522-Ocean wind

 Pablo Hetala Palace. Gardens.

 The harmonious and elegant garden was filled with a hustle and bustle, and a large line had formed in one corner.

 The students in line were the students of the Silver Water Academy. The students wearing different uniforms seemed to be from different worlds.

 The fragrant smell of baking bread wafted through the air and whetted my appetite.

Welcome, welcome! It's the purchase cafeteria "Ounabara no Kaze" that opened today! Hope bread from Militia is the best, and it's going to make you feel better!

 A commanding voice rose from a simply constructed stall.
 It was my father, whoever he was, banging out freshly baked bread for sale.

 I could see my mom in the improvised kitchen at the back of the stall, carrying the freshly baked bread.

'I see,'

It's like they built a stall last night.

 Sasha says, sounding annoyed.


 Misha muttered nonchalantly.

''I told them that they could walk around freely inside the academy, but as expected of mom and dad.

 It never occurred to me to create a purchase to sell bread to the students of Pablo Hetara.

''Well what shall I do? You don't want to be too obvious, do you?

If the only one who wanted my mother was Eavesino, then I might be safer.

 As I said it, I walked around the line and emerged into the kitchen part of the stall.
 Yeejus was looking around warily, with an indescribable look on his face.

''Yes, Eques! We had a lot of guests here today, so I hope you'll burn them all down!

 He must have unloaded the Eques oven that was loaded on the Demon King train. He blazed up vigorously, baking up the browned bread of hope.


 Mom notices me and comes trotting over.

'Good morning, Anos!'

The place is booming.

 Mom's face lit up with joy as she told him this.

Pablo Hetara is so big, but there's no place to eat inside the palace. It seems to be difficult for everyone to go out, so I thought it would be a good idea to set up a place where they could buy snacks and eat.

 If you are a student of the Silver Water Academy, I'm sure you don't count a little distance as a thing, but well, it's better to be close.

I'm sure you'll be able to find a lot of good food. We have to eat a lot of good food. Anos and the others seem to be busy, so we thought we'd try to do it ourselves. Oh, and I've got permission from Ottolu-chan.

 Hmm. Looks like Pablo Hetara is a lot looser than we thought.

Did I do something I shouldn't have done?

 Maybe it was because I didn't tell her, but she looked a little worried.

'What? It's a good opportunity for you to get to know the food of the militia world.

 Mom patted her chest in relief.

'But how could you get so many people in here when the store opened today?

'Oh, yes. Maybe it's because they gave me an extra issue to advertise it?

 Misha nods her head.


That's it.

 Mom took out the paper and it said Demon King Newspaper, ''Overwhelming victory! The Silver Castle World of Balandias Shattered! The headline was.

 The other main headings were as follows.

 The Demon King's Right Hand, Cutting Both Signs of the Silver Castle World!
 What is the true identity of the holy sword that sliced Balandias' flying castle ship in half--!
 Brutal! Defeated by a god who is not the chief god, King Tiger Maytiren was weak?
 What a relegation of the Silver Castle World to a bubble world! The end of the overwhelming overrun!
 Opening today! An in-depth analysis of the allure of Militia's purchasing diner, The Wind in the Ocean!
 Is Faris Noin, the founder of the Silver Castle, a former resident of Militia? We're about to find out the mystery of reincarnation!

 An exclusive interview with the Demon King of Tyranny!
 ''I'll crush your ambition (Balandias),'' he told Wang Tora!

What the hell is this? Who the hell could do this to--

 The moment Sasha raised her voice, a cackle of laughter could be heard from above her head with a carkka cackle.

'Issue, issue, issue, issue! Everyone in Pablo Hetala was sure of victory, but now the Silver Castle World has been defeated! It's also a big, big, big defeat, downgrading to a bubble world, big, big, big defeat!

 The pumpkin dog carriage is racing across the sky, and the old maid on the gyoja-dai is happily scattering the Demon King newspaper to the ground.

"Gosh, a special edition! It's a victory for the Demon King Academy!

 He peeked out of the cabin window and detention Naya was also throwing an issue with him.

'What the hell are you doing, already...'

 Sasha put her head in her hands.

 Meanwhile, Mom was busily working, putting the baked bread into a paper bag.
 Then she put her hand inside the painting and pulled out the baby tiger.

Maytiren, would you take this for the guest that's waiting for you over there?


 Maytiren reluctantly takes the bag in his mouth and runs to the waiting guests.

 There was a momentary tension in the park.
 The gazes of the students in the queue all turned to the little tiger at once.

''-- Hey........''

''Oh, King Tiger Maytilen. I didn't expect that, as per this issue, you're really owned by Militia.......

 They shine their magical eyes and look into the abyss of Maytiren.
 There is no doubt that its essence is the former Lord God of Balandias, the King Tiger.

''But even with my own eyes, I can't believe that that Lord God who kicked the main force of my world to the ground in an instant is now carrying freshly baked bread.......''

''There have been times when Cartinas has dared to play a travesty to lower the pecking order... but as expected, a proud king and tiger would not be used with his chin by someone with no magic power.

Balandias, with those two men, to the bubbly world that just came to Pablo Hetara.......

I must admit......................... Anos Voldigord, head of Militia. I reckoned you were reckless and fearless of the unknown, but it seems we were the ones who didn't know........

'But why does the bubble world of Militia have so much power? They weren't misfits, were they?

 When one head of state let the question fly, they all fell silent, as if thinking.
 They brought the bread in their hands to their mouths with a serious look on their faces.

''If you insinuate that, you couldn't have taken and possessed the Lord God of another world.

Do you have a Spiritual God and Human Sword?

"Idiot. You think you can believe everything you read in this newsletter? It's what they're putting out there!

 One of the students shouts out.

'Your brother's too excited.'


 With that, a nearby student shoved a piece of bread into his mouth.


 Munching and munching, the man swallowed the bread.

'The bread is just as good as it gets,'

Well, it's not bad.

Are the oats wrong?

I don't know. I don't know how to grind it.

 It's not hard to imagine why the men are standing in line with paper bags of bread in their hands.
 It's the second time round.

'But it's strange. I don't know, it just makes me feel a little better to eat this bread.

'Be positive,' it says in the issue?

That's the one. It's a wonder bread.

Don't be alarmed. We may have a trick up our sleeve.

That's why the price is so unprofitable. It's not a bad move if you're trying to be harmonious.

 The man puts his hand in the paper bag again.
 It's already empty. "Tsk," he clicks his tongue.

'So. It's true, as far as Ottolu can tell, that Ballandias has become a bubble world. How do you judge that part?

'At the very least, we can be sure that it's following a different evolutionary path than our world. Can we really admit that?

'In a sane world, I'd join hands with you, but if you're not good enough, you could end up with more bombs than Ewezeino. We can't pander to them poorly.

'Hey, I'm not even present enough to care about it yet. Running up the pecking order of Pablo Hetara is no mean feat. They don't know how hard it is to stay in the pecking order, let alone go up.

'The Militia world will now be baptized by Pablo Hetara. The baptism of a genuine deep world, not like the papier-mâché tigers of Balandias.

Like us.

 'Grin,' they laugh.

'It's only when you know your size that it finally begins. After that, depending on how Militia behaves, I could teach her how to survive.

 You understand that Militia isn't just a bubble world, but apparently it's not quite as welcoming as it should be.

 Well, in every world, there are many who want to get rid of foreign objects.

''--I mean, we shouldn't spread this around too much, should we?

Hmm. That's true.

 I look down at the article in the issue.

'I don't remember being interviewed. Depending on how the article is written, it could give a false picture of who I am.

You let me call you the Demon King of Tyranny and you don't give a d*mn!

 Sasha interrupts me hard.

'You have a problem with falsified newspaper articles.

''........Yeah, but you don't care about that by any means. By the way, is it really okay to expose your hand so openly.......? If it wasn't for Arcana and the gods they're dealing with, you'd be incompetent.

Was I incompetent?

 Nuttily, Arcana appeared and Sasha looked up in surprise.

'Oh, um, well, I don't mean that, but if there's a next silver water pecking order game or something...'

'No problem. I suppose that by daring to expose your authority, you can hide what you really need to hide.

 Misha nodded her head.

'Truly something to hide?'

I've just learned a few tricks that I can only use once.

 Arcana said with a straight face.

'In other words, a one-shot gag.'

You're beyond incompetent!

 Sasha's sharp pinch flies.
 Satisfied, Arcana nodded.

'That was a joke. The truth is, I've learned how to trump with song.'

You mean, like the Soji So-Ai (Ra-Sensia)...?

 Arcana nodded persistently.

'The art of rhythm, Ra-Senshia!'

You're an idiot! Why do you have to do it twice?

 A giggle was heard.

 Sasha turned around and saw Founder Faris Noin and Shin there.

''It's a lively thing, isn't it, the new Demon King's Army?''

''Oh......... I'm so embarrassed to have shown you that....

No, sir. No, this is the peace that Your Majesty has created. I'm not sure if I'll be able to fit in, as I've only known the Demon King's Army in the past...

I'm sure you'll be fine.

 Singh said, despite his gentler tone.
 Sasha smiles as well, as she welcomes Faris.

'And I don't think things have changed that much. They're all cheerful, but they're not all that optimistic.


'Since Anos's mother is being targeted, it seems like she's doing something stupid, but we're actually all very wary of her.

Canaccio, no. The steps are as follows. Hands and feet, cross your legs, cross your legs.

 Before I knew it, the girls of the Fun Union, along with Arcana, were carving out the steps of 'Ra-Senshia'.

''Our roots are the same as the old Demon King's Army. We can all risk our lives for Anos at any time.

Kanatchi, your finger is a few millimeters high! That's the Anos-sama pose! I'm going to be like Anos! At the risk of my life!

 It must be choreography. Ellen crawled to the ground and let Arcana step on her head.
 The fan unions around her were in the same pose.

'So, you're just painting as usual and you'll blend right in--'

''Speaking of which, since I've left Dillhade, the progress of the joint magazine on the saga of Anos-sama is in jeopardy...''

'How about we have a painter's boy to draw it for us?'

"Kanatchi genius! I'm sure Dr. Farris would be a quick hand.

So, what do you want me to draw?

I knew it was today's rhythm trick. 'La-la-la-sensia' Anos-sama version.

Well, but I mean, normally, or rather, I'm sure Faris-sensei would be able to draw every single detail of Anos-sama with his superb drawing skills.

I'm fine.

 Ellen said gravely, with a big serious face.

''This is the kanji version,''

 The girls in the Fun Union gasped.
 After a few moments of delay, Arcana said.

''Nude, naked, naked, naked (la la) - warrior (sensi) a?''

Can you go away for a minute?

 Fiercely, Sasha jammed.