313-Unkillable sword

 A fierce battle was being fought.

 Prepared for death and even accepting destruction, the knights, with the sword of Candacuisolte in their hands, charged at the brave men who stood in their way.

 There are not many more until the canopy falls.

'Fear not! It's the demon king's men that stand in the way. He is a one-horse monster that can dismiss even our swords in this supreme world, but the knight of Agaha, who looks to the future, will not be defeated!

 Commander Nate raised his voice and strongly inspired his subordinates.

''Our great Sword Emperor is also fighting inside that High King's Castle! Overthrow this strong and brave man and show our pride, our pride, to the king!

 The knights launch another wave of attacks.
 <No matter how fast they move with the power of , their pseudo-god's eye can see the future.

 A supreme world limited to struggle, Nafta said.
 In other words, they would see the future better only in the struggle.

 Even with a pseudo-God's Eye, if the entire Dragon Knight Squad compensated for each other's blind spots, their vision of the future would be no better than Nafta's God's Eye.

 You can find a lot of people who have a lot of experience in the field, but you can't get away from it.

 His root source disappears.
 Slashed and localized so many times by Kandakuizolte's sword, he had only one last root source of it left, the last one.

''Dragon technique--''

 It's a good thing that you're able to have a good time with your friends.
 As if to greet them, Ray avoided the attacks of the knights and reduced the magic power released by the root cause to nothing.

"Sword of the Spiritual God and Man, the secret is one--

 The blade of the divine wind blew like a storm and drew a sword flash before the holy sword that cut off fate could swing down.


 Ray's blade and Sylvia's blade collided many times within a moment.

 Was the blade of the kamikaze, with an eye on the future, a must-kill?
 After several clashes, when the cutting edge touched Ray's heart, Sylvia's eyes were tinted with sadness, as if she was sure of her victory.

 However, the Spirit Godman Sword unleashed its sword from the future blind spot that the entire dragon knight corps had seen, and it flicked the Sword of Kandakuizolte in Sylvia's hand.

 Evans Mana had broken his fate.

''It's over, Ray Grandsdrie.

 Calmly looking at the gap in the , Nate jumped in.
 Even if the result is a deviation from the future shown by the pseudo-God's eye, there is no reason for them to be scared now.

 It's a very good idea to have a good time with your own family.


 It was his second-in-command, Gordeau, and Sylvia's father, Ricardo. They assumed that their prediction would be missed and rushed in with a desperate resolve.

 Gordeau stepped in further and stabbed himself into the Evans Mana that Ray held in his hand, sealing his sword.

'Commander oh! Finish it!

 Nate, who was already right in front of me, concentrates on the
 As it is, if you stick out the dragon technique, Gordeau will become Ray's shield.
 However, if you give him time to go around, Ray, who has activated the "Love World (Lovelace Ask)", will easily duck the blow.

 Both Gordeau and Nate had made up their minds.

''Dragon technique--''

 Nate's cutting edge is pointed at Ray with Gordeau.

"--Lingfeng Dragon Crushing Sword (Geddeorba)!

 A stab like the rush of the Spiritual Peak Dragon that crushed everything.

 A few moments before it pierced Gordeau's back, Ray released his hand from Evans Mana and brushed his body away.

 Candaquizolte's sword barely slipped past Gordeau and stabbed into Ray's heart, which was now defenseless.

 Dogoooooooo! A violent sound of magic and magical power colliding rang out, and behind him, half of the autumn cherry blossoms scattered.

 Dust flew and the gates of the High King's Castle collapsed.

 There was only one source left.
 But it stood.

 Even after being pierced by the Spirit Peak Dragon Crushing Sword (Geddeolba), which destroyed even the city of the Limited World, Rei still stood in front of them, even though he was bleeding from his entire body.


 Nate pulled his sword out of Ray's stomach and swung it at the big top.
 The sword swung down, and Ray caught it with his bare hands.

 The palm of his hand is torn open and blood flows out.

''........If I fall, you will die.......''

 Gripping Nate's sword tightly, Ray holds it down.

''........I can't just fall down......!

 As if in response to his thoughts, the autumn cherry blossoms shine strongly.
 <The Love World (Lovelace Ask), that order of love, transcends the physical body and forces him to stand.

 It doesn't heal his wounds, nor does it heal his crushed roots.
 When the magic wears off, he will crumble at any moment.

'As long as this heart is not broken, I will never fall.

 Drawing a magic circle, he drew his unique sword Sig Shesta with his left hand.
  gathered around his sword body and swung it down at Nate.


 Releasing his sword, Nate jumps back.
 Ray throws the sword he took from Kandakuizolte's sword at the knights who were coming towards him.

 One of them is pierced through the leg by it and collapses.
 Nate holds up his hand, and the crystal shards that drift across the supreme world construct the sword again.

 Sylvia also reconstructed the sword of Kandakuizolte and held it in her hand.

''I must admit,''

 Nate says.
 The knights of Agaha, who had fallen, staggered to their feet, using their swords as support.

'He defended Goldor, even abandoning his holy sword and exposing himself to the Spirit Peak Dragon Crushing Sword (Geddeorba). We are willing to lay down our lives while he fights to keep us alive. What a proud sword, if one thinks that ideals blind us and prevent us from being lax.

 Sylvia readied her sword and nodded slightly.

'He's not alone.

That's right.

 Nate walks straight forward and confronts Ray again.

'Brilliant! Ray Grandsdry, the brave man of Azation. And her lover, Misa Reglia. The two of you are true to your thoughts and your swords. You believe in saving us, in overturning the prophecy, and you have not a shred of faith in that! You stand here with the same, or even more noble, pride as we do, in this place!

 Nate proudly praised Ray.

''To be able to cross swords with such proud and brave men on the last battlefield, our Agaha Dragon Knights, it's an unexpected honor!

 Ray said, giving him a sharp look.

'I won't let you finish,'

 Nate laughs slightly.

'You guys are strong. If we had to fight for our lives, we would have lost. That's why we can't lose. Ray Grundley.

 Raising his spirits, Nate shakes out his magic power from the root source.
 More than ever before, the Dragon Combat Scale (Gaddez) wraps around his body.

''I will cut down the love between you two with even more pride and pass through its gates!

 Nate raised his voice loudly as if to inspire the Dragon Knights.

''All units ready! We must put everything we have into this blow! To have this belief and to surpass that noble thought is the least we can do to repay our comrades in arms who have shown us free mercy! Show them the march of Agaha, which will never stop until the end of its life!

 A formation with Nate in the lead and Sylvia in the center.


 They kicked the ground in unison.
 Spirits rose from the Dragon Knights, and the overflowing magic power enveloped the troops.

 Nate's swells up even more, and a huge dragon like a sacred mountain appears there, enveloping all of the troops.


 With Sylvia's voice, her sprouted eight dragon wings on the dragon of the Spiritual Peak.

 When it flapped its wings wide, the assault of the dragon knights accelerated with unseen momentum.

 This is probably the same as when they broke through the of the Mass, their trump card consisting of a single thread of leadership.

 The entire squadron was transformed into a single dragon, and the military dragon technique of advancing on the battlefield--.

''- ''- ''The divine wind Spiritual Peak Dragon Assault (Agaha Graigemme)!''

 With a roar, the dragon knights running at full speed were one giant dragon and one giant sword.
 The advance of the entire squad's magic power in that single thrust will not be able to be tamed or received. It's the right thing to do to avoid it, but that's not possible.

 It's not just a matter of time before you get to the point where you'll be able to get your hands on them.

 They will never stop until their lives are done.
 It's a good idea to have a good time with them.

'I won't let you go--'

 Nullifying the magic released from the source, Ray grabs the Unique Sword.
 But it's still not enough.

 He gathered the light of the "Love World (Lovelace Ask)" into Sig Shesta while preparing the secret depths with the one root source that he reduced to nothing.

 The secret depths that reduce the magic of the root source to nothing and the magic that uses magic power cannot be released at the same time.

 However, his current love magic is established only by his thoughts.

 The stronger the opponent's attack is, the more powerful the counter magic becomes.
 This is what he wears on his unique sword.

 Sigshesta releases a rouge of rouge.

"The Unique Sword, the Hidden Depths is One--

 The autumn cherry blossoms fall behind him--

 The impending dragon knight group, the cutting edge of the , which turned into a single swinging sword, stabbed Ray's left chest and fresh blood flowed out at that moment.

''-- ''

 Countless petals of the autumn cherry blossoms fluttered in the air.
 It swallows the dragon knights and dazzles their divine eyes for a moment.

 A flash--.

 The light that came out of the single-stranded sword slashed through the , which was created by more than thirty knights.

 The dragon knights' feet, which should be unstoppable, stop.


 Gakun, Nate broke his knees as if he had lost his strength.

''Wha..........? I still have to.........still.......have to go.......!

 Sylvia tries to stand up with her sword for support, but her body doesn't seem to be able to say anything as if it's not going to.
 The other knights have fallen on the spot as well.

''........Why? You have to listen to me! I can still move! She wasn't cut up...! Move!

"A flash of brilliance is an unkillable sword that does not slay the enemy.

 Ray said as he delivered the single-strike sword.

''The opponent who is slashed will suffer no pain, no wounds, and that's all the damage you'll get. You guys have been slashed apart by the , and your root source has been annihilated, as it should be. You won't be able to stand until the effects of the Sourdough Flash disappear.

 With just one flash of Soudan Senjou alone, it would have been impossible to resist the advance of the Dragon Knights.

 I'm sure you'll be pleased to know that I'm not the only one who's been in this situation.

 He took a life without taking a life.

 The combination of that magic and the secret depths is something that even Shin cannot do.
 Two thousand years ago, when he was unable to slay his runaway comrades, he would regret it and finally arrive at the state of affairs he had reached in order to get over it.


 Sylvia collapses to the ground.
 Lying on her back, she stares at the falling canopy and grits her teeth.

 Her regret spilled over, along with a drop of tears.

'It's okay,'

 At Ray's words, Sylvia turned slightly to him.

'That one won't fall. Never. We'll--'

 Gazing at that sky that was surging violently, Ray said.

''--The Demon King of Tyranny won't let it drop.