534-Craving abyss

 In the palace of Pablo Hetala, the dormitories of the Academy of the Witch King.

 Mother, who had fainted, was sleeping soundly in bed.
 Beside her, Misha gently put her hand on her mother's stomach and looked into the abyss with her divine eyes. 

'He's a little feverish. There's also a disturbance in the magic power.''

 She says matter-of-factly.

'His symptoms are about the same as a cold. The symptoms are about the same as a cold," she says. But--

Can't you fix it?

 She nodded.

 If the need arises, Misha can rebuild the whole thing at the source, and if she can't fix it, it's a problem.
 The symptoms are mild, but this is not just an isolated event.

"Where is the lesion?

"In the womb.

 Misha said, staring into the god's eye.

There's a little bit of heat coming from that. A heat that does not exist by nature.

 <The levers of time cannot heal you. Nor can Misha create again.
 Which means that your mother's body is perfectly normal and her source is normal.

 All this talk of fever forming in the womb, it could have been caused by something outside the womb. Something was flowing into your mother's womb from outside.

 Maybe it's because of what Kostoria was saying.

"There is a connection with the abyss of craving...

 Parrington muttered, with an expression of apprehension.

'Can I ask you to elaborate?'

 He nodded and began to explain.

''There are several things called 'pools' in the Silver Water Holy Sea. It is a kind of magical pool that attracts people's thoughts. The Craving World of Eavesino is one of these pools. All kinds of cravings are absorbed there and swirl around as magic power.

 An abyss of thirst.
 Sounds ominous, doesn't it?

"Are there spirits in the world of Militia?


"In the Disaster Abyssal World of Ewezeino, there is a race of phantoms similar to it. Unlike the spirits that generally arise from rumors and lore, the phantoms of Ewezeino are born of craving.

Are you saying that you are born from an abyss of craving?

 Parrington nodded his head.

'The source of the phantasm is craving. It's an insatiable greed. Superiority, obedience, order, defense, domination, the heart that lusts after them, the craving that pervades the Silver Water Holy Sea, is what forms them.

 He goes on to explain.

"At the bottom of the Abyss of Craving, concentrated desires stagnate and accumulate. Out of this thickest craving comes the strongest phantom, the lion of destruction of Arzenon. The lion means the king of a hundred beasts. In other words, they are the kings of the phantom beasts.

 Does that mean that Kostoria and that ship-armed man are phantoms born of craving?

What kind of craving did they come from?

It is said that they harbor all kinds of cravings that bring mischief to the Silver Sea, but most strongly at their core is the urge to destroy. Therefore, they are abhorred as the lion of destruction, and have in their bodies a mighty power of destruction.

 Hmm. You're beginning to get the picture.

"The fact that the bottom of the abyss and your mother's womb are connected to each other means that they are one in the same. That means that the abyss of desire is itself your mother's womb.

As you can see. It seems that even if you were reborn, you would not be able to escape the plague of craving.

 Luna Arzenon is a resident of Ewezeino.
 We don't know the story, but she was reincarnated and became a resident of Militia.

 She was further reincarnated and this time she was born as a powerless human, Isabella.

 <I'm sure she didn't use . His root form has also changed.
 So why does Eavesino's Craving Abyss still haunt my mother?

'Kostoria says that your mother was fascinated by a phantom beast?

It is a mythical beast called the Phoenix of the Womb. The desire to produce a child is powerful and has brought disaster upon us, my brothers and sisters. My sister was destined to be the womb of disaster, and I was destined to be the organ of disaster.

You think your body is connected to the Abyss of Craving?

 Parrington nodded.

'I thought I could get away with it if I was in the body of a magic doll, but it didn't change, even if I was the of the puppet emperor Bez.

 Parrington's roots were tied to the red thread and he became the head of the puppet world of Lucendfort. Even if he is replaced with a completely new body, his power is still the same, which means it is tied to his roots.

 <Even though she became a red thread idol, the form of Parrington's root source did not change that much.

 Your mother's root source must have changed to someone else.

What does this pregnant phoenix want? If a phantom beast is born of craving, it wouldn't need a mother's womb in the first place.

The phantom beast, like its name, has no substance. Like the lion of destruction of Artsenon, when it is in the Abyss of Craving, it is like an indefinable phantom. In this state, it is a beast with little consciousness, following its own craving. If it does not pass through the womb, it cannot give flesh.

 I see.

''The Abyssal Princess of Misfortune is the one who gave birth to the Lion of Perdition of Arzenon?

 Then Parrington keeps a straight face.

'There is one thing I must ask you.

 He asked me gravely, with the most serious face in the world.

'Anos. Are you your sister's biological son?

 If what Parrington says is true, then I am the lion of Arzenon's Doom, spawned from the Abyss of Craving.

 Is that why you were able to give birth to a child of the Voldigord that should not have been born right?

'Two thousand years ago and now, my mother gave birth to me twice. Indeed, my magic power is very similar to that of Kostoria and the others, with unfamiliar resonances.

Well then, I must say....

 He prefaces it with that and pulls his lips into a straight line. 

'Anos. You will have a harsh fate ahead of you. The Lion of Perdition of Artsenon is a disaster itself. It is said that once its craving awakens, its destructive impulse will destroy even this silver sea...

 Hmm. A destructive impulse.
 I haven't felt this at the moment.

But I am relieved. "But be assured, my red thread is tied to fate. I made a deal with Bez, the puppet prince, to let your sister's child be destined for peace.

 So he became the head of the puppet world for his sister, who he would meet one day.
 Parrington must have been preparing for this day.

"Thanks for the help. But I'm still in a stable state of mind. I don't think it's necessary.

"In that case, good...

 That's not very crisp.
 If you're the Lion of Perdition of Artsenon, then you're doomed to an inevitable fate.

 It's a disaster that will destroy the Silver Water Holy Sea.
 It's not surprising that you're worried about it, but it's secondary to me.

''Speaking of which, how did Kostoria get conceived?

 Bellamy described Kostoria as a little girl who was born less than a thousand years ago.
 At the time of her birth, Mother was in the process of being reborn on the Militia world.

 Is it possible that the rest of us are Parrington's children?

"My grandfather - there's a man named Dominic, the director of the Phantom Beast Agency in Ewezeino. He's a researcher of phantasms, but he's nuts. Perhaps he spawned them in some other way.

 Hmm. It's a little disturbing, but it doesn't seem to have anything to do with your mother's condition.
 We'll talk about it later.

'Didn't Kostoria say that the leads to your will or when you conceive a child?

 My mother has never heard of the Abyss of Craving.
 Even if you look into the abyss, the magic power is only for one person. She wouldn't even conceive a child.

''There are two possible causes. One could be my fault........ When I met my sister, she and I resonated with each other. The Disaster Abyss of Craving connected to me evoked my sister's Disaster Abyss of Craving.......

What's the other one?

'The connection will soon be broken again if we only evoke it. The reason this is not the case is that there has been a great change at the bottom of the pit. For example, the unincarnated lion of perdition is rampaging on the other side.

 It's hardly a coincidence.

 <The Thirsty Abyss is in Eavesino.
 Maybe they can even unleash the lion of doom.

 After failing to mount a direct assault, do you have any idea what they could do to you, so you decided to get tough?
 But what does that make you?

You're all linked to the same abyss of craving, so why doesn't it affect you?

The amount is different. The Abyss of Craving I am undertaking is at most a quarter of my sister's. With this Red Thread Idol, it's easy to control.

What's going to happen if we don't?

''I don't know. Perhaps, due to her reincarnation, Sister has become completely unable to control the . Therefore, even if the phantom beast rampages a little bit, it will disrupt her magic power and cause her to generate a fever. If it continues to get worse, it will be dangerous.

 He's a mere mortal with no magic powers.
 <You're a mere mortal.

 And if this is something that Eavesino has planned, we shouldn't expect to get away with it.

"There is one way to help my sister recover.

 Parrington drew a magic circle on his own head and thrust his hand into it.
 It is a magic stone.

It is a magical tool called a memory stone. "This is a magic tool called Kiokuzeki. I'm sure this past will help her remember the past.

Remember, you will be able to control the abyss of craving.

''My old sister used to be able to control it well enough. Now, even though her magic power may be scarce, as long as she gets her way...

 Parrington sends his magic to the Memory Stone.
 Then a magic ribbon stretches out and connects to my mother's head.

"Don't be in such a hurry.

 <Staring at you with the Devil's Eye, you cut the magic wire.

"What are you...?

I'll give it to you. You can send the memory to your mother via me. You don't mind?

 After thinking silently for a moment, Parrington handed me the Memory Stone.

"Of course.

 I pointed my magic eye at the in my hand.

 It's like a magic tool that can store certain memories by keeping them in your mind.
 It can be connected to other people's brains and shown as an image.

 It's not much different from the magic tools in the world of Militia.
 However, the amount of magic it contains is several levels higher, and it can store more than 10,000 years.

 <You'll need to grab the Memory Stone and transmit the magic power.
 I connected the magic wire with my mom and images began to appear in my head.

 A moment later, there was a loud bang.

"--Wait a minute!

 He opened the door and it was my dad.

'Anosk. Let me through!

 Parrington gave him a quizzical look.
 Of course. There's no particular point in going through Dad.

'I'm sorry, but it's not something I can show to anyone. It's my sister's and my precious past.'

Well, yeah, maybe, but I'm just, you know...

 Dad looks at Parrington with an unusually serious expression on his face.

'I'm Isabella's husband........!

 For a moment, Parrington's expression turns grim.
 It's as sharp as a stinging stare.

"If it has to do with Isabella's condition, I want to watch it with her. I know I can't use magic and I may not be of any use, but I'd like to be able to do that. Please, please, please, please!

 With a thud, my father head-butted the floor.
 He wanted to lie down flat, but he had a little too much momentum.

 He screamed at the stunned Parrington, his forehead bleeding.

"Please! My brother-in-law!

 Hmm. This kind of momentum for your brother-in-law, who you've never met before, is just as good as your father.

"...if that's what you mean, it's fine...

Oh, thank you, my brother-in-law!

 Dad got up, hugged Parrington and slapped him on the back with a bang.
 Parrington was at the mercy of the momentum.

'Dad, be quiet for a minute,'

Oh, well I'm sorry...

 I connect a magic wire to my father, who has grown quiet.

 If you send the magic to the Memory Stone again, your memories begin to flow through the wire.

 Images of the past flashed through my mind.