539-Lion's eyes

 I turned my magic eye on Kostoria and looked into the abyss.

 Her magic power is in a plain state itself, far from being ready for battle.

 She remains silent, waiting for my reply.
 What do you plan to do with the Two Rite Pretenders, contacting them?

"No one from Pablo Hetara is to come in here.

 She drew a magic circle of in the shadow of Kostoria and walked loosely to her eyes.

 However, she stood there defenselessly, not caring if she was stepped through as it was.

'I'm not a friend of Pablo Hetara's. Only that Ewezeino has joined.

I'll be quick.

Your world doesn't exist anymore, does it?

 Hmm. I don't know.
 Or is that too good to be true? 

Is that a positive?

 I guess it's not a known fact that you bothered to ask.

Judge as you will.

I didn't know anyone, so I came to ask you directly. All I know about you is rumors and no one can rely on them. No one knows the name of the world of the Two Noble Pretenders, or where it is, or even how deep it was in the world.

 It's inviolable territorial waters hostile to Pablo Hetara.

 It's not unnatural that they're all strangers if they're trying to avoid contact.

 From the magic used by the Two Rite Pretenders, it seems that some tendency can be gleaned from the magic used by the Two Rite Pretenders, but did you infer that they perished because there was no applicable world?

 Or maybe the Two Rite Pretender didn't show his true intentions in order to hide the world he came from.

''If so, what is it?''

Is there an abyss in your world?

 When he was silent, perhaps seeing it as an affirmation, Kostoria continued.

'What kind of 'abyss'? If the world dies, will the Abyss die with it? Or does the only remain?

What do you know?

I don't care about you.

 You asked and got that answer.

 I don't care who you are.

"If you ask someone something, you at least tell them what happened.

 I erased the Dagdara's magic circle.


 I turned on my heel and turned my magic eye to the ghostly sea of trees to fulfill my original purpose.

 Behind me as I walked, Kostoria followed behind me.

''Are you mad at me?''

 If I walked away ignoring her, she turned her head up to see what she was thinking about.
 When she closed her parasol, the sun's light poured down on her closed eyelids.

"There's an abyss in the disaster abyss world," she said. <''The Craving Abyss. The craving of the Silver Water Sacred Sea gathers into an abyss of disaster. I am the lion of Arzénon's destruction, born from the abyss.

 Next to me peering into the abyss of the Ghostly Sea of Trees, Kostoria began to speak without a context.

'An ugly phantom beast with only two eyes.'

 She gently opens her eyelids.

 The sunlight pouring down made the glass ball prosthetic eye glisten.

'What do you think of this prosthetic eye?'

That's normal.

 He answered without looking back, but for some reason, however, Kostoria's face broke out.

'I know,'

 She closes her eyes quietly.

'I, you know, hate me. My craving. It's shallow and ugly and stupid. But my heart is always unquenchable, like I'm thirsty.

 Kostoria touches her eyelids.

'What I really wanted was this prosthetic eye. This is the only thing that will make me normal. It hides the evil eye of the ugly beast.'

 When she said that, she made a miffed expression as if she remembered something.
 Black particles rose from her entire body and a killing atmosphere filled the forest.

 When I turned around, she stopped dead in her tracks.

'It's not for you. It's to someone who pisses me off.

 She bites her back teeth and vents her emotions uncontrollably.

''........take my prosthetic eye (eye), break it, that guy, I will never forgive him.......''

I think I've met someone with a bad habit.

 Pretending not to notice, I say, "Do you hate the devil's eyes so much?

"Do you hate the devil's eye of the doomed lion so much?

 Kostoria looked at me again.

'I hate you,'

Your own evil eye.

What does that have to do with anything?

It will only lead to destruction.

 I dismiss it and I start walking away.
 I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to get away with it.

"Who doesn't want to mess up everything, right?

 I don't answer.
 Then, a little weakly, she said.

'There are times when I hate myself.'

There's no denying it.

 This time I did a reply, but regardless, her tone of voice becomes weak.

'I've had it just a little longer than most people,'

 Coastoria defied the Covenant, even though she was willing to be destroyed.
 <Even though the Dagdara was used, she was defenselessly exposed to it.

 Just as he said he hated himself, it was the result of excessive self-loathing.

 Is it related to the craving that Coastoria was born with, or is it because Dominic is controlling her craving?

You see? I told him.

 With a sober face, she said.

''Tell me. If I destroy Eavesino, will the Abyss of Craving be destroyed?

Does it free you from the chains that bind you?

 Curiously, Kostoria twisted her head.

'What do you mean?'

 Hmm. Don't get in.

I'm afraid you're a cripple.

'If there's a leash to tie me up, I'd just like to have it on. Put a collar on me, discipline me hard, and then I'll be a little more decent.

 According to Naga's story, Kostoria should have been chained to Dominic as well, but haven't you noticed?

 I know people don't like to pretend that they are their own dogs, but I'm not sure I understand.

"I went to see my mother the other day. The one who didn't give birth to me. I have no interest in her, but Naga asked me to, so I went anyway.

 Again abruptly, Kostoria begins to speak.

'I had a baby and lived with it. That's the guy who was pissed off earlier. She said they're brother and sister, so they should get along. I think it's because he's the closest thing to a perfect body. And so is Bobonga.

 His words are filled with frustration.

'It's like we both want to be born perfect. I don't understand. I've put up with it all this time, but now that you're talking about having that guy on your side, I've cooled off. Hey, still?

What are you talking about?

I'll tell you what's going on.

 Hmm. I didn't think that was the case.

"You want to destroy the Abyss of Craving just because you've lost your temper?

You don't listen to me. You'll think I'm trying to make you whole again.

 The point is, you're counting on it.
 So you came to Militia just to run errands.

Yeah, you said it. I'm coming to you. 

I didn't say I would answer.

 I jumped up in my flight.

"Wait. That's not fair.

 Soon, Kostoria flies after him.
 Regardless of that, I look over the ghostly sea from above and check it against the flow of magic power I saw from the ground.

''What have you been doing since just now?

Get me an umbrella.


 He raises his hand in the sky and shoots wildly at the black skies with the Doguda Azbeda Azbedaar.


 In an instant, he left Coastoria behind and disappeared into the blue flames, and then flashed the flaming black sky with his two ritual swords that shone in the evening darkness.

 It's not a bad idea to have a silver lamp in the hand of the .

 The light is amplified, and the wind carries me out of the Seventh Elenesia.

''Moringa (Lee Guneaus).

 I sheathed my two-ruled sword and hid it inside my cloak, then grabbed the silver water around it with my pale right hand.

 I descend back to the seventh Elenesia.
 When I returned from the black skies to the sky, I saw a stunned Kostoria, who was stunned.


I told you to get an umbrella. It's going to rain.

 <A large amount of silver water grabbed by Lee Gunneas turned into a downpour of rain and poured down on the mysterious sea of trees.

''That's a parasol...''

 As she says it, she draws a magic circle on her parasol and deploys a strong magic barrier above her head.

 The rain of silver water is as sharp as a blade, piercing the magic barrier and taking away its magic power.
 It rained down on the ground and gouged the earth one after another.

''The other day it was the wilderness, and now it's silver water? You're not going to destroy the Yugen Jukai, are you?

 Kostoria gasped at the sight before her.

 Life could not live in silver water.
 The same is true for plants.

 However, the sea of trees is transformed into a magical force that uses the silver water as nourishment, and in a moment, the branches and leaves of the trees will be regenerated.

 Due to the apocalyptic fire, many sprouts appeared from the land that had been half turned into a wilderness, and they quickly grew into trees.

 It happened in a flash.
 In front of my eyes, the once ethereal sea of trees had been revived.

 Apparently, it was just as I stared at it. This deep forest that was the territory of the Two Rite Pretenders was the giant ship that crossed the Silver Water Holy Sea that Ronculus remembered--.

 It's the arboreal ship Ioneiria.