537-Settlement negotiations

 The next day.

 Two men came to the great hall of the quarters, Ottolu and Barzalondo, and two others from the world of the plague abyss, Ewezeino.

 One was a man with a ship arm.
 The one who had visited the Militia world and attacked my mother.

 And the other is a woman with two prosthetic legs.

 She's in a black wheelchair. The material seems to be mainly wood, but it's not an ordinary one. The fact that it moves without using the person's own magic power suggests that it is a magic tool.

 His hair is short and he has a mature face.
 He has an earring in his ear.

''It's nice to meet you, my brother and sister.

 The woman in the wheelchair says.

 Ottolu has his usual clerical expression on his face.
 Barzalondo's lips are drawn together and he is still silent.

'Well, sit down,'

 He flicked his fingers and magically erased one of the chairs he had prepared.
 Then a woman in a wheelchair moves in and a man with a ship arm sits in the other chair.

'I didn't expect His Highness of Luzendfort to be here, either.

 In the corner of the room, a woman in a wheelchair looked at Parrington, who was sitting in a chair, arms crossed.
 He looked up lightly, but turned over again without saying anything in particular.

'My guest. What's the matter?


 Ottolu and Barzalondo stood between us.

'It's too late to say hello. I'm Naga Arzenon. I'm Naga Arzenon, Acting Head of the Eavesino World.

 The Head and Lord God of the world of Evezeino, Isak the Plague, continues to sleep.

 According to Barzalondo and Parrington, it is Naga, the Acting Head of State, who is essentially in charge of Ewezeino.

 Apparently it's not clear to what extent she has real power over the Phantom Agency, since Dominique, the head of the agency, never comes to the surface.

''And this is Bobonga Arzenon.

 The one-armed man smiled eerily at me with a ghostly look on his face.

'Hello again, brother.'

'First of all, I'd like to apologise for the incident in Coastoria. I'm sorry. I told her not to mess with you, but she's so easily carried away by her craving.

 Apologetically, Naga apologizes.
 He didn't seem particularly hostile, and he even seemed to be friendly.

'Speak from the beginning. What is your purpose in visiting my world?

'I don't want to go into too much detail here, but...'

 And for a moment, she looked at Barzalondo.
 'I suppose it's hard to talk in front of Hyphoria, who is hostile to Ewezeino.

''Well it can't be helped. We were looking for the Abyssal Princess of Calamity, weren't we? It's your mother.''

 As for the Abyssal Princess of Calamity, Ewezeino has been keeping details under wraps until now.
 If he were to reveal them here, he would at least be willing to make peace with them.

''Why, because the Lion of Perdition of Arzenon is not perfect.

 She touches her own prosthetic leg.

'This one.'

 Black particles clung to the prosthetic leg.
 It creaked and it squeaked.

 I heard a strange ringing in my ears, a reaction that seemed to resonate between my source, her source, and Bobonga's source.

'I was born with nothing but my feet. Do you understand?

 It's not that he doesn't have a leg, but that he doesn't have anything but a leg, huh?

 When I confronted Bobonga in the Militia world, I felt as if his nonexistent right arm was emitting magical power. If you're sure of that--.

Are you a two-legged lion?

'So that's what happened. Dominic tried to get Arzenon's Lion of Perdition to incarnate, but it didn't work out completely. I'm all two feet and all I can give flesh is a pair of legs. Same goes for Bobonga. More than half of them are just phantom tribe bodies.

 Only the two legs, invisible to the naked eye, are the body of Arzenon's Lion of Perdition, the body of the Naga.

 The rest of the body belongs to the Phantom Demon Race, not the Lion of Perdition.

'So you need the Abyssal Princess of Disaster to be born properly. So when I finally found out she was alive in the Militia world, I ordered Bobonga and Kostoria to go find her.

 Barzalondo looks as if he has noticed something.

'What's wrong? You seem to have something to say.

"...Pablo Hetara guards the security within the waters. It considers any attempt to enter the bubble and shallow worlds, especially without permission, an act of aggression. The unmembered Militia worlds were also within the waters of the Pavlohetara and were therefore subject to its protection.

 That's selfish again.

''But on the contrary, the Holy Upper Sixth College, as long as you wear the Pablo Hetara school emblem, you're free to enter and leave the shallow world without permission.

 No wonder they were all wearing uniforms that politely identified them.

So Iwezeino went out of his way to join Pablo Hetara in order to ease his way into the world of Militia.

 I looked at Naga and she responded with a smile.

'I'm not saying that's all you're going to say, but you're welcome to think so. But the bottom line is that I'm tired of being chased by hunters for goodness sake.

 Naga says to Baltzalondo.

 I don't know how far he means it, but at least Baltzalond doesn't seem to believe him, and he doesn't lose his stern expression.

'There is no such thing as listening to the words of a beast.

 If the situation permits, he shoots through the Naga with a demon's eye that says he will hunt at any moment.

You're still the same, hunter. Beasts, you know, want to be free.

 Saying that, Naga returns her gaze to me.

'So, to continue, your goal was to get the Abyssal Princess of Disaster. Then the two of you found something there that you couldn't believe. Anos Voldigord. Our brother and sister.

 Naga smiled as if to welcome me.

'The Anos that the Abyssal Princess of Calamity gave birth to is able to incarnate more correctly than us. But you're not complete yet either. You appear to be all in one piece, but as a lion of perdition, you're lacking something vital. Now, well are you maybe a little stronger than I am? I don't know.


Do you mind?


 Hmph, Naga laughs and draws a magic circle.
 What appeared was a red claw.

''You can't produce this, Anos, can you? I've forgotten my powers over there.

 I drew a magic circle and produced the red claw I'd taken from Bobonga.

'Did you say claws of Arzenon? 'The claws of the Lion of Perdition, as the name implies?'

'Yes. With this, the lion of Arzenon's doom will be born twice. Bobonga said you're going to take my mother for yourself.

 Use your nails and be born twice?

Doesn't sound like a good idea, does it?

"The lion's mother's belly is torn open with these claws, and now it's going to return to the Abyss of Craving from the womb in reverse. We will retrieve the body we left behind over there for feeding. Then we can be whole again. Anos will have left his claws over there too.

 It's bullshit.

"What about my mother?

I think I'm going to die. But I don't care.

 I flashed my magic eye, and Naga said, "That's a guy named Dominic Arzenon.

This is a man named Dominic Arzenon. To him, you and I are nothing more than experimental creatures.

 You're saying you didn't mean it.
 I hope you're not lying.

"Was it Dominic who ordered you to go after my mom?

Yeah. We have chains and collars. It controls your craving. There are things we can't say, things we can't resist. Especially our destructive urges. That's why Kostoria is so eager to destroy Anos.

 So you're imbued with a craving to destroy me.
 It's a difficult thing to do.

"But Dominic has miscalculated. As we speak, the chains are not functioning at full capacity. As long as we're not full blown lions of Arzenon, the chains don't work as well.

 It's not impossible.

'Dominic is trying to bring a perfect body to life to study the lion of perdition in Arzenon. No doubt about it?


What do you guys want to do?

 To my question, Naga answered.

''I want to kill Dominic and be free. Thanks to the appearance of Anos, that man is more and more confined to the research tower, looking into the depths of the Abyss of Craving. He's so engrossed in his research that he's distracted. So, if the opportunity arises, I will definitely kill him.

Who attacked my mom during the court session?

'I didn't ask but I'm sure it must be Dominic...'

'Dominic must not be the Lion of Perdition of Arzenon. How could he use my
"He can draw the power of the lion of destruction of Artenon from the Abyss of Craving and the craving from which you came from. And the craving that gave us that craving. Dominique can use all of our magic.

 Hmm. It's doubtful if it's really anything, but if it is, then the Eglone Angdroa can be used.

 He may be the one who destroyed the Fallen Forals.

Dominic has just started something new in the Abyss of Craving. I'm afraid it's affecting your mother, isn't it?

''Yeah. I plan to destroy the nascent phoenix as soon as possible.

 Then Naga made an earnest expression and said.

''Please don't move now. The opportunity will surely come around. The more he engages in his research, the looser the collar will be. Could you give me that much time for two weeks...? I will kill Dominic, I promise.

That doesn't mean you're telling the truth.

 <Drawing the magic circle of the contract (Zekt).

 The content of what she just said is not false.
 Naga signed it without a second thought.

"I promise. You have two weeks.

 Not a lie, I see.
 But what? Don't feel a strange uncomfortable feeling.

 <It should not be a lie since you signed the contract (Zekt), however, you talk a little too well.

 Oh well.
 Anyway, there's only one way to find out.


 Naga rolls her eyes.

''May I ask ... why ...?''

There's no guarantee he won't be sick and dead within two weeks. I want you to take me to Dominic now. If he's the one who started it, I'll take care of him.

"Dominique's main goal is Anos and the Abyssal Princess of Calamity. In order to prepare for this, you're looking to the Abyss of Plague. Your arrival would have ruined our plans.

We don't need to take a stab in the dark. I'm not the one with the chains.

 At those words, however, Naga shook her head.

I told you, he can draw the power of the lion of destruction of Arzenon from the Abyss of Craving. He can use the power of the lion of destruction for you and all of us, my brothers and sisters. Do you know what that means?

 As if to admonish me, Naga explains.

'Anos. Dominic is definitely stronger than you are right now.

 With a straight face, she appeals to me.

'There are only two ways to kill him. Either you kill him while he's engrossed in his research, or you'll be perfect. Dominic is indeed no match for the power of the perfect lion of perdition. On the other hand, if he doesn't, he'll just put a chain on you.

Hmm. Very well.

 Then Naga looks slightly relieved.


All the more reason why I shouldn't leave it to you people.

 Naga shushed him.

 I shifted my gaze to the ship-armed man, Bobonga.

'He was barking a lot when he came to Militia, but I didn't expect him to be my dog.

 I thought he would talk back, but Bobonga didn't say anything and turned away.
 This is a very quiet day for you.

Show me the collar and the leash. "Show me the collar and the leash, and I'll break it, and then you won't have any complaints?

 Perhaps it was pride that got in the way, but Bobonga kept his mouth shut.

'Why don't you say something?'


"The chained man himself, Dominic. Or perhaps only the Abyssal Princess of Misfortune can see the chains.

 Parrington, who had been silent all along, said.

"There seems to be a chain from the Abyss of Craving to the source of these guys. I can barely see them.

I wonder if it's your red thread that makes you see it?

 Naga asks.

'You are not obliged to answer,'

 Parrington replied and was silent again.

 <If there are chains and collars in the Abyss of Craving, is there no way to break them here?
 It will destroy the source.

'I guess we'll have to go to Eavesino and meet Dominic after all.

I'm sorry, but I can't give you a tour.

 After much thought, Naga said.

We've been waiting for this opportunity for a long time. We have been waiting for this opportunity for a long time and we don't know what it's like for you to be born unchained and unrighteous. You can't understand how we feel, as you were born, and we can't understand how we feel, as you were not.

Do what you want. I'll do as I please.

 Gritting her teeth, Naga gives me an appealing look.

 She can't let me go free.

 If I try to force my way into the disaster zone, my plan to kill Dominic will be ruined.

"Then you have a plan. Militia and Iwezeino will hold a silver-water pecking order, and whoever wins will get what they want. How about that?

"....I can't let you into Ewezeino no matter what.......

Hmm. Okay.

 I loosely get up from my chair.

'You've given me a lot of trouble, Barzalondo, Ottolu. Apparently the talk is over.

 I headed for the door and Shin followed behind me.

''Wait ... wait!''

 Turning around, Naga said as a reminder.

''If we win the silver-water pecking order game, you'll be quiet, won't you?''

If you can win.

 She gave him a determined look.

'Fine. Let's decide on the pecking order.

 Negotiations are concluded. The