533-Lucendort red thread

''Then we will take a vote. With regard to the Fall Fatal Annihilation, we will freeze the formal membership of the Demon King's Academy until the mastermind is known, and the Militia World will be under the control of the Holy Upper Sixth Academy. All those in favor, please raise your hands.

 Ottolu states clerically, just as a matter of formality.
 Of course, no one raises their hand.

'None in favour. The motion is unanimously rejected. The court session is adjourned. In addition, the gag order on the is still in effect, and we will lift the standby measures in the second deep auditorium.

 Ottreloo sends out a thought transmission.
 This will allow my men in the auditorium to move freely.


 Bellamy says as he activates the fixed magic circle of transference.

'Don't forget your promise,'

 She nailed that to Parrington and she transitioned.

 Lebrahard, Kostoria and Guy also activated the fixed magic circle of transition.

'Yeah, you guys wait a bit,'

 I turned to them.

"I have a couple of questions for you.

Die, misfit.

 He said that like a child's bad word, and then Kostoria shifted.

'I'm sorry, but I have to get ready for the next court session.

 Holy King Rebrahard says.

''Can we talk about the Spirit God Man Sword?''

'Evans Mana has a will. If it's in the hands of the Chosen One, it has a role to play. I'll leave it with you for now.

 I don't understand. I don't understand.
 There is still a suspicion that I am the mastermind of the Fallen Forlorn's destruction.

 What is your intention in leaving the Sword of the Spirituals, the symbol of Hyphoria, in my possession?

I have to take care of this one first. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'll have to talk to you another time.

 Lebrahard transitioned with Barzalondo.

'I do not have the right to answer questions. Nor am I permitted to interact.

 Staying upright and immobile, Gui spoke in an honest voice.

'Then you can tell Ehrenesia, the creator, that her daughter wants to see you. My daughter wants to see you.

I can't guarantee the transmission.

 I knew you'd say that.

'Just remember that,'

I do. Well,

 Using a fixed magic circle, Guy also transitioned.

'You've only just arrived, yet everyone seems to be busy.

 As he says it, a young man with a bobble-headed head, Parrington, the head of the puppet world, walks towards us.

"It's good to see you, Mother.


 Parrington ponders with a curious look.

'That's the woman I helped before you came here.

 Then, for a moment, Parrington looked at me with a straight face.


 He, for one, responded in a way that sounded convincing.

'Thank you,'

'I was just passing by but it is rare for things to be so disturbing in Pablo Hetara. The destruction of the Fallen Foral is important, but shouldn't we look into that matter as well?

 As he said this, Parrington turned his head to Ottolou.

''I'm aware of what happened in the gardens. We have no evidence of an outside party breaking into the Pavlohetara Palace.'

 It means that the attack on your mother was carried out by someone inside Pablo Hetara.

We will begin an investigation and also have the St. Jude's Sixth Academy discuss measures to deal with it.

It is good.

 He said lightly, and Parrington turned to me again.

'I'll also thank you for the interlocutor at the court meeting. That's one less nuisance for me to deal with.

'No thanks. I was just curious.

 I look at him and Parrington smiles at me.

'It is a reincarnation,'

 Hmm. So it wasn't just a matter of liking people who sided with me.

"If, for example, someone perishes...

 Parrington opens his mouth quietly.

'Do you think we'll ever meet again? Reincarnated and with whom.

You'll see him if you really want to. One day.

 He nodded with satisfaction.

'I'm of the same opinion.'

 Parrington held up his hand and sent magic power to the fixed magic circle of transition.
 At the same time, the magic circle at my feet was also emitting light.

 It would mean to follow me.

 When I surrendered to the transference, my eyes turned completely white.
 In the next moment, a passage lined with four pillars appeared in my vision.

''It seems that the general idea is that reincarnation doesn't exist in the Silver Water Holy Sea?''

''That's right. Even in the puppet world Lutendort, there are few people who believe in reincarnation. Perhaps I'm the only one.

 As he says it, Parrington walks off.
 I stand beside him.

'I did not used to believe it, either. Many things have happened to me that have broadened my horizons and changed my mind. I believe that a miracle will happen one day.

 He looked forward earnestly.
 His eyes were buoyed by heat, as if he had no doubt in hope.

'I see.'

Anos is a good man.

 Turning around, Parrington grins.
 Stopping in his tracks, he looks up at the ceiling as it is.

'It is as I thought it would be. It is always the one who needs a miracle. When our Princess perished before our eyes, everyone gave up and wanted to move on. But I was a woman. I was the only one who could not give up.

 He began to walk again.

'I've counted a thousand years since then...'

 Thinking, Parrington moved down the aisle.

'I have decided to believe that miracles do happen. I hoped and searched for her reincarnation. I was often made a fool of if I spoke of it. That she would be a different person once she was reincarnated. I have learned to keep my mouth shut, but I have still traveled to many worlds. I have been to both the deep and shallow worlds, even to the bubble world, which is forbidden to enter in Pablo Hetara.

 Cutting off the words once, Parrington says again.

'Of course, they were nowhere to be found.

 For some reason he smiled and proceeded to take a light step.

''Would you have wondered why they call him head of state when he's a prince?''

 Suddenly Parrington changed the subject.


"The Emperor of Luzendort is the Lord God.

 I see.

"Son of the Lord God?

 If you look into the abyss, the magic power of the god race is indeed emanating from Parrington.
 But it's not a complete god. There seems to be another magic power mixed in as well.

''Speaking of a child, it's like a child. The master god of my puppet world is Bez, the Puppet Emperor. She has the power to bind fate together. This is the thread of destiny called the red thread and the magic doll called the idol.

 Turning to me, he continued.

A puppet emperor binds a man worthy of his world to his 'idol' with his 'red thread'. The root is tied to the 'idol' by fate. The fate of becoming the head of the puppet world Luzenford. The destiny that is tied up will surely come true.


Yes, it's a must. For example, we will tie a 'red thread' around the inhabitants of another world. Then the fire dew, the root order, is transferred to the puppet world, and his root source loses its own body. That root will be tied to a magical doll vessel called an 'idol' with a 'red thread' and become the head of Luzendrfolt.

 What an authority worthy of being crowned as a puppet world.

 I have a pretty good idea why you were able to shut down the Ridiculous Sword.

So your body is the power of a puppet emperor.

Lord Left. I am a magic doll, an idol of the red thread. I thought. I thought that the reason why this was formed was because of the existence of reincarnation in the Silver Water Holy Sea. The old me disappeared, and I can be thought to have been reborn as a magic doll. While retaining my memory and power.

'It certainly bears some resemblance to the mechanics of reincarnation.

 Whether this is true of the order, I do not know.
 But perhaps it was because he had become a red threaded idol that Parrington was able to believe in reincarnation more than the others.

"There is one thing I have never told anyone.

 Outside the palace, we came to the gardens. The students of the Demon King Academy are already investigating the attackers. They must have heard about the situation from Yeejus.

''Before I was bound by the red thread, I was a resident of the disaster abyss world Eavesino.


 The purchasing cafeteria 'Wind of the Great Sea', which was destroyed in the previous incident, is being restored with Misha's creation magic.
 Mom noticed me and waved her hand.

 I lightly raised my hand in response.

 Parrington said.

'Isn't Anos's mother the same?'

What makes you think that?

 The Prince of the Puppet World looked at his mother, who was rushing towards us, with a nostalgic look on her face.

'Maybe,' she thought, 'I thought. Of course, I couldn't believe it right away. But now I'm sure of it. I've been looking for it for a long time. Perhaps it was the red thread of Luzendfort that led me to it at last.

Anos, welcome back.........?

 Mom noticed Parrington next to me.
 Then she quickly bowed her head.

'Thank you for your help earlier. Were you an acquaintance of Anos?'

'I'm sorry. I was a little upset earlier and didn't get to say hello to you as much as I would have liked.

 He says in a soft tone and bows politely.

'It's good to see you, sister. Do you not remember me?'


 Mom looks at Parrington as if she were puzzled.
 Maybe it's because I don't have a heart in my head, but it's also because I'm somewhat dazed.

 Is it because he's breathing heavily, or is it because he's running?

I'm sorry. I don't remember. Did we meet at some point...?

 Parrington looked a little sad.

''No, no, of course I can't remember. I'm sorry. I tried not to be hasty, but I was still in a hurry.

 Parrington smiled, as if to regain his composure, as he uttered this.

'Let's go in order. Your previous life's name was Luna Arzenon. You were called the Princess of the Abyss of Calamity in the Abyssal World of Ewezeino. I am the only one in my family who shares the fate of the Princess of Misfortune.

That's enough.

 Parrington looked at me quizzically.

'I have no intention of causing you any trouble. It's just--'

It's not.

 I reach for Mom's forehead. It's quite hot.

'Oh ... did you understand? Just a little bit of a fever from earlier...I think I have a cold...

 It's not.
 A cold can't disrupt your magic.

 But what? I've never seen this before.
 <Even if I put it back in with the Time Manipulation (Levide), there's no sign of it getting better.

'I think it's okay... uh...'

 Mom wobbled. I supported her body.

 Leaning on my arm, Mom weakens dishearteningly.

 I just passed out.