Pablo Hetala Palace. The dormitory of the Demon King's Academy.

 <With the image of the Memory Stone playing in the corner of my mind, I stare at Mom.

 Tears seep through my closed eyelids and spill out.

"...Why did you...

 Mom mutters, deliriously.

 Are you remembering?
 At least the Disaster Abyss of Craving in the womb is not yet under control.

 I stop the image of the .
 Parrington turns to me with a dubious expression.

''Why did I stop it...? My sister still hasn't gotten her memory back.

Fever's up.

 Misha said as she turned her god's eyes on her mother's condition.
 She reached out with her fingertips and gently wiped the spilled tears.

"Maybe it's because of the memory stone.

"The memories flowing through my head have caused me to ruminate on the craving I had at the time. This has either increased my connection to the Disaster Abyss of Craving, or it has had a negative effect on my body.

 The Disaster Abyss of Craving is even more active in the womb than before.
 I can feel an unknowable magical force arises in my mother's body.

 Parrington looked at Mom with a worried look on his face.

''It's better to go to Eavesino and destroy the Phoenix in the womb. And by the way, you can put a nail in Dominic's coffin. Don't mess with my mother again.

If I could do it, I would do it.

 Parrington says with a bitter face.

The unincarnated phantom beast cannot be destroyed. A beast whose substance is indefinable like a phantom, that is why it is called a phantom beast. It all started with my sister's craving, but the same craving is attracted to the Abyss of Craving. This numerous thirst to have a child overflowing into the Silver Water Holy Sea is the Phoenix of the Nostrils,

 There are many who desire to have children.

 It would certainly be difficult to cut off all those cravings.

So the only way to destroy them is to give them flesh.

"Only the Agency for Phantasmagorical Creatures could have used that magic...

If you're a resident of Eavesino, you know a few things about it.

''If it's a low-grade phantom beast, it's easy for me to get it to incarnate. But the phoenix in the womb is of a higher grade and above. Even with a phantom beast agency, only Dominic could do it.

 Parrington explains in a heavy tone.

'Then let him do it.

It's not a simple matter. Once incarnated, the phantom beast will be transformed into life. It begins to act with a clear will. The craving that was distracting and unstable before the incarnation would be strengthened to bind together, and the Abyss of Craving and Sister's womb would become more deeply connected. Dominique didn't do it, even to her sister when she was a demon race in the past.

 It's not hard to imagine why a man who was so obsessed with the lust of research didn't give birth to the bosom phoenix and increase the power of the Abyssal Princess of Disaster.

''The mother's womb didn't last.''

'Even more so with my sister now. She will be gone in the blink of an eye.

Why not destroy it first?

 Parrington's eyes were sharp.

'I can't put my sister in danger. What would you do if something were to happen to you?

"Simply showing her memories of the past does not guarantee that she will remember them. Even if you do, there is no guarantee that you will be able to control the Craving Abyss.

'You will surely remember. Your memory and the way you handle its power.

 Clearly, Parrington asserts.

'My sister and I are deeply bound together. Even if we are reborn, as we have met again in this way, we shall return to the way we once were.

'If I show you my past memories, my symptoms will get worse. What if something happens to you before you go back?

 He shushed him when he said that.

''Kostoria was after my mother. It's possible that they caused this from the Abyss of Craving. Dominic seems to have succeeded in getting the Lion of Perdition of Arzenon to incarnate, but perhaps it wasn't complete.

 Hence, he sought out the Abyssal Princess of Disaster.
 If my research was going well, I wouldn't stick to Mom now.

I'll keep an eye on Mom's condition and use the Memory Stone when her fever is gone. As long as your memory comes back and you can control it, that's all that matters. But we have to be prepared.

 Parrington looks back at me with a serious face.

 No matter how much more certain it is that I will destroy the phoenix of the bosom, he won't believe it.

 If I'm Arzenon's lion of perdition, it's no wonder that I'm no match for Dominic, who knows his way around a beast.

"I'll show my mother the past and at the same time find a way to destroy the Phoenix in her womb. So what's the problem?

I understand the logic, but we have a problem we need to clear up.

 In a grave tone, he said.

'The inhabitants of the outside world must not enter Ewezeino.


"....In the Disaster Abyss World Eavesino, there is an impenetrable sea that continues to sleep...

 Parrington says, as if it were a horrible thing to say.

''Isak. It is said that the god and head of the world is a demigod and demon monster. It is said that this must not be allowed to happen. Even the inhabitants of Eavesino will not be touched.

 He's both a god and a head of state, huh?
 I guess that's a trait of being a demigod and a demon.

"What happens if I wake him up?

"A disaster that can easily destroy one world at a whim, that is Isaac. He acts according to his craving and lives to satisfy his desires. It is said in the Silver Water Holy Sea that he is not a man at all, but a disaster.

 Is the inviolable territorial sea as powerful as the Two Rulers?
 Or, it could be more than that.

 But in addition to Arzenon's lion of destruction, it's also a disaster man.
 Two disasters in one world, that's why they call it the World of Plagues.

"Long ago, in the past, they lost interest in the disaster world and went to sleep. Because sleep was the strongest craving of the disaster man at that time. If anyone stimulated his thirst, he would wake up again.

 Even if he loses interest in the world of the calamity abyss, the calamitous Isak may still crave it if it is from the outside world.
 Therefore, he must not enter Eavesino.

'If Izak wakes up, he will not be able to help his sister.

What? Then you can tuck him back in.

 Parrington draws his mouth into a straight line.

'If you are frightened, you will wait for me. If you're so afraid of a man who may or may not wake up when your sister is in pain.

There is no fear! I am willing to give up even this soul for my sister!

 Parrington's voice was hoarse with a change in blood.

'It's settled,'

 Parrington averted his gaze punctiliously and pulled up a chair.
 Seated, he said.

'Well we must first find a way to get into Ewezeino. They don't want to cause a disaster. If we try to force our way in, a clash is inevitable. If we're not, it will be a war between us and the world of disaster.

If you can get in there without causing a scene, that's exactly what I'm going to do.

 The goal is to destroy the Phoenix in the womb and break the link between my mother and the Abyss of Craving.

 However, as long as we are going to the other world, if we try to enter from the outside, we will be noticed first.

 Considering the deterioration of Mom's condition, we can't spend too much time on this.
 In some cases, it may be best to force your way through.

I've listened to you.

 With the wind at his shoulder, the Count Balzarondo, a hunting noble of the Holy Sword World Highforia, appeared at the entrance of the room.

 Behind him was Eldmead.

''I hear you have something to talk about. It sounds interesting, so I let you through.''

 The Cutthroat King says.
 'He must have come to visit you in a dignified manner.

'If you want to enter Ewezeino, I have a secret plan for you here in Barzalondo!

 He turns his straight eyes to me.

''Is this an order from the Holy King?''

'Don't let them see me as a man who can't move without the Holy King's command. This is, of course, my own decision.

 He stood up straight and stretched his arms wide.

'I swear by the name of the Count and by my life, Fifth Holy Count of Highforia. I, Balzalondo, have never lied to you in my life!

'There seemed to be a lie in the courtroom conference just now, didn't there?


 The argument was broken in a second, and Balzarondo flinched.

'Yeah, yeah. That wasn't it!'

What's the difference?

A lie to save a man is not a lie!

 If you're treated so openly, you'll lose your inclination to doubt.

 Well, thanks to the fact that you lied to me that the Two Rite Pretenders and I had no contact with each other, we were able to avoid any trouble.

'What do you want?'

"On the Fall of the Fallen Fortress.

 Barzalondo says with a serious look on his face.

'I suspect that was an attempt by Ewezeino, the world of disaster.

 But it's not impossible.
 As far as I'm concerned, they're the weirdest people I know.

How do you know that?

'Only Pablo Hetala's Academy Alliance can enter the Fallen Foral. It is the newcomers who are suspicious. That is, Ewezeino or Militia. My hunch is that you haven't done it.

 So the rest are called evezeinos.

 But it is certain that the hilt of the Spirit God and Human Sword has identified me as the lion of Arzenon's destruction. You can't really believe that I am innocent because I'm the same being as Eavesino to him.

 It's not much to ask, I suppose.
 I'm not a man of intelligence, but I'm not a man of intelligence who tries to get in on a lie.

Do you want to go to Eavesino and find out who put them in charge?

'That's right. 'You have the means to get to Eavesino, but you do not know it. I can teach you. It can't be a bad exchange.

 Balzalondo says triumphantly.

'What method?'

''It's a silver water pecking order battle. This will take place in the world of an academy with a lot of owned silver bubbles.

 Balandias owned multiple silver bubbles, which is why the second Balandias was the setting for the last silver water pecking order battle.

''What silver bubbles does Ewezeino own?''

One. There is only the First Ewezeino. Hence, no academy in the Profound World can enter that world even if it plays a pecking order game with Yvezeino.

 It would be rare for a deep level world to have only one silver bubble.

 No one in the shallow and middle layer worlds would be able to launch a silver water pecking order battle against the Holy Upper Sixth Academy, Yvezeino.

''The silver bubble owned by the Militia World is one. In this case, the world above the pecking order will be the setting.

 'If Militia and Yvezeino conduct a pecking order battle, they can enter the Disaster Abyss World with impunity, right?

''In the first place, it's just a matter of Ewezeino not having to undergo a silver water pecking order battle. Shouldn't we have to put them in a situation where they have to comply?

 They'd know the rules of Pablo Hetala, too.
 If they don't want the inhabitants of other worlds to enter the Disaster Abyss World, then of course they would avoid a silver-water pecking order battle with Militia.

''There's no way we'd think that far ahead.

 Once and for all, Balzarondo said.
 He is still a man who is missing in places.

But it seems that Ivesino wants to make peace with you. We'll have a chance to talk.'


'I didn't think so, judging by the way Kostoria was acting?

'I have heard that the dispute with the nobleman is at the sole discretion of Kostoria. Naga Arzenon, the former acting head of Ewezeino, has applied to Pablo Hetara for arbitration. Our Hyphoria is in between. As one of the Five Holy Barons, I have been appointed as arbitrator.

 That's an unexpected offer.

'Ewezeino's wishes were ignored and only Kostoria took the liberty of poking at me. Do you want to make that apology?

That's what the acting head of state says.

 Now, how much are we to believe?

''So, you're saying that you're going to use that arbitration to get to the silver-water pecking order game?


 It depends on how Ewezeino comes out, but I think I can handle it.

'I understand what you're saying, Barzalondo, but if I hear how you're doing it first, there's no reason for me to join forces with you.


 'Sheesh,' it says on Barzalondo's face.

 He looked at me, sweating profusely, with a sullen look in his eyes.

'Oh well. You are quite a pleasant man. I'll put you on the Demon King's train to Ewezeino.