318-Song that lifts the sky

 The prelude to the Demon King's Hymn No. 6, "Neighbors," echoed through the subterranean skies.

'I didn't think that practice would come in handy here.

 Between the support pillars, Sasha raises her hands above her head to support the canopy.

'We all sing and lift it up,'

 Misha looked exhausted, but she still put a strong will in her eyes and put her hands to the sky.

''Yes, today we're going to sing until our throats are dry!

'.........it's time for Zecia.......to get serious.......too.......it's time to get serious...!

 Eleonor and Zesia raise their hands to the sky.

"Naftah sings. "Naftah sings, 'I believe that in the blind eye of God, there is hope.'

Yes, you see. After all, this is the song sung by the Agaha, Giordar, Gadeisiola, and all the people.

 Diedrich and Nafta reached for the canopy with even more force.

 Then the prelude to "Neighborhood", which had risen to its highest point, came to an end.
 For a moment, the music breaks off and silence covers the world.

 Now, the song begins, which will determine the future of the underground--

Oh, God, I didn't know there was this world~~

"'Ku-ick, Ku-ick, Ku-ick, Ku-ick-woo!'

 A chorus so loud that it truly shook the depths of the earth.
 Their singing was transformed into love magic, and a dazzling light began to gather from the depths of the earth towards this pillar room.

''Don't open it!''

 One thought, bound to the sky.


 The hands of the subterranean people were thrust up with a loud call. As if in response to their love and thoughts, the canopy rose with a thud.

''Don't open it!''


 Doggone it, the canopy is lifted again and the sky moves away to its original position.
 With that song, with that love, each one of us is supporting our own world -

""Don't open it, it's a forbidden gate!"

 In front of the main gate of the High King's Castle, Rei, Misa, and the knights of Agaha.

''Sse, sse, sse!!!''

 He sings hard and lifts the canopy.
 Every time we breathe together, the sky echoes with a thud, thud, thud, thud, thud, thud.

''Tell me, God!''

 In the wilderness of Gadesiola, an eight-song sage stood on a gentle hilltop as if conducting the singing and choreography of five thousand believers.


 The Gadesiola cult is so well versed in song that it can build a phonetic magic circle that releases chanting flames.

''This is nani... that is nani...''

 The song was beautifully sung with unrivaled vocal ability, and the gentle yet intense choreography of Kenjin Hachika, who tried to lift the heavens with both hands.

''Seki, Seki!''

 And that feeling is growing stronger and stronger.

""We'll start with a knock."

 Doggone, doggone, doggone, doggone...

"'Tapping softly, noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

 The sky is the limit.

"'Wheeze, wheeze, wheeze, wheeze!'

 --propping up firmly and then thrusting up hard.

''Ku-ik, Ku-ik, Ku-ik, Ku-ik-wu-woo!''

 The thoughts they conveyed in the Leaks echo far from there to the skies of Geordal.

 The congregation that had listened to "Neighbors" in Geolheise that day in the song "Laissei Houka" has now returned to their city.

 They, too, were raising their hands, and their voices were echoing across the country as if to support the sky.

 Believing in a miracle--.

"'We are neighbors, my neighbors, my neighbors.

 It was the same in the land of Agaha, with its proud knights.

''I was all alone...'' ''I was at peace--and yet...''

 The Demon King's Choir, which Diedrich called the Dragon Diva.
 Not only that, but their king is now putting his passionate feelings into this song to overturn the prophecy.

''When is it growing, it's a nani-nani-nani

""It's the devil's hand..."

 Then the sword of life is my one wish.
 I can only sing until my throat is dry.


 Of course, all the students of the Demon King's Academy who were at the Sword Emperor's Palace as guests--

""You are a wanker." 

""He's a demon king."


 From the moment the demon king's voice sounded, he became single-minded, as if he was possessed by something, thrusting his hands up and singing desperately.

''Ahhhh... Ka-Mi-sama said...''

"'Oh, love your neighbor, love your neighbor.'

"'Open your hearts, forbidden gates!'


 Even in Agaha--

""That place is unclean."


""No one knows about it!"


 Even in Geordal--

""It's unclean."


""Don't go in there..."

"'I'm not supposed to go in there.


 Even on Gadiçiora...

""Everything that is not in the scriptures is in the scriptures!"

"'Wheeze, wheeze, wheeze, wheeze! Ze Ze Ze Ze Ze Ze!

 The dragon people who had different teachings are now singing the same song, "Neighbor", and their thoughts are united as one.

' "'Ku-ick, Ku-ick, Ku-ick-woo'

 Protect the earth, he said.
 He said, "Let's support that heaven.

"'Oh, God, I didn't know there was this world~~

 The three great subterranean nations join forces for the same purpose.

 It's just like the lyrics of "Neighbors".
 It's as if they say they had no idea that this world existed.

"'Se-see! Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!''

 One by one, they held their hands up wide - one by one.

 More and more, the thoughts of the subterranean people are transformed into magical power, and while supporting the subterranean sky, they come to me in the High King's Castle.

 The thoughts that reached me, covering the pillar of black magic power emitted from my body, are turned into pure white magic light and rise up.

 It became a pillar of black and white and lifted the falling canopy to its original height.


Hey, Anos, what are you going to do with this? I've lifted you up so far, but you can't just keep on singing, can you?

 That's what Sasha asks.

Sasha asks, "Don't be in a hurry. I have a plan for you - but you haven't thought of it enough.

What more do you want me to do?

Are you a Geordalist?

 I nodded at Misha's words.

'There are many of us who are still praying and not trying to hold that sky in our own hands.

 I looked at Pope Gorloana kneeling in the corner between the pillars.

'Just like that man,'

 If the Pope speaks up, the rest of the congregation in Geordal, as well as the Agaha, will try to support the heavens.


 That's when I called it.

It's beautiful. It's beautiful, isn't it, the unity of the people? Never in my wildest dreams did I think that the three great nations of the earth, who have been so bitterly divided, would be so united.

 Out of the corner of my eye, Viaflair smiles happily.
 Along with her voice, it's Celis who slowly descends from the sky.

 It's faster than I thought it would be.
 I don't think the Cutthroat King would be able to do it so easily, though.

'He would have died. He wouldn't be able to revive him.''

You'd better tell a better lie. Most likely, the Flame Plasterer prevents the Cutthroat King's magic from being detected from here.

 Not particularly moved, Celis responded.

''You understand very well. The truth is that the Knights of the Phantom Name and the Forbidden Guard are dealing with them. I've been so busy supporting the canopy that I've lost the support of the chanting flames.

 I guess he was just saying it at random.
 He looks unconcerned.

'It's great, though, isn't it?'

 Celis landed between the pillars and smiled as she looked at us supporting the canopy.

'The unprecedented crisis that has struck this subterranean depths has brought those who were hostile to each other together. Perhaps the more they are cornered, the more people will let go of their ruts and unite. The closer the end comes, the more beautifully the hearts shine.

 Slowly Celis pointed her two fingertips at Pope Gorloana, who continued to pray.

'If so, what do I have to do if I want to see a more beautiful world?'

 Shi Den runs to his fingertips.
 A spherical magic circle has already been built beside it.

''Just try to break more and more of it. That way, we'll be closer to the world that everyone wants.

 Relentlessly, the was shot out.
 At that moment, Golloana's expression appeared as if she had made up her mind.

 The fierce purple electric lightning approached straight to the pope who had lost his god, and then it bounced off.

 Slightly, the Pope looked up.
 A small surprise mingled in his pious eyes.

 The one who stood there to protect him was Diedrich.
 He is and is protecting Gorloana while eating purple electricity.

'Your body is at its limit, Diedrich. It looks like you've been beaten up pretty badly by Anos. Do you know what will happen if you get hit by the Purple Lightening (Gavest) at the source of such a raggedy root?

Sayo, you don't know anything about that...

 Instantly, the purple light swells up and pierces through the and pierces Diedrich's body.

 <Burned by the Purple Electric Thunderbolt (Gavest), Diedrich fell forward.

''The Demon King you're asking can't move. If he moves now, that canopy will fall down and crush us all. He will be saved. I won't die, either. Maybe I can protect some of my men.

 Celis said, looking at us with a stinky smile.

'But all the people under the ground will die. I don't want to see it end so sadly.

 Once again Ceris turned her gaze towards Gorloana and Diedrich.

'Hmm. Is this a time to play? If you're going to kill me, now's your chance of a lifetime.

You don't understand. You don't understand. You're my son, no matter how hard you try to listen. What kind of parent gets mad at a child's prank? Neither do I.

 Celis says plainly.
 It's doubtful how far he is serious.

'Besides, I wouldn't underestimate you. You might be able to fight with the canopy lifted and still not be able to move from it.

 Celis walks away with the All Thunder Sword in her hand.

'But that power isn't meant to protect anything.

 Slowly, Ceris turns to Gorloana and the others.

'We can't save them while supporting the canopy.

Do you think so?

 A snow and moon flower fluttered down in front of Celis' eyes.
 It turned into the form of Arcana.

 Celis huffed as she created the Divine Snow Sword Lokoronoto in her hands.

''Hey, treacherous god.''

 He let go of the Universal Lightning Sword from his hand.
 Just as he thought it was enveloped in purple electricity, a thunderclap rang out and lightning struck at Arcana's feet.

 The Ten Thousand Thunder Swords were stabbed in front of her eyes.

 Arcana turned her questioning eyes to Celis.

'Now, everything is as you intended, right? In the end, you will betray me and the Demon King. And for that, you've been deceiving everyone around you all this time.

 Celis continues to say to Arcana, who doesn't change her expression.

''All of the Eight God selectors are underground. If we drop the canopy now, no one but the Demon King and I will survive. I am one of the Eight divine Selectors who was given the title of Fool. If you kill me, the winner of the Selection Judge will be decided.

 He gave a good-natured smile.

'I hope you serve your true purpose, Arcana.