317-And the feelings start to gather

 A black pillar supports the depths of the earth.
 The immense magical power released from this body lifted the canopy, which was falling according to order.


 I pushed further with my right arm, and with a thud, the canopy rose even higher.
 The height of the sky is about half the normal level.

".........Well, if you can do that, you should start from the beginning.......

 Sasha says.
 She looked at me and the pillar holding up the heavens with a dumbfounded look in her eyes.

'I only lifted it with all my strength. Unlike the celestial pillar support sword, it's not as gentle on the canopy as it should be.'

 The tremor that lifted the canopy must have been felt on the ground.
 I wanted to minimize the damage as much as possible, but it was unavoidable.

''.........You guys really do a lot of bullshit.......''

 Diedrich says.

 I'm sure this is one of the many futures he has seen, and yet he still looks unbelievable.

I'm sure you are well aware that even though he is a tyrannical demon king, he cannot continue to be lifted up forever and ever, and you know that if you continue to support him, it will only be for a short time.

 Diedrich, supported by Nafta, managed to get his battered body up.

''I must prepare the pillars while I still can. But the pseudo-tendril you created has broken.

What? That thing you just did was a test. I found out that I could create a Heavenly Pillar of Swords with the power of creation magic.

What more could you possibly have in mind, demon lord?

 Diedrich's expression is full of determination.

'If you don't, you're going to tell me you're going to be a pillar.

 Diedrich didn't answer, but looked straight at me.

"Of course I have hands. A lot of them, right here in the ground.

 Diedrich gave him a quizzical look.

'All the peoples who live underneath this earth will support it. That sky, by each and every one of your hands, with your thoughts.

 A huge magic circle is drawn on the black pillar that rises up.
 Then jet-black light poured out from there and spread throughout the depths of the earth.

 <The output of the Thought Communication (Leaks) was at full power.
 Now, the conversation here will roar throughout the underground world.

In other words, all of the people here underneath the ground are united in their hearts and use love magic. That is the way to avert the day of calamity and overturn the prophecy. It is the path of hope that will lead us to the blind spot of Nafta.

 I exhale and say to Diedrich, who is thinking about it.

'You showed them in Agaha. Misa and Ray overturned the prophecy of a virtual prophet in a limited world. By love magic. We simply need to increase its size. You denied that Naftah could see the entire future, but you've just proven that his God's eye is blind.

 Nafta existed, and yet there was a future now that was not reflected in her divine eyes.
 She had never seen a future similar to this one, but she had never seen a future like this one.

'Diedrich. What was it that made your heart tremble, knowing the future?

...the song.

''Oh. The song of the Demon King's Choir, the outpouring of love, has shaken your heart and your future. God is order, and he does not know love and kindness well. That's why the future god's divine eye did not see it clearly.

 The Demon King's Choir's was also effective against the Gospel God.

It can be said that love and kindness are the weaknesses of the gods. Then, all the order established in this world can be overturned only by love and kindness.

 I looked to the heavens and said.

I said, "It is the same as that canopy. Let the sky, which is falling to bring order and ruin, be lifted up by your love of this earth.

"....the peoples of the earth united in power...

 Diedrich turned his gaze to Gorloana and Viaflea.

 They had been fighting for years.
 They would never have joined forces.

If you can't do it, then sacrifice yourself and become a pillar of support. If you don't believe in it, I won't stop you. If you have any doubts, you will not be supported.

 I say to the Sword Emperor of Agaha, who stands there.

 I've made the arrangements.
 But in the end, the people of the earth must choose their own future.

If you think it's right to choose the future and the best way, then you must martyr yourself to that knight's pride. But--

 Still, I feel like I know what this man who has been fighting the prophecy for so long knows what he will choose in the end.

 I may not be able to see the future, but I am certain of it.

If you can see the light in your eyes that has been swept away by prophecy, that has kept you from hope, then reach out to that sky.

 Diedrich looks at Nafta for a moment.
 Squeezing her hand, he turns to me again.

 He looks as if he's ready to go.

'I ask you, Sword Emperor of Agaha. Do you swear that you will not give up?

Oh, boy! I have a word to tell you, overturning the prophecy!

 With determination, the Sword Emperor of Agaha let his thoughts roar into the depths of the earth.

''Then I will give you hope. Unite your thoughts and desire to support that canopy with your love for this underground. Bind them all together in my body and let Demon King Anos Voldigord turn them into a new pillar of this world.

 When Diedrich gingerly put his hand on the hand that connected with Nafta, she squeezed it back in response to his will.

 The two of them reach out their hands to support the sky, just as I did.
 Their bodies are flooded with the light of the .

 I'm not going to be able to get the same thing done with all the people under the ground.
 It should be easy. Love the world.

Do you hear that? The people of Agaha. And the people of the earth.

 Diedrich uttered the words.
 The words echoed through the depths of the earth via my leaks.

My name is Diedrich Kreitzen Agaha, the future God's chosen prophet, the Sword Emperor of Agaha. As you can see, the earth's depths are in unprecedented danger right now. That surging canopy will fall and the earth will be destroyed. That is the day of calamity that has been handed down by the prophecy of the Agaha.

 In a low voice, Diedrich appeals to his people.

"But there is hope. The hero of the earth, Anos Voldigod, will turn our thoughts to power. Agaha, Zioldar, Gadeisiola and all the nations of the earth. We have fought each other. We have fought, bled, and hurt each other. Do not ask me to forgive you now.

 'To the people of Agaha, to the people of the earth, Diedrich sends his heartfelt words.

But for now, I lie down and ask you to help me. Will you help me? Not to help our enemies, but to protect our friends, our lovers, our families, our loved ones. With their hands in the sky, together, we will support this subterranean place!

 With all his heart, Diedrich said, "And hopefully, this will be the beginning of the end of the war!

"And may this be the beginning of the end of the war!

 As if in response to the resounding voice, the light of the Sacred Love Area (Theo Ask) flooded the depths of the earth.
 The first to shine was in front of the main gate of the High King's Castle in Gadeisiola.

"Glory to King Diedrich!

 Nate said.

'Our pride!'

 Sylvia said.

'Our thoughts,'

"We shall not be the hands that hold up the earth.

 Gordeau, Ricardo said.

 They fell to the ground, their thoughts glowing as they raised their unsatisfied hands in the air.

'Mr. Ray, me too...'

 Ray nodded, supporting the wounded Misa.

'You'll be able to lift it,'

 They lay their hands on top of each other and extend their hands high to support the canopy.

 <The light of the Sacred Love Realm (Theo Ask) rises to the heavens, and so is led to the pillar of black magic power that is now lifting the depths of the earth.

 From there, far away, in the wilderness of Gadeisiola, there were five thousand dragon men.
 It was the Order of Geordal.

 They had not built a phonetic magic circle to unleash their chanting flames, whether it was because the signal for Eldmead was gone, or because the canopy had fallen and they were no longer able to do so.

 They just prayed to the miracle of the canopy that was about to fall and the black pillar that supported it.

"People of Geordar.

 <My voice echoed from the thought transmission (leaks), and Bishop Milano looked up.

"Don't pray. "Don't pray. God will not save you, no matter how much you pray. The canopy will fall. It is by the power of God. Perdition is order, they say. Perdition is destiny, the gods say. Will you perish gracefully, then? Will you follow God's will and martyr yourself for your faith?

 To the congregation of the Faithful who continue to kneel and pray, I say.

'Don't you want to protect the ground? Don't you want to protect your comrades? Don't you want to protect those you love?

 That thought must be one.

'You will save it. Stop praying and hold up that sky. "Reach for the heavens. I will turn that thought, that love, that heartfelt prayer of yours into a miracle.

 As if by choice, one of the bishops stood up.

''........Bishop of Milan.......?''

"Stand up and hold the canopy up.

 Milano reached out to the heavens.
 At that moment, his body was enveloped in the light of the .

''Oh, oh.......''

Is this.........?

'That One may have come from beyond those heavens to teach us. That the God we have always believed in was wrong. <The Almighty Gleam, incarnate in Eques.

But to think that any of his previous teachings were wrong...

 To the bewildered congregation, Milano spoke out firmly.

If you want to believe in the Almighty Glitter that has not yet responded to the end of the world, you should do so.

 Bishop Milan looked straight at the black pillar rising from the center of the High King's castle.

'In the heart of the castle of Gadesiola, where he worships the gods who will not pine, even the Sword Emperor of Agaha, he holds up the heavens! A miracle is about to happen before our eyes, and those who still wish to hang on to their idols may do so!

 More light flooded from Milan's body.

'It must be him. We have been waiting for him all this time. All our faith has been a trial to meet him! Then this teaching, even though it was wrong, is nothing more than a teaching! Now, stand up, congregation. The path of our faith continues to this day! This realization, which is not found in the scriptures, is the final teaching and prayer!

 In response to their words, the Eight Song Sages rose up.
 As they raised their hands toward the heavens, one by one, the congregation stood up again.

 Thus, the vast mass of is heading towards the High King's Castle where I am.

 A short distance away from the castle, in the plaza of the capital city of Galadenagua, the people of Gadeisiola were staring at the sky in a daze.


 It's Eren and the rest of the Demon King's Choir who came running over as if they had finally found it.

''Ah, ah........what's the matter...?

You heard that, didn't you? We need to bring back the evacuees and support the canopy with all the people underneath. Can you help me?

''But.........but that was Agaha's sword emperor earlier........ What Agaha says is what God says........to us.......

We're going to go out of business and we don't need to be talking about it!

 Diaz turned over and then said.

''Well I understand that, but this is Gadeisiola. Even if I said something, it wouldn't be so easy....

Then let's sing.

 Not trying to back down, Ellen said.

'They're going to sing and support that canopy like they did when they extinguished the shaking rain. Then it's what we just did, isn't it? Instead of fists, change the choreography to sky support!

 Eren and the others stared at Diaz, who was looking down, with serious eyes.

''It's strange...''

 Diaz's expression fell slightly.

'When you guys ask me to sing, I feel like I can do it.

 Quickly, Eren and the others brightened their expressions.

'We'll be ready to sing soon!

I don't care if they keep coming in on the way, Mr. Diaz, you just tell a lot of people!

We'll lift him up.

If you don't, you'll get your hands dirty!

That's not so bad.

What are you talking about, Anos-sama is not a failure. Do you think it's possible for a pillar to break in the middle of its construction?

 The Fan Union girls looked at each other and wore uncanny expressions, befitting the challenge of the underground collapse from now on.

''Absolutely not!''

 The Demon Lord's Choir takes up position in the square and deploys a magic circle.

 <The magic of the Music Performance (Sinial) is delivered through the magic lines of the Demon King's Army (Guys) to the pillars of the High King's Castle.

 From there, music spreads throughout the depths of the earth