314-Supreme World Death Fight

 Just after Rey and the Dragon Knights clashed...
 Without waiting for that resolution, Sword Emperor Diedrich also kicked the ground.


 A dull phosphorescent light gathers in Diedrich's raised fist.
 <That regular fist, clad in the dragon's reverse phosphorus (no diaz), is swung down on my body, creating a tremendous wind pressure.

 Wearing the black aurora in my left hand, I received it head on.
 The collision of magic and magical power, fist and palm, cracks in the surrounding floor, cracking with a dull sound.

''Hm. <Even the Four Realms Wall (Benno Yevhen) is eaten, huh?

 Diedrich's devoured
 I kept my protection by continuing to use the Four Realms Gable.

''Don't think you can devour all my magic power.

 I dye my right hand with and thrust it straight at Diedrich.
 <I'm not going to be able to get a hold of it with his left hand, which is clad in the dragon's reverse phosphorus, but my arm has been accelerated a lot.

 I'm sure he can see the future in his eyes, but the difference in speed doesn't help.
 I felt a black fingertip thrust into Diedrich's belly.

''Nafta will be limited.

 I felt a strong resistance in my right hand.

 It was stuck in his gut, right up to the first joint of his fingers.
 Diedrich's left hand, which should have slipped through, grabbed my right hand.

 The future was limited by Nafta's authority.

"I've got you, Demon King!

 Behind Diedrich, particles of magical power rose up violently and represented a dragon with sharp wings reminiscent of a sword.

 <It's the magic of the Dragon Fighting Scale (Gaddez). I'm not going to be able to get a good idea of what I'm talking about.


 With all his hindsight, Diedrich tightens his grip on my right wrist and then pushes back.
 As soon as my fingertips are out of my stomach, he thrusts his right hand out as hard as he can.

 When I stepped on his foot, he plunged into the floor with a thud, creating a crater in its place.

 <With the combined use of the Dragon Combat Scale (Gaddez) and the Dragon's Reverse Phosphorus (Noziaz), even the Root Source Death Kill (Bevsed), the Four Realms Wall (Benno Yevhen), and the power of anti-magic and the Magic Eye are eaten and their power is dampened.

'Nafta declares. "Nafta declares, you are hereby condemned to beheaded.

 As if anticipating the future, Nafta appeared behind me before I knew it, and the sword of Kandakuizolte flashed in a single horizontal motion.

 It split my neck and corroded to tatters and black at the same time.
 Just before the sword of Kandakuizolte was about to be completely rotted away by the demon king's blood that poured out, Nafta said.

''Nafta will be limited,''

 The sword didn't completely rot, and it cleaved my neck horizontally and then slashed off.

 If it wasn't a constant attack, using the Demon King's blood would cause the world to be scarred. If it piled up, it would outstrip the world's healing power, and it would slowly start to collapse.

 But with an attack that was too weak, it would be difficult to even damage this body and its roots in the first place.

 Diedrich and Nafta used their divine eye to see the future and their ability to limit the future, and cut off my head as strong as possible, just in time to prevent me from spilling the blood of the demon king.

Hmm. This is brilliant.

 I was only a head, and I was flying in the air, but I said to myself, "I'm not strong enough.

But he says, "Strength is not enough to reach me," he says, "and you tried to take my head with your weakness. You know that, and you try to take my head with your weakness. But--

 <With the magic of , he lifts his head in the air and glares at Nafta with .

''Now it's two against two!''

 My body gingerly pushes back Diedrich, who was teaming up with me.

 The moment he tried to resist it and put his strength into both arms with his magic power, I stabbed him with a kick into his banked stomach.


 Diedrich's expression is twisted in pain and his gaze is steely as I move even though my head is gone.
 Even though I've seen it in the future, I still call it a ridiculous sight.

"Totally, you've got a body that's a complete mess........

"You will be hanged to death.

 As if accelerating into the future, Nafta moves into my body and swings the sword of Kanda Quisolte with great force.

'Your opponent is me.'

 She stared at the Future God and drew a magic circle with her gaze.
 The cage-like that covered her attenuated the divine order, and a black lightning bolt ran through it.

 The black lightning fired from my magic eye pierces Nafta.


 With all his strength, Diedrich grabbed my legs and threw my slightly wobbly body into the air.

 With the momentum, he rushed towards my neck.

 I'm sure you'll be able to find a way to make it work.


 My hair, stretched out, clings to Diedrich's fist and taunts it.


 His black hair was dyed even more jet black .
 The hair of countless demon kings seemed to move like a living creature, but the tip was sharp like a needle and skewered Diedrich's entire body.

Did you ever think that you couldn't beat each other up just because you had a head?

 In the moment that Diedrich was frightened, my body, which was thrown away, changed direction with
 A blade of possibility swings down to cut Diedrich in both directions.
 A small amount of blood splashes from his head, but his body is still alive and well.

''........This guy.......is irresistible.......!

 I caught Diedrich's outstretched, all-out fist, and my body fell back a few meters when the momentum pushed me back.

''Hmm. As expected, is not a good match for .

 He grabs my neck in the air and pushes it gingerly against his body.
 The effects of recovery magic are poor in the supreme world, and I can't fully connect with it, but oh well, it's not a problem.

 My hair flutters down and returns to its original length.
 Nafta stood up to protect Diedrich.

 She slashed through the cage of the with the sword of Kandakuizolte and escaped, and then she limited the .

 The blade of Revein Gilma could not wield it satisfactorily in front of the God who controls the future, as the possibility of drawing the sword was completely erased.

'You know that, you know that. There's a reason why Nafta is still safe, even with his divine eye open.

 Diedrich releases the words, fists in the air.

"All that means is that we're getting closer to our one chance in a million.

Now, do you really think there's one in a million against me?

 He exhales heavily, regulating his breathing as he kneads the magic inside his body.

''There won't be any of that on the day you get serious about it, though. Unlike the limited world, the supreme world is directly connected to our world. <You won't use Egil Groene Angdolor and the Seven Steps to Nirvana.

 If we use it, we don't have to wait for the canopy to collapse and fall, this world is going to end.
 You're not going to let me take you seriously and fight you the same way you cut off this head.

"I'm sorry, but Nafta and I are going to have to give it our all.

 Clenching his fist, he puts his magic power into the Bead of Selection.

"Azepto, Selection God.

 Nafta held up the sword of Kandakuizolte and brought it to his chest in a salute.
 Just as the divine body seemed to glow dazzlingly, the next moment, Nafta shattered like crystal, leaving the sword behind.

 Countless pieces glittered around Diedrich, and instantly, his magic power leapt up.

''You can watch, Demon King or...''

 <Diedrich says while exercising the summoning possession.

'This is not a match, this is a battlefield. I am fighting to keep your power in check. Well then, you might as well take it out before I give it my all.

 Certainly, it will be easier to give them a pass if they don't complete the possession summoning.

Go ahead. Let's give him a full display.

 Diedrich laughs boldly.

 My actions aren't whimsical or out of touch.
 It's for one purpose.

 And he sees that purpose in me.
 He's using the entire future to win.

That guy is superimposed!

 Floating behind him, the dragon of
 The sword of Kandakuizolte that was floating in the air grew thick and huge, transforming into a large sword reminiscent of a dragon.
 Diedrich reached out and grasped its hilt.

'The future of one in ten thousand has now become one in a thousand.

 Diedrich, wielding the great sword of Kandakizolte, speaks out boldly.

'The Prophet Diedrich Kreitzen Agaha announces. The Demon King Anos Voldigord will be slashed and broken by this Great Sword of the Future in a minute and a second.

 Blotting out his resolve, Diedrich issues a prophecy.
 Even his words will be a stepping stone to the one future he sees coming.

"Then let me tell you, Diedrich.

 I held up the Sword of the Almighty, Levine Girma, and said.

'Whether it is one in ten thousand or one in a thousand, it is the same. The only victory you see in your god's eye is the blind spot of Nafta you've been searching for.