315-The future of only one victory

 The on my body shimmered golden and Diedrich furiously took a step forward.

 The sword emperor appeared in front of me as if jumping through the future, and he swung the great sword of the future world, Kandakuizolte, down to the uppermost level.


 Against the sheathed Levine Girma, he uses and meets it with the Blade of Possibility.

'Nafta will be limited.'

 <The voice of the Future God rang out from the , and the possibility of overtaking Levine Girma disappears.

 Even though Nafta limits the future, it doesn't mean that it can completely control my actions as well.

 Because once I decide to step out and actually walk, it will no longer be the future, but the present, the past. That's where her authority as the god of the future does not extend.

 However, the ReveinGilma released by the Wave Body Covered Manifestation (Veneziara) is always only a possibility. Even if it is possible to create a phenomenon similar to reality with magic, its essence remains the same. It's only a blade of possibility.

 However, if you don't keep this sword in its sheath, its power will cause my body to perish in the past, future and present, so I can't actually pull it out.

 If it were only a possibility, the power of the future gods would prevail, no matter how powerful they are.
 You just need to continue to limit yourself to the future where I don't draw my sword.

 The Great Sword of the Future is furiously swung down by the scabbard of a ReveinGilma clad in Benno Yevhen.

"That wasn't very good!


 My blood flooded with vigor, and I felt a fierce pain as my root source was slashed through.

 The Great Sword of the Future limited my defenses to the future, which slipped through my defenses, and then slashed through with just barely enough strength to prevent the Demon King's blood from activating.

 I stared at him with my demon eyes dyed in annihilation purple, and once again unleashed the blade of Revein Gilma's potential.

''Nafta will be limited.''

The treacherous gods' weapons are useless against the future gods.

 With a large swing of the Great Sword of the Future, Diedrich boldly aimed at my feet.

 Whether I avoided it or received it, the future would be limited and I would be cut.
 I didn't dare to dodge and raised my right leg.


 Diedrich's full-length strike ripped through my left leg.
 Faster than it could sever my leg, I stomped the great sword with my right foot as fast as I could.


 If I'm in the middle of cutting, the sword won't slip past me.
 It will always be there, because the future has been limited to it.

It makes sense for a prophet to speak of prophecy. Levine Girma wants you to think it's pointless, because even the future god can't limit everything in front of me.

 Diedrich tries to lift the Great Sword of the Future with all his strength, but if it's a contest of strength and power, there's little room to limit the future.

 With a thud, the great sword is pushed into the floor.
 The guy who has to continue to limit the possibility of pulling out of Rivine Girma is deprived of the option to interfere with other futures because of it.

'You think you've taken my future, but in fact, you've been blocked from your own future.

 He turned his palm and drew a magic circle.
 It was transformed into a hundred gun turrets and pointed at Diedrich.

The Gio-Glaze.

 One hundred rounds of jet black sunshine were shot out to the Sword Emperor of Agaha.
 <Gaddez used the dragon as a shield, and the dragon's reverse phosphorus was struck by the bombardment.

"There is a limit to everything.

 Activate the magic circle drawn with on the walls and floor when dealing with the Via Flare.

 The jet-black Thunder Fang bites into Diedrich's Gaddes.
 The phosphorescence blinked, and the dragon's Nozzias took a bite out of the thunder's fangs.

 The two magics eating each other.

 The phosphorescence absorbs the fang of lightning, but no matter whether it is eaten or not, it overflows inexhaustibly, and the clings to Diedrich.

 I peered into the abyss with my demon eyes and passed my fingertips through the slightly empty hole in the , Root Source Death Kill (Bevsed).


 It pierces Diedrich's chest, but he cannot get to the root of it.
 He must have limited the future.

"This is a battle to reduce the future. When the future is no longer limited, you will lose.

 Countless flames run through the air, drawing a magic circle.

"Zora e Dipto.

 Jet-black flames become chains and bind Diedrich's body up.

''Dragon technique--''

 The golden dragon that floats behind him, its wings, like a sword, are combined to form a single great sword.
 <It is a very good idea to make sure that you have the right information.


 While scattering the particles of magic power, Diedrich raised the Great Sword of the Future World buried in the floor with all his might.
 If he let go of his foot and quickly evaded it, the shockwave from the sword pressure caused the to fly off in a thousand pieces.

 The walls between the support pillars, from the vaulted ceiling to the floor were cut in half, and with a rattling sound, the castle collapsed.

''Hmm. I'm sure even the blood of the demon king can't protect you from that.

 He took advantage of the opportunity to raise his sword and unleash a blade of possibility with Rivine Girma.
 The moment they were limited, the moment they were limited, it was the sheath of the ReveinGilma as it was, and it pierced Diedrich.

 Diedrich slashed the Great Sword of the Future World at me as I dug into his bosom without a care in the world.
 <I catch it with the right hand of the Four Realms Wall (Benno Yevhen), but it is limited and pain is felt at the root source.

 Just barely, the blade of the Great Sword of the Future World dug into the bones of his right arm, grinding away at the root source.

''Then let's try to prevent it again as it is.

 As if to cover Diedrich's surroundings, one after another, the magic circle is deployed in the hollow.
 The total number of those turrets is 666.

 All at once, the Gio-Grays are fired at the same time.
 Furthermore, the blazing flames that overflowed from the jet-black sun became a polar flame chain and bound Diedrich's body.

''Root Source Death Kill (Bevsed).

 The sheath of Revein Gilma turned jet black and pierced through Diedrich's roots.


 He spat out blood from his mouth and his expression was stained with pain.
 There is a slight response. Even after being localized, the chipped away at the root of it.

"I see the bottom, Diedrich.

 The Gio Glaze landed one after another, and violent explosions occurred again and again.

 <With the Dragon Combat Scales (Gaddez), the future was limited while the magic power was eaten by the dull phosphorescence, and Diedrich unshackled the chains of fire with all his might.

''One in a thousand is now one in a hundred! Demon King! There would have been five seconds left until the time of the prophecy!

 He doesn't stop attacking and fires a kick at my stomach.

 When I catch it with my Revein Gilma scabbard, my body is sent flying and the distance between him and me is slightly separated.
 That's the perfect time to swing the Great Sword of the Future World.

 The descending , as if to slip through Diedrich, repeatedly explodes on the ground.


 The floor is destroyed as I evade the sword swung down with minimal movement.
 Stepping in at the same time, I stomp the blade.

 <With the sheath of the , I stabbed Diedrich's chest again.

It's over.

 With his left hand holding Levine Girma, he dyed his right hand into and clothed it with .

''........Oh, come on.......! Just like the prophecy said, just minute by minute!

 At the same time as I thrust out the fingertips of my right hand, his "dragon fighting scales" converge on the large sword.

 In conjunction with that, the geo-glaze that is released from the surroundings begins to hit Diedrich's body.

 The scabbard of the that was screwed into his body had certainly pierced his root source.

 The one that was raised was a sword-winged strike.

 It's the flap of the sword-winged dragon's wings that will cut through even the blood of the demon king, matching the attack of my attack perfectly and ready to strike each other. 

 It's just a minute and a second after he prophesied.
 He threw away his defenses and poured all of the future god's power into this timing and swing.

 A well-aimed, localized strike creates a shock wave that easily slices through everything on the tip of the blade.

 But - just before the end, I ducked it.

''--Double-breaking-slash-slash (Arouja)>!

 One minute and twelve seconds.
 The sword that was raised came to a snapping halt, as if it was bouncing back.

 A moment later, that great sword of the future world, which was limited, had reached the future far faster than I could move, and was swung down to the ground.

 Diedrich's trump card, the struck me directly, and the mark of that sword flash floats on my body.

''........If you prophesy that you will be hit in every minute and every second, I will be on maximum alert at that moment. Your aim is to draw my guard out a second after that.

Oh, no! This god's eye can see your exhaustion even when you're being tough!

 As a precaution, Diedrich flashed the Great Sword of the Future in a horizontal cleave.
 He catches it lightly with his left hand.

''Strong? What are you talking about?

 He cracks the blade with his finger.

The prophecy of the prophet has a meaning. Did you ever think that we cannot see the future because we cannot predict it?

 The root source is slashed, and everything about me comes closer to perdition.

 The root cause that dares to cut me to pieces, which brings me closer to destruction, shines even brighter as I try to overcome it.

 My magic power jumped up, and the right hand of the Annihilation Black Lightning Annihilation Fang (Ji Noavus), which was superimposed on the Root Source Death Kill (Bevsed), was plunged into Diedrich's banked belly.

 As expected of Diedrich, the pain of being gutted at the source and eaten by the fangs of the black thunderbolt made him cry out.

 It's a blow that he can't even limit.

 It's not just a matter of time before he or she falls, but also a spear that came from behind and pierced my chest.


 Blood seeps into my chest.
 Breathless, Diedrich said.

''This is what I really wanted, Demon King and...''

 Releasing his hand from the sword, Diedrich raised his trembling fist awkwardly and gathered the remaining magic power there.

 The destruction is imminent, and the spear of Kandakuizolte, which pierced my mangled and distorted roots, is localized to further disturb me.

It is extremely difficult to control to stop the annihilation. It's the only way to stop the annihilation, but what if the order of the future god is limited to the limit?

 <Even though he withstood all of the Prison Flame Annihilation Cannon (Geo-Glaze), was bound by the Prison Flame Chaining Magic Formation (Zora et Dipto), received the Root Source Death Kill (Bevsed) and the Annihilation Black Lightning Annihilation Fang (Zi Noavs), at this very moment, he didn't limit all of it, but only used the Future God's Order to disturb my root source.

''You will turn that leaking power of destruction against yourself so as not to harm this world.

 A tremendous amount of black particles overflowed from the runaway source.

 A mass of pure magic, not even the use of magic. But they radiate a dark glow that threatens to close the world to darkness.

 A particle of darkness rises up and covers the entire room and then it rises to the heavens.

 In obedience to Diedrich's prophecy, I forced its power down and tried to keep it inside myself.


 The source of my rage is leading me to disintegration.

"If you wanted to win me, even if it meant hurting the world, you had no chance.
This is the only victorious future that Nafta and I have seen with our divine eyes.

 He wrapped his fist in the Dragon's Reverse Phosphorus (Noziaz).
 It's a magic that eats away at the root of the source.

 It's a blow that further disturbs the source of my approaching annihilation.

"- Sleep for a while, Demon King. Once you've saved the world, it's time for you to take over.

 The dull phosphorescence flickers violently, and Diedrich's is raised.

 I have to stop the root cause from running amok, and I can't fight back satisfactorily.

 The magical power of annihilation that I'm releasing inside myself is much stronger than Diedrich's fist or Kandaquizolte's spear.

 The only person who can defeat the Demon King is the Demon King.
 And he thought of a way to get me to attack him.

 And if I've come this far, my own victory is unassailable.
 The Sword Emperor must have seen that future for sure.

 He had already won a victory in a million.
 As if to prove it, Diedrich's fist is a huge swing.

 I quickly reached out and grabbed the hilt of the revolving gilma that was stuck into the guy's entire sheath.

''Wave Body Covered Manifestation (Veneziara),''

 At the same time as I exercised my magic, it was limited, and the future was tinted with the possibility of me keeping my sword in its sheath.

 I was waiting for this moment.

 A moment of time has passed.

 I pull the sword of Levine Girma out of its scabbard.
 The silvery white sword barrel blinks, but the power of the Almighty's sword will not cause me to disappear.

 Then, with his blade, he sliced through Diedrich's divine eye.

 Fresh blood splatters and Diedrich loses his light.
 His body is possessed by a future god. Nafta's divine eye has lost sight of the future.

 The spear of Kandakuizolte, which was stuck in me, corroded black and fell to pieces.
 If you can't see the future, you can't limit the future.


 Slightly, his voice leaked out.

''Oh ... yeah ... yeah ...''

 While staggering around the tatara, Diedrich says in a low voice.

".........If the only possibility in the future is the possibility of having the sword sheathed, if you use the Veneziara, if you use the Veneziara, it's the same as drawing the sword but not drawing it.......

 <If the sword is sheathed in the , even if the sword is pulled out, the power of Revein Gilma, which says that the root of the person who pulled it out will disappear, will not be activated.


 As if inexplicable, Diedrich asks the question.

''Why couldn't Nafta's divine eye see this future...?

 As long as I could see it, all I had to do was stop the future limitation of not drawing my sword at that time.

 If I had done so, the would have lost its effect and I would have disappeared.

''........Isn't Nafta's blind spot in the future without her......?''

"Look into the depths of Nafta with your evil eye. The present, which Nafta cannot see, cannot be seen by Nafta who is in a previous time as the future.

 This is what she was saying just a few moments ago.

'This future we have arrived at does not have that divine eye, part of the Nafta order, that divine eye. In other words, it was a blind spot invisible to the Nafta of the past.

 It's a simple enough theory.
 If you kill the God's Eye, you can't see the future. Or from the past.

 However, because they had the divine eye that could see the future, Nafta and Diedrich were constantly looking at it and didn't think of that fact.

''I see.........''

 Wobbling, Diedrich fell onto his back.
 Countless shards of crystal flooded out of his body, and it returned to Nafta's form.

 Diedrich's eyes became flesh eyes and regained their light, and Nafta closed his injured divine eye.

''So........no matter how best we chose to go, from the beginning, there was not a single chance of winning.......''

 Gosh, gosh, gosh, the heavens make an eerie sound.
 Looking up, the sky is already less than half its height.

 And so, the next moment, the earth rumbled like an explosion, and the fall of the canopy accelerated much faster--!