I set up chairs and desks in the garden and made a terrace seat for the purchase cafeteria "Winds of the Ocean".

 It was just right, so we decided to have breakfast here.
 It wasn't enough for my mother to make it for all the students, so Misha and the others helped.

 When most of the students had finished eating.

Do we still have time to eat?

 Late, Ray arrived.
 He had taken off his uniform jacket and was carrying the Spirit Godman Sword in his hand.

 His shirt was sopping wet with sweat.
 He must have been working hard on his sword since the morning.

''Have you become a little more proficient with it?''

 He released the hope bread to Ray.
 He took it and smiled briskly.

''If you're not careful, they'll take your roots away from you very quickly.

 If you turn your demon eyes on him, Rey's roots have been reduced to one remaining source.

 He seems to be struggling unusually, but he looks quite contented.
 He must be enjoying wielding his newfound strength, the Spirit Godman Sword.

''I don't know when the people of Hyphoria will ask for it back,''

''If possible, I'd like to try out the complete Spirit God Man Sword as well.

 Says Ray, chewing his bread.

'Well, I hope you get the chance.

 I handed him the cup of coffee I was holding and he drank it in one go.

'Oh, by the way, I was just wondering...'

 Eleonor said as he wiped Zesia's mouth with a table napkin.

'I wonder if the people of Balandias or Faris are no longer the castle demon race? You see, Balandias is no longer the Lord God, and the order is no longer biased towards building the castle. And since Faris is now a resident of the Militia world, Militia has no bias in order.

'There seems to be no change in those who are already born, let alone those who are about to be born. Maybe things will change after this, though.

 People don't suddenly change, no matter how much the world changes.
 It means that not everything is dependent on the Lord God.

Ray. Ray, if you're still going to eat, take it. It's about time.

Well, a little bit.

 Ray reached for a basket with a large amount of bread in it and lifted it straight up.

 There were still some guests in the purchasing cafeteria, so he left the garden, leaving Edgess to guard his father and mother.

 Along with the rest of the students, he continued down the palace corridor and came to a place surrounded by four pillars.

 Riding on top of the shifting magic circle, I say.

'Shallow layer number one.'

 If you send the magic power, your vision will momentarily turn white.


 And then a clerical voice sounded, and my vision returned to normal.

 The transfer was not complete and we were still surrounded by four pillars.

 In front of me was the figure of Ottolu, the god of adjudication.

''I'm sorry for the delay in telling you. From today, the Demon King Academy will transfer its registry to the Profound Auditorium.

Hello? Didn't we classify classrooms by the depth of the small world?

 Curiously, Eleonor asks.
 'We defeated Balandias in the Silver Water Ordinal Battle, but did not take the Fire Dew, so the Militia World remains a shallow world.

''It is not based on depth alone. The selection of the auditorium is also influenced by the pecking order. The more profound auditoriums will hold the lectures necessary to reach that much deeper magic and the abyss. It is common for those in the shallow world to move up the pecking order and evolve into the middle world through lectures and training in the middle level auditoriums.

 So the structure is that the pecking order rises first and then the world goes deeper.

 As I recall, it was said that udo-king Kartinas dared to lower his rank and deal only with the shallow world, but he probably took advantage of Pablo Hetara's structure.

 That's why he was ridiculed as a papier-mâché tiger.

'Hmmm, but skip the mid-level auditorium and suddenly it's a deep auditorium?

'The victory over Balandias, the deep world. Although it is an anomaly, there are effectively two main gods in Militia. And, in particular, the destruction of the Lord God, King Tiger Meityren. These three points were evaluated in accordance with the rules of Pablo Hetala. Militia's current ranking is eighteenth in the pecking order. When I arrived here, it was the lowest rank, 183rd.

Wow. There's a lot going up.

 Eleonor said, and Zesia continued.

''Ikisho........I aim........''

Yeah, yeah, I'll do my best.

 If the number of Lord Gods is involved in determining the pecking order, does that mean that there is not necessarily one Lord God per small world?

 There was no particular reason to aim for first place, but if one ranked in the top ten, it would be easier to contact the Holy Upper Sixth Academy's Ewezeino.
 If the rankings are higher, it is better than nothing.

''Again, I'll explain later, but in the last silver water pecking order competition, the Demon King Academy won one hundred and twenty two school emblems. Since the number of students enrolled in the academy has exceeded the number of students, the school will be granted full membership to the Pablo Hetara Academy. The affiliation will be completed today after a review by the St. Upper Sixth Academy. As it is a formality, there is no precedent for rejection.

 Each of Balandias' flying castle ships was running with about thirty people. They were taking the flying castle ships as they smashed them into weapons, but that was a little too much to take.

''Do you have any other questions?''

No problem.

Then we're moving on. Deep Two.

 Our vision turns white and we transition.

 Ottolu slowly opens the door of the second deep auditorium that appeared in front of us.

 That's the moment.
 Before the door can open fully, a sharp blade is thrust forcefully into my face.

 I grab it with my bare hands.
 When I look at it, it is a parasol with a pointed tip.

'Hey, here we are. Anos Voldigord.

 The girl with the braids moved her face closer and opened both eyes.
 The glass ball prosthetic eye glared at me.

 Kostoria Arzenon, a resident of the Disaster Abyss World Eavesino.
 She was one of the two people who wanted to kill my mother.

'Hmm. That's quite an enthusiastic welcome.

''It's just a greeting. I'm just giving you the common sense of the Disaster Abyss World.

That sounds like a very classy world, doesn't it?

 I smiled at the glowering Kostoria and said.

'I was just wondering if I could meet you guys. It's a good thing we're in the same class.

'No way. St. John's Sixth College doesn't teach with you guys. I'm just here to give a lecture.

 The only people in the Profound Auditorium would be those from the Profound World. If the instructors weren't from the Holy Upper Sixth Academy, it wouldn't be a class.

Why did you target my mother?

What's the most important thing about you?

 Kostoria pulled back her parasol and smiled belligerently.

'Tell me and I'll answer.'


 If I answered immediately, Kostoria's lips twisted as if motivated by a dark emotion.

'Well, then, that Militia's peace--'

The most precious moment in my life is the day-to-day life where I can eat mushroom gratin in peace. I will not allow anyone to try to take that away from me.

 Instantly his face goes straight and he stares at me with his prosthetic eye.


 Discarding, Kostoria spun on her heel.
 She hopped softly and landed on the circular pews.

 The seats were set up in all directions, just like in the shallow auditorium, and chairs and desks were arranged around the pews.

''Your world, how high up in the pecking order are you?''

 I replied as I walked loosely to the appropriate seat.

'I hear you're number eighteen,' 

That's unheard of.

 Kostoria closes her eyes with a sullen look on her face.

'There is no such precedent in the long history of Pablo Hetara for a head of state being a non-conformist in a bubbling world, and to top it off, stripped of the power of the Lord God who is the will of the world.

 The words are plain, yet full of negativity that makes people uncomfortable just listening to them.

 It looks like you have a lot of hard feelings about the fact that I broke your artificial eye.
 You can easily fix it, but you never know what will happen to you.

"You are in direct contradiction to the traditions of this school.

'It's interesting that evezeino, who just recently joined, would speak of tradition.

'Yes, the Phantom Agency is still in its infancy. But what do you think of these people who have been here since the beginning of time? Do you think he'd recognize the Academy of Witchcraft and Wizardry? The students in the Deeper Auditorium are the misfits of the bubble world.

 For a moment, the students of the other academy turned their stabbing gazes at us.

 Although they didn't directly say it, but inexplicably, the magic power that was emanating in a stinging way wasn't a very welcoming atmosphere.

''Today's class, though,''

 With a hint of a hint, Kostoria says.

'There's a tradition of baptism for the newly arrived academy in the Deeper Auditorium.


It's just a recreational activity. Don't worry about it.

 Giggling, Kostoria continued.

'The rules are simple. You choose one 'builder' and he or she builds a magic circle of your choice. The other students become the 'exerciser' and use the magic circle deployed by the 'constructor' to exercise magic. The builder shows you a sample, and if you can perform the same magic as the builder, you succeed. If he can't do it, he is disqualified. Except for those who are disqualified, the baptism continues with a change of constructors.

 It is difficult to use magic with a magic formula constructed by others.

 Nevertheless, the magic circle constructed by others is equivalent to being assisted in the construction of a magic formula.
 Although the difficulty is high, the magic that cannot be exercised on its own can be exercised in that way.

 In other words, it's a test of your magic control and magical skills.

 I'm sure the hardest part is using magic from a different world. It's not only that, but it's also that you don't normally have enough knowledge to use magic from a world deeper than your own.

 It's a great disadvantage for the academy that has newly arrived at the Deeper Auditorium.

''If you don't get disqualified after three rounds, you'll pass.

And if I'm not?

Ranked 50th in the pecking order and started over in the middle of the auditorium.

 I see.

"Baptism is a very good thing.

 With her eyes closed, Kostoria smiles softly.

''Don't worry. The head of the Second Profound Auditorium, the Holy Dao Three Academy, is not participating. The use of the highest level of magic in the small world, the so-called Deep Great Magic, is prohibited. The first lap is basic magic, the second lap is lower level magic, and the third lap is definitely intermediate magic.''

 You're still trying to tell me I can't pass.

It's not worth it.

Are they running away?

 With a disgusted smile, Kostoria says.

'Run away? Ha-ha. Don't lose sleep over it. I'm telling you that if you can pass the test while absent, you won't be baptized.

 The first to react was not to Kostoria, but to the other students.

 It's a good thing that you're able to get the most out of this article.

I'm not going to be the only one who has an interest in the three academies. It's a good thing that you're the one who's going to take a shot at them, the lion of destruction of Arzenon.

Oh, yeah. I don't mind. If you're okay with it.

 Black particles overflowed from Coastoria's entire body.
 It's a violent rush of magical power.

Come. I'm going to give you the lead. At best, I'll give you magic that I can't use--

Shut up.

 A voice full of curses with compulsion cuts through the air as my words are interrupted.

 I turn around and a man slowly rises to his feet.
 He wears a skeletal mask on the lower half of his face.

 From its bony fangs, a multiple magic circle was unfolding.

''Let me tell you my name. It is the High Priestess of the Sacred Way Three Colleges is one, the Sacred Scriptures Temple (Seijutsuin) High Priestess Belmas Fazat. He is the head of the Scripture World of Azrauben.

 High Priestess Bermas flies a provocative glance.

'You will not be able to speak, will you? It is my Azra Ben's Scripture Attribute Advanced Magic . You have heard the holy words, but at the end of the day, if you don't override them with more scripture magic, you will obey the order until the effect wears off.

 High Priest Belmas pointed at me.

He said, "You said you don't care about the three Sacred Dao Academy, but you're not even bothering with the deepest great magic of my world, you're even bothering with the higher level magic. You have no idea what you're doing, even more so, if you're going to challenge the Holy Upper Sixth Academy. From now on, you will be baptized as an ordinary person and choose your words carefully. When you understand, raise your right hand.

 I give him a silent smile in response to his advice.

'You're a man who can't help it,'

 A magic circle is superimposed on the fangs of the skeleton on the mask.

''Twist and crush, blow away!''

 I drew a magic circle with a vocalization against the coming towards me.

''You are.''


 My words pass through his ears, violently shaking its roots.

''Gah bobo bobo, goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo...!

 Blood spurted out of his entire body and twisted and crushed, and High Priestess Belmas was blown away by the momentum.

 As it was, he crushed the wall and slammed into it with great vigor.
 Twisting without regard to the body's stubbornness is quite a good magic.

 Well, it has many flaws.

I'm not going to be able to tell the difference. ..........why? You can't use it if you can't keep your mouth shut...

 High Priestess Belmas glares at me inexplicably.

I told him to shut up, so I just kept him quiet. You need to be taken by surprise to be able to understand these things. You can't afford to miss out on anything, and the scripture can easily come back to haunt you. Just like you are now.


 With a face tainted with humiliation, Belmas gritted his teeth to the bone.

 The first scripture that flew at him was stared away with the .

 From the looks of it, the , to the extent that it has a strong effect on realizing spoken orders, its power diminishes the slightest disturbance in the art form.

"Those who disagree, step forward.

 I looked briefly at the students in the auditorium.

'I'm going to baptize you in your tradition.