Pablo Hetala Palace. The Grand Tribunal of the Holy Superior.

 I lightly open my fist and relax.

 We were out of the woods for now.

 If that well-dressed man hadn't happened to walk by, I might have had to go on a rampage.
 You're lucky you didn't get out of the courtroom.

 But who attacked you?

 The deepest great magic of the scriptural world and the disaster abyss world
 And to top it all off, the Revelation Sword (Venusdnoa)?

 I didn't think there was anyone else who could use it except me, but it could be considered one of the magic of the deep world, just like the Extreme Hell Realm's Annihilation Ash Cannons (Egil Groene Angdroa).

 Artzenon's Lion of Perdition.
 If I'm like that, then it's no wonder they have powers similar to mine.

 However, I'm not certain if that was a complete rational destruction sword. You have to have a handle to show its true value.

 Nevertheless, the attacker did not do so.

 Why? Was it an imperfect magic that couldn't show its true value if it tried to have a handle in the first place? Or, I couldn't be seen.

 I looked at Kostoria.
 She kept her eyes closed the whole time and turned away with a sullen face.

'You sent me?'

You don't talk to people in a bubble world without their permission.

 This guy is the most suspicious one at the moment.

I have a few questions for you, Anos.

 Bellamy says.

"When you developed the Aegil Groene Angdroa, that is, 2,000 years ago, did the world of Militia have a way out?


 Hearing my answer, Bellamy gives me a dubious look.

I don't see it. You don't know anything about the magical laws of the deep world, so how on earth did you develop them?

She must have reincarnated. From the depths to the militia world, I suppose. How about the fact that my roots had a hazy memory of that magic in them?

That's an interesting theory. But no.

 Bellamy denies it with a slight wave of his hand.

'Once I'm reborn, I'm a different person. You might get the wrong idea, though, because you can see the fire and dew. You can't inherit any memories, and even your personality is different. Just because we have the same origin doesn't mean we're identical.

Then how was I able to develop the Egil Groene Angdroa?

I don't know. It still makes sense to me that you erased your own memory. Then you wouldn't have to lie.

 The concept of reincarnation seems to be the same as Ottolu's.

 If anything, I guess Ronculus is the exception to the rule, as we were able to talk about it somewhat.
 It's the steward of the Two Rite Pretenders and that he could also use .

''What do you think? It may be a little too early to say that he's just arrived and has erased his own memory in preparation for the court session.

 Lebrahard said.

"Well, let's hear your considered judgment, Mr. Lebrahard.

''Let me ask you another question. Can you tell me why you took away the Lord God of Balandias in the last silver-water pecking order fight?

 That's a far-fetched question.

"Maytiren has locked the soul of my man Faris Noyn in a cage so that he cannot fly, hence I have crushed him and his monstrous ambition. "Maytiren has locked my men's souls in cages so that they cannot fly, thus crushing them along with their hideous ambitions. And since the people of Barandias have decided to fight, I have only helped them do so.

'You claim that the inhabitants of Balandias wished to be in a bubble world themselves, don't you?

 Rebrahard reminds us.

'You are mistaken, but the integrity of the order can be maintained without the Lord God. Indeed, the world of Militia does.'

'There are no such small worlds in the long history of Pablo Hetara. Militia worlds appear to be a silver bubble of a few hundred million years or so, but the deep worlds are, on average, several times that long, and some of them far longer than that.

 Rebrahard explains in an admonishing tone.

'So you're saying that without the Lord God, we won't last long?'

''Currently, there are no silver bubbles in this Silver Water Holy Sea that followed the same evolutionary path as the Militia World. I think it's correct to think that they were eliminated because they followed the wrong evolutionary path. Perhaps it was the Militia world that caused the ancestral transition. In other words, Anos, your decision to go to Balandias for good was only hastening the end of the world.

A new evolutionary possibility may have arisen.

'I don't think that possibility is necessary. The world with the Lord God is complete with it, and there is no danger of the integrity of the order being disrupted.

 The Holy King assured him so.

'The Lord God was a sickly place, Balandias. What is the perfection of a world that sacrifices its people for the sake of order, no matter how much integrity of order it may preserve? Above all, that won't save the bubble world without the Lord God.

'That's the bubbles in the ocean that will eventually disappear. It's a bubbling world because it was never born.

'If Pablo Hetala has a long history, he should know better than to be wrong. The bubble world is only so named because you are out of control. You can keep the integrity of the order and keep their fire and dew in their world.

 The Holy King shook his head loosely from side to side.

''I still don't think that's necessary either. It is in order for the fire dew to cross the world. It is fortuitous for its life to be born in a more stable place.''

I'm not a different person just because I've been reborn.

 As I said it, the Holy King closed his mouth as if he was lost in thought.

''........I don't know how we can talk about this. As for your earlier claim, is that the religion of your world?

"The truth in this silver sea.

 For a moment, Lebrahard turned his magic eye to the magic circle of the .

 It's working normally.
 In other words, I'm not lying.

''There's a limited magic in my world called
 Lebrahard is quietly listening to me.

'Even if you don't use the Reincarnation (silica), it doesn't change. Even if we lose our memories and power, our roots reincarnate and are born again. A faint feeling, but it's still there.

 It was only because the order of reincarnation was the strongest in the Militia world.

 If Militia is a bubble world, then that order is spread, albeit faintly, to all worlds below the first layer.
 Because if it follows the logic of the Silver Sea, order flows from the shallow to the deep.

'If there is fire and dew, even if it has perished, it must remain the same. 'If there is fire and dew, it will not change. Then what happens if we take away the fire and dew?

 I looked straight at St. King Lebrahard and said.

'In every world, life is a harsh thing. A friend, a brother, a family member, a subject or a lord. For a variety of reasons, there is an inevitable time of separation. They will hope to be reunited in the next life. Though they may not remember, though they may not be aware of it, their feelings may one day be understood.

So you've sent this issue to Pablo Hetara, is that it?

 Lebrahard showed me an issue of the Demon King's Newspaper.
 In it, he wrote about Faris' reincarnation.

"Faris Noyne, the founder of the Silver Castle, a former resident of Militia, is under your command. He also possesses those memories.

It proves that you've been reborn.

I will corroborate the information about Faris Noin later. As long as you're not lying, there's little room for doubt about the Reincarnation (silica). Maybe that's the kind of order the Militia world operates in.

 So Lebrahard prefaced.

''But it only proves that the world of Militia and the Reincarnation (silica). I cannot yet assert that all the roots of this Silver Sea are reincarnating, with something unchanged. I don't think the influence of the Militia order, the bubble world, is as strong as it could be.

 Indeed, all I know now is that I'm a resident of the Militia world.

 It is difficult to prove that those from other worlds who have lost their memories were indeed reincarnated.
 Because the way to be sure is a fuzzy thing called a thought.

'Will you continue to take the fire and dew until you know it is so? By the time you're sure of it, it's behind you.

I understand your justice. But I don't think it would be rash to change the nature of this little world with its long history for that reason alone.

 Softly, but with an unwavering intention, the Holy King says

''Without the Lord God, the order will be consistent. As for the order of this Silver Water Holy Sea, it is extremely unnatural. The bubbling world will eventually turn into a bubble and disappear. Even the Militia that plugged the hole in the fire and dew doesn't necessarily mean that there isn't another hole in it.''

If there's a hole, we'll plug it up.

Not all of them can be plugged up.

 I can see why you're worried.

'I'd be crazy if you were that stubborn. We don't need a Lord God. Even in a bubble world, you can achieve consistency of order. The truth is, you know that's not true, and your goal may be to turn the deep world into a bubble world.

To cut down on Pablo Hetara from the inside?

 Without denying or affirming anything, the Holy King said.

He did not deny it, but said, "The Gisette makes it impossible to lie, but this kind of magic is only possible if you don't believe it to be a lie. Not in Miss Bellamy's words, but some of them can erase memories or, in rare cases, slip through with the power of suggestion. The fact that you met the reincarnated Faris Noyn soon after you left the Silver Water Holy Sea is too good to be a coincidence.

 The Holy King looks into the depths of my mind from behind his crossed hands.

'Maybe he's trying to make it look like reincarnation exists.

 From his point of view, it's only natural to doubt that.

 A concept that didn't exist before is suddenly brought up by a newcomer.
 If you just believe it from the top of your head, you're not fit to rule the world.

"I can't give you any conclusive proof, however. In my opinion, Anos is only following his own justice.

Oh. What makes you think that?

There is no evidence for this. If I had to choose, I'd say your eyes. You have such straight eyes and such a belief in justice. I don't dislike you.

 Lebrahard turns a single, unclouded eye on me.
 If Misha were here, he might have uttered that he is the one who is straight.

'But the world is too big to be left to intuition, and it is my justice to follow the law. You are a nonconformist in this silver-water holy sea, and Militia is a bubble world without the Lord God. In the light of the laws of Pablo Hetara, there are too few elements to believe in.

 Holy King Lebrahard firmly tells him.

'It is the view of the Holy Sword World Highforia that we cannot dispel the possibility that the mastermind or his complicity in the destruction of the Fallen Forlorn,'

 Bellamy finally shows a face, and Kostoria gives a slight smile.

''--You're as hard-headed as ever, Holy King of Highforia.

 The fixed magic circle of transference was activated and a new man appeared in the seat.

 It was that buxom-headed young man who saved my mother.
 He said, as if our previous discussions had been conveyed.

He said, "Roots go round and round, life goes round and round, and everyone is reborn. Everyone is reborn. I like the idea.

 Lebrahard takes a glance at the young man.

'Say your name, Prince Parrington. He does not know you.

I beg your pardon. I haven't seen you before.

 Parrington turns to me.

I am Parrington Anessa, Prince of Puppet World Luzendfort. I've been called the puppet prince of the Humanoid Society, but I'm the head of Luzendolt, in a manner of speaking.

 The Prince is the head of state. That's very unusual.

Anos Voldighorde, Head of the Militia.

It's a pleasure to work with you.

So, Parrington boy.

 Bellamy said.

'Do you have any evidence for the existence of the incarnation Anos claims?

 Then Parrington replied.

'It is love, isn't it?'


 With glittering and unusually innocent eyes, the young man with the buns says

'It is called love. It taught me that there is reincarnation. That there is reincarnation.

 Bellamy looks back at Parrington with a straight face.

"...you might want to have a look at your head to see if you've got a couple of screws off, don't you?

Aren't you a bit old in the head, witch?

What did you say?

 Bellamy rises to his feet in exasperation.

'It's only a flirtation,'

Your jokes aren't funny at all.

 Sighing, Bellamy sat deeper in his chair.


'The evidence is there. But I can't talk about it. I want you to believe me.

 Huh, Bellamy sighs again.
 Waving her hand in denial, she says

'I can't tell you, but do you expect me to believe you? I don't want to hear that kind of talk.

"Let's melt down the mines at Luzendrift.

 With a snap, Bellamy stopped moving.

'How about two?'

Don't be silly. You can't just change a sacred resolution like that. Four.

 Parrington grins.

'It's a good deal,'


 Kostoria said coldly.

'What's that, a bribe? Wasn't the Sixth College Court Meeting sacred and solemn?

Shut up, you little b*tc*. There is no proof that Anos is the mastermind. It's just that it's too much trouble, so we're just saying that it's better to keep it under the control of the St. John's Sixth Academy for now.

 Miffed, Kostoria stared at Bellamy.
 But then she said quickly.

''No doubt about it, unpunished. That's fine.'

That's not even close to what you said before.

'Change of opinion is what consultation is all about, isn't it? A young man who has only lived for a thousand years wouldn't understand, though. Oh, by the way, Mr. Lebrahard.

 Completely ignoring Kostoria, Bellamy said to the Holy King.

'The other thing you're wondering about is the movement of the Two Pretenders. Just about the time Anos came here, the Ghostly Tree Sea disappeared. Most likely, you're reading too much into it to think that the two of them are joining hands, right?

Maybe so, maybe not.

 Rebrahard replies.

''I've had one of our men look into it, and Anos has not been in contact with the Two Pretenders. At least until the Yugen Tree Sea disappeared. After that, the Two Rite Pretenders also disappeared from the Sea of Trees. Maybe they aren't in the Seventh Elesia. If you're suspicious now, isn't anyone suspicious?

If the Yorozu Workshop's research is true, then yes.

You'll have to ask your friend Count Balthasarond. Tell me, Mr. Barzalondo, is it true that Anos has stowed away on your ship? Isn't it true that Anos has stowed away on your ship?

 He opened his mouth as the Holy King turned his gaze to Barzalondo, who stood behind him.

'Sir Bellamy is right. Indeed, Anos Voldigord has been stowed away on my silver water ship. I kept an eye on him until the annihilation of the Yugen Tree Sea, but I did not come in contact with the Two Ruling Pretenders.

 Barzalondo is watching me and the Two Rite Pretender fighting with his eyes.

 Even if it was a hostile act, telling the truth doesn't dispel the suspicion that I'm getting through to the Two Rite Pretender. It's also possible that he was threatened.

 If I hadn't been in contact with you, I would consider it irrelevant, but why would you cover for me by lying to the Holy King?

I don't see that in the report.

'I've decided that I don't mind leaving that part out. I'm not very good at organizing my thoughts.

 Barzalondo replies.
 'Huh,' the Holy King exhaled.

'All right. I think I was a little too brusque in taking control of the world of Militia,'' he said. Let's try to find a more conciliatory approach.

 It was a dubious excuse, but there was no pretense of doubting Barzalondo. I guess the Holy King knows he is a bit out of it.

 The hilt of the Spirit God Man Sword has determined me to be the Lion of Perdition of Arzenon. If Barzarondo had told the Holy King, he would have mentioned it here, but he didn't.

''That's it, right?''

 Lebrahard turned to look at Kostoria.

'I second the motion. The world of Militia should be under the control of the St. Upper Sixth Academy.'

 Lebrahard, Bellamy, and Parrington look at Kostoria with only the weight of silence.
 However, with her eyes closed, she seems to have no intention of stubbornly changing her opinion.

 The silence continued for a while, and then suddenly the fixed magic circle of transition was activated.

 What appeared was not a person, but a letter.
 Ottolou reaches for it and quietly opens it.

 After lightly following the letters with her eyes, she walked over and held the letter out to Kostoria.

'This is from the Acting Head of the Ewezeino.

 After a moment of grim expression, Kostoria took the letter and opened her eyelids thinly.
 Her prosthetic eye gradually became cloudy and she gritted her teeth in frustration. 


 POTUS, says Kostoria.

'I oppose the motion, too.'

 It was as if he was palming off what was in the letter.