What's wrong with the little abdominal boy when he's suddenly stuck in the side of my mouth?

 Arcana turned her pouting face to Sasha.

''........I mean, you didn't do it on purpose.......?

Does that mean I've gone against the bloke again?

 Arcana looked at Misha.
 She shook her head with a shake of her head.

'The practice was paying off.'

 Hearing that, Arcana clenched her fist in a small fist.


You did it. You did it! Oh, God. What am I going to describe you guys? You're supposed to be a follower.

 Sasha looked at Faris as she held her forehead as if her head was hurting.

'Is it beautiful?'


 She gave Faris a questioning look, as if she didn't understand what was being said.

 He held up his hand in the sunlight with a refined and elegant gesture.

Oh, it is as if you can see it. The light of peace, more radiant than this sunrise. It is a beautiful light that resides in you. It's a beauty.

 With his magic eye glowing, Faris said as if he was half euphoric.

'U, beautiful...?'

 Sasha glanced at me for a moment, looking embarrassed.

'....Is that right?

 Misha is nodding next to her with a chuckle.

 Faris quickly drew a magic circle as if he was overflowing with creativity and took out a canvas, magic brush and other art materials from there.

'May I draw? Sasha, you.

Yeah, umm, but...

 Sasha turns his attention to you as if asking for permission.

'He won't paint unless he's entertained when I ask. Have him draw it.

If Anos says so, fine, but...

 She grinned as if she was not too upset about it.

''When you're done, we'll present it to His Majesty the Demon King.

Oh, come on, that's just too much.

Is there a problem?


 Then Sasha looks down in embarrassment.

''Okay but can you draw it beautifully for me?

Of course. Let me show you the most beautiful and avant-garde version of it.

 With that said, Faris points his magic brush at the canvas.

 We move out of the way.
 Sasha looks embarrassed, but takes a graceful stand.

''No, it's not.''

 At first glance, Faris said.

'When you say it's not...?'

'A little too much subtlety has prevailed. You sound like a timid girl. Be more daring, more like yourself.

Well, I've never modeled in my life!

This should help you. It will help you.

 Faris quickly offered Sasha a handheld tool made of paper.

 She took it and looked at it seriously.

 It's Harrison.

''How will you use it!''

 A sharp Harrison strike struck Faris in the head.

''Ah ... sorry, I'm sorry--''

 But at that moment, he looked as if he had been shot by a revelation.

 In an instant, Faris runs his magic brush across the canvas and paints a fierce Sasha wielding a harisen.

 It's like a beast.

''I thought you were going to draw it beautifully! No matter how you look at it, you look like a pecking beast!

 The title was added to the title: "Sasha the Beast's Pincers".

What kind of a title is that?

"Be beautiful.

I don't look beautiful! I'm a beast, beast. Why am I a beast?

Don't you see? Why is this a beast? Why has beauty turned into a beast?

 That being said, Sasha shuts down.

'My paintings consist of both imagination and reality. I don't think with my head, but rather with my brush. The avant-garde may be avant-garde, but why has it become an avant-garde tangled beauty--

 Turning to Sasha, Faris says in a serious tone of voice.

'Yes, something was missing. But what was missing--'

 Faris looked at the painting again.
 Sasha followed and looked at the painting as well.

 After a few seconds of silence, Faris Noyn, the creator, said, "The more you look at it, the better it is.

''The more you look at it, the better it is.

Where's the source of the Beast?

Painting is a mysterious thing. You can't paint it if you want to, but as soon as you put your brush down, there is a flash of inspiration. The moment you put your brush down, there is a flash of inspiration. When you're looking for something, you don't find it, and when you're looking for it, you don't find it. At times like this, I think about it the other way around.


You're a beast. It suits you well.

You're an idiot! I'm complimenting you!

 That's what Sasha shouted, and Faris thrust his magic brush at her.

'I understand,'

What's the...?

One girl kept thinking, "I don't want to be a beast, I don't want to be a beast.

 Sasha gives me a dumbfounded look.

'Why are you talking about a certain girl or something so roundabout...?

The girl who kept thinking about the beast, and her mind somehow became the beast itself, and this is how the picture came to be.

'You didn't think of that at first, did you! The Beast was first!

A painting is a dream. It's when you least expect it that you realize something new...

 Faris was flabbergasted, as if a revelation had come to him.

'Could it be?'

I see....

 Gazing at the painting of Sasha the Beast, he says

'It is the beauty of the blur that makes the beauty of the plugging stand out. There's not enough blur in this painting.

Hey, aren't you trying to paint a picture of me in the beginning?

 Sasha says with a straight face, and Arcana steps forward.

'Is it our turn?'

Pull back.

 Faster than a moment later, Sasha plunged in.

'It's sharp,'

 At Faris' words, Sasha had a look of disgust on her face.

'As you thought, there is someone here who is more deserving.

 Faris takes a quick look around at my men around me.
 Then he locked eyes with one of the girls.

'Misha. May I draw you, sir?

 With a snap, she blinks twice and points to herself.

'Was I a blur?'

 Faris turned his face to the morning sun and held out his hand to the sun.

Oh, darling, is it not a beauty that is hidden in the depths of the soul, a blur? You will get there if my magical eye as a sorcerer is intact.

I'm beginning to believe that you're an amazing creator...

 Sasha's suspicious gaze pierced Faris.

 That was nowhere to be seen, and he looked at Misha with the magic brush in his hand.
 She turned her head in annoyance and looked at me as if to ask for help.

''What's wrong?''

I don't know what to look like.

What? Just go on as usual. Farris's paintings are very evocative.

... hey, wait a minute, my nature is...

 I raise my hand to control Sasha and look at her, often waiting. 
 Misha is trying to focus.

'As usual...'

 Misha turns over to think about it.

 I'm sure it's the same as Sasha's, so is this your first experience with modeling? It's a very good idea to have a good idea of what to do.

''It's difficult.....

Then look away.

 Misha flies that god's eye in the direction I pointed.

"What do you see?

"Seventh Elenesia.

 Her vision flies far away and she looks around at this world.

'What world is this?'


 Misha says in a pouting tone, "It could be the world your mother created.

"Your mother may have created this world.

 Misha's expression became soft and calm.
 It was as if she was compassionate towards all the living things in this world.

'Good. That is your usual face. You are full of compassion and give everyone peace.



 She turned to me.

'And Anos?'

Did you think I wasn't in it?

 Misha smiles happily.

'I'm glad.'

 A moment later, Faris's magic brush ran like a bolt of lightning.
 Another painting appeared on the canvas where one beast had been.

''It's done.''

 Misha and Sasha stared at the canvas.
 The newly painted image was a gentle and compassionate angel.

'What do you think? I boldly changed the theme to beautiful compassion and completely redrew it. I made the beast's penetration more aggressive, too.

How come I'm still a beast when I'm completely redrawn on the theme of beautiful compassion?

 The pecking beast that lurks at the source of Sasha's roots lets out a ferocious roar.

'In other words, an improvisation, an expression of the moment when the sparks in my head popped. I don't know if I can say it and get it across.

 Faris pointed at Misha's face one after another with his magic brush.

'That divine eye--beauty. That smile--beauty. That blink of an eye - ah, beauty.

 Faris Noin, the creator, said without hesitation.

''I'm so bewitched,''

For a 2,000-year-old demon tribe, you're a bit too peaceful!

 When Sasha couldn't resist poking around, Singh, who had been watching from the sidelines with a straight face, quietly opened his mouth.

''So, I told you he would be fine.

'I didn't think that's what you meant...'