

 Donnerd and his 1,000 dolls open their mouths in astonishment.

 In my seat, there are 100 dolls made from
".........wow, same as me, one hundred simultaneous parallel thoughts.......

 'Crossing my legs and putting my cheekbones on, I say.

'I can't stop missing them, Donnerd Hevnich.

 My one hundred dolls put their hands on the floor and began to dance violently upside down.

''Bah..........! Be Boing...

 As if in admiration, he turns his gaze to the dancing puppets.

It's not a puppet, each one moves with the thoughts of the surgeon and the five senses are directly returned, but that's why the difficulty is the same as an ordinary dance, if you move in sync with it. There is none. No, it takes more thought training than that ... and it's easier than this, but--!

 With a glint in his eyes, his dolls are turned upside down one by one.

"Thought is the head of the world, Donnerd Hevnich, I didn't think you could at least do the 'be-boing' with your 'thought-parallel possession'...!

 His puppets start dancing violently.

"Ho. "Huh. Is it called be-boing in your world? Well, I'll tell you what it's called in the world of Militia.

 I, along with the puppet, put my head on the desk, took my hands away and spread my legs, spinning fast in place.

'-the roadside spinning dance (Bray Kin),'


 I've already exercised my Thought Parallel Possession (Rixness).
 Despite the confrontation between me and him, the other three have also finished exercising their thought parallel possession as normal.

 All you have to do is quickly move on to the next one, but Doneld's pride in ruling the world of ideas didn't allow him to do so.

''What the hell, this is shameless!

 His puppet popped its head on the floor and began to spin on the spot.
 Immediately, Doneld also threw down his beret and head spun violently on the desk.

''Don't underestimate the head of the Thought World, this Hundredth Sense King Doneld Hevnich!


 Despite his headspin, I tripled my rotation speed.


 Doneld, the Hundredth Sense King, headspun at three more times my size in defeat.


How. Oh, wow, that's pretty cool.

 I gingerly squeeze my neck and I jump upside down along with the doll, still upside down.

'I'll reward you,'

What... what... what... did he do?

 When he spun at four times the speed of Doneld while leaping, the creator Faris Noin, who was watching him, said.

''-- Ah, that's exactly the beauty of rotation brought about by His Majesty the Great Demon King.

 Doneld leapt with only the force of his neck, just like me.
 Then he does a great quadruple headspin.

 Grin, he laughs.
 It was right after that.

 One after another, Doneld's dolls fell, and he lost control of his headspin.

''Wha.........? This is.........!

 Doneld also fell headfirst and twisted his neck gingerly the moment his head was on the desk.


Surely you can handle a hundred parallel thoughts with ease. As long as your body is in a state of normalcy.

 With a flurry, the puppets of the Hundred Senses King collapsed to the ground.

''Your headspin, which was too fast, disrupted your parallel thoughts and led to the outburst of
 In a word, he turned his eyes.

 Landing on the desk with my head, my arms crossed and spinning even faster, I thrust the words at Doneld Hevnich, the Hundredth Sense King.

'You may be evenly matched in parallel thoughts, but I'm the one with the faster head.