535-Genma and lust

 18,000 years ago--

 A place where the rain never stops, the abyss world of Eavesino.

 Like a thirsty heart yearning for water, the thirst of those who were drawn to the Abyss turned to rain, but even as it rained, the thirst could not be satisfied.

 The raindrops eventually gouged out the earth and drilled a hole in it.

 A deep, deep, tremendous pool of water that seemed to reach the bottom of the world. All kinds of desires are dissolved there.

 <The Abyss of Craving.
 Since the birth of the abyss, the inhabitants of Eavesino have been affected by it, and their lives have been affected by it.

 The craving beasts that dwell in the puddles possess the hearts of all living beings, and they feed on their own desires.

 The desire for control, love, appetite, order, and approval. The natural desires that everyone has gather in this abyss, muddling together and becoming muddled, transforming into a black craving that is out of whack. It gives birth to crazy monsters. In the world of the Abyss, which is dominated by illusions, it is easy for people to go mad and become a disaster that attacks others.

 Therefore, the rule of law was unsatisfactory, and strength and wisdom were the only means of survival. Most of the race died out, and the only survivors were those who had been adapted to phantasms, known as the Genmazoku.

 And even for them, Eavezeino was a harsh environment. Most of them were possessed by phantom beasts, and sometimes they even attacked other worlds with their desires.

 Once their craving was awakened, there was no meaning to reason or law, and there was no way to stop them except by force.
 This is one of the reasons why the world of the Disaster Abyss is an abomination.

 However, even among such inhabitants of Ewezeino, although there are a very few, there are those who are not dominated by phantom beasts and are able to retain their reason.

 It can be roughly divided into two types.
 One is those whose minds are so strong that they can't be controlled by phantoms.

 The other is those who have a craving so strong that it surpasses that of phantoms.
 A great craving can swallow up a small craving. Even if it was of a phantom beast.

 Which was Luna Arzenon?
 At least she was never disturbed when she came in contact with a phantom beast.

''--Akaneko-chan and Ao-neko-chan have always been close, are they a couple?''

 <On the banks of the Abyss of Craving, Luna was talking to two phantoms.

 Ordinary people cannot see these insubstantial phantoms.
 She had a superior magical eye among the Ewezeino phantom demon race.

 She had a soft expression, and her hair was cut short. She gave the impression of an active teenage girl, but Luna had already lived a long time ago.

''Sister, an unincarnated phantom beast cannot produce a child. Isn't this a phantom beast born out of a craving for the kind of codependency, not a husband and wife?

 It was my brother, Parrington, who said this.
 His hair is in a bun and his face is a bit stern. He is also an old phantom tribe.

''But we might be able to give birth some day, so why don't we just become husband and wife now?

 Luna laughs happily and places the vermilion and blue cats on her own shoulders.

 The two phantoms rub up against Luna's face.
 Their phantom bodies crumbled and tried to erode her like mud, but she didn't care as if she didn't care.

''Sister. You shouldn't touch the phantom beasts that much.

Hey, Parrington. I just love being married.

 With the two phantoms on her shoulders, Luna walks off as if she were taking a walk.

'Is it better than my sister and brother?'

'Huh, I don't think that's something to compare. I'm sure Parrington will find a nice wife one day.

There is no institution of marriage in Eavesino.

I don't care about the system. When two people who love each other say their vows, they're married.

 Parrington twists his head as if he doesn't really feel it. 

''........If it's a vow, I made it when I was very young, but....

'Oh, come to think of it, yes. Did I promise you that?

 Luna laughs, as if to remind me to giggle.

'He said he's going to marry Parrington. I was a kid. I miss it.'

Your sister has always said that, hasn't she?

Because I'm a girl. You're a girl. And that's what dreams are made of.

 Luna says happily.

'But sisters and brothers can't marry, you have to find someone good. Isn't there anyone like that in Parrington?'

My sister's good enough for me.

'What? But you always say that, don't you? Once we get married, my sister and brother can't be together anymore. So Parrington has to work hard too.

 Luna laughed as she stroked the two phantoms, "Hey, kitty," she said.

 Staring at them, Parrington said with a dark expression.

'My sister,'

 In a low voice, he asked.

'Are you there? A good man.

'I can't find one that quickly! There aren't many men in Ewezeino who want to get married.

 Luna says in a blur.
 It was only natural, since there was no institution of marriage itself.

'Oh, I wonder if there's anyone out there that would be good for me? I think there is a destiny. Someone will come for me and take me out of here. That would be wonderful.

 Parrington's expression is still gloomy.

''Well I wonder if Dominic would approve.

Hey, he's a grandfather. Don't worry, he'll understand. If I really love him, if he loves me well, I'm sure he would give me his blessing.

 Parrington turned over, his gaze stern.
 Then he said, as if to spit it out.

''You shouldn't expect that man to have a human-like mind. He's fascinated by a phantom beast and has long since gone mad.

'No, it's not. Your grandfather loves to study phantasms, but he always congratulates me on my birthday. But he always celebrates my birthday and is very kind to me.

'I don't know...'

 Luna spun around on her heels.

'If you insist on not letting me, I'll leave the house.

 The two phantoms jumped off Luna's shoulders.
 Once they landed on the newly created puddle of water, the splashes splashed around them.

''........Is your sister really that dissatisfied with your current life?''

Hmm. I'm not complaining. The research tower is safe thanks to the Phantom Beast Agency that your grandfather built, the Arzenon family is wealthy, and even every day we can have a feast, a nice dress, beautiful jewelry, whatever you want.

 Luna walked through the puddle, chirping and playing with the water.

 'Hmph,' she laughed.

'You know sis, I'm looking forward to seeing you. I'm sure we'll meet one day. The world is such a big place, and the sea stretches as far as it can outside of Ewezeino.

 As the rain poured down, Luna took a light step forward, as if she were dancing with the cats.

'A little bit of soup and some hard bread is all you need when you're with the one you love. If you don't have this gorgeous dress, you can wear your own twiggy clothes that you sewed yourself. You don't have to have beautiful jewelry to see it together, just one little glass ball.

 She looked up at the sky above her.
 The sky was blue and clear today, although it was raining as usual.

 Luna held out her arms wide.

'Someday, when I have someone I love, I'm going to get married and we'll open a little shop together. I'll give birth to his children and raise them with lots of love and attention. I want him to be a normal child. I want them to be healthy and happy.

 She laughed despite the rain.

'I don't want anything special. It can be as mundane as you want it to be. My dream is to have a family that is calm, kind and happy. That's why.

 After flipping her dress and spinning around happily, Luna turned to her brother again.

'Parrington too.................?'

 She held her stomach, her face contorted in pain.


''Funny............. I'm eating too much.........


 Luna collapses into a puddle of water.
 Her vision darkened at the last sight of Parrington running up to her.

 What she was feeling was an unearthly, foreign feeling.

 A thump, thump, and her heart rumbled.

 Mixed in with it, she felt as if she could hear another heartbeat.

 It was getting louder and louder.
 The feeling of a foreign body gets louder and louder.

 --I'm going to have a baby.

 I heard voices.
 Spooky voices.

 -- quick--

 A fierce voice.


 --You know.

 --You're going to--

 An unearned craving rises from within my body as an impulse.
 It's painful and I can't breathe as much as I would like.

 --Let's give birth--

 A ferocious beast lurks inside your body.
 You feel an unfathomable fear, as if it is about to stick its fangs into you at any moment.

''Congratulations, Luna. Your son will be the lion that destroys the Silver Water Holy Sea.

 --I woke up with despair.

 Luna is in the research tower of the Phantom Beast Agency.
 She is lying on the bed in her room.

 In front of her is a man wearing a white vestments.

 Although his face is young, it is oddly earthy in color, and one can hardly feel any life force.
 If I had to describe it, it would be a moving corpse.

 He was Luna's grandfather, the head of the Phantom Beast Agency, Dominic Arzenon himself.

''........Grandfather.......? What is.........?


 Dominic observes Luna with a look as if she were a laboratory animal.

'I thought you were conscious, but you weren't.

 Those words sounded like he was talking to himself.

"I collapsed outside...?

Rejoice, Luna. You have your first sutra.

The first sutra...?

 Luna's face breaks into a smile.

 She was ready to have a child.
 It was also one step closer to her dream.

'Really, grandfather?'

Yeah, it's been a long time. I'm glad we made it. At last we made it. You will give birth to the lion of death in Arzenon. Never thought I'd be happier.

 Despite the good mood Dominic was in, Luna turned a straight face.


 The lion of destruction of Artsenon is a phantom beast that is said to live at the bottom of the Abyss of Craving.

 He is said to be the king of phantoms with a destructive impulse. He is said to be the disaster that destroys the Silver Water Holy Sea.
 It is named after the Arthenon family's discovery of the phantom beast.

''What do you mean by that?''

What are you talking about? Our longing is finally coming true! The giving of the Lion of Perdition, said to have been done by the founder of Artsenon. The essence of that magic technique, lost in the ancient past, is finally at my fingertips!

 Dominic tells us in high spirits.

The lion of Arzenon's Doom dwells at the bottom of the Abyss of Craving. It's no wonder I couldn't help it. But is there anyone who can make it to the bottom of the Abyss of Despair? Even the lion of perdition can't get out of there.

 It was as if he couldn't help but feel compelled to talk about his research findings.

'I've been thinking about it! <We can make the Abyss of Craving itself into its mother's womb. Then we can give birth to Arzenon's lion of perdition. This is probably the truth about the Abyssal Princess of Plagues from the remaining literature.

 With a dead face and a dead look in his eyes, Dominic smiles.

''But there was still a problem. How do you turn the into a womb? The answer to that question is the craving you have.

 I'm not sure what's going on," he said, just looking back at his grandfather in a daze.

I'm sure you're not the only one who has a strong desire to give birth to a child. The phoenix in the womb. This guy has the power to turn your womb into an abyss of craving. I'm sure you'll be able to find a way to make it work.

...well, wait...

 Luna says, with a pale face.

'Wait, grandfather. You know.....


I mean, I know your research is important, but I don't want to give birth to a baby.

It's too late for that. You were made for this purpose. I listen to your every wish and satisfy your craving because you are the precious mother of the lion of death.

 Rolling her eyes, Luna looked at her grandfather's face like a dead man.

'Hmm? Didn't I tell you?


 Luna muttered, stunned.


 Dominic didn't reply.

''What's going on, grandfather? This isn't right.......what happened.......?

 Luna grabs Dominic's shoulder.

'Hey. 'Hey, grandfather, come to your senses! Where's that sweet old grandfather of yours? I don't care how many times I have to do this for the sake of my research.

Keep it down. I'm depressed.

 Dominique lightly shook her off, and Luna was popped and slammed hard against the bed.

 She gives him a look of disbelief at her grandfather's change.

''Give it up. The phoenix in the womb is already born. It's too late for me to do anything about it.


I'm not going to lie to you about a phantom. You know that.

 Luna just stared into the void with those eyes, as if the darkness had closed in front of her eyes.

'All you have to do is give birth to a child. You can do what you want with your mate. You can live as you have always done. What's the complaint, though?


 Luna muttered, shivering.
 The despair she had just experienced crossed her mind.

 --Congratulations, Luna. Your son will be the lion that will destroy the Silver Water Holy Sea--.

''........What does your grandfather want to do with the Silver Water Holy Sea......?''

 With a dead look in his eyes, Dominic replied.

'I don't know. I just want to see the Doomed Lion of Arzenon up close. What's going on with your hand? What's going on with your leg? What were the claws of Arzenon in the literature? How will you destroy the Silver Water Holy Sea? Aren't you excited? Do you? It's exciting!

They're not just for Eavesino, they're for the rest of the world...!

Oh, that's the one. I can't wait to see it. What kind of disaster? How do you destroy it?

 With a dead man's face, only his eyes glittered, Dominic spoke like a boy chasing a dream.

 Luna was speechless and looked down.
 She must have realized that nothing she could say would convince her grandfather.

 Therefore, she said.
 With a strong will.

"....I won't give birth...


 Glaring at Dominic with a snap, Luna thrust the words at him loudly.

'You don't understand, grandfather. You need to think better! Think about it.

Don't tell me what to do. I've been thinking a lot about these things. I'm thinking of them like they're my own.

What child wants to destroy the world? How is it possible to be born without being told that you were born a disaster and not even blessed! The baby has to be born happy, it's not true...!

Do what you want with it.

 With no intention of competing with Luna, Dominic drew a magic circle of .

"You will give birth. "You will give birth to a child, and the Eveseino demon tribe will not be able to resist their craving.

I won't have a baby! I won't! No one is going to like you!

 Dominic looks at Luna with corpse-like eyes.
 With a strong will, she stared back at her grandfather.

 There was nothing more to say, and Dominique shifted.