316-Pillars of heaven and earth

There's not much time...

 Diedrich says, his body severely injured and exhausted.
 Nafta was sitting beside him, trying to support his body.

''Demon King or whatever you plan to do, take this life. If I'm the Heavenly Pillar Strut Sword, we can still buy some time.......

No. If you're a loser, you should listen to me like a loser.

 If you look at Ray's magic eye, the Dragon Knights are lying down there.

''All of your men will be brought back alive as well. It's only a mere fall of the heavens, and I can't bear to see lives scattered.''

''You win but you took too long.... It's a small price to pay if I can make it in time with one life. This is a compromise.........

No compromise.

That canopy was never meant to fall. Only the pillars of order can support it. No matter how much you can create it in this short time.


 From the broken sword-barrel of the celestial pillar strutting sword Verevim peers into its abyss.

''This seems to be the order of the Militia, so...''

 The order of the Creator God who created the world makes up the reason for the birth of this subterranean pillar, the celestial pillar strutting sword Velevim.

 The subterranean world is on the verge of destruction by the Selection Judgment.
 In opposition to this, the power of creation has kept this world alive.

 Perhaps Militia's magic power alone was not enough to support it, and it was necessary to sacrifice a baby dragon.
 That's how difficult it is to support the canopy, and the destruction of the underground is doomed.

''It would be easy to destroy it, but I can't use as much creative magic as the Creator God.

 Gosh, gosh, gosh, the heavens made an eerie sound.
 I looked up and saw that the sky was already close at hand.


 She turned around.
 There was a layer of snow around Viaflare, and it had trapped her completely within the wards.

'All of the High Dragons that were inside Viaflare's body were turned to snow.

 The High King glares at Arcana and me.

'It's no use,'

 She laughed even more, her body unable to fight at the earliest.

'Haha! I'm sure the children of this country and Boldinus will come to help. The children of this country and Boldinus will definitely come to your rescue.....

"Don't dream until you sleep.

 So says Arcana to Arcana, who kicks off Viaflare and moves over to us.

'You, as an agent, have supplemented the order of the Creator God. Can you create the celestial pillar-sword Verevim?

 She shook her head from side to side.

'Militia created only order. Not even the Creator God can create Verevim itself. My power is less than that Militia.'

Then why don't you join forces with someone who is as good a user of creative magic as you are?

 For a moment, Arcana thinks.

'A pseudo celestial pillar-sword could be created.

I'm calling for Aisha. She should be here shortly.

 The light of the chanting flames appeared to shine in the sky.
 He must be in the middle of a battle with Ceris.

 If he comes, things could get messy again.
 If you want to take action, now is the time to do it.


 Misha's echoes in my head.

'Nearly in the pillar room. The Dark Lord and the Cursed King stand before us.

 I shift my gaze to Misha's vision.
 The place is above the High King's Castle. It was just a place that led to the atrium between the pillars.

 In front of Shin, Aisha, Eleonor, and Zesia were the Dark Lord Iges and the Cursed King Kaihiram.
 They are staring at the girls as if they are blocking their way.

Why do you interrupt us? You are demons too, aren't you? If it falls, you don't know what will happen to Dirkheid too!

 Sasha raised her voice.
 Without addressing it, the two of them silently held their magic spears and magic bows.

''........It seems you don't want to listen to me.......''
Will it take all that effort to get through?

 Singh is quickly in front of Aisha.
 He tells her softly in a whisper.

'Don't waste your magic. I will create an opening. In the meantime, go.''

 Eleonor, Aisha, and Zesia nodded.

 Shin drew a magic circle and drew his plundering sword Guilionoges and his severed sword Deltroz.
 As he did so, he walked straight over the roof of the castle.

 He said to the two of the four evil royals who were looking at him sharply.

''You have an unusual stance. Both of you. It looks like there are a lot of gaps?''

"Then you should try it, Demon King's right hand. This is the correct stance.

 As Yeges released the words, the tip of the Red Blood Demon Spear Dichid Atem disappeared and appeared in front of Shin's eyes. At the same time, the arrows of the magic bow Netero Auvus were released.

 The arrow and spear pierced Shin - just after it seemed to pierce Shin - leaving an afterimage, his body appeared in front of Yeges and Caihiram's eyes.

'It's a monotonous attack,'

 Caihiram blocked the plundering sword swung down with his magic bow, and Yeges stepped in to catch the hand holding the severed sword.

'Let's go!'

 While Singh was holding them down, Aisha and the others jumped up in
 Even to my naked eye, I could see them.

I'm here.

 Sasha and Misha say, and Eleonor and Zesia make the V-sign.

'We made it just in time!

I did my best....

 The girls landed by the broken Verevim.

'What should we do?'

 Sasha asks.

"It is said that the Eye of Betrayal has even created a divine order.

 This is what Arcana once said.

''It's the same as remaking the Moon of Creation from a crescent moon to a half-moon. I'll use Aisha's Devil's Eye of Creation and Arcana's Devil's Eye of Disobedience to restore this broken celestial Pillar Strut Sword as much as possible.

Can you do it?

 When Arcana questioned, Sasha said.

'We've got to do it! Because if you don't already, it's going to fall down!

 When Aisha looked up at the heavens, it was almost there.

'Eleonor will give birth to a pseudo-root source, the material for the Verevim. It won't be as good as a baby dragon, but it will be an alternative.

I get it!

"Zecia will join the Brave Men's Squad (Asra) and provide Eleonor with magic.

I understand..........

 I drew a magic circle for the Demon King's Army (Guys), made my men into Guardians who could benefit from creation magic, and supplied them all with magical power.

''All right!

 As Eleonor drew a magic circle, magic letters drifted around her, and holy water flooded out of it, forming a sphere.

 She amplified her magic power by and released the magic of into the celestial pillar-sword Verevim.

 A number of pseudo-root source spheres floated on the broken sword barrel of the Heavenly Pillar Strut Sword, emitting a faint light.

''Aisha, I breathe to you.

 Arcana looks at Aisha.
 They nodded dully.

'Let's go--'
"The Eye of Annihilation.

 A magic circle appeared in Aisha's eyes, and it turned the celestial pillar-silver Verevim and the pseudo-root source into light. As that magic eye blinked, the two were mixed together.

'Order has perished, and there is no turning back to creation. I am the god who does not fold the bow in the sky.

 A floats in Arcana's eyes.
 It causes the light to expand enormously as if to boost Aisha's magic.

 Little by little, little by little, the brilliance takes the form of a huge great sword with a dragon design.
 The fall of the canopy seemed to have slowed down slightly.

''Hm. It's not as good as the real thing, but it will serve as a stumbling block for the time being.''

 The pseudo Heavenly Pillar Branch Sword was being constructed on the spot, and about the time it was about to be completed, there was an ominous sound of a missive.

 That sword barrel was partially cracked.


 Arcana called out to him with a worried look.
 <''The control of the is not working well.

''It's okay........''
I'm sorry...

 The magic power is sufficient because I supply it.

 The reason why I have trouble controlling it is partly because I'm still not used to the Magic Eye of Creation, but most of all because Misha looked too much at the root cause to heal me.

 Because she took my fatigue on her shoulders, the root cause is not healthy.

 If I used the Magic Eye of Destruction in my current state, uncontrollable power will leak out to the root cause and it might destroy itself.

''Haha! Hahahahahahahahahahaha!

 Here and there, Viaflair laughed like a madman.

'I didn't have to wait for help. Hey, you see, you can't. Because this is Boldinos' plan. You are absolutely no match for him. My dear, my dear, he is the strongest and most intelligent of all. That canopy will surely fall here.

If that canopy falls down, you're dead too!

 Eleonor says, but Viaflea huffs and smiles.

'I won't die. ─ I will not die, my family will not die. ─ I will not die, and my family will not die, because Boldinos will save us. Only you will be destroyed by it. Everything, except our families, should be destroyed.

 While Aisha's expression was stained with pain, she pointed her magic eye straight at the Heavenly Pillar Strut Sword.

".........There's no way I'm going to perish, but.......
We are not going to lose.

 Sasha and Misha say.

''You didn't think that a single tiny lid like that couldn't be supported by the Demon King's men!
I'm just trying to protect my home.

Oh, yeah? You're a strong man. Then--

 A purple flame ran between the pillars.
 It drew a magic circle that covered us and the celestial pillar prop sword Verevim, which was in the process of being created, as well as us.

 It's the magic of that blocks the power of the gods.
 One after another, the forbidden soldiers with spears in their hands jumped in from the sky.

''Come on! Come on, my dear children! Don't do it! Kill them, drop that canopy, and kill the gods!

Stupid girl.

 <He unleashed the Demon Black Thunder Emperor, shooting at the forbidden soldiers.
 At the same time, he drew a magic circle with his black lightning.

 The High Dragon, which was churning out of the bodies of the falling forbidden soldiers, devoured the Annihilation Fang of the Black Thunder.

''Haha! But it worked for a moment, didn't it? Your people seem to be weak, but can you create Verevim while you fight? There are many more of my children. Because this is my country.

 One after another, the forbidden soldiers jumped in between the pillars, but I intercepted them with the Demon Black Thunder Emperor (Jirasd) and the Annihilation Black Thunder Annihilation Fang (Ji Noavus) in the same way.

 However, for a moment, the power of Arcana's power is reduced by the
 With a gaga gaga gaga, an earth tremor roared from the canopy, and a large crack appeared on the Heavenly Pillar Strut Sword.

''Look, it's all over!


 Aisha clenched her teeth and swept all her magic power into her demon eyes.


 Eleanor sent all the pseudo-root sources she could find into the cracked sword barrel.

''........our country can't be destroyed by such a thing.......I don't see how you can destroy our country with such a thing...!
I won't let that happen.

 The Heavenly Pillar Strut Sword was enveloped in light.

 <With the power of the Devil's Eye of Creation and the Devil's Eye of Disobedience, the sword's blade that had cracks in it quickly regenerated.

 With a flash, a large flash of light flashed and dyed the space between the pillars a pure white.
 Gradually, gradually, the light faded and then disappeared.

 In front of me is the figure of a huge great sword with a dragon design.
 There was a pillar of order, the Velevim, playing out there.

 There was a loud clattering sound.
 I looked up and saw that the canopy had stopped falling.

 Then the sky lifted.
 Aisha had a satisfied expression on her face, and Eleonor and Zesia smiled at her.

 At that moment, the sound of a sword breaking with a bang could be heard.


 Via Flare's voice came to my ears.

 The newly completed Heavenly Pillar Strut Sword couldn't withstand the momentum and weight of the canopy and fragilely broke.
 When its half wobbled and shifted, it made a loud sound with a thud and fell to the floor.


 Eleonor shouted.
 Gulping down to her knees, Aisha split into Misha and Sasha as soon as the light engulfed her.

 The girls were on the floor, hands on the floor, breathing raggedly, as if their strength had been exhausted.
 Misha in particular was exhausted.

''Hahaha! It's no use. After gaining so much momentum, there's absolutely no way to stop the canopy. Even a real Heavenly Pillar Sticker couldn't stop it, but with the fake one, it could only buy a moment's time at best!

 Gogo, gogo, gogo, gaga, gaga, gaga, gaga, gaga, the heavens roared the loudest so far.

 As if it had gained momentum, the canopy fell with great force.
 It approaches and crushes the ceiling of the tallest High King's Castle of this Gadaisiola.

 It's the moment of the end.

''Goodbye, God. Goodbye, stupid congregation. You can all just go ahead and crush us all! Except us!

 Time was passing terribly slowly.

 Between the pillars, Gorloana prayed and Diedrich turned over in frustration and clenched his fists tightly.

 Viaflare closed her eyes with a jubilant expression, basking in her own victory.

 A silence enveloped the place.

 Yes, it was terribly quiet.
 Not even the sound of the fallen canopy collapsing the earth's depths could be heard.

 Slowly, Viaflare opened her eyes.

''..............'' ...?

 She was stunned, as if she didn't understand for a moment what had happened, and then expressed her astonishment.

 Golloana forgot to even pray at the sight in front of her.

 Even Diedrich could only let out a snarl.

 The canopy has not yet fallen.
 It is perched higher and more snugly than before.

 Supporting it is a pillar of black magic power hanging in the heavens.
 It led to the High King's Castle, and at the bottom of it, I was there.

 Reaching above my head, I'm the only one lifting the canopy by continuing to release vast amounts of magic power.

''What are you surprised about?'' Now that the bridle rod is broken, we'll have to use our hands.

 They are astonished and still can't speak, but I tell them the obvious.

"Did you think I couldn't support you because of the canopy that would destroy the very foundation of the earth?