After Naga, Bobonga, and Barzalondo had left, Ottolu said.

'Gen. Anos. We will be back here this evening.

What's going on?

The results of the review for this affiliation to Pablo Hetara will be forthcoming. It's a formality, but stay if you can. If it's too difficult, we'll let our representatives know.

I'll try to get back to you.

 He bowed lightly and Ottolu left.

'I am going back to Luzendort once. I'll go and get ready for tomorrow.

 Parrington said, and he too left the room.

'Are you done?'

 Misha pops out of the door.

'As you can see. You may come in.

 Misha is followed by Sasha, Faris, and Eldmead coming into the room.

They say, "The silver-water pecking order battle with Eavesino is tomorrow. I'm sure you'll be able to find a way to get the best out of it. Above all, our goal this time is not to win.

"Buy time to find the phoenix in the womb?

 I nodded at Misha's question.

'We can stay in Ewezeino during the silver-water pecking order battle. Me and Parrington will get out of the pecking order war and meet Dominic first. Barzalondo will look for evidence of the Fallen Fallen's destruction.

 If we win the silver-water pecking order, the contract allows us to see Dominic, but we have no idea when Mom's condition will deteriorate.

 It's best to take action before she strikes first.

''Does that mean Dominic won't be in the silver-water pecking order game?

 Sasha asks.

'Nine times out of ten. From what Barzalondo says, he's never been in the pecking order. And Naga has no intention of putting me and Dominic in contact with each other.

 To Dominic, who was immersed in his research, the silver-water pecking order battle would be a trivial matter.
 I'm sure Naga, who doesn't want to give him any extra warning, will not tell him that his opponent is the Militia World.

 The only thing that would save them the trouble of looking for him is if he were to appear.

''Until I incarnate and destroy the phoenix in the nursery, you will overwhelm the Naga and other Arzenon's lions of destruction so that they don't know I'm not here.

I know it's overwhelming, but we can't just win, can we?

 Sasha asks as she thinks about it.
 Once the pecking order battle is over, I'll probably have to talk to Naga, but she'll notice that I'm not there.

 I don't want to get into that situation before I see Dominic.

'It's not an easy person to end up with without much worry. Especially with a woman named Naga, the acting head of state.

 Then Erdmeade gave a delighted smile.

'Kaka-kaka, what an utterly amusing situation we've got! Kostoria, Naga and Bobonga. As far as we know, there are three lions of Arzenon's perdition. They are the right arm, both legs and both eyes. It's not surprising that there are other left arms and bodies as well. Of course, there are other phantoms besides the lion.

''If they are more powerful than the Balandias Castle Demon Clan, it might be too much for the modern demon clans to bear.

 Misha nodded at Faris' words.

'We were out of magic against Balandias, too.

What? It's a chance to break out of your shell.

 Sasha makes an indescribable face.

'If you're listening, we all definitely look desperate.

They're only as good as their faces.

 Sasha gives me a dumbfounded look in return.

'Cutthroat King. Have you learned that thing yet?''

 He grinned at Eldmead and thought, "Of course I learned it, but I'll have to learn it.

'Of course, I've learned it, but when it comes to mastering it, it won't happen overnight. It will take more than that for them to learn it.

 The Cutthroat King waved his staff and drew a magic circle of  Once the vision is dyed white, what we have come to is the training ground in the Pablo Hetara Palace.

 Along with Arcana, Misa, Eleonor and Zecia, the students of the Demon King's Academy are training in magic and the operation of the Demon King's train. There were particles of magic power raging everywhere.

''As you can see, we're training to death, but will we be able to make it before tomorrow?''

 Several of the students turned to me for a moment in response to the words "by tomorrow".

'You can do it,'

''No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. In the first place, it doesn't matter how diligent a teacher is in teaching, it doesn't matter how hard he or she teaches, it doesn't mean that he or she will be able to stretch his or her students indefinitely.

With a stretched stomach?

 Suddenly, kaka kaka kaka, Eldmead started laughing like a broken toy.

'Indeed, indeed. Indeed. Oh, but what can I say about that? 'Yes!'

 He dunked his cane and said with amusement.

'You might as well get the hell out of there.

 The students came up to me, mindlessly, to make their ears wide.
 They look like they're praying for something.

'How long is it?'

"A painful thing above death and beyond, in some cases spicier than death...

 Eldmead stops speaking.
 The students are obviously approaching us and listening.

'Well, there's a thing called efficiency. Even if you make it any harder.

 Saying with an unsuspecting face, he brings his forefinger and thumb closer, and Erdmeade creates an inch or so of space.

'A little bit,'

Okay. A little bit.

 In the distance, the students patted their hearts in relief.

'Oh. No, no. No, no, but...'

 Eldmead widened the space between his index finger and thumb to two inches.

'Maybe twice as much as a little bit, I don't know. 'A little bit of double.'

One or two times as much, but not more. Just a little more than that.

 With a satisfied look on his face, the Cutthroat King thanked him in a grand manner.

''With the approval of the Demon King, I suppose.

 Sasha sends a blank stare at the two of us exchanging such an exchange.

''.........I'm kind of suspicious.......''

Is it twice as good as...?

 She blurted out, and Misha twisted his head next to her.

'Twice as much or four times as much?'

'....a little bit infinitely double....


 If I looked around, I saw Lei swinging the Spirit God Human Sword bare.
 He was sweating like a ball, and the number of roots had been reduced to four.


I'll go again...

I got it.

 Ray took a step forward and stared at the magical barrier that Eleonor had put up.

 He swiftly raised his holy sword and swung it down with all his strength, and it slashed through the magic barrier. The pure white sword flash had cut the wall of the hard training ground behind it in half as it was.

 Blood spilled from Eleonor's arm, which was only slightly grazed, and spilled out of his arm.

''Whoa...! Ray-kun, that's going to kill you if it hits you....

 It's not quite perfect yet, but it's not bad.

Singh, deal with him.

"As you wish.

 Responding quietly, Singh went to Ray.

'Farris, Misha, go back to Militia once at Zelidheavenus.

 Blinking, Misha blinks and asks with her gaze.

''It's common knowledge in the Silver Water Holy Sea that if you're reborn, you're a different person. But my mother used the same name Luna in the Militia World as well.

Did you use ?

I don't know how far the inhabitants of Ewezeino could have handled it, but if they died on the Militia world, it's possible.

 It shouldn't be possible for the fire and dew to be established just by moving around.

 Luna Arzenon of Ewezeino had visited the Militia World. Because she was reincarnated there, it is believed that the memory of her name was passed on to her.

'Let Lieberschneid, the trace god, search for traces of the Militia World. Or perhaps my mother, who has memories of her previous life, is there.

 <Those memories are essentially Parrington's memories. I don't know what my mother did to control the Abyss of Craving.

 Perhaps there are traces of that in the world of Militia.

Militia has reincarnated. "Militia was reincarnated, and traces of the previous world are hard to find. It's missing too.

 Misha said matter-of-factly.

'And Luna Voldigord was working with Cerys Voldigord. He is very good at hiding. He was not visible to my God's eye from the divine world.

If you put your divine eye and the power of the trace god together, you might be able to find it.

 Snap and Misha blinks twice.

'I'll try,'

I'm off, Your Majesty.

 Misha and Farris used

 He revealed his true body and called out to her as she was training in magic.
 She was about to formulate a fusion technique of deep magic and spirit magic.

''Can you bring out your mask?''

 Misa gracefully moved her fingertips and drew a magic circle.
 The mask of Avos Dilhevia emerged from the darkness.

''This way?''

I'll take it.

 He receives the mask of Avos from Mass.

 I put it on and draw a magic circle around my feet.
 My clothes have changed from the Demon King Academy's uniform to the evening cloak of darkness that the Two Rite Pretenders were wearing.

''What are you going to do?''

I need to look into something. I'll take care of it, Eldmaiden. Keep me apprised of the situation.

 He told the Cutthroat King and drew the magic circle of  My vision turns white and I transition out of the palace.

 In the sky above, I see the flying castle ship Zelidhavenus just as it is about to leave Pavlohetara.

 <I jumped up in flight (fresse) and lined up with that ship, and I flew a thought transmission (leaks).

"Be careful on the way.

"Anos too.

 Misha's reply comes back.

 I draw the magic circle of the Transition (Gatom) again.

 The transference won't work inside and outside of Pablo Hetala, but as long as I get outside the magic barrier, there's no problem.
 The next time I saw the greenery of the trees, my vision was white again.

 It was a mysterious sea of trees.

 <Even though it had been turned to ashes by the Extreme Prison Realm Annihilation Ash Cannons (Egil Groene Angdroa), new trees were already growing there.

 It's no longer the same as it was before, and some parts of the area are still a wilderness.
 It's not an ordinary sea of trees.

What are you...?

 Sharp voices fly.
 A few men have gathered around.

 The uniforms they wore had the school insignia of Pablo Hetala and the school insignia of the book design.

 Just like Doneld, the Hundredth Sense King, they are the guys from the thought world Linie Elyon.
 They must be investigating the anomaly in the Ghostly Tree Sea.

 The moment they saw me, they were momentarily frightened.
 I'm sure you'll be able to find a great deal more to say.

"Look, don't you see?

 They have their magical eyes fixed on me, carefully watching for my way out.

 The current mask of Avos that Mass has, the one used by Ray and the one used by Shin, has two effects.

 In other words, it hides the source of the root and changes the voice.
 Unlike magic, this is something that comes with Misa's characteristics as a spirit. It is also fully potent in this seventh elenesia.

 You'll never know who I am as long as I'm wearing this.

"Do not set foot in this tree line without permission!

 He grasps the two swords hidden inside his cloak and draws a magic circle in the shadows.


 As he stepped in the shadows of the trees, the trees around him shattered into pieces.
 The others who had been watching the scene looked on warily.

"...but what does that mean...? Why are you changing your appearance........?

The mask...? Does it have something to do with the fact that the Ghost Tree Sea has turned into a wilderness...?

Just move away! All those who have returned alive, report to the King of Hundred Sight! Good!

Okay, understood!

 The men of the Academy scatter and flee.

 Some are running as fast as they can, some are using fresse, and some are shifting through gatooms.

 By using different methods to escape, they probably intend to keep them from narrowing down their focus.

 I have no intention of pursuing them, though.
 With this, word will spread that the Two Pretenders are still here, and they won't come around without a second thought.

 It will make it easier for them to investigate.

"--You are the Two Pretenders?

 I turn around at the sound of a familiar voice.

'I need to talk to you, okay?'

 The woman with the parasol, Kostoria Arzenon, was there.