540-Tree sea ship

 I descend deep into the treeline and use the magic power of the two-rate sword.

 I lightly stepped on the earth and drew a magic circle just like the Aioneiria's magic formula I saw in my dream, and it spread out over the entire area.

 When I activated the magic circle, it made a goo, goo, goo, goo, goo, goo, and the ghostly sea began to tremble.

 Apparently, it looks like it can be used.

'What is this, it's interesting.'

 With an innocent smile on her face, Kostoria landed on the ground.
 As she folded her parasol, she said.

'A ship. Just like Pablo Hetara, a continental type. But I've never seen it turn silver water into magic before.'

 Pablo Hetala is a ship.
 It's definitely a floating continent. It wouldn't be surprising if it went out into the Silver Sea like that.

 Is that why it's currently in Seventh Elesia, the smallest world in the pecking order?

Where are you going?

Test drive.

 He uttered that and stopped the supply of magic power.

 The magic circle disappeared and the earthquake in the Ghostly Sea of Treasures stopped.

''It's boring.''

 Kostoria sat down on the spot and leaned against a tree.

'Come to think of it, the Pretender has been out of sight for a while. Was it you who destroyed the Fallen Fortress?'

 That's an unexpected question.
 Are you seriously asking me this?

What does Eavesino want?


 Her eyelids open, anger lighting up her prosthetic eye, and she glares at me.

'Make no mistake. I am Kostoria. I'm not an evezeino or a phantom agency. So much for being treated the same as everyone else, even outside of Pablo Hetara.

So, Kostoria.

And I don't like Kostoria either.

 It was a whim. There's nothing to say.

"In Phantom Language, Coastoria is an eye. It's not a name.

"The eye of Arzenon, the eye of the lion of perdition?

Shut up.

 Kostoria threw a parasol at me.

 I lightly grabbed it with one hand as it came close to my mask, wearing black particles and cutting through the wind.

 It's easy to get blood in your head.
 If you're an ordinary person, you're dead.

I'm not going to be able to get away with it. You can name your own name if you want to avoid it.

I'm not miserable. It's like a complex with a name.

 No matter how you ask, it's a complex.

Well, let's give him a new name.


 Coastoria closed her eyes and turned away.
 Regardless, I continued.

"How about we take it from the Kostoria Arzenon and go with Kortze?

Do you hear me? I don't want it. And what's that appropriate name?

'An old magic word in my world, meaning righteousness. It's the name of a beast that behaves as it craves, a beast that wishes you to at least be human.

 Then, with an exasperated look on her face, Kostoria glared at me.

'Are you trying to pick a fight?'

But you don't see it. What are you doing here, Kortze?

Don't call me that! Die!

 Kostoria sent a magic bullet flying, but I grabbed it and squeezed it gingerly.

'If you really want me to call you Kostoria, just say so.

 Kostoria shushed and stared at the ground.

 I don't even want to be called by that name to begin with.
 It's only natural that I don't have the energy to correct it until I ask for it.

"And then?


 In a pouting tone, Kostoria says.

'What is your purpose?'

 She rolled over onto her back on the earth as it was and uttered a throwaway voice.

''........What? Busy day?

Looking for the culprit behind the Fallen Fallen Fallen?

''Well whatever. Pablo Hetala is going to send out a notice to the entire Academy Alliance that if we take the ringleader alive, he will be allowed to sit in the vacant seat at the Holy Upper Sixth Academy.

 This is a drastic measure.

 An opponent capable of destroying a corner of the Holy Sixth Academy. The inhabitants of the shallow and middle worlds will be no match for them, but if we join forces with the deeper worlds, we have a chance. If a coalition of heads of state and the Lord God formed a coalition, they would be a formidable force to be reckoned with.

 If there was no reward, there would be a small world that wouldn't move.

 Conversely, if the world is big enough to capture the ringleaders alive, then the Holy Upper Sixth Academy would be qualified enough.

''The Holy Upper Sixth Academy will also move. Sister Naga said that Ewezeino will also be looking for the culprit, so that's just in case. It doesn't matter, so why don't you just let it go? That's ridiculous.

If only Ewezeino moves, it's like saying he's the ringleader.

 It's not hard to imagine that the lions of perdition in Artsenon are as suspected by each world as they are by the Militia world.

'What they haven't done, they haven't done.

 That doesn't make sense, so he asked me to find Naga, too.

"More than you know,

Sister Naga and Bobonga were with me. Isak has been sleeping around. Dominic is a recluse. For the most part, I don't care about the Fallen Foral at heart. If we're going to do this, we're going to have to start with the hunting nobles of Hyphoria.

 It just doesn't make sense.

 So far, the people who have been found to be able to use the Extreme Prison Realm Annihilation Ash Cannons (Egil Groene Angdroa) are me, Kostoria, and Dominic in Pablo Hetara.

 If the Lion of Ruin of Artsenon can use it, then it would be possible for Bobonga and Naga as well. In any case, they are residents of Eavesino.

 Looking at the reactions of the Hundredth Sense King Doneld and the other three Sacred Way Academies, those lower in rank than them don't know about the existence of magic itself.

 The other possibility of magicians are from the Sixth Academy, but I don't think they have any motive to destroy the small world of the same alliance of schools.

 That's why Barzalondo turned to Ewezeino.

 I also thought they were the most suspicious, but I don't think they were the ringleaders, as far as I could tell from the way they talked to each other.

 If they did it themselves, there's no point in bothering to ask the two pretenders if they were the culprits.

 I'm not sure if it's a good idea to be honest about your own desires. It's not like he has anything to do with planning from what he said and did earlier. It doesn't look like he's lying.

 There are also discrepancies with Naga's words, such as the matter of the chains.

 Are you saying that only Kostoria has not been informed of this?
 Or is the ringleader outside of Pablo Hetara?

What kind of name is Kortze?

 As he said this, Kostoria stood up.

'When are you going to fly this ship?'

Do you want to see it?

It's okay. I know it's boring, but I'm free.

 Kostoria lightly brushed the dirt from her own uniform with her hand.

'I'll show you. I'll blow your boredom away.'

Tell me when you've blown it up.

 With a sober face, Kostoria draws a magic circle of
I'm going home because my sister is nagging me to come back. I'm going home because my sister is nagging me to come back. She said that the disgusting guy is going to be miserable.

 Huh. What's going on?
 It's probably Pablo Hetara-related.

That's good news.

 I threw the parasol back at him a little harder, and he opened his eyes in surprise, and Kostoria grabbed it.

'You're going to kill me?'

I just thought it was an evezaino thing to do.

 Spinning around on top of the magic circle and turning his back to me, Kostoria said.

'Come up with a better name. 'Not a proper one.'

So long, Kose.

f*ck you.

 She showed her tongue in contempt to the way she looked back and shifted.


 Once again, he sends his magic power to the Two Rite Sword, and when he treads the earth, he draws a magic circle that activates Aioneilia.

 In order to fly it properly, I need to find out more about this tree sea ship.

 I elaborate my magic eye and peer into its abysses from every corner as I look down on the Ghostly Tree Sea.
 The inviolable territorial waters, only the ship of the Two Rites of Pretender, it's a painful task to grasp the full picture.

 The sun is gradually setting, and by the time I finally feel like I can steer Aioneilia, it's already evening.

 When they returned to Pablo Hetara and arrived at the Demon King's Academy's quarters, they were greeted by Sasha and Shin in the great hall.
 The disguise of the Two Rite Pretender had already been removed.

''You are here.''

 Singh says.

 At the back of the great hall, Baltzalondo and Parrington were waiting with Ottolu.

 The two men have a stern look on their faces.

'Sounds like bad news,'

The Academy of Demonology's full affiliation to Pablo Hetara has been put off.

 Ottolu states clerically.

'I was told it was a formal review?'

In the second meeting of the Sixth Formal Tribunal today regarding the Fallen Fallen's destruction, it was decided by a vote of four in favor and one against, that the former head of the house, Anos, is one of the people to be monitored.

 Since the entire academy participated in the decision, is it a majority decision rather than a unanimous one?

''I'm sorry I didn't have enough power...''

 Parrington says.
 'I can't help it if he alone opposes it.

'And accordingly, Pablo Hetara has placed the world of Militia under surveillance. We will send an observer from the St. Sixth Academy and will only use force to review the evidence if we find anything suspicious. We promise that the investigation will be conducted impartially.

 You can't get anything out of this surveillance, but I wouldn't put my faith in "fairness".
 You can make smoke where there is no fire.

So, in the end, you think I'm a suspect.

No, sir. It is a surveillance measure only. This is a milder measure than the proposal to have the Militia World under control that was rejected last time. The watcher will be a trusted member of the Holy Sixth Academy. They will have no power of force, except for the verification of evidence, which is the same as having a traveler stay in the city. There will also be no surveillance of the head of state, Anos, within the Pablo Hetara. However, he will be monitored when he leaves the premises. There are no restrictions on our activities.

 If it were normal, they wouldn't care about surveillance. If they find themselves sneaking out of the silver-water pecking order with Eavesino, there's no telling what the Militia world will do to them.

''Do you want me to prove I'm not the ringleader?

'This affiliated academy can file a motion to rescind the resolution. In that case, the head of state will be invited to another court session, which the Academy of Demons does not currently have the right to do.

 So, in order to avoid cumbersome court meetings, they forfeited this membership?
 Who would have thought?

'This resolution will remain in effect until the mastermind of the Fallen Fallen's destruction is found. Or until the Academy of Demon Kings withdraws from the Alliance of Academies in Pablo Hetara.

 Withdrawal would eliminate the surveillance, but it would deepen the suspicion.

 On top of that, the silver water pecking order fight would no longer be possible and it would be difficult to enter Ewezeino.
 We can't leave now.

''It's too early to tell, but we need to find the ringleader.

''It would be very helpful if the Demon King's Academy could also help us. If you capture the ringleader alive, you will be granted promotion to the vacant Holy Upper Sixth Academy. In addition, according to their contribution, there will be an addition to the fire and dew and an evaluation of their rank.

 That's exactly what Kostoria said.

'Do you have any questions?'

Not really.

Then tomorrow, Pablo Hetara will accompany you to the silver-water pecking order game.

 So Ottolu is the watcher.

 She turns on her heel and leaves the quarters.

'Ottreloo. Just one thing.

 She stopped and turned around to look at me.

''Tell the Holy Upper Sixth Academy and the Warden. Use your self-serving logic to put a single graze on the people of my world. That will be Pablo Hetara's last.

We'll tell you.

 She stated clerically, and this time she left.